Petition to SyFy asking them to be considerate in editing

As we all know, the Lost Girl episodes that air on SyFy in the USA are edited for length. For each episode, about 90 seconds are removed from the full-length Showcase original versions that air in Canada. This is strictly about the size of the time slot on American TV; nothing sinister is going on.

Earlier this week, we posted a clip  of the full length Showcase version of a long scene between Bo and Lauren in Lost Girl‘s season finale, “Dark Horse.” On SyFy, this scene was edited to an extreme degree, we thought, with critical lines that bespoke of the deep bond between Bo and Lauren removed.  As a result the scene felt disjointed, the characters’ emotions and motivations unclear, and the story extremely opaque. The viewer  was left confused, at best,  and at worst misled.

Tumblr user skyfyreit compared the SyFy broadcasts to the Showcase originals through   season 4 in particular, and noticed a disconcerting trend: by far most of the edits were from scenes involving Lauren Lewis, including several crucial lines that make clear her motivations and the nature of her love for Bo. Check out skyfyreit’s post for the details.

Our intent is not to point fingers or assign responsibility;  we don’t know what goes on behind the scenes or in TV network corporate meetings. We have seen the data and looked at facts.

And given what many have identified as a consistent pattern of erasure in SyFy’s edits, we want to express our concern and dismay that :

  • the integrity of the original story has been affected, and in our opinion, compromised
  • while Bo’s relationship with her male love interest, Dyson, receives full treatment with almost no editing of important dialogue, there is, on the other hand, a clear pattern of erasure of the same-sex relationship in the show, specifically the one between Bo and Lauren. The contrast is blatant.

There is a petition on to ask SyFy to be more considerate when editing these episodes. We’ve signed it and we hope you do, too. As well, you can write your own letter to SyFy and Prodigy Pictures.


We think this issue is important and we thank you for your support.

These are some of the people at Prodigy Pictures and SyFy who you can contact to express your concerns. We urge you to be respectful, factual, and concise in your letters.

Jay Firestone
Prodigy Pictures
373 Front E.
Toronto, ON
M5A 1G4

Gary Morgenstein
Director (Lost Girl Content)
SyFy Communications
30 Rockefeller Plaza
New York, NY 10112

Stephen Cox
Manager (Lost Girl Content)
SyFy Communications
30 Rockefeller Plaza
New York, NY 10112

Sallie Schoneboom
Senior Vice President
SyFy Communications
30 Rockefeller Plaza
New York, NY 10112

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3 thoughts on “Petition to SyFy asking them to be considerate in editing

  1. We’ve known for a long time that 90 seconds are cut from the original episodes to make more room for the bombardment of commercials on Syfy. The issue about the cuts to Syfy (USA) episodes is not that they are made. The issue is the pattern of what dialogue and scenes are cut. Time and again scenes involving Lauren take the hardest hit, whether they are her own or with Bo. It’s not the hetero male lover that is constantly subjected to the deepest dissections — it is the lesbian lover that is always treated with various uses of the scalpel. Season Four, however, was the final straw that broke the camel’s back. From the reduction of the few seconds Lauren was allotted just before the end of the season premiere episode, to the excision of dialogue between her and Bo in the season finale episode, the message conveyed was loud and clear: what the lesbian character in the series has to say does not need to be heard.

    The season finale, Dark Horse, stands out because it contained dialogue between Bo and Lauren which confirmed that not only their “break up” (from Season Three) was over, but their relationship had shifted to a stronger, higher level. Cutting that scene was not only heavy-handed, it was also a disservice to its U.S. audience.

    1. In total agreement with you chick666. I also believe they have done the US audience a huge disservice. The cuts are, and have been, blatant from the beginning, but have gotten more egregious as the series had continued. Four Seasons of a Lesbian character and still, they aren’t confident in the intelligence of their audience to make their own decisions? Why bother with the Show at all (SyFy) if they have to hack away at a single character to make the essence acceptable to an audience that wouldn’t notice anyway. They assume they know their audience but they do not. That is the sad part for me. Thanks for commenting.

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