Lost Girl 5.02 – Like Hell, Part 2: Special Guest Recap by TeamCoffeeCaptain

TeamCoffeeCaptain™ ☕


After the first episode of the last season, we were all on the top of the mountain, waiting to touch the sky or fall miserably back down and eat the dust by our nose.

I still don’t know for sure if I’m on the floor or in the clouds. I think I’m still falling actually… waiting to know if I will hit the ground in a graphic *splash*But let’s go back to the start (I hear you Coldplay…)…

Six feet under… “It’s ok, you love laying down. It’s a nap. A dirt nap forever and ever, for the love of help.. HELP!”

But hey, Valhallalala’s gate is just next to Kenzi’s grave, so Team Wolfpants arrives really fast and get Kenzi out of her cosy little coffin.

Kenzi is under pure oxygen and tells Lauren she’s so happy to see the hairporn/jawporn again. (She needs to touch Lauren to know she’s not hallucinating you know)

But where’s Bo? Dun dun dun…

Bo is in the elevator, on the floor, taking a nap of course. What a stupid question.This episode is all about naps. Trust me when I’m saying that….

So, Bo goes on tourist mode, what a beautiful little dry fountain we’ve got here. Oh look, sunflowers…

Oh my coffee… look at her dress… bless this dress… dresslegporn.. sorry *autoslap*

“Hello?” (is it me you’re looking fooor.. erm sorry again…well not really.)
Bo is ready to enter the maze and let’s just hope there will not have some goblet of fire inside or some secret agency planning to use her to save the world if she can pass
the test… wait, what? Oo

So, there’s 3 doors. To the left, a blue one, to the middle a dark one, to the right a bright blue one.

Bo takes the middle but turns to her right, let’s the game begins.

Dun dun dun.

Will she get lost inside the maze of this plot? of her mind? of her life?
What a better place to metaphorically resume Bo’s journey than a maze? I mean, really?

Back to Team Human, aka Lenzi or K-Doc or whatevs you want.
“Seriously, how bright does that have to be?” yeah Kenzi is getting blind because Lauren uses her light.. (not this one yet.. you know what I’m talking abt..)

(hints :just keep in mind that the light reference is as much important as nap reference in this episode… )

So, Lauren is playing doctor with Kenz’ (not that kind of doctor, you perv!)
She asks for Bo again, because Lauren always thinks about Bo. But she’s still Lauren and tells to Kenzi “you comes first lil mama, let’s make sure you’re ok, ok? Now open your mouth.”

Well, Lauren’s having a control freaks crisis because her new nurse Shadow put the thing next to the other thing and it wasn’t the good thing to do! arg! Sorry u_u “I know I have to let it goooo”

yeah Lo, you need to let it go… let’s lose some control, could you?
So, Kenzi and Lauren have a dirty talk about touching, tongues and compliments. Normal.

Lauren stabs herself, well she pretends to. She asks Kenzi to get on the table, now! please? xD
Kenzi tells her she can check her up all she wants but without tools. Kinky.

So Lauren uses her hands. (no! not like this)
“Crikey! your hands are colder than yeti’s hands!”
”your heart is racing Kenz…” (why? Because of Bo? Because Lauren is holding her hand? Because she needs coffee?)
But, Lauren is not just a doctor. She’s the Doctor.
So they drink vodka in science tubs. normal.

But then… something falls.  And it goes all Sixth Sense… it’s very cold in here..
We can almost hear Kenzi say “I see dead people” to Lauren but.. oh wait! there’s a lil’ message on this window.
HEL…“oh my god she’s in Hel!”..P “or she needs help.”

and then more vodka.

Meanwhile in the street next door.. I mean Valhalla, Dyson is guarding the gate. (beware of the.. anyway) And here comes Stacey. I’m almost ready to see Elsa coming too, after leaving Storybrook through that door.. Say what?

Ah yeah.. bearded valkyrie, kinky blonde who needs a soul close to Bo’s heart.. Let’s get Dora-ed!
(where’s this gif.. ah! here!)

So this maze is kinda a metaphor for Bo’s life… She hears voices… It’s Kenzi.
”Dafuq?! We had a deal Freyja, you bitch!”
But it’s not Kenzi. Because ‘evil laugh’ is not really her thing you know.
But then.. she hears Lauren and Dyson as well.. All saying they are better without her, yada yada…
“Who’s there?” … some voice says “the chosen one”…etc Bo tells to the voices that they will not make her insane! Of course not… u__u’
oups, someone bites her in the leg. (not the leg!!) anyway, it’s some sort of Lord of the Ring’s goblin who can speak with different voices.

So Goblin talks with Lauren’s voice “Can I have another bite?” Bo looks pissed.. but Gob’s going on with Lauren’s “Whenever there are snacks in the house, i just can’t resist.” (is she talking abt Bo?)

So Bo tells Gob to get back because nobody’s messing up with Bo.
Oh look, a pigeon! He’s trying to drink in the dry fountain xD good luck birdy… u__u
Oh but hey! the pigeon shifts into a woman in greek pyjamas! And Bo is already on her game again.
So pigeon girl tells Bo that Puca the Goblin works with the maze to keep her here. So “don’t listen to it!
But “listen to me, because I’m a beautiful pigeon and you know me for 5s!” Normal.
”You must choose to what or what not to hear.” But Bo doesn’t need life coach. She can handle this alone. right?

“Her true voice is the key.” (there’s key everywhere in this episode.. i swear..)
Bo is tired, she’s losing blood from her leg, and she’s hungry.. but Puca speaks again.. with Lauren’s voice..

“I never loved you Bo.” Bad move Puca.. bad move..
Bo is REALLY mad now. She will NEVER doubt of Lauren’s love for her, so she acts and kicks the goblin in the balls!  And she wins! Touch down! Ok, now moving on.
(Let’s take a moment to notice than Bo reacted to Lauren’s voice saying she never loved her. Bo knows that Lauren loves her since the first moment they met. Lauren is her light to get away of the maze. Lauren is her anchor, her constant.)

So pigeon girl leads Bo into Tartarus  to let Bo take a nap.. I mean to heal. Because Bo’s badly injured, she’s gonna die!
Her leg is wounded, damn it! (see the drama here?) And Pigeon girl can’t let Bo die because Bo’s father will never let her rest in peace. What an a-hole.
Back to the Crackshack, Kenzi is not demoralized because she doesn’t want to clean up.. “Oh Trick?! what’s up?”
Trick asks to Kenzi if she’s sure it was Bo at the lab. “Of course I’m sure! I know my BFF like the back of my grave, c’mon. Plus i can see dead, remember?” what?
So Trick gives her the Ouija, because we missed some Charmed here. But, where’s Lauren? She’s in the shower u_u
Trick tells Kenzi to be careful, conjuring spirit is never simple and Kenzi tells him “Nothing we do ever really is, is it?” Echoing Lauren from the previous episode when
she was talking with Tamsin. Yeah, #TeamHuman!

But wait! Bo is on the wall! And pigeons girl is at her feet. wait, what?
“Keep still damn it! I’m just a pigeon, not a doctor, stop moving succubus.” Well, she tried to heal her, old fashion way but… Bo wants to heal in her way…
“You can heal yourself?” (yeah, that’s right pigeon girl, make the innocent! da da da...)
and then “It takes two, wanna help?” Of course she’s not gonna say no just after saying she wants to help you Bo! Dafuq…
Can we take a minute to enjoy the scene. The beauty of the light, the blue ambiance, succubus style.. the white sheets.. the Milo’s Venus back there…
Oh yeah, and Bo in that black open dress against this greek’s column..
Anyway.. the following scene is graphic and perfect. I mean that professionally speaking.
While Bo is ‘healing’ with the girl, Lauren is taking a nap (yeah.. nap.. again..) in Bo’s bed. Their bed? And she’s wearing Bo’s kimono.
Yes, it’s an important detail, I’m pervectionist. What can I say?

So, something weird is happening… There’s some parallels here.
It seems like Bo is having a good time with Lauren as well via spirit. (When I said to ‘let it go’ Lo, I was thinking abt something else, whatevs’ u__u)
Is it some transfer? Does Lauren feel everything Bo’s doing? Does their bond is so strong?
Few minutes later, Kenzi barges into BoLo’s room and Lauren is cleary in an after bliss.
“We have to be sure it’s Bo, let’s not bring back some creepy perv spirit.” But Lauren is sure, right? “It’s Bo. For sure. She knows my weak spot. Affirmative.”

Well, these two are sure it’s Bo. And we want to believe them for the same reason they want to believe it’s her.
Why? Because they miss her. And we miss Bo. They want so much to believe it’s Bo than they avoid to listen their brain.

After Kenzi left the room with her “Let’s get gypsy!”, Lauren feels something strange… And she put her hand on her chest… Like Bo does when she feels her dearest daddy.… Hint?

Back to Bo, her leg is healed, goddess bless us all! She will live!
Pigeon girl is all riddle style “One is always starving in Tartarus.” Who’s “One”? “The key is knowing what or what not to eat.” hm.. ok?
Who’s the key again? (See? Key’s everywhere)

The after bliss is tough too for Bo when pigeon girl tells her she’s actually her stepmother! Dun dun dun… “What the tits???”

So let me get this straight here… so to speak… Bo and Lauren have been tricked about the real identity of their playmate. Normal.
But Stepmother likes Bo and tries to tell her that six thousand years into this darkness is a long time, she didn’t see clearly and thought Bo was some unknown lost girl looking for her father because daddy issues… And it’s only after they did it that Stepmom’ recognized the “patented family’s moves” (see what I’m doing here? yeah…)

“Six thousand years?? you bitch! I’m only 32 years old! Why do you look younger than me?!”

Bo is really pissed, again. Her father sent his bride wife to seduce her, after all the shit he’s already done. But stepmom’ tells Bo that he didn’t sent her. (strangely, it’s familiar.. I don’t know why u__u”)


Aouch.. So Persephone uses the emotional weapon… “When you get angry you look just like him.” Dun dun dun…. nailed it xD More effective than a slap, Bo just calm down a bit and stops hurting doors.

Persy tries to convince her stepdaughter to get out of here but Bo wants to face her dad. After trying to open several doors, she finds a strange one.

I will just take a minute to talk about doors. In an interview – I don’t remember which one – they told us that in the new season there will be open doors and other closed.
So you can see that in 2 ways. The literal way and the metaphoric way. I can’t say more about it right now but I will, after some other episodes.

So, Bo finds a beautiful door and wants to open it.
Stepmom : Bo, no.

Bo: Bo yes!

And you can almost hear Persy think “Gosh, what a pain in the ass, I’m glad I didn’t have to spend thousand years with her, spoiled child!”.. I swear it was on her face.

Meanwhile at the Dal, Stacey and Dyson drink. Apparently Evony is no longer the Morrigan. Dafuq? Then who it is??

Dyson tells her that the Dal became a place of flirtations, a democr-fae-cy (oh my..) and that everyone wants to do like the Unaligned succubus. o__O You mean get drunk, flirt with everyone?
Wow Dyson… your image of Bo is wonderful, dude xD

But I swear I saw some sparks between these two… It’s not over… Mark my words!

Anyway, Stacey noticed that Trick is fond of Bo and wants to take his soul to Freyja but Dyson tells her than Trick is just a drunk crazy barkeep, lying and all. (in vino veritas.. what? nothing)
So Stacey asks him “who’s my soul, damn it?” And Dyson starts to talk… “Her lover. Her confidant….”

And we all think “A-hole! He’s giving Lauren up !”
Well yeah… Who are we fooling right? —’ It’s Dyson after all… xD
“He fought by her side, she fed off him when she needed the most. He even gave up his love to the Norn for her.” *facepalm*

But Stacey is clear-minded and speaks for us all. Goddess bless her.

While she tries to know if Dyson is that guy who loved Bo by kissing his beard, Tamsin barges in, valkyrie style and breaks the magic.

Stacey goes bitchy with Tam-Tam and says she’s always finish her job….(and here I’m afraid.. you’ll know why..) instead of Tamsin. Oups.

Yeah Tamsin has hard time to deliver Bo to Daddy Darko. She tried several time but… Dyson is not happy about this. “Again?!! I trusted you!”

But Tamsin got activated with the phone call, it’s not her fault, damn it! *drama*
But cut the crap, “don’t change the subject, you bitch wolf!” Well, yeah, Tam-Tam is calling Dyson about the bearded sucking face kiss with her evil sis’!
But hey, Stacey has things to do. She doesn’t have time for this, because she always finishes her job…. *fear*
“Oh crap, she took my phone…She’s gonna see my texts and pics of Lauren and Bo together.. shit!!!” Dyson is worried….

Tamsin tells him to get back to the gate because it’s his only duty right now. “Go back to the gate to keep it open Dyson! Damn it!” o__O

Bo is back and she enters a room. Well not “a” room but “her” room. It’s the one she saw while she was in her Dawning. (remember this episode? Since the Dawning, everything is shit..XD Thanks Daddy)
The first thing I saw was the box.. The box!! You know that box from the teaser of season 2??? That’s right! what? You don’t remember? ok ok.. let me help you… here the video

I was so curious that I almost yelled at Bo to go to that box and open it! But no.. she didn’t see the box… *facepalm*

Anyway.. she understands that.. this is where she was born.. And everything is shit, again.
Stepmom tells the story of Bo’s mom while Bo discovers the cage of Aife.. That they only let her mom hold her to feed her.. It’s heartbreaking…
Bo realises that her mom lived in a cage.. like a prisoner, a slave.. without freedom…. (do you see what I’m doing here? Does it remind you someone?)

Stepmother apparently remembers warms memories from Aife. “I used to hear her wails through the vents, what a beautiful sound.”


But it’s too much for Bo, she can’t listen to this. She just can’t.
So Persy talks about daddy Hades. How proud he was about his daughter.. what wait.. I remember something…

Now it makes sense! xD Even Daddy Darko Hades ship BoLo.. u__u #SorryNotSorry
Moving on.

So, Bo is not really feeling well.. queen..dominion over life and death.. it’s too much for Bo…
Apparently, there was a moment where Hades started to lose his power and so everyone escaped! Normal.
Why did he lose his power by the way? O_o someone?
So Bo says she will make him as powerless than her mother before. Because, in this family.. it’s all about power… power this, power that, power here and there…
By intuition, Bo finds a drawing on the wall, her mom was an artist. Tim Burton’s style you know. After the dead bride from part one.. Anyway!


“She loved me.” Yes Bo… She loved you.. Since season 1 we know this!
So, Aife wanted to escaped with Bo, but for some reason, only one could leave (live?.. Avadakada.. what now? sorry)

Persy wants some drama too, so she tells Bo that her mom too loved her before Hades took her. “now gimme a hug!”

Bo is suspicious…“If this is another trick to get laid pigeon girl, I swear I will pluck out your ass!”

So, they go on a mission. Find the Artemis moon candle.. Normal.
Let’s get extra flamey! (I made research.. google is your friend…)

So, Daddy Hades abhors light… interesting.. You know why?
Because who’s getting the illuminated fist? Doctor who?? Doctor Lewis! That’s right bitch! Sorry u______u’ *foreshadowing everywhere*


PART TWO——Anyway, it’s elevator time! Bo is sorry for later, you know, about the sexy nap time with stepmom? Awkward.

Persy tells her she has heard about Bo, stories of her courage, her epic true love story with Lauren, yeah you know it is written everywhere in runes!



Bo is going down (not like that!) with the elevator, ready to see dad. She can feel him… She put her hand on her chest.. (just like Lauren after her “nap”..remember?)


This is it. Bo walks into the dark, talking to her father, she can hear him breathe but doesn’t see him. Whatevs, she’s here to spare herself 10 years of therapy.

“You’re not my family. You’re darkness and I’m not walking into it.” Bo says while walking into the dark… Normal.

But here comes the strongest line of Bo.. After thirty years…
“I don’t need to know who you are to know myself.”
We are so proud of Bo right now.. Well I am.



She tells him that if he wants to meet her it will be on her terms, with her true family who would never abandon her. (ah Bo….)
Bo tells him again that she will never be who he wants her to be. And take his candle! u___u what a rebel.



Quick, in the elevator! But a hand takes Bo by the throat and chokes her… u__u are we joking now, Bo?

So, she doesn’t want like this, not from him. (what do you mean “not like this, not from you” ? then how? and from who? Oo what are we talking about here? I’m lost u__u”)


“You’re not a god, you’re a coward! But not me.” Yeah you know, because her mom taugh her how to fight. Remember the time where she tried to kill Bo ? That was just training u_u

Bo uses her strength of succubus, blue eyes and all and get rid of her father’s hand. (oh! Do you remember the pic? the one.. anyway..)

The emotional response is too high and Bo falls into tears… And I have to say, it breaks my heart to see her like this.. I just want to hug her in this elevator and tell her it’s gonna be okay…
Damn it, where is Lauren? Bo needs you!image


Ah, well.. Lauren is with Kenzi trying to bring her back.. Good. Well not really because Kenzi wants Lauren to eat some sausage… But it’s not Lauren’s thing, you know.

So they both are going to do some magic! Bring the candles! It’s gonna be extra flamey!! wait, what? Sorry…



Bo will be back in her fully formed chi-sucking, gravity defying, sex maneuvering self soon ! Trust Team Human, they do magic like pro!

Kenzi says to Lauren to give her her cold hands and close her eyes.. (Twice Kenzi said Lauren has cold hands… is it normal? or is it something strange…? Does Lauren have bad circulation because of her tigh pants? Does the power of the light is killing Lauren’s human side and making her fae? Goddess? ok.. wait and see..)

It begins.. After some russian and touchy touchy.. A safe opens.

While in Tartarus, Bo intends to escape.. with stepmom!

Persy is skeptical. “What did you do Bo?”
Bo is very proud and says “The opposite of what he wanted me to!”….. you know what I’m thinking, right? She’s been doing EVERYTHING her father wanted her to do. She even said it earlier…

Persy can’t go with Bo, it’s not her time… But Bo assures her she can,’cause she’s got her candle! Normal…

Plus only Bo has the HelSkor, only Bo can leave. “Only you are the One.” But Bo calls bullshit! She has never been just one..She only wins because of the people who stand with her. And she doesn’t want to leave anyone else behind. But Persy really can’t go. She’s bound to this place… But “hey! Bo, when you get home, light up my candle! You know, for my creepy family, so they know it’s ok for them to start the killing.. I mean to let them know I’m fine!”

Pigeon girl used emotions and family.. Bo is tricked again. “I’ll get you out of here! I promise I will light the candle !“yeah yeah.. now get out or your father’s plan will not work!”

Persephone says “It’s important to let the light in, Bo. Sometimes that’s all it takes to keep evil at bay.” ..

Remember the light? Lauren.
Remember who’s getting ‘in’ every time? Lauren.
Remember who keep the evil at bay? Lauren. #SorryNotSorry

And with that, Bo is teleported out of here, like it did with Lauren. Flash light style.

Back to Kenzi and Lauren, hiding behind the couch. Apparently the spirit is not Bo. Damn it!
Lauren starts to understand. She broke an urn while digging to save Kenzi.. (Why did an urn was with Kenzi’s grave already?)

Lo is pissed at herself “I should have known!” Yeah… Why did you listen to your brain, Doc?!

“I wanted it so badly to be Bo!” …. Lauren confessed she missed Bo…. She missed her touch, she missed her love.. And it breaks my Doccubus heart…

There’ll be time to drink this away.. For now, let’s destroy the ouija board because the spirit is trapped inside!

Lauren needs to vent her frustration, so she’s gonna do it!
retreat retreat retreat!” Ok… So, this scene is actually very human. Our both lovely humans have hard time to get rid of a spirit stucked into a ouija board.

They spent 5 years and more dealing with fae more dangerous but it’s ok u_u Like I said.. this is so human here and it’s fun! lol


At Valhallalala’s gate, Dyson holds back to let enough time to Bo to get out.. Yeah, because in the last episode Bo teleported herself from Lauren’s lab to Valhalla but now, to get out she needs to use the gate? Remind me why she needs the Helskor if she can walk in and out by the gate? Anywayyy…
Bo is in our world again! In her black dress… *autoslap* And she thanks Dyson for keeping the gate. She reminds him his pledge of fealty to the Queen and she’s glad he meant it.

“Well, maybe I will let you keep the door of Lauren and I when we’ll move to my castle.” (what do you mean that’s not what she said? Look I can read body language, this is exactly what she said u_u xD)

Anyway, Bo takes Dyson’s hand and runs to Kenzi and Lauren waiting for her.
(sorry not sorry xD.. karma -1)

Speaking of Lauren…
She and Kenzi are still hiding behing the couch, an axe impaled on a pillow. (How???)
But Lauren is brave, she’s going in! And Kenzi asks her to not die! Team Human rocks! (I just hope it’s not some foreshadowing… dramaaa)

And now.. now.. Now we see Doctor Lauren Lewis screaming and running, grabbing the board and throwing it into the fireplace. This is so unreal! xD

The Kenzi effect for sure!
Speaking of Kenzi, she put the board on fire, yeah baby! That was hot! That was Team Human ! And we liked it! Well, I did!


Hi five later, “where is Bo, Lauren?” Dun dun dun… someone’s coming.. Bo?

That’s not Bo. It’s Stacey and she wants a soul… Any volunteers?

(no, not you Katniss…)

So Stacey explains that the shifter, aka Dyson, tried to sell Vex as someone Bo cares about.. She’s not stupid. Plus, she had the chance to read his texts…

Apparently, Dyson details Bo’s love of the uppity doctor Lauren… Dun dun dun (Can we talk about the fact that Stacey put her hand over her chest when she says that? hint hint..?)

Kenzi is disturbed by the fact that Dyson texts about Lauren.. So are we! (Texting abt Lauren to who?? Tamsin?? Trick?? Evony?? Daddy Darko?? Bruce??)


And Lauren seems disturbed as well by this information.
But Stacey doesn’t have time for this, well, she can make this fast or slow… What is she talking about already? Ah yeah.. a soul…

Lauren steps forward! Lauren is brave! “If anybody is going (in), it’s me.”

Lauren doesn’t want Kenzi to go, she’s been through a lot. It’s enough. (I love Team Human)
But hey! It’s Kenzi! She doesn’t go without a fight! And she still has her lady balls, she’s not afraid to going back ! (well, Kenz.. please, don’t xD)

Stacey’s getting bored by the all “I’ll go, no I’ll go!” And cut the shit, saying that Lauren is right and Bo and Freyja made a deal. Kenzi is off limits for Valhalla for now.
Plus, Stacey says it’s better. Lauren has beautiful hairporn.. And as you know.. Valkyries LOVE hair…bonus for blonde hair.. What?

No, it’s better because of Lauren’s place in Bo’s heart!! Damn it!
She doesn’t want Dyson, no. He’s not special to Bo.

Kenzi is special but.. off limits. And there’s Lauren…
Lauren holds a PARTICULARLY SPECIAL place in Bo’s heart. Not a particularly. Not a special. But a PARTICULARLY SPECIAL place !

(sorry…I’m getting emo… focus u_u focus...)

Stacey shows the FTL necklace and Lauren is surprised! Dafuq, it’s Bo’s! “It’s a gift!” Kenzi goes all BFF with Lauren and step forward, “give it back biatch!”


But.. well.. Stacey uses black eyes sleep on Kenzi! xD
“NAP TIME.”  (Again! Nap here, nap there……….It’s a sign!)

And here.. the best scene for me.. xD “or whatevs’, good luck Lo” and pouf.. Kenzi’s down lol Epic style. Reminds me her “head rush, head ruuush” in season 2.. Anyway..

Lauren is on her own.. Use brain Lo, use brain!
“You can’t have my soul, I’m not dead!!!” Lauren is relieved.. well, just for few seconds..Because Stacey ALWAYS finishes her job……

Stacey grabs Lauren by her hairporn… Sacrilege! Crime!

But Tamsin is in da place! “Let her go, and get in line!! I’m still waiting to have my time with her, it’s been 84 years!” (what do you mean she didn’t say that? Of course she did. I can read body language, I told you…)

While Tamsin and Stacey argue.. Lauren is getting a bit excited.. And so does Kenzi… “A valkyrie on valkyrie” It’s gonna be dirtyyyyy !
Well, not really. Tamsin wins by saying to Stacey that her roots are showing… “you know the rules…THE HAIR IS OFF LIMITS!!!!!” And she leaves.. letting go of the necklace at the same time..


Kenzi and Lauren realise that the fae are just crazy as fuck… Normal.
And Lauren takes back the necklace… hastily... as if it was something very important and special.. more than usual, you know..

Everything ends well! It’s time to have a real dinner! Actually it reminds me some painting.. you know the one about the last dinner of the Christ, something like this…
Anyway.. it’s a family dinner… And it’s the first time they’re all together like this. And it feels good.

The only thing that bugs me is the fact that the camera angle from above reminds me some external observer.. like Daddy Darko.. But it’s maybe nothing!

Tamsin and Dyson talks, she’s not jaleaous of Stacey so.. let’s be just friends, ok? Deal!
Trick says that even after two thousand years and ten thousand books… wait, what??? I don’t know about you but… two thousand years.. I mean, c’mon!! And he’s got only one child?? and one wife?? I give up… I call bullshit about the fae…

So he tells Bo he knows nothing about the afterlife (well yeah! hello!! Die already! and you will know >_< sorry u_______u) So he asks her how it is… And Bo just says “it’s … personal.” Best answer ever!

And it is. It’s very personal for Bo.. Not only because she banged her stepmother, no… But for everything about her mother’s story… etc… It was very emotional for Bo.
Lauren talks about wines.. the one time she was in keg’s room… to make some crazy bof bof hop hop hop science? u__û right

Anyway, Lauren uses “escape” and go get wine! xD Stat. But Kenzi spotted her, and so does Bo. “I’ll help!”

Everyone understands, Kenzi first, with a warm smile.. Tamsin is amused and Dyson.. well.. He’s not really happy.. Let it go buddy… Let it go..

Even Kenzi saw this.. She looks at him and she just wants to slap him in the beard and tells him to move on, find a Stacey and have lil’ winged wolf or bearded valkyrie and to be happy! Damn it !

And here comes the married couple in love scene.. I mean Bo and Lauren… same same… Sushi anyone? Whatevs.
“You had ghost sex?!! I can’t believe it! I had stepmom sex ! We are so meant to be together babe! Our sex life is sooo weird and epic.”
Yeah, well, the ghost had some patented Bo moves.. “It kissed my neck, for the love of science!”

But let’s talk seriously now. wait.. WHAT?? WHAT ARE YOU DOING??? YOU’RE TALKING??? Sorry…
So, Bo asks about Kenzi… Is she alright..? Lauren tells her she’s good. Her vitals are good.. But no, Bo talks about the all Valhalla trip..the almost wedding.. It’s a lot…

Bo can feel there’s something heavy over her heart.. about Kenzi… It’s a lot to bear..

Lauren convinces Bo to talk to Kenzi about that..

Bo feels something and it’s not Lauren’s hand on her thigh…“Are you sure you burnt the ghost? How can you burn something that doesn’t have a corporal form?”
Lauren doesn’t understand.. Bo’s right! Where’s your brain Hotpants?! “It’s following you!”

From nowhere, a japanese dead not really dead lady in Bo’s kimono attacks Lauren and tries to bite her neck! (Not the neck!! it’s her weak spot, you bitch!!)

But where’s Bo? Save your wife already!!!

*pum* Kenzi shot it. Sarah Connor style!

“How’d you know it wasn’t over?” Bo and Lauren are still stunned by Kenzi’s reactivity.

And in a fierce, strong, mature and blasé voice Kenzi says “*look at Lauren* That’s the thing with the Fae…. *look at Bo* It’s never over.
This little line is strong and important.

I just have to say.. YEAH TEAM HUMAN… but seriously, I really like seeing Kenzi watching Lauren’s back, and vice versa. There’s a bound that wasn’t there before between these two.
And I think it’s very important.

Back to the Crackshack, Bo has planned to spend the day with Kenzi, watching her fav movies etc… But Kenzi can’t.

Something is gone in her heart. Her innocence. Kenzi explains to Bo that she needs to go away, she needs space, she needs time to think about herself.

She lost the love of her life, she died and woke up in her grave… It’s a lot and she’s just human, right? But it’s ok.

For the first time ever it’s ok for Kenzi. It’s ok to be human.
They hug. Bo is heartbroken. She just finds again her sister and she already leaves…
This is goodbye. The one they didn’t have the proper time to have.
Bo tries to keep the tears in, but she has hard time for that. Kenzi leaves her.

The door closes between Bo and Kenzi. (remember the doors thing? yeah… there will be doors all along the way guys… mark my words)

Some time later, Bo changed, she’s wearing Lauren’s clothes (what? I swear it’s Lauren’s u__u), it’s light color, it’s different… It’s casual, normal.
She’s wearing the necklace, and walks into the light.. She leaves the darkness to enter the light..

(I just LOVE this gif from starbuck125)

And she starts to take off the wooden planks that block light to get in.
She lets the light in…

But here comes the candle… She put it on the window and light it up… At the same moment, in an elevator (Daddy Darko’s thing) a woman (human or not.. but i think not) who was talking to the phone holds now the same candle..

Her smile goes psycho style…and the light goes off… no more light… and everyone in the elevator start to scream… Dun dun dun.

Thx Stepmom’!
Bo I’m doing the opposite of what my father wants me to do Dennis.

Thanks for reading or just watching the pics lol
Now it’s coffee time…

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Unaligned Unicorns Uncover Lost Girl's Universe: A collaborative blog about the Canadian television series, Lost Girl.

4 thoughts on “Lost Girl 5.02 – Like Hell, Part 2: Special Guest Recap by TeamCoffeeCaptain

  1. I wanted to come back to the necklace and Lauren.

    Remember that in 5×01, when Bo was sent in Tartarus By Freyja, Bo’s necklace stayed behind and didn’t pass the portal.

    We have all asked ourselves “why?”
    Lot of theories have been said and I think we are on the good road..

    Episode 5×02 gave me something more about the meaning of this necklace.

    Remember what Stacey said to Lauren and Kenzi?

    “This is better anyway.”
    Stacey said this after telling no to Kenzi.
    This is better that is Lauren’s soul.
    Not Dyson, not Kenzi but Lauren.
    Even if Freyja wouldn’t have made a deal with Bo for Kenzi, Stacey would have chose Lauren at the end.
    Because this is better.

    She shows the necklace and says “you hold a PARTICULARLY SPECIAL place ine Bo’s heart.”
    This line is heavy. She could have say “special place” but no, she makes it clear that Lauren’s place is VERY important in Bo’s heart.
    And the fact she shows the necklace as a proof of this, means something.

    Now, remember, the necklace couldn’t pass the portal and go in Tartarus with Bo. It stayed behind.
    We know it’s related to Lauren. It’s related to Bo and Lauren. It’s related to something powerful between them. Could I say love?
    But the 5×02 made me understand….

    Bo’s father abhors light. Of any kind I think. But this is my own spec.
    But he abhors light, right?
    And I think this is why the necklace stayed behind. It’s a symbol of light, sort of. It’s made of light, of love.
    “For giving me the freedom to love, and I do”.
    Let’s not forget this. This is a gift of love. This is more.
    This is a necklace. A “dark” and negative symbol for Lauren that she MANAGED to turn into something “light” and positive.

    And this is something about Lauren. This ability to turn negative into positive. I said it once, I say it again.

    Because Lauren represents the light in Bo’s heart.
    Because Lauren is the light that keep the dark at bay for Bo.
    Because Lauren is her constant.
    Because Lauren loves her since the first moment they met. (Ok i needed to say it u_u my doccubus heart)
    I mean when Bo was in the maze and was losing blood and getting weaker… It’s Lauren’s voice that triggered her to kick Puca because she used Lauren’s voice to tell “I never loved you Bo”. So, Lauren helped Bo to get out of the maze…
    Like the red string of fate.. no wait.. the Ariane’s string? (wikipedia is your friend…)

    Ok, so in english it’s Ariadne. (some info : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ariadne)
    Andactually there’s some interesting things about this legend/greek mythology.

    It’s late and my brain is sleepy, no more coffee in my veins.. well anyway!

    My point is….
    Lauren is apparently associated with the LIGHT element.
    with all the things said above and let’s not forget the poster where she has an illuminated hand from the inside.

    there’s something here.

    The necklace is special.
    Lauren is special.
    The relationship between Bo and Lauren is special.

    I can feel it in my cup of coffee, there’s something here. something strong, maybe old, and very powerful.

    1. BY this was so funny and clever. Thanks! great gifs and you covered everything so well. My fav. gif is the “Let it Gooooooo” cracked me up. Plus, the idea of Lauren with a handprint now, wow..kind of blew me away. That would make sense if Bo’s Dad did have something to do with that whole creepy ghost scene.

      1. Thx Keets 😉 Glad you enjoyed it ^^ it was made for.
        I think I will use “Let it Gooooooo” more few times again… in my next reviews.
        About Lauren’s handprint.. Well the fact she put her hand over her heart intrigued me for sure.
        Is it Daddy Darko related? Perhaps… If he has something to do with the all “spiritual sexy nap”…
        Perhaps it’s Bo related.
        The scene was played in a parallel way. The spirit’s moves were the same than Bo’s… Even if it wasn’t Bo herself.
        Could it be that there’s some invisible thread/bound between Bo and Lauren and that Lauren can feel Bo?
        Does she can feel what Bo feels ? and that’s why she put her hand over her chest?

        Another thing… It seems that Daddy Darko has some “touch effect” on Bo. He ‘marked’ her.
        It’s something important and it seems it has some influence on Bo.
        Now, we also have Lauren. And Lauren has a “touch effect” on Bo as well.
        When she reminds Bo the first time they touched, to bring her back from the darkness that overwhelmed her. Etc..
        And she influence Bo in this way too.

        Mahlers5th wrote “[…] especially the one person whose influence with Bo may exceed his own – Lauren. Long game.”
        And I think it will come into play soon.
        Lauren is the opposite force/ power of Bo’s dad.
        He’s a powerful fae and a god for the fae.
        She’s just human and a slave for the fae.

        How amazing this could be and how frustrating it should be for him to know that a human has an equal power over her home-made daughter.

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