Lost Girl 5.07 – “Here Comes the Night” – Sally

WOW. I barely know where to start with this episode. It seems like the writers took all the fan wish list items, loose plot threads, and missing conversations and decided to address them all in one fell swoop.

Here’s a list of all the things that happened in this episode that fall into one of those three categories:

1. Doccubus sex!

2. Lauren wearing ONLY a lab coat.

3. A long-awaited conversation between Lauren and Bo about Karen Beattie. “Karen Beattie all over me!”

It made me laugh how the conversation actually went:

“A lot of people died. I was responsible.”

“We have more in common than I thought!”

Very efficient, ladies! If only all such conversations could be conducted with such brevity and alacrity.

4. Bo and Tamsin talked about their feelings for each other, and Bo was straightforward with Tamsin about how she felt. They’ve needed to have this talk for a while now, and it was done with such gentle caring poignancy. It was an outstanding scene.

5. Backstories! Now we know how Vex and Evony met – and why Evony is the way she is. She had her heart broken by Eros, and vowed to never let that happen again. I think Bo learned something from listening to Evony talk to Eros in the alley, also – and that’s what spurred her to be really clear with Tamsin.

6. Male/male sexual interaction and kissing! Even though the Vex/Mark (Vark?) candle-bobbing episode in the cask room was actually an Oracle-mediated vision for Vex (as well as actually happening, just not with Mark) , the result was confirmation that Vex actually desires Mark.

I didn’t see that one coming! To be clear, it’s not that Vex would or could desire a male person that surprised me. I think there have been strong indications if not outright confirmation throughout the seasons of Lost Girl that Vex is attracted to both genders. But that he seems to have developed such strong feelings of love and desire for Mark in such a short period of time, that surprised me. It reminded me of how all of a sudden in Season 4 we found out that he was Massimo’s stepfather and had strong paternal feelings toward him.

7. Confirmation that Dyson and Bo still love each other but that now is not the right time for them, and that their love has changed, but they will always be there for each other.

8. Confirmation that Bo and Lauren love each other, and that as long as they both walk the earth, they can’t not be together.

I’m sure there are more things that were addressed that fall into these categories of fan wish lists or finally-tied-up plot threads, so leave a comment to tell me what other ones you noticed.

Now that most or all of these things have been addressed, and with nine episodes to go, I think we’ll see the story of Bo’s father, her destiny, and the ultimate fate of the world start to move forward in a big way. Michael Grassi’s interview with Cinefilles indicates that Lauren may be in some danger, so that will amp up the drama and angst.

What else…

I’m betting that by the end of the series, Evony will become Fae again. Perhaps Lauren will re-Fae her so she can help out with something.

Poor Cassie! Is she dead? I hope not. But it seems unlikely that she could have survived that fall.

A moment I really loved was when Dyson called Heratio “Zeus,” and he looked very offended and said “My name is HERA!” Also, when Dyson said he knew who Heratio was, when he replied “Then you know not to get in my way” (or mess with me, I can’t remember). In Greek mythology, Hera did seem to be a vengeful goddess, not really someone you wanted to cross.

It looks like Iris is indeed the Rainbow Messenger Goddess, not Eris, the daughter of Zeus and Hera. You were right, Mahlers5th!

4 thoughts on “Lost Girl 5.07 – “Here Comes the Night” – Sally

  1. Wrong about so much, right about one detail and credit for the Iris info goes to @uberfan. But thanks for the undeserved shout-out!

    That dance scene and aftermath were flawless in my book (I’ll leave the quibbling about Day-for-Night coloring to more knowledgeable pros). Who needs words when you got that kind of body language? Zow. But I did come away finally agreeing with @sneecheralla that Lauren is not a great communicator and has been with-holding a lot from Bo. “I’m only working for myself.” What does THAT mean? What is Lauren up to? As much as I loved the Doccubus scene, there was a subtle sadness to Lauren, especially when Bo said “I wish we could lie here forever.” As if perhaps she knows that will not always be the case. And all the talk about Seizing the Moment because Now is All We Have, You know life is too short To have sorrow yeah yeah, You may be here today oh my darlin’ my darlin’ You may be gone tomorrow…Awright already, writers! Can’t we just enjoy the ONE SCENE of Doccubus love since 305 without all the gloomy foreshadowing?

    It’s Lauren who is keeping her distance, not Bo. Bo’s plaintive jealousy about Evony made that clear (“Yet, you continue to work for her. All of this is for her. To make her Fae again”). She’d be in Lauren’s bed is an an instant if she were invited — in fact, she WAS in Lauren’s lab/hospital bed in a second when invited. It’s Lauren who has held back info about her research & about her background that Bo seems eager to hear: “Hey. I’ll take whatever I can get. Karen Beattie all over me.” So why is Lauren holding back? Why does she decide what Bo needs most of all right now is a friend? Is she protecting Bo from a loss/separation she knows is coming? Does she simply realize Bo has larger battles looming and that now is NOT the time for “us”? I share your uneasiness about Lauren’s fate.

    Elizabeth/Zeus says, “[Bo] has it and doesn’t know it.” What is that “IT” that Bo has? I’m putting my money on the Devil-in-the-box and on the possibility that Hades is imprisoned therein, as Eros was imprisoned in Evony’s cryo box.

    But given my recent batting average on predictions, there’s only about a 1 in 10 chance that will prove to be correct.

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