What does that mean?

First and foremost, our name is an homage to the awesome, sexy, kickass TV Show Lost Girl about which this blog is dedicated to writing and exploring. The protagonist, Bo Dennis, is an unaligned succubus. She refuses to choose a side in the rigid Fae world, instead choosing humans. A potentially perilous position, pluripotent with perniciousness and pugnacity.

But like Lost Girl, our name has many layers to it. This is a collaborative blog with different authors. We don’t always agree on everything, and each of us brings a different perspective to our analysis. So we are not only UNALIGNED, we are unaligned.

(Full disclosure – though we have diverse opinions, one thing we share in common is that “WE ALL HEART DOCCUBUS 4 EVA.” Just so you know what you’re getting into. Read the introduction if this confuses you.)

Finally, we are also unaligned in that we are not affiliated with Lost Girl, Prodigy Pictures, Showcase, Syfy, or anyone else involved in the creation, production and marketing of the show. We are fans and the opinions stated here are our own.

Thank you for stopping by. We invite you to share your opinions in the comments.

Here are the UNALIGNED blog authors, in alphabetical order:

ALongVacationALongVacation sees exactly what Lost Girl is doing and totes loves it. But really feels like making shit up is the best fun there is.

keets twitter avatarkeets is sympathetic to the humans of Lost Girl’s story, specifically Lauren because she is so isolated.  Grammy Binks was invented to comment on Lauren’s story arc for season 4.  keets found the show while cruising YouTube vids in 2011.

Sally twitter avatarSally would like to think of herself as the comic relief of the group, but secretly thinks the others are funnier than she is. She started watching Lost Girl in early 2013 and it has taken over her extracurricular life ever since.

sbsneech twitter avatarsbsneech has a fiery temper that she tames with thrice-weekly yoga, during which she enjoys chanting but feels patronized when asked to sing. She got into Lost Girl in early 2013 and insists that she and Bo Dennis are long-lost sisters.

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