Lost Girl 5.05 – “It’s Your Lucky Fae” – Sally

Fellow fans of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy will join me in remembering the Total Perspective Vortex, a machine that was described in the third book Life, the Universe and Everything. It was a contraption that showed the user a model of the entire universe in all its hugeness, and also the user’s place in it – represented by a miniscule dot that said “You Are Here.”


The Total Perspective Vortex was a torture device, and the result was to destroy the person’s mind by showing them their utter insignificance in the grand scheme of things.

That’s what I thought of in the last scene when Cassie told Lauren that she removed her own eyes to make it stop, “it” being how she saw everything – from the beginning of time until the end of time. No human or Fae brain can contemplate infinity or eternity for very long without going crazy. She was cursed, it seems, by the kiss from her blind date – and then had to literally blind herself to make it stop. I love puns, y’all, but this was dark stuff.

Cassie just wanted to find someone she could trust, but everyone – including Bo, our hero – just wants to use her for her ability to provide a reading. Cassie was SO EXCITED when she thought her date, Heratio, was interested in her for who she was,  not for what she could do for him.

Aw, Cassie
Aw, Cassie

So who is Heratio? Apparently he’s one of the three reanimated human corpses from the elevator crash. We’re getting hints that he and his posse are possessed by something (Greek gods? Titans?). His job was to cause all of the Oracles to blind themselves. Check.

He and his cronies also sent some agents who may or may not be enthralled into the Dal to steal Trick’s Fae ledger by the convenient and not-at-all complicated method of seducing Mark in Trick’s lair and stealing the ledger while distracting Mark by performing pointy-tongued fellatio (did Trick not notice Mark abandoning the bar to go downstairs, by the way?) so they can verify that Bo is actually a succubus, not an Oracle, as she claimed, which was totally the easiest way to confirm that.

HEY. Heratio rhymes with fellatio! I think I blew the case wide open!

They have all the Oracles’ eyes in a jar, did you notice? The eyes must have some kind of value. If the goal was simply to remove an Oracle’s power by removing their eyes, if that’s how an Oracle receives a reading, then they could have tossed the eyes down the garbage disposal. Also, Lauren did say that if she had the oculus, she could probably give Cassie her eyesight back. I don’t think we’ve seen the last of the eyes. (Ha! Get it?)

I like this part of the storyline a lot, these three mysterious strangers – there’s plenty of mystery and the information is being pieced out to us slowly enough that we can have fun speculating, but not so much that we know what’s actually going on. Who’s the third?

This episode was also very funny. I laughed out loud a lot at:

  • Cassie:  “I hope the peen checks out!”
  • nearly all of Tamsin’s one-liners:  “sucking things is how I got to be popular!”
  • down-on-her-luck Lauren’s verbal and physical comedy – as soon as we saw that cake, I knew Lauren’s face was going to end up in it – and;
  • Bo turning into a cat.

I just laughed out loud again while writing this, picturing Bo lapping her martini, grooming herself, and lashing out at the mirror.

Also, did the cat that Tamsin bought for Bo remind anyone else of Salem Saberhagen from Sabrina the Teenage Witch? Or was it just me? Wasn’t that a great show?


So what else happened in this episode? Hmmm. Oh, right.

You see, folks, sexual release is important for all Fae…

…but for a succubus, the, uh, orgasm is especially…

Okay, Tamsin and Bo hooked up. This is not new territory, since it was heavily implied that in 4.08, “Groundhog Fae,” they hooked up, but this time it was actually, well, sweet. Yes, I’m a Doccubus shipper and I said that. Here’s why:

When I watch Lost Girl these days I do it in two parts – the first time, I just watch it to see what happens, and I experience whatever emotional reactions I’m going to have. The second time, I try to think about what I’m going to write about for this blog – what interested me the most about the story? Did I notice any themes? What made me laugh?

Now I’m going to talk about my feelings and my emotional process, because I’m a huge stereotype. The first time I saw this scene, my heart sank and all I could think about was What about Lauren? What about my beloved Doccubus? Will this make it awkward for Tamsin to be a bridesmaid at their wedding? Especially after Tamsin took pains to tell Lauren over and over during the episode in a pointed way that she and Bo were getting closer, and that she (Lauren) had some competition for Bo’s affection.

The second time I watched the episode, I’d made sure to get a dose of perspective.

  1. This is early in the season, so chances are that Bo and Tamsin aren’t embarking on an epic love story that will end up happily ever after.
  2. Michael Grassi’s interview with Cinefilles indicated that Tamsin’s insecurity-fueled aggression toward Lauren may end up backfiring – “We’ll see how that goes for everybody,” and also called out that “…we all know how special what Bo and Lauren have is…”
  3. My observant friend also noted that Tamsin and Bo’s pillow talk, while obviously an important conversation for both of them that enabled them to bond on a deeper level, also was nothing like Lauren’s and Bo’s pillow talk. Bo and Lauren’s pillow talk usually has involved kissing, cuddling, and laughing – a lot of love and tenderness.

I don’t bring all of this up to diminish what Bo and Tamsin had in this episode, but to remind myself that Bo and Lauren have something special and epic that will endure no matter what happens.

Taking all of that into account allowed me to take the Doccubus blinders off to an extent and see the scene for what it was. Tamsin was sweet and vulnerable. She was a little uncertain when she presented herself to Bo, but the delight that appeared on her face when she realized Bo was going to accept her birthday gift was genuinely touching. Once I put my anxiety about what will or won’t happen with Bo and Lauren aside, I was able to appreciate this moment for what it adds to the story and how it allows the characters to grow and deepen their relationships and understanding of each other, rather than to allow my fears about what it might be taking away from other relationships to dominate my reaction.


Lost Girl has been telling a story these last five seasons. Part of the story has included a relationship that is incredibly important to me, and to a lot of other fans. It’s a TV show, which needs drama and tension to retain our interest. It’s a genre show, which ups the ante. I think how the show portrayed this relationship has blazed a new trail for representation. There’s a lot more story to tell, and I’m eager to see it all. Bring it on.

I leave you with this – the Total Perspective Vortex was powered by a piece of fairy cake, as the British call it, which is known in the USA as a cupcake. Which is exactly what Tamsin brought to Bo for her birthday before they slept together – a cupcake. Perspective.


PS – for folks who still harbor sad feelings about Bo’s birthday present in this episode, here’s a short fanfic that I wrote about a surprise birthday gift from Lauren to Bo – I wrote it a few weeks ago, so it’s not in response to the episode, but just for fun.

5 thoughts on “Lost Girl 5.05 – “It’s Your Lucky Fae” – Sally

  1. I really love the “perspective” that you bring to your Lost Girl analysis. There were lots of really good things in this episode and it was interesting how the humorous was balanced with the horrifying, which kept it from going into either absurdity or sheer darkness.

    I was so happy that they brought Cassie back b/c I really fell in love with her more mature character in 4×07. You just knew the snark was covering for something deeper and when Bo reads her on-line dating profile I think we all felt the guilt of how everyone seems to use Cassie. It was great to see Bo so determined to find Cassie and to help her, even calling her a friend. I hope we get to see more of Vanessa Matsui in S5.

    While I know some Lauren fans (including myself at times) have been upset/confused at what appears to be OOC moments for Lauren this season in order to draw laughs, I felt like it made total sense in the context of the plot where the cat spirit was taking Lauren’s luck and giving it to Bo (which is kind of interesting to consider). Plus the pleasure of watching Zoie Palmer doing physical comedy is hard to deny (but, seriously, Lauren forgetting Bo’s birthday is a little hard to swallow…). And how freaking adorable was Anna Silk as a cat? The scene in the restaurant had me laughing so hard!

    As another doccubus fan, I found my stomach dropping at the Bo/Tamsin hookup scene, but it was undeniably well scripted, well acted and not the least bit surprising. There is a lot to like in this relationship and, while I still prefer them more as friends, I totally get the appeal of this ship. I would probably get it even more if they could decide on who Tamsin is this season b/c at times she feels a little all over the place…and that may be purposeful but it leaves me wondering what Tamsin we’re going to get each scene. But the vulnerable, sexy Tamsin in that scene was amazing.

    Which leads me to a question: how do you perceive the relationship developing between Tamsin and Lauren? At the end of 4×04 it felt like they had made some sort of peace and, as mehlsbells wrote, that they even appear to be hanging out together off-screen, yet there is still this tension to the relationship. Tamsin cannot seem to resist trying to get under Lauren’s skin, yet she saved Lauren from Stacey (do we really think that plot line is done?) and went to Lauren to plan Bo’s birthday. I thought they were sort of friends but maybe they’re more frenemies b/c I don’t typically taunt my friends about getting romantically close with their exes, but maybe that’s just me. As someone on twitter mentioned, on another show it would almost seem like it was leading to a romantic hookup. The writers have had almost everyone else hookup and I certainly wouldn’t mind (CopDoc!) but maybe they’ll keep it as frenemies.

    In a pre-s5 interview Michael Grassi said re: Tamsin:
    “I think she’s very much in search of a family and in search of love, and this season finds her exploring a brand new relationship, something that we haven’t seen before, and something that I think is her true love.”

    MG is always so careful in his wording as to leave things as ambiguous as possible, but something about “brand new relationship” makes me think that ultimately her true love isn’t Bo, but maybe I’m reading that through doccubus glasses and all he meant was it wasn’t Dyson (the weirdest off-screen, why-did-they-bother-with-that hook-up of all time).

    P.S. Will I be kicked out of fandom if I admit that I could totally cheer for a CopDoccubus scene? They haven’t had an all girl threesome on Lost Girl yet 🙂

    1. Thank you! I enjoy the process of analyzing this show and the story it’s telling and the messages I glean from it – and I often need to take some time to reflect and get perspective, at least so far in Season 5, because I’m emotionally invested in Bo and Lauren.

      I was glad to see Cassie return too, and I hope Lauren can restore her sight. I think Lauren’s mentioning needing the oculus and then the shot of the eyes in the jar on the desk were both deliberate. She’s already reattached Vex’s hand, so reattaching eyes should be NBD.

      Tamsin has seemed pretty consistent to me so far this season – sure, she has gone a bit back and forth, but I think they explained that in Valhalla she was possessed, sort of, by the blue phone, and also heavily emotionally influenced by Freyja. I thought “This is why I didn’t want to come to Valhalla – because of who I am here” meant more that she feels a lot of pressure from Freyja and competition from the other Valkyries, Stacey especially. It reminded me of how awful high school can be and how I realized after I left high school and then returned to visit a few years later how awfully stressed out I was all the time because of expectations and peer pressure.

      Anyway, I think that Tamsin has enjoyed being in a more supportive environment, but the process of leaving all that behind has been messy and she doesn’t do it perfectly all the time. That’s also like real life.

      As for her and Lauren, I think that Lauren for sure has semi-buried the hatchet with Tamsin based on her statement to Tamsin in the clinic, and Tamsin seemed touched to feel more accepted, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that Tamsin 100% reciprocates the sentiment. I think Tamsin’s crush on Bo is making her act in ways that are based on jealousy and competition, and that’s why she’s trying to stick it to Lauren – who doesn’t care. I don’t know if that rises to the level of frenemies exactly – Tamsin strikes me as a woman with a crush/love who is acting out because she knows that the object of her affection has a deeper and abiding connection to someone else, so she’s trying to make herself feel better.

      I’m with you that I don’t see it as true love.

      You won’t be kicked out of fandom! 🙂 I don’t share your wish, but hey, it’s Lost Girl, so anything can happen, I guess. We’ll see!

  2. Why couldn’t Lauren have robbed Evony of some money. (No way she forgot Bo’s birthday) Then went to buy a house with a white picket fence. Called Bo over. Since it’s Lauren Bo rushes over and walks in unannounced. Hey it’s Lauren, she don’t lock her doors. Bo makes her way through the house ending up in the bedroom and asks outloud. Who’s house is this? Enters Lauren It’s ours if you’ll have me. Bo can’t say no so they fall to the bed in a passionate kiss.
    Sorry but since it was the last season and considering the last time they showed Bo’s birthday on air, it’s only fitting.

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