Lost Girl 5.15 “Let Them Burn”

I will live the life I choose. 

I choose humans. 

The first sentence is the last thing Bo the narrator says in the opening montage of Lost Girl for the first several seasons.

The second is something that Bo says when she defeats the three Fae and then refuses to choose Light or Dark. She’s always been the unaligned succubus, but she didn’t refuse to make any choice – she just didn’t choose the Fae.

Those words kept returning to me as I watched “Let Them Burn.” Kenzi, a human, has always been Bo’s heart. Lauren has been her great love. The Leviathan told Bo she wears Lauren’s humanity like a shield. The choice of and for humanity seems like it will play a role here in the final scenes.

The comic relief of the flatulent unicorn in this episode was very welcome, especially since the Tamsin storyline was so, so dark. Despite the dark themes that emerged in the first and second season about the Fae and Bo’s origins, actually seeing in real-time the rape, imprisonment and torturous mind games Hades played with Tamsin was shocking.

As humorous and Buffyesque as Lost Girl has been at times, seeing played out on screen these actual terrible things shocked me. I gasped when Hades appeared in the shot while Tamsin was trying to pick the lock with a fork. I thought up until that point that Tamsin would escape, and we’d find out that the baby was actually Dyson’s, not Hades, and Bo would take the teeth out of Hades’ plan in some roundabout and anticlimactic way, and we would have a happy ending.

Nope. The stakes are very high. Shit has gotten very real.

What’s going on, what do all the little asides about phoenix eggs and callbacks mean, why is Hades doing what he’s doing, and what’s foreshadowing what? Read Mahlers5th and Valksy’s post about this episode. They have really good ideas and hypotheses, and noticed many details.

That Bo has the Pyrippus inside of her and the Pyrippus is what you make it, neither inherently good nor bad, seems a good allegory for life. No one is necessarily good or bad due to their parentage or circumstances, and your life is what you make it. Make it the best you can. Live the life you choose.

Speaking of choosing, that Bo is choosing to play along so she can trick and defeat Hades, I have no doubt. I also have no doubt that Bo’s having Trick’s Blood King powers will figure in, as well as Evony’s reference to her ability to suck multiple chis. What her plan is, we’ll find out shortly.

I can’t believe it’s almost over.

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