Lost Girl 5.04 – When God Opens A Window – Sally

I’ve generally been pretty willing to roll with the interesting sexual and relationship situations that Lost Girl has presented us with over the years. When storylines have come up that push at my boundaries and make me uncomfortable, or that I just plain haven’t understood, I’ve tried to understand what the show is trying to say. Usually I’ve been able to find a message or some greater statement about ethics, sexuality, morality, the struggle to live life on one’s own terms, or what have you.

I say that because for 5.04, “When God Opens A Window,” I don’t know if I found anything like that.

The very first scene of this episode is an enthusiastic and athletic sexual encounter happening under the sheets of Bo’s bed. Then Tamsin’s head emerges. That was meant to make us assume Tamsin and Bo were in bed together, I guess – continuing to tweak the noses of all the shippers, Doccubus and Valkubus alike. Fine, Season 5 so far has been portraying Tamsin as carrying a torch for Bo and it’s not subtle. I suspect that at some point this season, that gun will need to be fired.

But it’s not Bo who was with Tamsin – it’s a guy named Tad that Tamsin picked up and decided to bang in her roommate’s bed. Transference much? Also, she keeps calling him by the wrong name despite his correcting her a couple of times – and shushes him in a condescending way when she’s talking to Bo. Then Bo asks if she’s going to share and her eyes turn succubus-blue. Did you see his face at the end of the scene? He didn’t look turned on. He looked scared.


I don’t get it.

If the genders of the characters had been reversed here, and it was two men discussing “sharing” a random woman that one of them had picked up, and the woman in the bed looked scared, can you imagine the outrage? Is it more okay that’s it’s the man who is the powerless one here? I don’t think that it is.

So what’s the message? That women can be as awful to men as men can be to women? That Bo, as a succubus, has an inherently dicey relationship with consent that seems to be deteriorating? That Tamsin is a sexist who views men as objects? (We already knew that from her past escapades with Mr. 8-Pack and similar, didn’t we?)

Or is it that Tamsin is a terrible influence on Bo?

Given Tamsin’s speech to Bo at the end of the episode about why she was so hard on Mark, because he’s a liar and cheat just like she is, maybe that’s why that scene existed. Perhaps she isn’t really reformed, and maybe her frequent changes of heart about whose side she’s on are because she will eventually betray Bo.  Bo, of course, says they’re going to be all right, but as we’ve seen, Bo is pretty trusting even when people don’t deserve to be trusted.

I hope there’s some kind of story arc they were setting up or building with this scene, because otherwise it’s just gross.

Speaking of discomfort, it seems to me that so far in Season 5 the show is going out of its way to present situations that are designed to evoke discomfort in the viewers. I wasn’t bo_markparticularly bothered by Bo’s sleeping with Persephone even though Persephone was technically Bo’s stepmother. Similarly, even though it creates a weird dynamic and a secret between her and Dyson, I’m not super-bothered by Bo’s sleeping with Mark, since it seemed like he consented, and Bo didn’t know he was Dyson’s son anyway. But for sure it will create some WTF feelings in the gang, and among the viewership.

And speaking of ships, viewerships and shippers alike:  Bo called Lauren her ex, so Doccubus shippers (including me) are sad. There were several shots of Tamsin looking pensive or longingly at Bo and initiating kisses so Bo could feed – so presumably Valkubus shippers are either happy or annoyed, or both.

About the rest of the plot:

Dyson has a son that he didn’t know about! That will certainly give him an interesting story arc for this season. I loved the scene of him and Mark eating and cracking their knuckles, unintentionally mirroring each other at the Dal. That was well done.

Lauren’s storyline was mostly a joy. HOW MUCH did I love her fake English accent and her Downton Abbey references, and her statement that only she finds herself funny? A lot. I’ve been known to put on a English/Scottish/Irish accent from time to time (with varying degrees of success) and to be the only one in the room laughing at my jokes. Also, she’s a crack shot with a tranquilizer gun.


As for Doccubus, it seems like Lauren intentionally took herself out of the competition, if there is one, for Bo’s attention last episode when she stated to Dyson that she thinks what Bo needs right now is a friend. But she also reminded Bo, herself and us that they’re a great pair when she told Bo that she’s always benefited from the human touch. I still hold out hope that they’ll end up together, and it seems like that’s still possible.

It was nice to have Evony and Vex back. As we all probably imagined, Evony is doing okay for herself while she’s human, and she seems to suspect that Lauren is holding out on her with the serum – and is taking steps to speed up Dr. Lewis’ timeline with the old Fae-in-the-box. Did anyone think that Trick was intentionally antagonizing Dyson by making Dyson babysit Vex? He had a weird smirk on his face when he left the gym.

Finally, Elizabeth Helm (not Howell- shoulda checked IMDB). Whatever part she’s going to play is building slowly, but my take so far is that she’s someone who is perhaps inhabiting the deceased-and-resurrected-by-a-Fae-cult body of a human person who was tagged as a sleeper agent, and is doing some killing of Elizabeth Helm’s family and colleagues until her real mission emerges. You know, to pass the time, as people do.

Anyway, I have no idea what to expect from the next 4 episodes of the first half of Season 5. But I suspect they will break things down further so in the last 8 episodes, they can build them back up.

11 thoughts on “Lost Girl 5.04 – When God Opens A Window – Sally

  1. Wonderful review of this episode. I agree with everything you said except the opening sharing scene. I suppose it’s because of the trope that men will gladly have sex with anyone. You’ve given me something to think about.

  2. I also didn’t see a problem with Bo sleeping with Mark. After all she is a succubus and she had no idea he was Dyson’s son. Some are classifying it as incest, I don’t see it that way. Bo is not married to Dyson nor is she a blood relative of Mark’s.

    1. It gets weird after she finds out that he’s Dyson’s son, not for incest purposes but for weirdness purposes. But I don’t consider it incest either.

  3. I knew I felt uncomfortable with the whole Bo-Tad situation but I didn’t stop to really think about it. You summed it up perfectly. If the roles had been reversed, there would be an issue. Thus there is an issue here. One of the main issues I have had with Lost Girl all these years (although I still love it and am obsessed) is the issue of consent. Bo needs sexual chi to live and heal but often that comes at the expense of others. Consent is essential between two people/fae. I would love to hear any of the writers/producers comment on this issue.

    1. Thanks for reading! I think the writers and producers of the show are not unaware of the consent issue. I usually think there is some greater story arc or message being demonstrated when a scene with questionable consent is shown to us, and am usually able to find it – I was just pretty stumped about this one. Unless it’s that without Kenzi, Bo is lost, and Tamsin isn’t helping. I’m not 100% convinced that this is what they were trying to tell us, though.

      I think the core of the issue is that it seems like so far in Season 5, and perhaps this was building in Season 4, is that Bo no longer seems quite as concerned about the consequences of her feeding. The situation with Tad aside, I can’t think but that Bo has noticed the crush Tamsin has on her, yet she feeds from her somewhat indiscriminately.

      Great power, great responsibility, and all that.

  4. I don’t know exactly what the writers had in mind with the Tad/Frank scene either, but my reactions — more or less in chronologic order — were:
    1) OMG, is Bo in bed with Tamsin?! Oh thank God, no
    2) Why is Tamsin in Bo’s bed?! What is this – Single White Fae, with Bo in thr Bridget Fonda role and Tamsin as the psycho roommate? She’s trying to BE Bo (when she isn’t trying to be Kenzi)
    3) B+? I know you’re a master of the sassy one-liners Tamsin, but that’s just mean. Ditto getting his name wrong, and telling him to speak only when spoken to. So far, Tamsin is not being shown at her best. So much for the millisecond of sensitivity she showed towards Lauren in episode 503.
    4) Ug, Bo. Even one-night stands deserve to be treated as human beings, not chattel. Then again, this isn’t the first time she’s leapt into anonymous sex – not so very different from a dozen other encounters I can think of over the past 4 seasons. It’s the juxtaposition with Tamsin’s crass, dismissive behavior that makes Bo’s behavior look worse than it really is.
    5) At least Bo remembers his name – both then and later, after she’s shot with an arrow and Tansin jokes they could bring “Frank” back. Tamsin’s treatment is dehumanizing. Bo’s just being Bo.

    1. Bo might be being Bo, but I dont remember any Bo like this. In her threesome with Ryan and the waitress, it was clear that the waitress was into it. Not so with Tad’s body language or expression. Bo has had anonymous sex for sure, even without regard for what the other person wants, but this seems at one extreme of the pendulum of her behavior. Tamsin has jokted Bo out of her self-pitying behavior a fee times which is all to the good, but she doesn’t help remind Bo of any consideration she has for humans (as Kenzi did with regularity).

      1. Wasn’t there a pizza guy or gas station attendant Kenzi spotted for her in season 2 I think whom Bo then dragged into a restroom and more or less attacked? He was protesting mildly (making comical efforts to “get to know her” first, have a conversation) but she wanted none of that. Consent was more dubious in that case, I thought. The guy in the alley minding his own business at the end of 301 whom she put in a coma? There were others.

        1. Youre definiteky right that Bo has had many instances of dubious, compelled or absent consent throughout the seasons and her life. I’m just saying that this instance felt explicitly much yuckier to me, probably because of all the connotations that hit the stereotypical notes of how the players might speak if the genders were reversed in a non-consent situation. Devaluing, dehumanizing, objectification that is the opposite of loving. I’m not saying that it’s objectively morally worse than other things Bo has done before in the area of consent, but rather that it pushes my human buttons and feels worse to me.

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