Lost Girl 5.14 – “Follow the Yellow Trick Road”

I felt like Vex this week, the man with two faces. I really liked this episode, and I was also exasperated with it.

What I liked:  I thought this episode was really well put together. It was funny, it was moving, and it was about characters. There were some twists that shocked me.

The scenes that alternated between the real world, where Bo lay unconscious on her bed, and Bo’s dreamscape dovetailed nicely. The transitions between scenes for conversations between Thomasina and dreaming-Bo to real-life conversations in Bo’s bedroom were great.

I loved the funny things Bo said – “How did I dream a MEANER Tamsin?” Seeing Dyson as Nosyd was also funny. Kris Holden-Ried is often playing a brooding dude, but he is really funny when he gets a chance to be. I also loved the vacuum cleaner joke – at last. And let me tell you, Lola was HILARIOUS. It was great to have Kenzi back, too. She is a brilliant, shining piece of Lost Girl.

I even loved the discussion about the Pyrippus. I still don’t have much of a clue what the Pyrippus actually is, but I liked the dream-Kenzi’s statement that the Pyrippus is neither inherently good nor evil, but rather, what you make of it. Finally, some progress toward an answer.

And the ending, when they read Trick’s will – it was a moving moment that reestablished the group’s commitment to each other. I also enjoyed the surprise throat-slashing at the end. I don’t know if Vex will end up dead-dead, or if he was just dying but will be saved, but I didn’t see it coming, and I liked that.

I think Hades is purposefully trying to isolate Bo from her friends and family. He slyly set the wheels in motion for Lauren and Bo’s breakup, he lured Kenzi back for probably nefarious purposes, and he killed Trick and Aife, perhaps thinking to cause Bo to despair. Maybe Bo was lucky that the moth bit her, since otherwise she might have had trouble accepting Trick’s death.

What aggravated me:  at this point in the series, doing an alternative-reality episode that takes place in a dream was an aggravating choice. I like episodes that mess around with reality and people’s perceptions, by and large. But for the third-last episode in the entire series, I wanted more time with the real characters.

Second, the entire point of Bo’s coma and dreamscape was so she could accept that Trick died and that she would need to rely on herself to find a way to defeat Hades. Here’s my beef with that – hasn’t Bo learned that lesson a million times already? At the end of season 4, she had Tamsin giving her tough love, and she accepted that she had to be the One. At the end of season 2, she decided to be the Ash’s champion to fight the Garuda. I know, there’s been water under the bridge and trauma, but this coming so late in the game felt so repetitive.

No show is obligated to follow anyone else’s script for how things ought to go, but here’s how I was feeling – so late in the series, with so few episodes left, I want the hero to more or less have her shit figured out and be taking steps toward defeating the big bad thing, whatever it is.

Maybe that’s what we’ll see in the remaining two episodes.

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