Lost Girl 5.02 – Like Hell, Part 2 – Sally and sneech

Hi folks – we might alter the format of our posts somewhat for Season 5 and post our thoughts as we get them completed, instead of in one big post. As well, some of us might take a week off from time to time. Hopefully this makes for more content spaced out over the week and shorter posts that are easier and faster to read.


Well, I don’t know about you, but I am enjoying the Hel (tee hee) out of Season 5 of Lost Girl so far. I liked episode 5.01 and I LOVED episode 5.02. This season Bo is back to being the Bo I fell in love with – brave, funny, telling truth to power, and never giving up.

Bo’s trip to the underworld was a journey that she needed to take to face her fears and clear away any remaining cobwebs from her time on the Death Train and subsequent rocky, amnesia-ridden return to the real world.

Did anyone notice the bouquet of flowers on the ground next to the fountain? It was sunflowers and white roses. What does that mean? Well, Pinterest tells me that’s a semi-common wedding bouquet, and that sunflowers mean longevity and loyalty, while white roses mean purity of love and new beginnings. As well, in Victorian times suitors would send a bouquet of white roses to signify the beginning of a courtship.

So I took that to mean that Bo’s father (big reveal! It’s Hades! (Is it really? Is Pyrippus another name for Hades, or was this another misdirect? Time will tell. Or will it?)) really does intend to marry her. And just to reinforce that point, Bo sleeps with her stepmother, who happens to be Persephone. I had to laugh when that happened – for all the being-creeped-out by implications of incest from Season 4, having Bo and her stepmother sleep together felt to me like a humorous tweak of our fan noses.

Humorous tweak
Humorous tweak

Speaking of Persephone – I love Greek mythology, and the legend of Persephone was one of my favorites. Imagine being doomed to inhabit a place forever (and to marry a creepy dude) simply for eating pomegranate seeds. The caution in many tales of Faerie, Greek mythology included, is that you should never eat or drink when you’re in another realm, because then you’ll be bound to the place. As I’m more familiar with Greek mythology than Norse mythology, I feel a little more on familiar ground now – though I love how Lost Girl is making a melange of all these different mythical traditions.


Sprinkled throughout the melange is pure, original Lost Girl. When Bo and Persephone were speaking, I appreciated and enjoyed the contrast in their speech patterns. Persephone’s speech was flowery her voice was lilting and breathy, while Bo pulls no punches and speaks in plain, earthy English. Bo was the counterpoint to Persephone in her dress (black vs. white), tone (realistic tone vs. flowery speech) and especially in the content of what she says.

A great example – when Persephone says:

“He’s King of the Underworld. Fae who is perceived as a god.”

Our beautiful, humorous, down-to-earth Bo replies:

“He is an asshole. Perceived by me as an asshole.”

That might be one of my favorite lines from the entire series (so far!).

If you know me at all, you know that I LOVE a pun. The groanier, the better. So when Persephone-as-bluebird changed into her human form – wearing a diaphanous white dress – and Bo said “Nice shift,” I thought I had died and gone to Valhalla.

To wind up Bo’s trip through the underworld, we see some sequences of her wandering alone in the dark talking to herself. She was ostensibly talking to her father, but also confronting her fears and dealing with her baggage – working through some stuff. Demons she’s been battling not just for the past four seasons, but for her entire life.

I found the metaphor very powerful for how most of us deal with the things in our lives that trouble us. We wander alone, lost in the dark, afraid and confused, but we keep going and eventually come to some conclusion or resolution. Even if we don’t solve the thing, if we’re lucky, we can outlast it and endure. Some stories use the metaphor of a forest for this type of journey, and you’ll also see caves and mazes, but I thought the simplicity of the darkness illustrated the point beautifully. At the end of her journey, Bo decides that she’s not going to confront her father unless she has the support of her friends – showing that she learned some lessons from last season about trying to go it alone.

I really loved this
I really loved this

Aside from Bo’s underworld field trip, I also liked the side plots with Dyson, Tamsin and Stacey, and Lauren and Kenzi fighting the ghost. Lost Girl has always mixed verbal humor well with drama and suspense and it’s one of the things about the show I always appreciate. It was a counterpoint to the darker moments of Bo’s journey.

I can’t wrap this up without mentioning Kenzi’s goodbye to Bo, though. Now, I’m a fairly sentimental person, but I don’t cry at every sad moment in a TV show. Holy crap, though, I got teary the first time I watched their long goodbye, AND THE SECOND TIME TOO. Dammit.

Questions! I have questions.

First, who has Dyson been texting about how much Bo loves Lauren? Any guesses?

Second, do you think Bo and Lauren are currently officially together? I do.

Third, probably what everyone else is wondering too. Who was the blond woman in the elevator talking on the cell phone that turned into the candle that Bo lit? Was she a sleeper agent that was activated by the candle, unaware that she was Fae until the Artemis candle was lit? A booby trap (my favorite kind of trap) that Hades set in case Persephone ever escaped his clutches? Something else?

sbsneech twitter avatarsbsneech

“Hello, Bo friends, I need to feast on one of your souls. Any volunteers?”

Lauren and Kenzi

Could we ever doubt for a solitary moment that Lauren and Kenzi would give their lives to save Bo? Even after 5 seasons I’m still touched by their courage despite their vulnerability. Loyalty. Friendship. Love. It’s the mere mortals that teach the Fae just how valuable these are.

I’m finally getting the sense of family this season. Last season we constantly heard references to family and I never quite got that from the characters. All the bickering and jockeying for Bo’s attention was exhausting, but this episode showed they all had genuine affection for each other. They all worked together in one form or another to protect each other and hold down the fort till Bo was able to return topside.

I giggled at the nod to the fandom’s obsession with Lauren’s hair porn. Stacey should have gotten her ass kicked just for the sheer fact she had the nerve to pull the hair. You could literally hear everyone screaming “Oh HELL no.”



The LONG DRAWN OUT reveal of the identity of Bo’s father is starting to bug me. Hades as Bo’s father felt anti-climactic. Like it was another ruse to get Bo to open another gateway between the Underworld and the physical plane. Meh. But hey, I could be wrong.

An abandoned Tartarus isn’t what I expected. In mythology it’s an underworld of torment and suffering. Maybe I was expecting fire, brimstone and some moaning and groaning but Persephone as a tour guide in a deserted realm threw me.  She describes a lively Tartarus back in the day of Bo’s birth “There were guards then. A midwife. Lots of people but they fled when Hades began to lose his power.”

Wait what? Lost his power? How’d that happen? Of course Bo doesn’t ask and that little tidbit is left dangling. Is Bo’s escape from Tartarus connected to his loss of power?

I found the drawing made by Aife while she was in captivity incredibly interesting and revealing.


Aife Drawing

It clearly depicts Aife and Bo’s father. His clothes are black just as we’ve seen him in all of the flashbacks of Bo’s Dawning. Situated in front of a dark wall and entryway, rays of light or in this case darkness seem to shine in on them. Their hands are black from trying to hold the darkness at bay.

She’s drawn herself attached to Bo’s father. Their hair is interconnected. Aife feels a connection to him, which seems reasonable, she did have a child with him. Was she suffering from Stockholm syndrome? It’s a form of subconscious emotional bonding with an abuser as a survival strategy for victims of abuse and intimidation. He’s sitting passively as she’s leaning over him. Is she trying to protect him?

They both have colorful circles replacing their eyes, which represents shared insight. Knowledge about something they’re both unable to share. Why? They both are missing their mouths. They cannot speak or feel they can’t be heard. How interesting that she’d draw them both without the ability to communicate.

This doesn’t look like a drawing of a woman being held captive by The King of the Underworld. It looks like two people imprisoned, suffering the same fate equally.


The feeding scene between Bo and Persephone was so intimate I literally felt uncomfortable. Bo what are you doing? What the hell with all the slow kissing and caressing? Surely that little gash on your leg is all healed by now.

“One is always starving in Tarturus. The key is to know what and what not to eat.”

Is that a hint that maybe sex with her supposed stepmom wasn’t a good idea?

Two last things:

Does Bo get to take off the Hel Shoes?

Did anybody tell Bo that Stacey’s trying to kill Lauren and take her to Valhalla? Kind of a BIG important piece of information she’d wanna know.

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11 thoughts on “Lost Girl 5.02 – Like Hell, Part 2 – Sally and sneech

  1. Two opinions.
    The first had me wanting for more with each sentence.
    The second had me thinking ‘what am I reading?’ Did she see the same drawing and hear the same dialog that followed?
    Let’s for one second entertain the idea that the smaller figure is Bo’s father. Positioned way lower than Aife, which in and of itself brings his status down several notches. They both have blue eyes — the eyes of succubi when feeding. We know that Aife is a succubus. Now we’re supposed to interpret that Bo’s father is an incubus? And they are feeding from the light. And Aife is showing the way towards the light. (Hello Poltergeist! “Cross over, children. All are welcome. All welcome. Go into the light…there is peace and serenity in the light.”)
    So who wore the Koushang that protected him from Aife while she was in captivity?
    This cheesy little show sure makes us burn brain cells, doesn’t it?

    1. I’m with Sneech on the drawing. To me the drawing looks like two adults: One sitting down on the chair like Bo’s dad was sitting in that chair in the nursery. It certainly isn’t an adult and a baby. A newborn doesn’t have a full head of hair like that. Bo was a newborn when she was stolen. In the ep. with the Willow of the wisps we saw the nurse running through the woods with a newborn.

      As for her father? IDK, We have no idea what he is yet. He could be a Succubus too..or a Fae with multiple powers. Bo has multiple powers.

      1. I had just assumed that the drawing was Aife and Bo, maybe her vision of Bo after she had grown up a bit and they were still in captivity. But sneech, your spec is very compelling.

        As for Bo’s father and what kind of Fae he is or what powers he has, I recall Trick telling Bo in an earlier season that Bo had hybrid blood. She has succubus powers from Aife, which include the ability to thrall people. But the multiple chi-suck stuff seems to come from her father, because everyone who learned about it was very interested when Bo did that. And Bo and Aife have said her father has power over life and death, so the ability to kill and resurrect people.

        The drawing, though, it clearly looked to me like Aife was the dominant figure in the drawing, showing the other person something about the light, or the view outside, or whatever, the other other, smaller person was learning from her or observing something that they were being shown. That doesn’t disqualify it from being Aife and Bo’s father, but that’s another reason I interpreted it as Aife and Bo.

        I love how it’s open to interpretation and I look forward to finding out more TONIGHT!

  2. well, I’m not sure about this either.
    I see that like Aife and Bo. Aife showing her daughter the light, the way out, freedom.
    Blue eyes succubus and all.
    And for the bonus.. If it was really Bo’s father, then why Aife hide it behind paperwalls ?
    Why did she hide the drawing if it was him and her?

    I think it’s Bo and she wanted her daighter to be out of this Hel, prison…
    It was her plan all along. To escape. But just one could make it. And she chose her daughter to get out of here.

    To be free from this realm.

    1. Also interesting is: if Aife went to great lengths to free her daughter from the realm and the clutches of her father, why was she so antagonistic toward Bo when they first met in Season 1? Was it just the lingering effects of the trauma? These past depictions of Aife’s captivity and her actions paint her as a very tragic and noble figure.

  3. Thank you for your thoughts ladies, quite interesting!

    Sally your explanation for the underworld trip as a metaphor is elegant but the whole thing felt so confused to me and still does….

    Sneech I’m glad you pointed to the drawing, the male figure had escaped me. Do you think it could be someone other than Bo’s father? We can think of a son (yes I know wth!!!), but more seriously why not a lover? We learned there were other people at the time of Bo’s birth and I could imagine Aife connecting with one of them. But on the other hand, how much can we trust anything Persephone said?

    Yes snnech good question, what happened to the Hel shoes? Maybe it won’t be the only trip of Bo to the underworld…

    On the other hand, I notice that neither of you talked about the ghost, Lauren and consent issue….What are your thoughts about it?

    1. I think the trip to the underworld actually happened in the story, to be clear – I just think that Bo’s wandering around in the dark was a metaphor for confronting her fears.

      I recall reading in Michael Grassi’s interview with Emily Gagne on Cinefilles that the Helskor were absorbed into Bo’s body – so presumably she can go to Valhalla whenever she wants to, now, maybe? I don’t know about Tartarus, though. http://www.cinefilles.ca/2014/12/07/lost-girl-talk-like-hell-part-1/

      As for the ghost, Lauren and consent issue, it didn’t cross my mind upon first watching. I’ve seen a little of the discussion online about it and I have a couple of thoughts. The first one was that Lauren herself didn’t seem bothered by it when she realized that it wasn’t Bo. Should that matter? It matters to me. If she had seemed traumatized or even irritated about it, I would probably feel differently.

      Second, I think the fact that it was a ghost – noncorporeal though able to apparently manipulate Lauren’s robe and presumably her body to some extent – makes the discussion inherently different because it’s in the realm of fantasy. I interpreted her hand motions during the scene as very masturbatory – as if the ghost were arousing her with sensations or thoughts, but that she was actually then touching herself.

      When Lauren said to Kenzi “It KISSED MY NECK” then I also wondered if that was the extent of what the ghost did to her, and she brought it on home herself, if you know what I mean.

      Anyway, that’s what I thought about the scene. What did you think?

  4. You’re right Sally the drawing is open to interpretation and I was well aware when I wrote it that some would disagree.

    Why would Aife draw Bo as an adolescent imprisoned with her? Didn’t Bo escape as an infant? We saw that in a couple of flashbacks and I think Bo would remember if she was in Tartarus as a small child. The smaller person doesn’t look like a young girl. The hair combed over the forehead is the first thing that IMO gave it away that it wasn’t Bo.

    I get why the blue circles would make you automatically assume it was Bo and Aife and it could very well mean it symbolized them both being succubi. It didn’t see it that way. Coupled with the dark hands and missing mouths it takes on a whole different meaning.

    Maybe I wasn’t clear about the dark hands. They symbolize their attempt to hold back a dark light or force coming in through the entryway.

    Truth is I showed the drawing to a friend that’s a child psychologist who specializes in interpreting drawings made by victims of rape and abuse. I explained it was from a sci-fi show I spend way too much time thinking about 🙂 “Wow Gina. There’s a lot of dark shit going on in this drawing and I could write 2-3 pages of my interpretation.” I was too embarrassed to ask her for more than 10 minutes of her time. Dealing with traumatized children trumps a silly phone call about a tv show 🙂

    So I didn’t just pull all of this out of the clear blue sky. I saw the hands and the missing mouths and I immediately saw the drawing in a different light. My friend was kind enough to tell me if I was wrong or not in my assessment. I was intrigued and having fun sharing a drawing about a show I’m passionate about.

    Oh and…Bo’s father’s fae powers haven’t been revealed yet. We have conflicting pieces of information. He’s the Wanderer and memory is his power. Trick says he has the power to transfer a life force to others. He’s the Pyripus and can suck chi from multiple victims. No wait he’s Hades. What kind of powers does he have? Persephone said he lost his power. If that’s the case, how the hell has he orchestrated her abduction last season or make cards fall from the sky?

    I’m hoping the grand reveal is all it’s been primed to be. 14 hours is all we have left. I’m going to focus on enjoying them.

    1. I’m still over analyzing this drawing and am seeing it more as an attack on the figure in the chair, keeping him out of the nursery, and holding him enthralled in that chair.

      What you point out, Sally, about Bo getting her ability to suck chi from multiple people from her father, makes me believe even more that the figure in the chair is Bo’s father. He must have some Incubus type powers as well as powers over resurrection. That’s how Bo does it. She sucks the chi out of multiple people and then puts that chi in the dead person. That’s how she revived Dyson. Her eyes turn blue when she sucks the chi, even when resurrecting someone. To me, because both figures hands are depicted as Black, and filled in vigorously, this is a depiction of Aife subduing the figure (total speculation of course).

      Persephone said Bo’s Dad lost his power, “before there were nursemaids and servants, until he lost his power” or some such. LuAnne was one of the nursemaids, or the midwife. Perhaps Bo’s Dad lost his power from what Aife did to him, and also sent that power off with Bo in LuAnne’s care.

      I don’t know why the drawing is hidden. Perhaps Aife hid it knowing someday Bo would find her way back there and see it. Bo was born in Hell after all.

      The whole Aife piece of the puzzle is still a big mystery that I hope they resolve, but I definitely don’t see that drawing as a loving mother showing her daughter the tricks of the trade. Especially since Fae powers don’t emerge until puberty. There is no way that Bo, as a newborn, would have blue eyes like that. The image looks like an attack to me, or some type of subduing trance.

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