No, Bo. I’m yours.

Here’s some information that you may already be aware of: the time slot for Lost Girl on Syfy in the USA is a bit shorter than the timeslot on Showcase in Canada. That means a small amount of each episode needs to be edited out for broadcast on Syfy.

Unfortunately, part of what was edited out from 4.13 “Dark Horse” was a piece of the conversation between Bo and Lauren toward the end. Specifically, when Lauren says to Bo “I’m yours.”

For our readers who watched Lost Girl last night on Syfy, our post about “Dark Horse” might not make sense if you didn’t see that part of the conversation, since we referenced it in our commentary.

So here is the scene in its entirety as it was broadcast on Showcase.

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4 thoughts on “No, Bo. I’m yours.

    1. Unless this episode was DVR’d by interested viewers in the United States and are still able to compare the Syfy version against the original Showcase scene, they cannot recognize what was cut. Therefore, this is what the U.S. audience heard and saw:

      You wore it. (the necklace gift Bo found in Lauren’s apartment)
      I love it.

      { eight lines of dialogue deleted }

      I’m going to stay. Evony’s stable and, you know, just Hippocratic Oath and all that.
      Shit, you’re serious.
      You saw her, all vulnerable and human, and you know, I kinda did this to her. So.
      Craziest thing of all? I actually get it.
      Get out of here, Succubus. Destiny’s calling.

      (Bo turns and walks away – then walks back to Lauren – kisses her – and walks away again as Lauren watches her leave)

      1. Thank you for commenting! And truly, the amount of dialogue that was edited out between Bo and Lauren in the season finale is outrageous. It completely takes away from that scene’s emotional impact. It rewrites the relationship between Bo and Lauren into something far less significant.

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