Lost Girl 5.08 – “End of Faes” – Sally

hadesWhat the Hades is going on?

Zee wants Bo to think they’re on the same side and that they share a common goal – to stop Hades from escaping the underworld and ending life on Earth as we know it.

I have my doubts.

Zee doesn’t seem trustworthy. I have trouble believing that someone who wants to be aligned with Bo in stopping the Big Bad Dad would also be responsible for killing a lot of people indiscriminately as she works to establish herself in a new world. It’s like this broken calculator that I have – it doesn’t add up.

Zee and Heratio have also kept Iris tied up in her bedroom with some industrial-strength restraints. While Iris does seem to harbor a destructive power within herself – the Nix, a power born of chaos which confers upon Iris the Midas touch of death – it was put into her by her parents/keepers so they could use Iris as a weapon. When Iris took off her bracelet that kept the power at bay, death commenced.

(I wonder if Iris has seen Frozen – she might want to invest in a pair of gloves for the time being.)

So despite Zee’s protests, her hands are not clean, and she does have ulterior motives. Iris said as much to Mark after she was distraught to learn she hadn’t actually been putting people to sleep, and was killing them instead. She said that Zee and Heratio had told her that everyone would need to go to sleep, and then later they would all wake up.

“Everything that ends is going to start again,” said Iris.


Like many gods throughout history, it looks like Zee and Heratio want to push the reset button. It sounds like they want to end the world and start again, this time making it more in line with their own interests, and probably with people who will worship them without question. In golf, we call it a “mulligan,” and as children, we call it a “do-over.” This is reminiscent of the flood myth which flows through many cultures and time periods.

The vision that Bo saw when she drank the drink of prophecy was a world of utter destruction. And it’s what Zee intended for her to see – though Zee deceived Bo in allowing her to think it would be the result of setting Hades free. Instead, it seems like ending the world is part of Zee’s plan – using Iris as her weapon.

It’s probably a good thing that Zee was interrupted from carving Bo’s mark off her chest, because she might have been able to bind Bo to her immediately afterward.. With Bo’s ability to extract chi from many people at the same time, maybe she could suck all the chi from all 7 billion people in the world at once, and then be supercharged to do something else, like create a new world.

But I don’t necessarily buy that Hades is a good guy, either. Let’s not forget that he kidnapped Aife from the Dark Lord, took her to Tartarus, and then kept her captive and raped her in order to conceive Bo. To create his perfect mate, if Tamsin’s story was true. That’s still awful, dark and super gross.

Hades said to Bo “You will do things you don’t want to do,” and “Sometimes the greatest evil is the greatest mercy.”

Lost Girl has shown us some morally gray areas over the years, and the characters aren’t always 100% right or moral in what they do (just like life). Sometimes there is no right choice, only one that’s less wrong. The best anyone can do is to keep trying to do the next right thing.

However, I don’t see Hades suddenly being recast as a good guy, or that Bo would commit a lot of evil acts that end up being for the greater good. That’s not how she operates, and in general, we haven’t seen a lot of narrative up to this point that would make me expect to see an “ends justifies the means” storyline that is endorsed by the show.

We can’t take Greek mythology as canon here, but the origin story of Zeus, Hades and Poseidon is that they drew lots for shares of the world and Zeus became the supreme ruler of the gods. His brothers probably harbored resentment ever since. Zeus ruled the air and land, and Poseidon ruled the sea. Hades had the worst draw and became god of the sucky underworld – so anything that caused more death increased his power. It’s not out of the realm of possibility that Hades wants a better gig and Bo is just one of his latest machinations to try to escape and take over – and to stick it to his brothers.

Sibling rivalry – it cuts deep. I wonder if we’ll see Poseidon at all this season?


So back to my original question – what the Hades is going on? At this point, I think this is a power play between the Greek gods (or rather, these powerful Fae who were once worshiped as gods and then were banished, but now they’re back) and they are all trying to use Bo (and Iris) to help them win because she’s special and powerful.

So that’s what I think is happening with the storyline. But what does it mean? What is the show trying to say? What’s the message? Here’s what I’m getting out of it:

There’s a long tradition on Lost Girl of people trying to use women for their own ends, and Iris reminds me of a few characters we’ve seen before. Just a handful of examples:

  • Lisa, the duppy didn’t have evil intentions either, and was controlled by an amulet by people who wanted to use her for their own evil purposes.
  • Hannah the Squonk, who never hurt a fly, was held captive in Brazenwood because her tears were valuable.
  • Ianka the opera singer who was held captive because her beautiful singing could evoke powerful memories, both good and bad


Bo helps Lisa, Hannah and Ianka, and many other people who need help, to break free from people who are trying to control them or use them. Zee, Heratio, and Hades are trying to use Bo. But put not your trust in princes, or gods, or prophecies, or visions, people. Trust yourself, and your friends who have earned your trust – your chosen family.

Bo will live the life she chooses.

And it seems like as of this episode, she chose Lauren. Oh boy, yes she did! I’m still unclear on why she was keeping Lauren at arm’s length – because Lauren’s comment about “I get it, it was a mistake that we slept together” indicates that it was Bo keeping her distance, not Lauren – but anyway, she’s not doing that anymore.


A few more random thoughts:

Speaking of Bo and Lauren, when Mark and Iris were talking at the party, that seemed like a callback to “Vexed” where Bo said to Lauren “Nobody owns you.” Mark said to Iris, “You’re not [Hera’s] property.” Lauren wore the Ash’s necklace, and Iris wore a bracelet.

Bo’s blackened hand reminded me of Dumbledore’s. But it also enabled her to resist Zee’s lightning and gave her some kind of super strength. Maybe it will help her with whatever’s in that box. Or maybe it’s a ticking time bomb that will kill her unless she can figure out how to stop or reverse it.


Tamsin. I’m confident she’ll be back. This isn’t how the Valkyrie will go out, if she goes out at all.

I love this view
I love this view

7 thoughts on “Lost Girl 5.08 – “End of Faes” – Sally

  1. Thank you for your thoughts Sally!

    I noticed that some people said that Iris is in fact Nix and that Zeus and Hera were disguising her, but you say that Nix is a power put into Iris by her parents/keepers. But I wonder if there is any specific clue that made you reach this conclusion? It’s just that it seems to me that both hypothesis would fit with her reactions, and the fact that shows rely often on stories of people trying to use women for their own ends – I was quite pleased that you reminded us of this btw.

    I have a similar question about Bo’s blackened hand. Yes it enabled her to resist Zee’s lightning but I don’t understand why you say it gave her some kind of super strength. Could you please explain?

    Finally I hope you guys will come back to discuss more the mythology during the hiatus…

    Thanks again!

    1. Hi nic! I thought that Iris was Iris, not Nix in disguise, because she consistently described herself as Hera’s divine messenger and could make rainbows, and that they put the Nix inside her mostly based on Trick’s and Bo’s conversation at the Dal at around 36:45.

      Bo says “There’s something else inside her” and then Trick said the Nix is a primordial force of evil born of chaos, and Bo says there was chaos in the colony after the storm. Then Trick said “They were waiting for the perfect time to release it in her.” Then Bo describes Iris as “A ticking time bomb wrapped in a rainbow.”

      That’s why I thought the Nix was inside Iris, rather than being a person or god impersonating Iris. Also, the show has gone to some trouble to develop some emotional resonance between Mark and Iris, so I don’t think they’re going to discard her character.

      As for Bo’s blackened hand and super strength, when she and Zee were fighting, she used it to choke Zee, and before that happened, they seemed evenly matched. But after Bo’s hand choked Zee, it was all over and she kicked her out of the clubhouse. She picked Zee up with just the one hand, and also said “Fashion AND function.” I don’t think she was referring to just the lightning-absorbing properties.

      We’ll definitely do some posts over the hiatus!

  2. Great review Sally! As always.

    My take on the whole Iris, Eris, Nyx thing is that Zeus and Hera were disguising the Nyx as Iris the Rainbow Goddess. That’s why in an earlier episode Iris/Eris looked baffled that the rainbow trick worked when showing it to Mark.

    The bracelet was used to keep the Nyx contained. It was clear that Hera and Zeus were using Iris/Eris to commit the ritual murders because Iris said so herself “they made me do terrible things” or some such.

    The Nyx is a primordial force that was in existence before the Fae Gods. That was what I understood based on Trick’s explanation. Iris/Eris having not killed her “vessel” is also playing a part in the “out of control” emotions going on inside the girl. It’s all a little muddled but explains why Zeus and Hera needed to chain Iris/Eris/Nyx up, and imprint on her that she needed to wear the bracelet.

    My understanding is that the Nyx itself does not have a “consciousness” but is rather a force of nature, or rather a force of “un-nature” the opposite of nature, or life. Somehow it was contained with the Fae Gods, but let loose again too, when the candle was re-lit.

    I’m thinking you were, indeed, correct in your first spec (Sorry M5). That Iris was Eris, the Goddess of Chaos, or was born of chaos, or let loose the chaos ( the Nyx) and that she was under the control of Hera and Zeus when they were initially interned. And then, once the candle was lit, she was still under their control. And, yes, they were waiting for the perfect opportunity to release her, until Mark showed up and threw a wrench into their plan convincing Iris/Eris/Nyx that she was a free spirit. The bracelet goes bye,bye, the Nyx is fully free inside the body of her “vessel” who is still very alive and human.

    My guess is that human side will help out in the end. I can’t remember the girls name. ugh.

    Anyway… love your reviews Sally..thanks for keeping at them. 🙂 *hug*

    1. There is a constant theme on Lost Girl of humans being necessary to humanize the Fae, isn’t there? Lauren helps to keep Bo centered and anchored, and Cecilia is helping to keep Iris/Eris/Nyx centered, maybe? There have been many other couples that we’ve seen throughout the seasons that have embodied this theme.

      Many (or most?) creation myths have some concept of the world being created out of chaos, and I recall chaos not being inherently evil, but just a state of disorder. Life is order, and death is disorder.

      keets, do you think Hades is going to end up being good, or neutral? I’m curious what you think.

      1. My guess is they’re going to make him a good guy. LG is so good at misdirection that we’re usually surprised a lot but what happens because they’ve mislead us with clues that really aren’t clues, both in the show and with the p.r. too. They like to keep the audience guessing. Eric Roberts rarely plays a good guy. He often plays evil, mean and abusive characters; hardened criminals, but he’s played a good guy on occasion so he can do it.

        But casting him, which was a really good catch on LG’s part, (same for the other Trio of Gods, really good acting this year) made everyone think right away: oh… I bet Eric Roberts will be Bo’s Dad! Because he’s typically a bad guy. The narrative has set Hades (Bo’s Dad) up as a bad guy. Possessing Bo since Season Two with the group chi suck in the Lich episode. He’s done that multiple times, or so we’ve been lead to believe it was him, and each time Bo’s speeches have been filled with conquering hero monologues like “bridling the masses” and deciding who gets to live and such.

        Also, lets not forget what was done to Aife, but that’s another whole can of worms that is confusing to say the least.

        I think they will manage to re-write, or re-interpret some of Hades actions so in the end he looks like a well meaning father who did some bad things, (used Bo) to save the world. Not just the Fae world but all the world. He will have foresight, or Oracles of his own, and it will be shown that his means justify his ends.

        Do I want the above^ storyline to play out? No, but I bet they do something like that.

        I would love if they made Hades every bit as evil and rotten as Zeus and Hera. I would love if Bo got taken over somehow, by him or his influence when she opened that Jack in the Box and goes on a rampage of some sort. Between her and the Nyx the world would really have some problems. And, my ideal would be for Kenzi to come back, and Aife, and team up with Lauren. Those three would pull her back from the Dark influence and defeat them all. Also I would love for Ceecee to gain control of her body from the Eris/Nyx as well and help out (like you pointed out a grounding force).

        The Promotional Posters for this Season really leave an impression. Bo looks wild and kind of crazy, Tamsin’s wings are dark (burned?) or has she gone more dark from Bo’s rejection? And her face looks so drawn, sad, and somewhat hardened. Dyson is going Wolf and looks vengeful or super angry. And Lauren looks determined and ready for a fight. Her hand is glowing with light and power. Opposite of Bo’s dark black hand from this 8th episode.

        I think you’re right about Bo’s hand having more strength now and seems like it does absorb the power that was thrown at her and enhanced her own strength. I wonder if it continues to take over her whole body, they showed it spreading down her arm. Will she be a walking black hole of chaos?

        I think the whole (family) team will save the day with a handful of losses scattered in. Probably Trick, the foreshadowing for that seems strong. As for who else? I hope none of them die actually. I want a happy ending for Bo and all of them mostly, even Trick. Is that too much to ask for? 🙂

  3. I think Bo was the one keeping her distance. Lauren said in 5:2 that she wanted so badly for the ghost to be Bo. But didn’t we all want that?
    Then she tells Dyson that Bo needs a friend. That also sounds like someone who’s been shut out.
    It’s Your Lucky Fae , Lauren said I’m on my cell if you need me, got no response, then said which apparently you don’t.
    Besides Lauren’s neck kisses which should’ve been mouth kisses, they haven’t done anything short of flirting and eye sex since 4:13, which made no sense. Then they threw in Tamsin like Lauren meant nothing at all. So I totally understood Lauren’s initial “oh boy”.
    I know Lauren was supposed to die in season 4 and she should’ve because ZP would’ve rocked being dead and Bo should’ve needed more than one trip to get her back. Not as easily as Kenzi.

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