Lost Girl 5.16:  “Rise”

I loved the Lost Girl finale.


Lost Girl has always had so much heart. The finale, with its big moments of reaffirmation of friendship, callbacks to moments from episodes past, righting of old wrongs, and Bo and Lauren pledging to each other that they would spend the rest of their lives together, moved me so much.

This show has had such a tremendous impact on my life and has helped me learn so much about myself. It has given me new role models for what kind of person I want to be.

I want to adapt to changing circumstances with as much emotional honesty and resilience as Evony.

I want to believe, like Vex, that I can change for the better and forgive myself for shameful things I’ve done in the past and always keep trying to do better.

I want to be a living example of the courage of my convictions, like Hale.

I want to find the strength to endure and survive, like Aife.

I want to know as much stuff as Trick, and to help others as a way of atoning for past mistakes.

I want to be brave and dependable like Dyson. I want people to be able to turn to me for help when they need it.

I want to tackle life head on like Tamsin, drawing strength from the bonds I forge with chosen family and by facing my fears.

I want to be as loyal as Kenzi, never ever losing faith in my friends and counting on their unconditional love without question.

I want to be as smart and curious as Lauren, and as courageous as she is when she overcomes her trepidation about the Fae and loving Bo.

And finally, I so, so want to be like Bo. I want to trust people and see the best in them. I want to have my friends’ backs. I want to be vulnerable yet strong, sensitive yet resilient, and brave. I want to nurture the capacity to have an open heart and an open mind despite fear of abandonment. I want to accept my loved ones for exactly who they are. I want to own my sexuality without shame and live the life I choose.

I didn’t cry during the finale because I was too overwhelmed with wonder and delight, but I just teared up while writing that. I love this show so much. It changed my life in so many ways.

I started writing about Lost Girl at the invitation of my friend Doccuficient, one of the founders of this blog. I wanted to write about the show because I was so blown away by the relationship we were shown between Bo and Lauren.

The promise of that relationship was realized in a huge way during the finale, when Lauren tells Bo that she wants to spend the rest of her life with her, and asks if Bo wants to. A changing expression of mild consternation and the remembrance of past hurt flits across Bo’s face, then resolves into a brilliantly beautiful smile and she says “I do.”


doccubus love

I want to acknowledge and celebrate this SO MUCH, beyond the story for a moment. The protagonist of a show ended up with her female true love. No painful callbacks to past shows where female relationships ended in death, breakups, painful separation, unrealized subtext – nope. Bo and Lauren ended up together. I wrote before that Lost Girl was an LGBT TV game-changer, and with this happy ending, it’s even more so. It’s time.

Thank you, Lost Girl. Thank you to everyone who made this relationship happen through words and acting and discussion and decisions, who made it come alive on screen, and who cemented it forever with “I do.”

Thank you. 

The message about love and friendship was also beautifully exemplified by Bo’s chi-suck of her friends. The memories we saw when she inhaled their chi were like a fanvid love letter. As we’ve seen so many times, the knowledge that you are loved can confer strength. Strength to throw off the whispering of Hades, the intoxication of a city’s worth of chi, and to find the courage to right your wrongs.

Friends are the family you choose. I met my BFF Rebecca because of Lost Girl. She lives in Canada, and I was visiting this past weekend before a work trip. I had to leave Sunday before the finale aired. When I arrived in Texas at 12:45pm Central time, with my roommate fast asleep in our shared hotel room, I shut myself up in the bathroom and Rebecca aimed her computer at the TV and replayed the finale so I could watch it via FaceTime. Friends stay up late and have your back, yo.


hotel bathroom
Here’s where I watched the Lost Girl finale


computer facetiming tv
Here’s a picture of me watching the Lost Girl finale. My father was a piece of fruit and left his glowy print on my body. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. #captionpun


Let me tell you what else I loved about the finale. I mentioned righting old wrongs. Kenzi raised Dagny in the world of humans, paralleling Bo’s story. But she did it right this time. She told Dagny what would happen when she hit puberty, she told her about Bo, Lauren, Dyson, Mark and Vex and the group, and about the world of the Fae. Raised without shame and rejection, Dagny  doesn’t carry the same scars that Bo did.

She does, however, carry Hades’ handprint. She will have challenges in her life – and also a strong group of friends who will help her and won’t hide the truth from her. She has the ability to live in a Fae colony without the structure of being forced to choose between Light and Dark.

What a great setup for a spinoff series or a movie! This made my heart happy. I was always going to be sad that Lost Girl ended, the question was how sad and why. But the potential for a spinoff keeps the story alive, and the possibility for new tales that preserve and bring back beloved characters is tremendously exciting.

This show came upon me in 2013 like a beautiful Canadian steamroller and cut a swath through my life that opened up my eyes and mind, expanded my borders, and brought me so much joy. I am very grateful to have had the good luck and good sense to become a fan of this show.

May all of you reading this have love, laughter and Lost Girl forever in your lives.

Thank you, Lost Girl. 

3 thoughts on “Lost Girl 5.16:  “Rise”

  1. This is a lovely testimony… 🙂

    Thank you Sally and all the collaborators of the Unaligned Blog for your generosity in sharing with us your ideas, reactions and speculations. It is because of places like this that being a part of this fandom became a unique and precious experience.

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