Lost Girl 5.10 – “Like Father, Like Daughter”

This week (last week) on Lost Girl, I noticed a theme of seduction.

Big whoop, yeah? This is Lost Girl, after all. But wait – it wasn’t sexual seduction this week. It was how power seduces us, and can distract us from our true priorities.

Lost Girl has shown us how power corrupts through Trick’s storyline. Whether this is a continued exploration of the theme, or just a natural progression of Bo’s storyline to the end, both she and Lauren in particular were confronted with situations in which their choices might lead to trouble.

Lauren used herself as a guinea pig for the solution Hades suggested, using a viral vector as a Trojan Horse to further her experiment seeking eternal life. A surprising side effect was that she is also now a conduit for Fae powers.

Or is it actually surprising that that was the side effect? Hades suggested the vector that she used, and maybe this was his intention – to show her how it felt to have powers. Her face was filled with wonder when she tested out having Vex’s powers – seemingly without much concern for how she was flinging around her male patient’s limbs like a rag doll. When it came time to help Hale’s grandfather after Zee froze his larynx, she didn’t hesitate to channel his powers. (As well she shouldn’t have, since Zee would likely have flash-fried them all like thinly-sliced eggplant.)

Most telling was her behavior around having this new ability, though. She has shown a mistrust of Hades and refused his offer to let him examine her. However, at the end of the episode, we see that she did let him examine her after all – and then she lied to Bo about it. Lying to Bo creates distance between them and erodes their absolute trust and will likely lead to problems later.

For now, my money’s on Lauren’s ability to act as a conduit for Fae powers having a pivotal role to play in defeating Hades – since she could channel his powers too and have power over life and death. First, there will have to be some come-to-succubus reckoning and resolution about the deception and Lauren’s seduction by power and long life.

Bo is also dealing with complicated feelings about her father. She says all the right things – that she doesn’t trust him and will get rid of him soon, but admits to Kenzi that she didn’t banish him with the painting and the First Song when she had the chance. Is it curiosity about her origins, or is she gradually warming to the idea of having ultimate power – especially since Lauren isn’t strictly human anymore? With Kenzi skedaddling back to Spain after the painting caper was complete, there are precious few strictly human humans left in Bo’s social sphere to keep her grounded.

Sidenote – I absolutely loved Bo’s interaction with Suri Middleton at the art gallery. Being thwarted in her attempts to succu-touch the germophobic curator was amusing, as was her frustrated mock-sneeze and Suri’s ensuing look of horror. Bo could probably have forced her touch upon Suri, but didn’t – which I appreciated.

Speaking of humans, in time-honored tradition, Dyson had to claim Alicia because Mark couldn’t keep a secret. I can’t blame the kid too much, because Alicia’s self-recrimination about stabbing Kevin when he was actually just possessed, as far as she knew, clearly pushed all of Mark’s guilt buttons about how things with Iris played out. Mark isn’t good at keeping his cards close to the vest – since, unlike Dyson, he doesn’t wear vests. (Ha! That’s your only joke for this post.)

Dyson bears some responsibility here too, because who lets a human stay in his boxing gym apartment with all the occult books and the confidential files about Fae doings without even trying to clean up first? At least put all that stuff in a cardboard box and write “dirty jock straps” on it. His aghast “That was PRIVATE!” when Alicia told him she read the file on Kevin amused me – he’s been around long enough to know that people who are desperate for answers that you’re keeping in the dark will not respect boundaries.

There wasn’t much Tamsin nor much Trick in this episode – Tamsin’s role was to look hurt when reminded of Bo and Lauren’s relationship and to locate the museum offscreen, and Trick’s role was to look up information. It looks like next week (tonight) we’ll get a more in-depth look into Tamsin’s past, though.

Last week I thought it all seemed a little too easy how docile and cooperative Hades was with Bo’s ordering him around and answering questions, and this week I thought it was way too easy for the gang to banish Zee with the painting. But as we suspected, Hades really does have a big, bad agenda – he deceived everyone and Zee isn’t in Tartarus. Instead, she was “banished” to Hades’ corporeal location. They have a stilted conversation and she walks away. Where was she going? To the mall?

I don’t know whether to laugh or cry now that Pyrippus is back in the picture (literally! Ha! Two jokes! Because he was in the painting!). I’m glad the storyline didn’t just let Pyrippus go, since it was such a big deal in Season 4. But how will it make sense?

Here’s a thought:  maybe Pyrippus isn’t actually Hades or Bo’s father, as we used to think. Maybe Pyrippus as a harbinger and agent of destruction is what Hades wants Bo to become in his quest to rule the world. Many have googled the world “Pyrippus” and haven’t been able to find that this name exists in bona fide mythology. Maybe it’s something that the Lost Girl writers made up. A Pyrrhic victory is one where you win, but you’ve also lost, because in the process of winning, you lost everything.

Pyrippus – Succubus?

6 thoughts on “Lost Girl 5.10 – “Like Father, Like Daughter”

  1. Pyrippus – Succubus?

    This Pyrrhic/ Pyrippus is quite an elegant spec Sally. It could well be it, at least symbolically. Bo must be for Hades his supreme creation, but in the end she could prove to be also his nemesis.

    On the other hand – someone must have pointed to this already and could talk about this more – maybe the Pyrippus is linked to Hephaestus (we know he appears in an episode later). In the Greek mythology Hephaestus builded out of bronze Hippoi Kabeirikoi, 2 (or 4?) fire breathing horse-shaped automotones to draw the adamantine chariot of his two sons. I can see then LG making the Pyrippus a crucial tool created by Hephaestus that Hades needs to achieve his plan.

    As always, thank you for your thoughts!

    1. When I heard Hephaestus would make an appearance in episode 512, I assumed it had something to do the Pandora story. Hephaestus was a son of Zeus and Hera, and a grandson of Kronos, ordered by Zeus to create Pandora, the first woman on Earth, and later the beautiful box by which she unleashed all evils known to man — but also Hope. But your idea is intriguing, nic, that in LG mythology, Hephaestus may have been ordered by Hades to create his demon steed Pyrripus. Love it!

    2. It may or may not be correct (Pyrippus/Succubus) but I could see a story twist there with Bo becoming the thing she fears most. I missed that Hephaestus is going to be in an episode – fascinating! I hope we get to meet Aphrodite also, although I’m now mixing all of this up with Xena.

  2. We saw different forms of power in this episode, and glimpses of power’s potential to corrupt. I agree that Lauren seemed changed by her new powers – uncharacteristically reckless with a patient’s well-being, playing with her mesmer abilities in disregard of the other’s autonomy. She doesn’t exactly rush over later to check on her patient’s well-being after tossing him around, does she? I also thought it was callous and out of character for Lauren to make Bo dance to demonstrate her new abilities, and Bo did not seem amused — in fact, she seemed quite troubled by it. “You’re not feeling it?!” Vex notes correctly. Lauren picks up same vibe: “You’re not happy about this are you?”

    With Hades, Lauren expresses concern about how she is affecting the Fae whose powers she takes on, but she doesn’t fool him: “But you like it,” he purrs. With eyes glistening, Lauren marvels, “I can do anything.” Concerns about how she might be affecting the Fae go out the window, as she goes on to exercise her new conduit powers with Vex a second time (for Bo’s benefit) and with Heathcliff. What sort of Faustian bargain has Lauren struck with Hades? What will she be giving up in return?

    Money is a form of power, too, and although she is a little embarassed about it, Kenzi admits she *really* likes being a member of the 1% now.

    In the Dyson/Alicia subplot, I was also reminded that knowledge is a kind of power. With Alicia, Dyson is back to chivalry and worrying about her safety, but — this is an old bad habit of his – he keeps her “in the dark” ostensibly for her own protection, just as he kept so many things from Bo in S1. But Alicia (showing some of Bo’s spirit and defiance) is having none if it. She pushes to know – and when that knowledge puts her in danger, she wants nothing to do with being “owned” or “claimed” by Dyson (it sounds so much more offensive now, in S5, than it did in S1 when Bo did it to protect Kenzi).

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