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Lost Girl 5.05 – “It’s Your Lucky Fae” – Sally

Fellow fans of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy will join me in remembering the Total Perspective Vortex, a machine that was described in the third book Life, the Universe and Everything. It was a contraption that showed the user a model of the entire universe in all its hugeness, and also the user’s place in it – represented by a miniscule dot that said “You Are Here.”


The Total Perspective Vortex was a torture device, and the result was to destroy the person’s mind by showing them their utter insignificance in the grand scheme of things.

That’s what I thought of in the last scene when Cassie told Lauren that she removed her own eyes to make it stop, “it” being how she saw everything – from the beginning of time until the end of time. No human or Fae brain can contemplate infinity or eternity for very long without going crazy. She was cursed, it seems, by the kiss from her blind date – and then had to literally blind herself to make it stop. I love puns, y’all, but this was dark stuff.

Cassie just wanted to find someone she could trust, but everyone – including Bo, our hero – just wants to use her for her ability to provide a reading. Cassie was SO EXCITED when she thought her date, Heratio, was interested in her for who she was,  not for what she could do for him.

Aw, Cassie
Aw, Cassie

So who is Heratio? Apparently he’s one of the three reanimated human corpses from the elevator crash. We’re getting hints that he and his posse are possessed by something (Greek gods? Titans?). His job was to cause all of the Oracles to blind themselves. Check.

He and his cronies also sent some agents who may or may not be enthralled into the Dal to steal Trick’s Fae ledger by the convenient and not-at-all complicated method of seducing Mark in Trick’s lair and stealing the ledger while distracting Mark by performing pointy-tongued fellatio (did Trick not notice Mark abandoning the bar to go downstairs, by the way?) so they can verify that Bo is actually a succubus, not an Oracle, as she claimed, which was totally the easiest way to confirm that.

HEY. Heratio rhymes with fellatio! I think I blew the case wide open!

They have all the Oracles’ eyes in a jar, did you notice? The eyes must have some kind of value. If the goal was simply to remove an Oracle’s power by removing their eyes, if that’s how an Oracle receives a reading, then they could have tossed the eyes down the garbage disposal. Also, Lauren did say that if she had the oculus, she could probably give Cassie her eyesight back. I don’t think we’ve seen the last of the eyes. (Ha! Get it?)

I like this part of the storyline a lot, these three mysterious strangers – there’s plenty of mystery and the information is being pieced out to us slowly enough that we can have fun speculating, but not so much that we know what’s actually going on. Who’s the third?

This episode was also very funny. I laughed out loud a lot at:

  • Cassie:  “I hope the peen checks out!”
  • nearly all of Tamsin’s one-liners:  “sucking things is how I got to be popular!”
  • down-on-her-luck Lauren’s verbal and physical comedy – as soon as we saw that cake, I knew Lauren’s face was going to end up in it – and;
  • Bo turning into a cat.

I just laughed out loud again while writing this, picturing Bo lapping her martini, grooming herself, and lashing out at the mirror.

Also, did the cat that Tamsin bought for Bo remind anyone else of Salem Saberhagen from Sabrina the Teenage Witch? Or was it just me? Wasn’t that a great show?


So what else happened in this episode? Hmmm. Oh, right.

You see, folks, sexual release is important for all Fae…

…but for a succubus, the, uh, orgasm is especially…

Okay, Tamsin and Bo hooked up. This is not new territory, since it was heavily implied that in 4.08, “Groundhog Fae,” they hooked up, but this time it was actually, well, sweet. Yes, I’m a Doccubus shipper and I said that. Here’s why:

When I watch Lost Girl these days I do it in two parts – the first time, I just watch it to see what happens, and I experience whatever emotional reactions I’m going to have. The second time, I try to think about what I’m going to write about for this blog – what interested me the most about the story? Did I notice any themes? What made me laugh?

Now I’m going to talk about my feelings and my emotional process, because I’m a huge stereotype. The first time I saw this scene, my heart sank and all I could think about was What about Lauren? What about my beloved Doccubus? Will this make it awkward for Tamsin to be a bridesmaid at their wedding? Especially after Tamsin took pains to tell Lauren over and over during the episode in a pointed way that she and Bo were getting closer, and that she (Lauren) had some competition for Bo’s affection.

The second time I watched the episode, I’d made sure to get a dose of perspective.

  1. This is early in the season, so chances are that Bo and Tamsin aren’t embarking on an epic love story that will end up happily ever after.
  2. Michael Grassi’s interview with Cinefilles indicated that Tamsin’s insecurity-fueled aggression toward Lauren may end up backfiring – “We’ll see how that goes for everybody,” and also called out that “…we all know how special what Bo and Lauren have is…”
  3. My observant friend also noted that Tamsin and Bo’s pillow talk, while obviously an important conversation for both of them that enabled them to bond on a deeper level, also was nothing like Lauren’s and Bo’s pillow talk. Bo and Lauren’s pillow talk usually has involved kissing, cuddling, and laughing – a lot of love and tenderness.

I don’t bring all of this up to diminish what Bo and Tamsin had in this episode, but to remind myself that Bo and Lauren have something special and epic that will endure no matter what happens.

Taking all of that into account allowed me to take the Doccubus blinders off to an extent and see the scene for what it was. Tamsin was sweet and vulnerable. She was a little uncertain when she presented herself to Bo, but the delight that appeared on her face when she realized Bo was going to accept her birthday gift was genuinely touching. Once I put my anxiety about what will or won’t happen with Bo and Lauren aside, I was able to appreciate this moment for what it adds to the story and how it allows the characters to grow and deepen their relationships and understanding of each other, rather than to allow my fears about what it might be taking away from other relationships to dominate my reaction.


Lost Girl has been telling a story these last five seasons. Part of the story has included a relationship that is incredibly important to me, and to a lot of other fans. It’s a TV show, which needs drama and tension to retain our interest. It’s a genre show, which ups the ante. I think how the show portrayed this relationship has blazed a new trail for representation. There’s a lot more story to tell, and I’m eager to see it all. Bring it on.

I leave you with this – the Total Perspective Vortex was powered by a piece of fairy cake, as the British call it, which is known in the USA as a cupcake. Which is exactly what Tamsin brought to Bo for her birthday before they slept together – a cupcake. Perspective.


PS – for folks who still harbor sad feelings about Bo’s birthday present in this episode, here’s a short fanfic that I wrote about a surprise birthday gift from Lauren to Bo – I wrote it a few weeks ago, so it’s not in response to the episode, but just for fun.

Guest Review of Lost Girl 5.04 “When God Opens A Window” by Maigray Bell

This is a guest post from our friend MaigrayBell. Follow her @MaigrayBell on twitter. Thank you, Maigray!

So Sally asked me to do an entry on this episode for a different perspective. And I said okay. I was late watching it, and had to mute half my timeline to avoid spoilers. Then I had to mute the other half of it while I wrote this so…here it goes.

The first thing I noticed about the episode was the title. It had the sort of backhanded humor I love about the show. I do miss the puns.

I have to admit, the opening sequence had me in stitches. You could have taken it straight from Guardians of the Galaxy, except funnier, snarkier and with more physical comedy from Rachel Skarsten. Switching gender roles delights me every time.

Am I the only one who was hoping she would just…slide off the bed completely when Bo walked in? Alas, it was not to be. I did, however, note she took *all* the sheets with her when she got up; and that Frank, sorry, Tad, had to cover up with the pillow. I also noted he was Fae, a detail I find important to Bo’s feeding habits nowadays.

Speaking of which, I read an opinion piece on Tamsin as a noir character trope a long time ago. I remembered it and I thought how well this scene typified those characteristics, especially using Bo’s bed. Bo’s bed has seen a lot action, but never from her roommate, and understanding the trope and how it was knocking up that role reversal with Kenzi added an extra layer.

In general, I feel as if the show has been almost one long callback after another in recent episodes. Letting Bo be her succubus self is something I always enjoy, because I think it is important for her as a woman character and as a canon character. It all hearkened to very early themes of the series for me. Equal opportunity objectification, for the win!

The introduction of Mark, on the other hand, came across as a bit screwy. For one thing, he was creepy when he sat next to the girl on the bus. Then she said her name was Margaret “I go by Maggie” Dermay. Anyway, the point being – Maggie May? Too funny. Of course she’s a singer. And that’s a pitch pipe? But never mind! She just died! Was that a freaking arrow? Yikes. I was rapid cycling from humor to sex to harassment to flirting to death. I love how he pitches down on his belly and crawls out but no one else seems to notice.

Then we’re back to Tamsin on the couch, couching hilarious sexual commentary with Chinese food. What I thought was so funny was that Bo did use to order takeout; for the delivery man! I clearly recall Kenzi’s annoyance when she would poach.

Mark stumbles into the perpetually unlocked crack shack, just like everyone else. This is one of those details that, five seasons in, acts like a little inside joke for the fans.

Tamsin is spot on with this one. This is her actual ability, her actual power. I like their negotiation talk, but for the life of me, I would think Bo would have learned to listen by now. This is a good time to bring up the nature of callbacks, throwbacks, whatever you want to call them. Bringing up earlier themes and moments can be great for consistency and character nostalgia. But, dude – we are a long way away from those early seasons. Bo is not the same person anymore. And she is trending just a little too much towards the moronic in this scene. Also, I do not tend to like my women characters to be either too nice, or too guilt ridden, because I think it fulfills negative stereotypes. And Bo is being a fine walking example of both of them in this scene. And did I mention she was being moronic?

Pretty much the only thing that saves it is Anna Silk. I have read many things about what the actress brings to this role. I don’t think it can be pinned down exactly in words. But she saves it every time.

As for Bo, she needs to stop apologizing. And to stop being so NICE! *throws up hands in exasperation*

Is that a new kimono? Kewl.

We switch over to Lauren and Evony, and I am sure if I watched Downton Abby, this would be comedy gold. Sadly, I don’t. But it’s not hard to understand. And it will always be funny to see the character of Lauren be funny, because she is normally so buttoned up. But I wonder how much I am not getting out of the scene, because half this show is parody tropes. If you don’t get it, it’s like walking out of Galaxy Quest with my parents. My mother thought it was cute. My father, who grew me up as a Trekkie, and I thought it was the funniest f^&*#$ thing we had ever seen.

One of my highlights in this episode was getting to see Emmanuelle Vaugier come galloping across the green. I am guessing they set up this scene just for her. I know from her social media postings she is a very good rider. That is why I am betting there is no stunt double, and why they didn’t cut the long shot with the close up so they could switch out riders like they normally would. Yeah, I ride.

She’s up on a big, clumsy looking dark bay, which she sits with admirable poise and a great smirk as they cross the camera together. The details are almost all right. The horse gleams, his white markings are clean, and the tack is in good order; English, which is her riding style. The quilted red saddle pad is non traditional, but picks up the piping on the cape nicely. Is is just me, or is there a thing going on with red piping on this show? I’ll lay odds the helmet, the boots, the crop, the breeches and the gloves could all be hers too. But not the cape. Those are not traditional to ride in, ever. I’ll call it Lost Girl riding.

Their conversation fills in a good amount of gaps for the viewer. We now know how, and why, for whom, and for what reason Lauren is working. The irony of the relationship creates epic amusement for me; the quintessential amoralist has rewritten the quintessential moralist. For just a moment, I could see Lauren evaluating what she had done. Then the moment passed. And I could almost see she was patting herself on the back for it. Well done!

P.S. I wonder if that red wine is grape juice?

Tamsin and Bo have caught up to Mark, and we are on to the negotiations. I don’t know about you guys, but Geraldine sealed this guy’s fate. And who IS he? Let me see that! *taps pause on the player to get a good look at the ID*

Despite the fact the two women JUST went through this with him at the club house, Bo is once again being a nitwit. I know the metaphor is crushing. And I love her and I sympathize and it is very, very Bo-like to…Whoops, guess that’s the answer. That was awesome. And I just love that she wants to know why it hurts so badly. WHY DO YOU THINK, YOU NITWIT? You should have listened to Tamsin.

Also, I’m fairly sure the correct way to take out an arrow is to push it through. Ouch. Budget.

This brings us to blood and kisses. Bo remembers Frank’s name is Tad because she is Bo. In the meantime, I remain perplexed by Tamsin’s inability to have sex with her. I get that she lacks the emotional competence to deal with her massive, massive crush. But she has no trouble with sex, and why she simply cannot invite the woman into bed has me flummoxed. I’m pretty sure she won’t turn her down.

As for Bo, she remains oblivious as only Bo can be. I get the metaphor with the squish Family Robinson; and Bo is turned on immediately by the geek speak. But Tamsin gets right to the point, as usual. Bo is embarrassed because she is thinking of Tamsin as if she were Kenzi and giving Lauren the same tight little smile she used to give her when Kenzi would dick around in the lab.

But this is not Kenzi, and it’s a mistake to think of her that way. And Lauren can clearly get Bo into bed any time she wants to do it. She’s got her. It’s amazing how, between one breath and the next, that old black magic comes oozing out. Their ship hovers on the horizon like a hanging storm.

That being said, the relationship between Tamsin and Lauren is the interesting thing going on here for me. If this were any other show in the world, I would say they are being set up for a romantic relationship. There are many interesting and varied undercurrents going on. I don’t see Tamsin as any sort of threat to any of Bo’s other emotional connections. And I don’t think it’s possible for her to rattle their cages the way she used to. But I don’t underestimate her power either. Her ability to get under someone’s skin is, literally, undoubtable. I do worry that if she provokes Lauren far enough, it will interfere with being a feeding partner for Bo. Bo badly needs the confidence and security of a safe, trusted feeding network.

Although I was excited to have Vex back, the boys’ scenes largely fell flat for me. They played it too straight. Dyson’s fury with Vex felt right, but there wasn’t nearly enough flirting between them. And I hated the kid angle. Though Dyson reacted to it with superb stoicism; until he killed the guy, of course. But I thought that was his best moment. Until that happened, his characterization, like Bo’s, felt off to me; too early, too simple, too easy. Trick said he always served his conscience, and I’m thinking, well, right, until you picked him up as a philandering con artist and reformed him.

I did like the gun scene with Vex because, for just a second, I wondered if he might do it. I didn’t think they would off the character, but with Lauren right there, it would be an easy set up to have her save him.

There was some world building, but the genre work was thin. It’s pretty much de riguer in werewolf mythology to delay the change until adulthood. And for whatever version of your long-lived fairy species you’ve got running around to have a very low birth rate. Otherwise, they would take over the world. And why wouldn’t Dyson have a bunch of biological kids running around? It’s not like they invented birth control in the last 20 years or anything. I actually thought the whole thing would have worked better if Mark was not related to him at all, and just some some messed up shapeshifter running around like Bo without a clue.

But there was another reason I did not take to the character very well, and it took me a while to put my finger on it. But it was the clear inference that Mark can be Dyson’s every way. Knowing this is the show’s last season makes it too easy for me to wonder if the character can be called back up for that express purpose. He was obviously intended to be called back up. I guess it’s just a question of whether the writers had time to plan for it, or whether they had to let it go in order to wrap up the series. Let it go, let it go….

I do have to give Mark mad props during the trap scene. Do you realize he just attempted to seduce Bo while waiting for his lifelong bogeyman to appear, under the supervision of Tamsin and Lauren? Truly, I was impressed.

I really liked everything having to do with Tamsin, Lauren, Bo and Evony. But please nix the daddy drama. There was not much genre work, and very little world building. The sexual politics were mixed, though certainly not docile. I felt like Dyson and Bo were in somewhat odd form and Trick and Vex weren’t well used. Vex was never that sappy in his entire life. Kenzi is like a ghost in the machine. She’s all over the place, especially when the show is deliberately regressing to more early season form. There was fun and sex, and a lot of character work, but not much forward movement in the plot.

When God feels indecisive about opening windows and doors. Lost Girl S5 ep. 4 – Cleo

How do you manage the issue of consent when the character, Bo, is cast as “irresistible?” The line between consent and coercion becomes murky. Bo the Succubus’s “irresistible” quality – the magic that makes her do that thing she do –  is a form of coercion, but at the same time a person’s inability to resist Bo’s mojo comes from within the person who finds him or herself on its receiving end. She makes you want her. So yeah, they’re going for comedy here. Of course. And the idea that the man -Tad – was scared is really not meant to be taken literally, in my opinion. It’s more like, Oh boy, will I be (literally this time) up for this? It’s like when you see a wave that’s a bit bigger than you’re used to, but you really want to ride it. Adrenaline. The potential for awesomeness. I know that sounded totally like cheesy Lost Girl double entendre, but I swear, I really was talking about boogie boarding.

And I do think that gender and power dynamics in society are such that you cannot really, fully, make the argument that it’s the same thing whether it’s a woman or a man being “shared.” I find Tamsin to be the most irritating character on Lost Girl, for the record. She was alright last season, and now she’s back to Oh, I’m just mean and bitchy and more than a little petty at times, because, yo, that’s my defense mechanism. Yet we are supposed to understand that her particular brand of feminism is to love ’em and leave ’em, as long as they’re men. Which is BS, of course. Take what you want; f**ck who you want; don’t get emotionally involved. In fact she herself is like a bro. Tamsin’s main arc this season has to do with love though, so we’ll see where that leads. Right now, it’s a misguided crush on Bo and banging random dudes. I think it’s a set up, and it’s meant to lead to a kind of “rock bottom” moment when Tamsin realizes that she just can’t go on like this anymore! Remember the interview in which Rachel Skarsten says something like it’s love or destruction for Tamsin this season. No in between.

Mark is not some innocent virgin child. If I recall, he is the one who kissed Bo initially. He’s a young heterosexual guy, living in a culture that encourages, even pressures perhaps, boys to have as much sex with as many partners as they possibly can (I am avoiding at least some gender/sex essentialism), and obviously he has the confidence to go for it. Younger men having sex with more experienced older women? Old, OLD (no pun intended), cultural trope! And recall: a few hours earlier Mark was feeding lines to that ill-fated young woman on the bus. Dude, he’s Dyson’s son, after all! A rogue, a rake, notorious throughout Europe. And the apple falls rather near to the tree it seems. Ok, not the most profound thing, but there you have it. In my opinion.  (Does anyone watch The Good Wife? I feel like I’m in front of that judge.) And anyway, as one  Canadian fan pointed out with regard to the episode, the age of consent is 16 in Canada. The US is among the few liberal democracies where it’s 18. I was not upset by that plot point so much as I found it a bit cliched. Predictable. Of course Bo and Mark are going to sleep together. A little nod to Dybo, why not? (all sarcasm intended). And that was annoying because, as Sally asks in her post: what is the point of all of this? I too remember a time when Lost Girl had some interesting things to say about a ton of social issues, especially about gender and sexuality.

Obviously, Bo had no idea he was Dyson’s son.

And finally about Doccubus… Well, it’s still difficult to make the mental leap between 4×13 and this season. But yeah, clearly they are slowly rebuilding Doccubus. They don’t want to give us too much too soon. But when? WHEN?? OK. Probably c. November 2015. 😦

Lost Girl 5.04 – When God Opens A Window – Sally

I’ve generally been pretty willing to roll with the interesting sexual and relationship situations that Lost Girl has presented us with over the years. When storylines have come up that push at my boundaries and make me uncomfortable, or that I just plain haven’t understood, I’ve tried to understand what the show is trying to say. Usually I’ve been able to find a message or some greater statement about ethics, sexuality, morality, the struggle to live life on one’s own terms, or what have you.

I say that because for 5.04, “When God Opens A Window,” I don’t know if I found anything like that.

The very first scene of this episode is an enthusiastic and athletic sexual encounter happening under the sheets of Bo’s bed. Then Tamsin’s head emerges. That was meant to make us assume Tamsin and Bo were in bed together, I guess – continuing to tweak the noses of all the shippers, Doccubus and Valkubus alike. Fine, Season 5 so far has been portraying Tamsin as carrying a torch for Bo and it’s not subtle. I suspect that at some point this season, that gun will need to be fired.

But it’s not Bo who was with Tamsin – it’s a guy named Tad that Tamsin picked up and decided to bang in her roommate’s bed. Transference much? Also, she keeps calling him by the wrong name despite his correcting her a couple of times – and shushes him in a condescending way when she’s talking to Bo. Then Bo asks if she’s going to share and her eyes turn succubus-blue. Did you see his face at the end of the scene? He didn’t look turned on. He looked scared.


I don’t get it.

If the genders of the characters had been reversed here, and it was two men discussing “sharing” a random woman that one of them had picked up, and the woman in the bed looked scared, can you imagine the outrage? Is it more okay that’s it’s the man who is the powerless one here? I don’t think that it is.

So what’s the message? That women can be as awful to men as men can be to women? That Bo, as a succubus, has an inherently dicey relationship with consent that seems to be deteriorating? That Tamsin is a sexist who views men as objects? (We already knew that from her past escapades with Mr. 8-Pack and similar, didn’t we?)

Or is it that Tamsin is a terrible influence on Bo?

Given Tamsin’s speech to Bo at the end of the episode about why she was so hard on Mark, because he’s a liar and cheat just like she is, maybe that’s why that scene existed. Perhaps she isn’t really reformed, and maybe her frequent changes of heart about whose side she’s on are because she will eventually betray Bo.  Bo, of course, says they’re going to be all right, but as we’ve seen, Bo is pretty trusting even when people don’t deserve to be trusted.

I hope there’s some kind of story arc they were setting up or building with this scene, because otherwise it’s just gross.

Speaking of discomfort, it seems to me that so far in Season 5 the show is going out of its way to present situations that are designed to evoke discomfort in the viewers. I wasn’t bo_markparticularly bothered by Bo’s sleeping with Persephone even though Persephone was technically Bo’s stepmother. Similarly, even though it creates a weird dynamic and a secret between her and Dyson, I’m not super-bothered by Bo’s sleeping with Mark, since it seemed like he consented, and Bo didn’t know he was Dyson’s son anyway. But for sure it will create some WTF feelings in the gang, and among the viewership.

And speaking of ships, viewerships and shippers alike:  Bo called Lauren her ex, so Doccubus shippers (including me) are sad. There were several shots of Tamsin looking pensive or longingly at Bo and initiating kisses so Bo could feed – so presumably Valkubus shippers are either happy or annoyed, or both.

About the rest of the plot:

Dyson has a son that he didn’t know about! That will certainly give him an interesting story arc for this season. I loved the scene of him and Mark eating and cracking their knuckles, unintentionally mirroring each other at the Dal. That was well done.

Lauren’s storyline was mostly a joy. HOW MUCH did I love her fake English accent and her Downton Abbey references, and her statement that only she finds herself funny? A lot. I’ve been known to put on a English/Scottish/Irish accent from time to time (with varying degrees of success) and to be the only one in the room laughing at my jokes. Also, she’s a crack shot with a tranquilizer gun.


As for Doccubus, it seems like Lauren intentionally took herself out of the competition, if there is one, for Bo’s attention last episode when she stated to Dyson that she thinks what Bo needs right now is a friend. But she also reminded Bo, herself and us that they’re a great pair when she told Bo that she’s always benefited from the human touch. I still hold out hope that they’ll end up together, and it seems like that’s still possible.

It was nice to have Evony and Vex back. As we all probably imagined, Evony is doing okay for herself while she’s human, and she seems to suspect that Lauren is holding out on her with the serum – and is taking steps to speed up Dr. Lewis’ timeline with the old Fae-in-the-box. Did anyone think that Trick was intentionally antagonizing Dyson by making Dyson babysit Vex? He had a weird smirk on his face when he left the gym.

Finally, Elizabeth Helm (not Howell- shoulda checked IMDB). Whatever part she’s going to play is building slowly, but my take so far is that she’s someone who is perhaps inhabiting the deceased-and-resurrected-by-a-Fae-cult body of a human person who was tagged as a sleeper agent, and is doing some killing of Elizabeth Helm’s family and colleagues until her real mission emerges. You know, to pass the time, as people do.

Anyway, I have no idea what to expect from the next 4 episodes of the first half of Season 5. But I suspect they will break things down further so in the last 8 episodes, they can build them back up.

Lost Girl 5.03 – Big In Japan – Sally

A succubus who has lost her sex drive. That’s a conflict, all right, and an interesting premise for an episode (though I’m glad it won’t drag on past this one, because this is Lost Girl, after all).

I was surprised that the cause was psychological – I thought for sure Hades had plucked out Bo’s libido when he had her by the throat in the elevator last episode. But I guess we had hints all throughout, because in the very first sequence after she turns Dyson down citing a headache, we see Bo looking at herself in the mirror in a way that is reminiscent of how she looked at herself after she killed the Una Mens. Like she’s not quite sure who it is looking back at her.


Not to mention how Bo kept flinching whenever someone mentioned Kenzi to her. She blames herself for everything and takes the weight of the world onto her shoulders. Without sex, Bo will eventually die, so not only is she feeling sexually blocked, I interpret this to mean that she is punishing herself and maybe a little suicidal. It’s a dramatic mood swing from her triumphant re-realization in 5.02 that her friends love her and she will face her father with them at her side.

But then again, she probably never expected Kenzi to leave her.

Ah, Trick, so wise, talking to Bo about how her mother, Aife, had a dry spell for a year. That would have been nice for Bo to know in advance – that it was possible for a succubus to lose her sex drive – but I guess we know by now that Bo learns things strictly on a need-to-know-basis. Not that I suppose granddaughters are eager to learn about their sexuality from their grandfathers, in fairness. Loved it when Bo said “You said orgasm.” She said what we all were thinking.

Speaking of psychology, after three episodes of season 5, I’m wondering about something – and wondering if this is deliberate on the part of the writers, or inadvertent. It seems like everyone is learning lessons they already learned in Season 4, and working out issues I thought they had resolved in Season 4.

Here are a couple of examples:

In this episode, Bo falls victim to self-pity and despair again about her role as the Chosen One and how people around her get hurt. Tamsin snaps her out of it with some tough talk just like she did in “Dark Horse,” and then Bo makes a speech to the pseudo-Japanese warrior hero about leadership at the end of the episode.

In “Like Hell, Part 2” Tamsin (admittedly possessed while in Valhalla) decides to once again finish the job she was hired to do and deliver Bo to her father. But then she has a crisis and talks about being happy and not wanting to lose her family. I feel like she’s been through this a few times already.

I realize that in real life, people don’t just make a decision and then stick to it forever – making significant changes in your life is an ever-evolving process with backsliding and relapses. But I suppose I come to television with a more simplistic expectation of behavior and personal growth – especially in a hero’s journey type of quest.

That’s not to say that the characters haven’t grown and broken new ground in these first three episodes – Lauren and Dyson are buddies, and Lauren and Tamsin seem to have buried the hatchet to some extent. I just find myself hoping we won’t keep rehashing things from previous seasons – bring on the new.

What else? Here are some questions and random observations that don’t fit into the above meta-psychological analysis.

1. The elevator women seems to be named Elizabeth Howell (right? Is that what Lauren said?). I tried to find a few anagrams and google searches of that name, but either I’m spelling it wrong or it’s just a name without any hidden meaning.

2. It was fun to see Bo and Tamsin’s new dynamic. As for their mission, I still don’t understand why the imposter hero dude wanted THEM as bodyguards. Did he seek them out specifically, or was he just picking up hot women and realized as the night progressed that they were badass ladies and could be useful to him? Similarly, I don’t really understand why his sister stayed anonymous as he usurped her glory, other than what she said about honor and not revealing a truth that isn’t yours to reveal (though wasn’t it also her truth?). Yeah, I know. This part of the plot seemed designed specifically to allow the characters to exist around it, rather than being an integral part of the story, if you ask me.

3. I said in last week’s blog post that I thought Bo and Lauren were a couple again. I still do, but on the other hand, I’m not sure what the parameters of their relationship are anymore. And when Lauren and Dyson were discussing Bo while practicing with the throwing stars, and Dyson asked “And you guys?” Lauren cut him off, saying she thinks that what Bo needs right now is a friend. But also that Bo stole her heart and she will never ask for it back. Regardless, everyone is either throwing themselves at Bo, urging her to feed off them, or secretly in love with her (Tamsin). What a lovely group, though, anyway.


4. I love Bo’s malapropisms, saying that the Japanese warrior (no idea how to spell his name) was going to turn into an edamame.

5. Hello again, Trekkie Lauren! Jean-Luc Picard, indeed. Live long and prosper.

6. “I lose everyone,” says Bo. And she includes Rainer in the list. Zzzzzzzzz. Let’s hope that’s the last we hear of him.

7. I love how the show is tweaking the fans and our shipping preferences. Lauren’s hand on Tamsin’s knee made me LAUGH. They know exactly what they’re doing.

8. By the looks of things, Bo would give the worst massage ever.


Lost Girl 5.02 – Like Hell, Part 2: Special Guest Recap by TeamCoffeeCaptain

TeamCoffeeCaptain™ ☕


After the first episode of the last season, we were all on the top of the mountain, waiting to touch the sky or fall miserably back down and eat the dust by our nose.

I still don’t know for sure if I’m on the floor or in the clouds. I think I’m still falling actually… waiting to know if I will hit the ground in a graphic *splash*But let’s go back to the start (I hear you Coldplay…)…

Six feet under… “It’s ok, you love laying down. It’s a nap. A dirt nap forever and ever, for the love of help.. HELP!”

But hey, Valhallalala’s gate is just next to Kenzi’s grave, so Team Wolfpants arrives really fast and get Kenzi out of her cosy little coffin.

Kenzi is under pure oxygen and tells Lauren she’s so happy to see the hairporn/jawporn again. (She needs to touch Lauren to know she’s not hallucinating you know)

But where’s Bo? Dun dun dun…

Bo is in the elevator, on the floor, taking a nap of course. What a stupid question.This episode is all about naps. Trust me when I’m saying that….

So, Bo goes on tourist mode, what a beautiful little dry fountain we’ve got here. Oh look, sunflowers…

Oh my coffee… look at her dress… bless this dress… dresslegporn.. sorry *autoslap*

“Hello?” (is it me you’re looking fooor.. erm sorry again…well not really.)
Bo is ready to enter the maze and let’s just hope there will not have some goblet of fire inside or some secret agency planning to use her to save the world if she can pass
the test… wait, what? Oo

So, there’s 3 doors. To the left, a blue one, to the middle a dark one, to the right a bright blue one.

Bo takes the middle but turns to her right, let’s the game begins.

Dun dun dun.

Will she get lost inside the maze of this plot? of her mind? of her life?
What a better place to metaphorically resume Bo’s journey than a maze? I mean, really?

Back to Team Human, aka Lenzi or K-Doc or whatevs you want.
“Seriously, how bright does that have to be?” yeah Kenzi is getting blind because Lauren uses her light.. (not this one yet.. you know what I’m talking abt..)

(hints :just keep in mind that the light reference is as much important as nap reference in this episode… )

So, Lauren is playing doctor with Kenz’ (not that kind of doctor, you perv!)
She asks for Bo again, because Lauren always thinks about Bo. But she’s still Lauren and tells to Kenzi “you comes first lil mama, let’s make sure you’re ok, ok? Now open your mouth.”

Well, Lauren’s having a control freaks crisis because her new nurse Shadow put the thing next to the other thing and it wasn’t the good thing to do! arg! Sorry u_u “I know I have to let it goooo”

yeah Lo, you need to let it go… let’s lose some control, could you?
So, Kenzi and Lauren have a dirty talk about touching, tongues and compliments. Normal.

Lauren stabs herself, well she pretends to. She asks Kenzi to get on the table, now! please? xD
Kenzi tells her she can check her up all she wants but without tools. Kinky.

So Lauren uses her hands. (no! not like this)
“Crikey! your hands are colder than yeti’s hands!”
”your heart is racing Kenz…” (why? Because of Bo? Because Lauren is holding her hand? Because she needs coffee?)
But, Lauren is not just a doctor. She’s the Doctor.
So they drink vodka in science tubs. normal.

But then… something falls.  And it goes all Sixth Sense… it’s very cold in here..
We can almost hear Kenzi say “I see dead people” to Lauren but.. oh wait! there’s a lil’ message on this window.
HEL…“oh my god she’s in Hel!”..P “or she needs help.”

and then more vodka.

Meanwhile in the street next door.. I mean Valhalla, Dyson is guarding the gate. (beware of the.. anyway) And here comes Stacey. I’m almost ready to see Elsa coming too, after leaving Storybrook through that door.. Say what?

Ah yeah.. bearded valkyrie, kinky blonde who needs a soul close to Bo’s heart.. Let’s get Dora-ed!
(where’s this gif.. ah! here!)

So this maze is kinda a metaphor for Bo’s life… She hears voices… It’s Kenzi.
”Dafuq?! We had a deal Freyja, you bitch!”
But it’s not Kenzi. Because ‘evil laugh’ is not really her thing you know.
But then.. she hears Lauren and Dyson as well.. All saying they are better without her, yada yada…
“Who’s there?” … some voice says “the chosen one”…etc Bo tells to the voices that they will not make her insane! Of course not… u__u’
oups, someone bites her in the leg. (not the leg!!) anyway, it’s some sort of Lord of the Ring’s goblin who can speak with different voices.

So Goblin talks with Lauren’s voice “Can I have another bite?” Bo looks pissed.. but Gob’s going on with Lauren’s “Whenever there are snacks in the house, i just can’t resist.” (is she talking abt Bo?)

So Bo tells Gob to get back because nobody’s messing up with Bo.
Oh look, a pigeon! He’s trying to drink in the dry fountain xD good luck birdy… u__u
Oh but hey! the pigeon shifts into a woman in greek pyjamas! And Bo is already on her game again.
So pigeon girl tells Bo that Puca the Goblin works with the maze to keep her here. So “don’t listen to it!
But “listen to me, because I’m a beautiful pigeon and you know me for 5s!” Normal.
”You must choose to what or what not to hear.” But Bo doesn’t need life coach. She can handle this alone. right?

“Her true voice is the key.” (there’s key everywhere in this episode.. i swear..)
Bo is tired, she’s losing blood from her leg, and she’s hungry.. but Puca speaks again.. with Lauren’s voice..

“I never loved you Bo.” Bad move Puca.. bad move..
Bo is REALLY mad now. She will NEVER doubt of Lauren’s love for her, so she acts and kicks the goblin in the balls!  And she wins! Touch down! Ok, now moving on.
(Let’s take a moment to notice than Bo reacted to Lauren’s voice saying she never loved her. Bo knows that Lauren loves her since the first moment they met. Lauren is her light to get away of the maze. Lauren is her anchor, her constant.)

So pigeon girl leads Bo into Tartarus  to let Bo take a nap.. I mean to heal. Because Bo’s badly injured, she’s gonna die!
Her leg is wounded, damn it! (see the drama here?) And Pigeon girl can’t let Bo die because Bo’s father will never let her rest in peace. What an a-hole.
Back to the Crackshack, Kenzi is not demoralized because she doesn’t want to clean up.. “Oh Trick?! what’s up?”
Trick asks to Kenzi if she’s sure it was Bo at the lab. “Of course I’m sure! I know my BFF like the back of my grave, c’mon. Plus i can see dead, remember?” what?
So Trick gives her the Ouija, because we missed some Charmed here. But, where’s Lauren? She’s in the shower u_u
Trick tells Kenzi to be careful, conjuring spirit is never simple and Kenzi tells him “Nothing we do ever really is, is it?” Echoing Lauren from the previous episode when
she was talking with Tamsin. Yeah, #TeamHuman!

But wait! Bo is on the wall! And pigeons girl is at her feet. wait, what?
“Keep still damn it! I’m just a pigeon, not a doctor, stop moving succubus.” Well, she tried to heal her, old fashion way but… Bo wants to heal in her way…
“You can heal yourself?” (yeah, that’s right pigeon girl, make the innocent! da da da...)
and then “It takes two, wanna help?” Of course she’s not gonna say no just after saying she wants to help you Bo! Dafuq…
Can we take a minute to enjoy the scene. The beauty of the light, the blue ambiance, succubus style.. the white sheets.. the Milo’s Venus back there…
Oh yeah, and Bo in that black open dress against this greek’s column..
Anyway.. the following scene is graphic and perfect. I mean that professionally speaking.
While Bo is ‘healing’ with the girl, Lauren is taking a nap (yeah.. nap.. again..) in Bo’s bed. Their bed? And she’s wearing Bo’s kimono.
Yes, it’s an important detail, I’m pervectionist. What can I say?

So, something weird is happening… There’s some parallels here.
It seems like Bo is having a good time with Lauren as well via spirit. (When I said to ‘let it go’ Lo, I was thinking abt something else, whatevs’ u__u)
Is it some transfer? Does Lauren feel everything Bo’s doing? Does their bond is so strong?
Few minutes later, Kenzi barges into BoLo’s room and Lauren is cleary in an after bliss.
“We have to be sure it’s Bo, let’s not bring back some creepy perv spirit.” But Lauren is sure, right? “It’s Bo. For sure. She knows my weak spot. Affirmative.”

Well, these two are sure it’s Bo. And we want to believe them for the same reason they want to believe it’s her.
Why? Because they miss her. And we miss Bo. They want so much to believe it’s Bo than they avoid to listen their brain.

After Kenzi left the room with her “Let’s get gypsy!”, Lauren feels something strange… And she put her hand on her chest… Like Bo does when she feels her dearest daddy.… Hint?

Back to Bo, her leg is healed, goddess bless us all! She will live!
Pigeon girl is all riddle style “One is always starving in Tartarus.” Who’s “One”? “The key is knowing what or what not to eat.” hm.. ok?
Who’s the key again? (See? Key’s everywhere)

The after bliss is tough too for Bo when pigeon girl tells her she’s actually her stepmother! Dun dun dun… “What the tits???”

So let me get this straight here… so to speak… Bo and Lauren have been tricked about the real identity of their playmate. Normal.
But Stepmother likes Bo and tries to tell her that six thousand years into this darkness is a long time, she didn’t see clearly and thought Bo was some unknown lost girl looking for her father because daddy issues… And it’s only after they did it that Stepmom’ recognized the “patented family’s moves” (see what I’m doing here? yeah…)

“Six thousand years?? you bitch! I’m only 32 years old! Why do you look younger than me?!”

Bo is really pissed, again. Her father sent his bride wife to seduce her, after all the shit he’s already done. But stepmom’ tells Bo that he didn’t sent her. (strangely, it’s familiar.. I don’t know why u__u”)


Aouch.. So Persephone uses the emotional weapon… “When you get angry you look just like him.” Dun dun dun…. nailed it xD More effective than a slap, Bo just calm down a bit and stops hurting doors.

Persy tries to convince her stepdaughter to get out of here but Bo wants to face her dad. After trying to open several doors, she finds a strange one.

I will just take a minute to talk about doors. In an interview – I don’t remember which one – they told us that in the new season there will be open doors and other closed.
So you can see that in 2 ways. The literal way and the metaphoric way. I can’t say more about it right now but I will, after some other episodes.

So, Bo finds a beautiful door and wants to open it.
Stepmom : Bo, no.

Bo: Bo yes!

And you can almost hear Persy think “Gosh, what a pain in the ass, I’m glad I didn’t have to spend thousand years with her, spoiled child!”.. I swear it was on her face.

Meanwhile at the Dal, Stacey and Dyson drink. Apparently Evony is no longer the Morrigan. Dafuq? Then who it is??

Dyson tells her that the Dal became a place of flirtations, a democr-fae-cy (oh my..) and that everyone wants to do like the Unaligned succubus. o__O You mean get drunk, flirt with everyone?
Wow Dyson… your image of Bo is wonderful, dude xD

But I swear I saw some sparks between these two… It’s not over… Mark my words!

Anyway, Stacey noticed that Trick is fond of Bo and wants to take his soul to Freyja but Dyson tells her than Trick is just a drunk crazy barkeep, lying and all. (in vino veritas.. what? nothing)
So Stacey asks him “who’s my soul, damn it?” And Dyson starts to talk… “Her lover. Her confidant….”

And we all think “A-hole! He’s giving Lauren up !”
Well yeah… Who are we fooling right? —’ It’s Dyson after all… xD
“He fought by her side, she fed off him when she needed the most. He even gave up his love to the Norn for her.” *facepalm*

But Stacey is clear-minded and speaks for us all. Goddess bless her.

While she tries to know if Dyson is that guy who loved Bo by kissing his beard, Tamsin barges in, valkyrie style and breaks the magic.

Stacey goes bitchy with Tam-Tam and says she’s always finish her job….(and here I’m afraid.. you’ll know why..) instead of Tamsin. Oups.

Yeah Tamsin has hard time to deliver Bo to Daddy Darko. She tried several time but… Dyson is not happy about this. “Again?!! I trusted you!”

But Tamsin got activated with the phone call, it’s not her fault, damn it! *drama*
But cut the crap, “don’t change the subject, you bitch wolf!” Well, yeah, Tam-Tam is calling Dyson about the bearded sucking face kiss with her evil sis’!
But hey, Stacey has things to do. She doesn’t have time for this, because she always finishes her job…. *fear*
“Oh crap, she took my phone…She’s gonna see my texts and pics of Lauren and Bo together.. shit!!!” Dyson is worried….

Tamsin tells him to get back to the gate because it’s his only duty right now. “Go back to the gate to keep it open Dyson! Damn it!” o__O

Bo is back and she enters a room. Well not “a” room but “her” room. It’s the one she saw while she was in her Dawning. (remember this episode? Since the Dawning, everything is shit..XD Thanks Daddy)
The first thing I saw was the box.. The box!! You know that box from the teaser of season 2??? That’s right! what? You don’t remember? ok ok.. let me help you… here the video

I was so curious that I almost yelled at Bo to go to that box and open it! But no.. she didn’t see the box… *facepalm*

Anyway.. she understands that.. this is where she was born.. And everything is shit, again.
Stepmom tells the story of Bo’s mom while Bo discovers the cage of Aife.. That they only let her mom hold her to feed her.. It’s heartbreaking…
Bo realises that her mom lived in a cage.. like a prisoner, a slave.. without freedom…. (do you see what I’m doing here? Does it remind you someone?)

Stepmother apparently remembers warms memories from Aife. “I used to hear her wails through the vents, what a beautiful sound.”


But it’s too much for Bo, she can’t listen to this. She just can’t.
So Persy talks about daddy Hades. How proud he was about his daughter.. what wait.. I remember something…

Now it makes sense! xD Even Daddy Darko Hades ship BoLo.. u__u #SorryNotSorry
Moving on.

So, Bo is not really feeling well.. queen..dominion over life and death.. it’s too much for Bo…
Apparently, there was a moment where Hades started to lose his power and so everyone escaped! Normal.
Why did he lose his power by the way? O_o someone?
So Bo says she will make him as powerless than her mother before. Because, in this family.. it’s all about power… power this, power that, power here and there…
By intuition, Bo finds a drawing on the wall, her mom was an artist. Tim Burton’s style you know. After the dead bride from part one.. Anyway!


“She loved me.” Yes Bo… She loved you.. Since season 1 we know this!
So, Aife wanted to escaped with Bo, but for some reason, only one could leave (live?.. Avadakada.. what now? sorry)

Persy wants some drama too, so she tells Bo that her mom too loved her before Hades took her. “now gimme a hug!”

Bo is suspicious…“If this is another trick to get laid pigeon girl, I swear I will pluck out your ass!”

So, they go on a mission. Find the Artemis moon candle.. Normal.
Let’s get extra flamey! (I made research.. google is your friend…)

So, Daddy Hades abhors light… interesting.. You know why?
Because who’s getting the illuminated fist? Doctor who?? Doctor Lewis! That’s right bitch! Sorry u______u’ *foreshadowing everywhere*


PART TWO——Anyway, it’s elevator time! Bo is sorry for later, you know, about the sexy nap time with stepmom? Awkward.

Persy tells her she has heard about Bo, stories of her courage, her epic true love story with Lauren, yeah you know it is written everywhere in runes!



Bo is going down (not like that!) with the elevator, ready to see dad. She can feel him… She put her hand on her chest.. (just like Lauren after her “nap”..remember?)


This is it. Bo walks into the dark, talking to her father, she can hear him breathe but doesn’t see him. Whatevs, she’s here to spare herself 10 years of therapy.

“You’re not my family. You’re darkness and I’m not walking into it.” Bo says while walking into the dark… Normal.

But here comes the strongest line of Bo.. After thirty years…
“I don’t need to know who you are to know myself.”
We are so proud of Bo right now.. Well I am.



She tells him that if he wants to meet her it will be on her terms, with her true family who would never abandon her. (ah Bo….)
Bo tells him again that she will never be who he wants her to be. And take his candle! u___u what a rebel.



Quick, in the elevator! But a hand takes Bo by the throat and chokes her… u__u are we joking now, Bo?

So, she doesn’t want like this, not from him. (what do you mean “not like this, not from you” ? then how? and from who? Oo what are we talking about here? I’m lost u__u”)


“You’re not a god, you’re a coward! But not me.” Yeah you know, because her mom taugh her how to fight. Remember the time where she tried to kill Bo ? That was just training u_u

Bo uses her strength of succubus, blue eyes and all and get rid of her father’s hand. (oh! Do you remember the pic? the one.. anyway..)

The emotional response is too high and Bo falls into tears… And I have to say, it breaks my heart to see her like this.. I just want to hug her in this elevator and tell her it’s gonna be okay…
Damn it, where is Lauren? Bo needs you!image


Ah, well.. Lauren is with Kenzi trying to bring her back.. Good. Well not really because Kenzi wants Lauren to eat some sausage… But it’s not Lauren’s thing, you know.

So they both are going to do some magic! Bring the candles! It’s gonna be extra flamey!! wait, what? Sorry…



Bo will be back in her fully formed chi-sucking, gravity defying, sex maneuvering self soon ! Trust Team Human, they do magic like pro!

Kenzi says to Lauren to give her her cold hands and close her eyes.. (Twice Kenzi said Lauren has cold hands… is it normal? or is it something strange…? Does Lauren have bad circulation because of her tigh pants? Does the power of the light is killing Lauren’s human side and making her fae? Goddess? ok.. wait and see..)

It begins.. After some russian and touchy touchy.. A safe opens.

While in Tartarus, Bo intends to escape.. with stepmom!

Persy is skeptical. “What did you do Bo?”
Bo is very proud and says “The opposite of what he wanted me to!”….. you know what I’m thinking, right? She’s been doing EVERYTHING her father wanted her to do. She even said it earlier…

Persy can’t go with Bo, it’s not her time… But Bo assures her she can,’cause she’s got her candle! Normal…

Plus only Bo has the HelSkor, only Bo can leave. “Only you are the One.” But Bo calls bullshit! She has never been just one..She only wins because of the people who stand with her. And she doesn’t want to leave anyone else behind. But Persy really can’t go. She’s bound to this place… But “hey! Bo, when you get home, light up my candle! You know, for my creepy family, so they know it’s ok for them to start the killing.. I mean to let them know I’m fine!”

Pigeon girl used emotions and family.. Bo is tricked again. “I’ll get you out of here! I promise I will light the candle !“yeah yeah.. now get out or your father’s plan will not work!”

Persephone says “It’s important to let the light in, Bo. Sometimes that’s all it takes to keep evil at bay.” ..

Remember the light? Lauren.
Remember who’s getting ‘in’ every time? Lauren.
Remember who keep the evil at bay? Lauren. #SorryNotSorry

And with that, Bo is teleported out of here, like it did with Lauren. Flash light style.

Back to Kenzi and Lauren, hiding behind the couch. Apparently the spirit is not Bo. Damn it!
Lauren starts to understand. She broke an urn while digging to save Kenzi.. (Why did an urn was with Kenzi’s grave already?)

Lo is pissed at herself “I should have known!” Yeah… Why did you listen to your brain, Doc?!

“I wanted it so badly to be Bo!” …. Lauren confessed she missed Bo…. She missed her touch, she missed her love.. And it breaks my Doccubus heart…

There’ll be time to drink this away.. For now, let’s destroy the ouija board because the spirit is trapped inside!

Lauren needs to vent her frustration, so she’s gonna do it!
retreat retreat retreat!” Ok… So, this scene is actually very human. Our both lovely humans have hard time to get rid of a spirit stucked into a ouija board.

They spent 5 years and more dealing with fae more dangerous but it’s ok u_u Like I said.. this is so human here and it’s fun! lol


At Valhallalala’s gate, Dyson holds back to let enough time to Bo to get out.. Yeah, because in the last episode Bo teleported herself from Lauren’s lab to Valhalla but now, to get out she needs to use the gate? Remind me why she needs the Helskor if she can walk in and out by the gate? Anywayyy…
Bo is in our world again! In her black dress… *autoslap* And she thanks Dyson for keeping the gate. She reminds him his pledge of fealty to the Queen and she’s glad he meant it.

“Well, maybe I will let you keep the door of Lauren and I when we’ll move to my castle.” (what do you mean that’s not what she said? Look I can read body language, this is exactly what she said u_u xD)

Anyway, Bo takes Dyson’s hand and runs to Kenzi and Lauren waiting for her.
(sorry not sorry xD.. karma -1)

Speaking of Lauren…
She and Kenzi are still hiding behing the couch, an axe impaled on a pillow. (How???)
But Lauren is brave, she’s going in! And Kenzi asks her to not die! Team Human rocks! (I just hope it’s not some foreshadowing… dramaaa)

And now.. now.. Now we see Doctor Lauren Lewis screaming and running, grabbing the board and throwing it into the fireplace. This is so unreal! xD

The Kenzi effect for sure!
Speaking of Kenzi, she put the board on fire, yeah baby! That was hot! That was Team Human ! And we liked it! Well, I did!


Hi five later, “where is Bo, Lauren?” Dun dun dun… someone’s coming.. Bo?

That’s not Bo. It’s Stacey and she wants a soul… Any volunteers?

(no, not you Katniss…)

So Stacey explains that the shifter, aka Dyson, tried to sell Vex as someone Bo cares about.. She’s not stupid. Plus, she had the chance to read his texts…

Apparently, Dyson details Bo’s love of the uppity doctor Lauren… Dun dun dun (Can we talk about the fact that Stacey put her hand over her chest when she says that? hint hint..?)

Kenzi is disturbed by the fact that Dyson texts about Lauren.. So are we! (Texting abt Lauren to who?? Tamsin?? Trick?? Evony?? Daddy Darko?? Bruce??)


And Lauren seems disturbed as well by this information.
But Stacey doesn’t have time for this, well, she can make this fast or slow… What is she talking about already? Ah yeah.. a soul…

Lauren steps forward! Lauren is brave! “If anybody is going (in), it’s me.”

Lauren doesn’t want Kenzi to go, she’s been through a lot. It’s enough. (I love Team Human)
But hey! It’s Kenzi! She doesn’t go without a fight! And she still has her lady balls, she’s not afraid to going back ! (well, Kenz.. please, don’t xD)

Stacey’s getting bored by the all “I’ll go, no I’ll go!” And cut the shit, saying that Lauren is right and Bo and Freyja made a deal. Kenzi is off limits for Valhalla for now.
Plus, Stacey says it’s better. Lauren has beautiful hairporn.. And as you know.. Valkyries LOVE hair…bonus for blonde hair.. What?

No, it’s better because of Lauren’s place in Bo’s heart!! Damn it!
She doesn’t want Dyson, no. He’s not special to Bo.

Kenzi is special but.. off limits. And there’s Lauren…
Lauren holds a PARTICULARLY SPECIAL place in Bo’s heart. Not a particularly. Not a special. But a PARTICULARLY SPECIAL place !

(sorry…I’m getting emo… focus u_u focus...)

Stacey shows the FTL necklace and Lauren is surprised! Dafuq, it’s Bo’s! “It’s a gift!” Kenzi goes all BFF with Lauren and step forward, “give it back biatch!”


But.. well.. Stacey uses black eyes sleep on Kenzi! xD
“NAP TIME.”  (Again! Nap here, nap there……….It’s a sign!)

And here.. the best scene for me.. xD “or whatevs’, good luck Lo” and pouf.. Kenzi’s down lol Epic style. Reminds me her “head rush, head ruuush” in season 2.. Anyway..

Lauren is on her own.. Use brain Lo, use brain!
“You can’t have my soul, I’m not dead!!!” Lauren is relieved.. well, just for few seconds..Because Stacey ALWAYS finishes her job……

Stacey grabs Lauren by her hairporn… Sacrilege! Crime!

But Tamsin is in da place! “Let her go, and get in line!! I’m still waiting to have my time with her, it’s been 84 years!” (what do you mean she didn’t say that? Of course she did. I can read body language, I told you…)

While Tamsin and Stacey argue.. Lauren is getting a bit excited.. And so does Kenzi… “A valkyrie on valkyrie” It’s gonna be dirtyyyyy !
Well, not really. Tamsin wins by saying to Stacey that her roots are showing… “you know the rules…THE HAIR IS OFF LIMITS!!!!!” And she leaves.. letting go of the necklace at the same time..


Kenzi and Lauren realise that the fae are just crazy as fuck… Normal.
And Lauren takes back the necklace… hastily... as if it was something very important and special.. more than usual, you know..

Everything ends well! It’s time to have a real dinner! Actually it reminds me some painting.. you know the one about the last dinner of the Christ, something like this…
Anyway.. it’s a family dinner… And it’s the first time they’re all together like this. And it feels good.

The only thing that bugs me is the fact that the camera angle from above reminds me some external observer.. like Daddy Darko.. But it’s maybe nothing!

Tamsin and Dyson talks, she’s not jaleaous of Stacey so.. let’s be just friends, ok? Deal!
Trick says that even after two thousand years and ten thousand books… wait, what??? I don’t know about you but… two thousand years.. I mean, c’mon!! And he’s got only one child?? and one wife?? I give up… I call bullshit about the fae…

So he tells Bo he knows nothing about the afterlife (well yeah! hello!! Die already! and you will know >_< sorry u_______u) So he asks her how it is… And Bo just says “it’s … personal.” Best answer ever!

And it is. It’s very personal for Bo.. Not only because she banged her stepmother, no… But for everything about her mother’s story… etc… It was very emotional for Bo.
Lauren talks about wines.. the one time she was in keg’s room… to make some crazy bof bof hop hop hop science? u__û right

Anyway, Lauren uses “escape” and go get wine! xD Stat. But Kenzi spotted her, and so does Bo. “I’ll help!”

Everyone understands, Kenzi first, with a warm smile.. Tamsin is amused and Dyson.. well.. He’s not really happy.. Let it go buddy… Let it go..

Even Kenzi saw this.. She looks at him and she just wants to slap him in the beard and tells him to move on, find a Stacey and have lil’ winged wolf or bearded valkyrie and to be happy! Damn it !

And here comes the married couple in love scene.. I mean Bo and Lauren… same same… Sushi anyone? Whatevs.
“You had ghost sex?!! I can’t believe it! I had stepmom sex ! We are so meant to be together babe! Our sex life is sooo weird and epic.”
Yeah, well, the ghost had some patented Bo moves.. “It kissed my neck, for the love of science!”

But let’s talk seriously now. wait.. WHAT?? WHAT ARE YOU DOING??? YOU’RE TALKING??? Sorry…
So, Bo asks about Kenzi… Is she alright..? Lauren tells her she’s good. Her vitals are good.. But no, Bo talks about the all Valhalla trip..the almost wedding.. It’s a lot…

Bo can feel there’s something heavy over her heart.. about Kenzi… It’s a lot to bear..

Lauren convinces Bo to talk to Kenzi about that..

Bo feels something and it’s not Lauren’s hand on her thigh…“Are you sure you burnt the ghost? How can you burn something that doesn’t have a corporal form?”
Lauren doesn’t understand.. Bo’s right! Where’s your brain Hotpants?! “It’s following you!”

From nowhere, a japanese dead not really dead lady in Bo’s kimono attacks Lauren and tries to bite her neck! (Not the neck!! it’s her weak spot, you bitch!!)

But where’s Bo? Save your wife already!!!

*pum* Kenzi shot it. Sarah Connor style!

“How’d you know it wasn’t over?” Bo and Lauren are still stunned by Kenzi’s reactivity.

And in a fierce, strong, mature and blasé voice Kenzi says “*look at Lauren* That’s the thing with the Fae…. *look at Bo* It’s never over.
This little line is strong and important.

I just have to say.. YEAH TEAM HUMAN… but seriously, I really like seeing Kenzi watching Lauren’s back, and vice versa. There’s a bound that wasn’t there before between these two.
And I think it’s very important.

Back to the Crackshack, Bo has planned to spend the day with Kenzi, watching her fav movies etc… But Kenzi can’t.

Something is gone in her heart. Her innocence. Kenzi explains to Bo that she needs to go away, she needs space, she needs time to think about herself.

She lost the love of her life, she died and woke up in her grave… It’s a lot and she’s just human, right? But it’s ok.

For the first time ever it’s ok for Kenzi. It’s ok to be human.
They hug. Bo is heartbroken. She just finds again her sister and she already leaves…
This is goodbye. The one they didn’t have the proper time to have.
Bo tries to keep the tears in, but she has hard time for that. Kenzi leaves her.

The door closes between Bo and Kenzi. (remember the doors thing? yeah… there will be doors all along the way guys… mark my words)

Some time later, Bo changed, she’s wearing Lauren’s clothes (what? I swear it’s Lauren’s u__u), it’s light color, it’s different… It’s casual, normal.
She’s wearing the necklace, and walks into the light.. She leaves the darkness to enter the light..

(I just LOVE this gif from starbuck125)

And she starts to take off the wooden planks that block light to get in.
She lets the light in…

But here comes the candle… She put it on the window and light it up… At the same moment, in an elevator (Daddy Darko’s thing) a woman (human or not.. but i think not) who was talking to the phone holds now the same candle..

Her smile goes psycho style…and the light goes off… no more light… and everyone in the elevator start to scream… Dun dun dun.

Thx Stepmom’!
Bo I’m doing the opposite of what my father wants me to do Dennis.

Thanks for reading or just watching the pics lol
Now it’s coffee time…

Lost Girl 5.02 – Like Hell, Part 2 – Sally and sneech

Hi folks – we might alter the format of our posts somewhat for Season 5 and post our thoughts as we get them completed, instead of in one big post. As well, some of us might take a week off from time to time. Hopefully this makes for more content spaced out over the week and shorter posts that are easier and faster to read.


Well, I don’t know about you, but I am enjoying the Hel (tee hee) out of Season 5 of Lost Girl so far. I liked episode 5.01 and I LOVED episode 5.02. This season Bo is back to being the Bo I fell in love with – brave, funny, telling truth to power, and never giving up.

Bo’s trip to the underworld was a journey that she needed to take to face her fears and clear away any remaining cobwebs from her time on the Death Train and subsequent rocky, amnesia-ridden return to the real world.

Did anyone notice the bouquet of flowers on the ground next to the fountain? It was sunflowers and white roses. What does that mean? Well, Pinterest tells me that’s a semi-common wedding bouquet, and that sunflowers mean longevity and loyalty, while white roses mean purity of love and new beginnings. As well, in Victorian times suitors would send a bouquet of white roses to signify the beginning of a courtship.

So I took that to mean that Bo’s father (big reveal! It’s Hades! (Is it really? Is Pyrippus another name for Hades, or was this another misdirect? Time will tell. Or will it?)) really does intend to marry her. And just to reinforce that point, Bo sleeps with her stepmother, who happens to be Persephone. I had to laugh when that happened – for all the being-creeped-out by implications of incest from Season 4, having Bo and her stepmother sleep together felt to me like a humorous tweak of our fan noses.

Humorous tweak
Humorous tweak

Speaking of Persephone – I love Greek mythology, and the legend of Persephone was one of my favorites. Imagine being doomed to inhabit a place forever (and to marry a creepy dude) simply for eating pomegranate seeds. The caution in many tales of Faerie, Greek mythology included, is that you should never eat or drink when you’re in another realm, because then you’ll be bound to the place. As I’m more familiar with Greek mythology than Norse mythology, I feel a little more on familiar ground now – though I love how Lost Girl is making a melange of all these different mythical traditions.


Sprinkled throughout the melange is pure, original Lost Girl. When Bo and Persephone were speaking, I appreciated and enjoyed the contrast in their speech patterns. Persephone’s speech was flowery her voice was lilting and breathy, while Bo pulls no punches and speaks in plain, earthy English. Bo was the counterpoint to Persephone in her dress (black vs. white), tone (realistic tone vs. flowery speech) and especially in the content of what she says.

A great example – when Persephone says:

“He’s King of the Underworld. Fae who is perceived as a god.”

Our beautiful, humorous, down-to-earth Bo replies:

“He is an asshole. Perceived by me as an asshole.”

That might be one of my favorite lines from the entire series (so far!).

If you know me at all, you know that I LOVE a pun. The groanier, the better. So when Persephone-as-bluebird changed into her human form – wearing a diaphanous white dress – and Bo said “Nice shift,” I thought I had died and gone to Valhalla.

To wind up Bo’s trip through the underworld, we see some sequences of her wandering alone in the dark talking to herself. She was ostensibly talking to her father, but also confronting her fears and dealing with her baggage – working through some stuff. Demons she’s been battling not just for the past four seasons, but for her entire life.

I found the metaphor very powerful for how most of us deal with the things in our lives that trouble us. We wander alone, lost in the dark, afraid and confused, but we keep going and eventually come to some conclusion or resolution. Even if we don’t solve the thing, if we’re lucky, we can outlast it and endure. Some stories use the metaphor of a forest for this type of journey, and you’ll also see caves and mazes, but I thought the simplicity of the darkness illustrated the point beautifully. At the end of her journey, Bo decides that she’s not going to confront her father unless she has the support of her friends – showing that she learned some lessons from last season about trying to go it alone.

I really loved this
I really loved this

Aside from Bo’s underworld field trip, I also liked the side plots with Dyson, Tamsin and Stacey, and Lauren and Kenzi fighting the ghost. Lost Girl has always mixed verbal humor well with drama and suspense and it’s one of the things about the show I always appreciate. It was a counterpoint to the darker moments of Bo’s journey.

I can’t wrap this up without mentioning Kenzi’s goodbye to Bo, though. Now, I’m a fairly sentimental person, but I don’t cry at every sad moment in a TV show. Holy crap, though, I got teary the first time I watched their long goodbye, AND THE SECOND TIME TOO. Dammit.

Questions! I have questions.

First, who has Dyson been texting about how much Bo loves Lauren? Any guesses?

Second, do you think Bo and Lauren are currently officially together? I do.

Third, probably what everyone else is wondering too. Who was the blond woman in the elevator talking on the cell phone that turned into the candle that Bo lit? Was she a sleeper agent that was activated by the candle, unaware that she was Fae until the Artemis candle was lit? A booby trap (my favorite kind of trap) that Hades set in case Persephone ever escaped his clutches? Something else?

sbsneech twitter avatarsbsneech

“Hello, Bo friends, I need to feast on one of your souls. Any volunteers?”

Lauren and Kenzi

Could we ever doubt for a solitary moment that Lauren and Kenzi would give their lives to save Bo? Even after 5 seasons I’m still touched by their courage despite their vulnerability. Loyalty. Friendship. Love. It’s the mere mortals that teach the Fae just how valuable these are.

I’m finally getting the sense of family this season. Last season we constantly heard references to family and I never quite got that from the characters. All the bickering and jockeying for Bo’s attention was exhausting, but this episode showed they all had genuine affection for each other. They all worked together in one form or another to protect each other and hold down the fort till Bo was able to return topside.

I giggled at the nod to the fandom’s obsession with Lauren’s hair porn. Stacey should have gotten her ass kicked just for the sheer fact she had the nerve to pull the hair. You could literally hear everyone screaming “Oh HELL no.”



The LONG DRAWN OUT reveal of the identity of Bo’s father is starting to bug me. Hades as Bo’s father felt anti-climactic. Like it was another ruse to get Bo to open another gateway between the Underworld and the physical plane. Meh. But hey, I could be wrong.

An abandoned Tartarus isn’t what I expected. In mythology it’s an underworld of torment and suffering. Maybe I was expecting fire, brimstone and some moaning and groaning but Persephone as a tour guide in a deserted realm threw me.  She describes a lively Tartarus back in the day of Bo’s birth “There were guards then. A midwife. Lots of people but they fled when Hades began to lose his power.”

Wait what? Lost his power? How’d that happen? Of course Bo doesn’t ask and that little tidbit is left dangling. Is Bo’s escape from Tartarus connected to his loss of power?

I found the drawing made by Aife while she was in captivity incredibly interesting and revealing.


Aife Drawing

It clearly depicts Aife and Bo’s father. His clothes are black just as we’ve seen him in all of the flashbacks of Bo’s Dawning. Situated in front of a dark wall and entryway, rays of light or in this case darkness seem to shine in on them. Their hands are black from trying to hold the darkness at bay.

She’s drawn herself attached to Bo’s father. Their hair is interconnected. Aife feels a connection to him, which seems reasonable, she did have a child with him. Was she suffering from Stockholm syndrome? It’s a form of subconscious emotional bonding with an abuser as a survival strategy for victims of abuse and intimidation. He’s sitting passively as she’s leaning over him. Is she trying to protect him?

They both have colorful circles replacing their eyes, which represents shared insight. Knowledge about something they’re both unable to share. Why? They both are missing their mouths. They cannot speak or feel they can’t be heard. How interesting that she’d draw them both without the ability to communicate.

This doesn’t look like a drawing of a woman being held captive by The King of the Underworld. It looks like two people imprisoned, suffering the same fate equally.


The feeding scene between Bo and Persephone was so intimate I literally felt uncomfortable. Bo what are you doing? What the hell with all the slow kissing and caressing? Surely that little gash on your leg is all healed by now.

“One is always starving in Tarturus. The key is to know what and what not to eat.”

Is that a hint that maybe sex with her supposed stepmom wasn’t a good idea?

Two last things:

Does Bo get to take off the Hel Shoes?

Did anybody tell Bo that Stacey’s trying to kill Lauren and take her to Valhalla? Kind of a BIG important piece of information she’d wanna know.