Lost Girl 5.03 – Big In Japan – Sally

A succubus who has lost her sex drive. That’s a conflict, all right, and an interesting premise for an episode (though I’m glad it won’t drag on past this one, because this is Lost Girl, after all).

I was surprised that the cause was psychological – I thought for sure Hades had plucked out Bo’s libido when he had her by the throat in the elevator last episode. But I guess we had hints all throughout, because in the very first sequence after she turns Dyson down citing a headache, we see Bo looking at herself in the mirror in a way that is reminiscent of how she looked at herself after she killed the Una Mens. Like she’s not quite sure who it is looking back at her.


Not to mention how Bo kept flinching whenever someone mentioned Kenzi to her. She blames herself for everything and takes the weight of the world onto her shoulders. Without sex, Bo will eventually die, so not only is she feeling sexually blocked, I interpret this to mean that she is punishing herself and maybe a little suicidal. It’s a dramatic mood swing from her triumphant re-realization in 5.02 that her friends love her and she will face her father with them at her side.

But then again, she probably never expected Kenzi to leave her.

Ah, Trick, so wise, talking to Bo about how her mother, Aife, had a dry spell for a year. That would have been nice for Bo to know in advance – that it was possible for a succubus to lose her sex drive – but I guess we know by now that Bo learns things strictly on a need-to-know-basis. Not that I suppose granddaughters are eager to learn about their sexuality from their grandfathers, in fairness. Loved it when Bo said “You said orgasm.” She said what we all were thinking.

Speaking of psychology, after three episodes of season 5, I’m wondering about something – and wondering if this is deliberate on the part of the writers, or inadvertent. It seems like everyone is learning lessons they already learned in Season 4, and working out issues I thought they had resolved in Season 4.

Here are a couple of examples:

In this episode, Bo falls victim to self-pity and despair again about her role as the Chosen One and how people around her get hurt. Tamsin snaps her out of it with some tough talk just like she did in “Dark Horse,” and then Bo makes a speech to the pseudo-Japanese warrior hero about leadership at the end of the episode.

In “Like Hell, Part 2” Tamsin (admittedly possessed while in Valhalla) decides to once again finish the job she was hired to do and deliver Bo to her father. But then she has a crisis and talks about being happy and not wanting to lose her family. I feel like she’s been through this a few times already.

I realize that in real life, people don’t just make a decision and then stick to it forever – making significant changes in your life is an ever-evolving process with backsliding and relapses. But I suppose I come to television with a more simplistic expectation of behavior and personal growth – especially in a hero’s journey type of quest.

That’s not to say that the characters haven’t grown and broken new ground in these first three episodes – Lauren and Dyson are buddies, and Lauren and Tamsin seem to have buried the hatchet to some extent. I just find myself hoping we won’t keep rehashing things from previous seasons – bring on the new.

What else? Here are some questions and random observations that don’t fit into the above meta-psychological analysis.

1. The elevator women seems to be named Elizabeth Howell (right? Is that what Lauren said?). I tried to find a few anagrams and google searches of that name, but either I’m spelling it wrong or it’s just a name without any hidden meaning.

2. It was fun to see Bo and Tamsin’s new dynamic. As for their mission, I still don’t understand why the imposter hero dude wanted THEM as bodyguards. Did he seek them out specifically, or was he just picking up hot women and realized as the night progressed that they were badass ladies and could be useful to him? Similarly, I don’t really understand why his sister stayed anonymous as he usurped her glory, other than what she said about honor and not revealing a truth that isn’t yours to reveal (though wasn’t it also her truth?). Yeah, I know. This part of the plot seemed designed specifically to allow the characters to exist around it, rather than being an integral part of the story, if you ask me.

3. I said in last week’s blog post that I thought Bo and Lauren were a couple again. I still do, but on the other hand, I’m not sure what the parameters of their relationship are anymore. And when Lauren and Dyson were discussing Bo while practicing with the throwing stars, and Dyson asked “And you guys?” Lauren cut him off, saying she thinks that what Bo needs right now is a friend. But also that Bo stole her heart and she will never ask for it back. Regardless, everyone is either throwing themselves at Bo, urging her to feed off them, or secretly in love with her (Tamsin). What a lovely group, though, anyway.


4. I love Bo’s malapropisms, saying that the Japanese warrior (no idea how to spell his name) was going to turn into an edamame.

5. Hello again, Trekkie Lauren! Jean-Luc Picard, indeed. Live long and prosper.

6. “I lose everyone,” says Bo. And she includes Rainer in the list. Zzzzzzzzz. Let’s hope that’s the last we hear of him.

7. I love how the show is tweaking the fans and our shipping preferences. Lauren’s hand on Tamsin’s knee made me LAUGH. They know exactly what they’re doing.

8. By the looks of things, Bo would give the worst massage ever.


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