All Good Things…

…must come to an end.

Anna Silk announced in a YouTube message to fans today that Season 5 of Lost Girl will be the last.

Here’s an article in EW where Anna gives more details about Season 5 and what’s in store for Bo and the gang.

At UNALIGNED, we are so sad (OMG SO SAD), but also so grateful and happy that this show existed and that we found it – and by extension, each other. We absolutely love being part of this fan community. And I know that we join a lot of you in being able to say that Lost Girl changed our lives.


Anyway, it ain’t over yet – and for Season 5, we’ll continue to write episode reviews and hopefully some other fun stuff, as well as silly and/or salacious jokes and puns. And Sally will be at DragonCon 2014 in just three days and will try to regularly post some blog posts and tweets to keep you informed about everything – including the three Lost Girl cast panels that are scheduled! So stay tuned.

USA hearts Canada
We love you, Lost Girl. Thanks for everything.

4 thoughts on “All Good Things…

  1. I’m still processing the announcement, I think it will take me while, but I wanted to thank you Sally because you pretty much summed it up for many of us…

    Many TV shows give their fans the opportunity to debate arc stories, plots, character’s developments, feminist issues, LGTB representation, ethics, hairporn, etc…

    But this fandom has been much, much more… Many lives have been greatly enriched because of the people met through Lost Girl.

    Thank you Lost Girl.

    1. I had never heard the term “hairporn” until I started watching Lost Girl. So also, thanks (?) for that, fans. 😉

      nic, I’m grateful to have met you because of Lost Girl!

  2. Thank you Sally for this thoughtful post. Just want to chime in and agree…i am so grateful for meeting you Unicorns: Sally, Sneech, Cleo (A Long Vacation), you too Nic , all the doccupeeps and Lost Girl fans around the world. Faemily is really a thing. It’s totally a “thing.” and something I will always cherish.

    Me neither, by the way. I had never heard of “hair porn” nor “arm porn”…and those are things too.. LOL.

    Thank you Lost Girl and all of Lost Girl Faedom, Faemily, fandom.

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