High Five! Lost Girl renewed for another season

Hopefully by now you’ve heard that Lost Girl has been renewed for a fifth season! (Though if you haven’t, we are pleased to be your source for all the two-day-old breaking news that’s fit to print.)


That’s right, Bo and company will be back in Fall 2014 on Showcase in Canada. Here’s a press release from Shaw Media, which is Showcase’s parent company. (No word yet on when episodes will air on Syfy in the USA, though we have high hopes they can be on the same or next night.)

source: fanpop.com

You’ll notice a few things in the press release.



Ksenia Solo is not listed among the returning cast. We hope this is just to throw us off the track! (The astute people at Drinks at the Dal noted in their post about Season 5 that Rachel Skarsten hadn’t been named in the press release announcing Season 4, since Tamsin’s fate had been up in the air (literally! (pun!)) at the end of Season 3.) The first episodes of Season 5 could indicate that the crew will be traveling to Hell/Hel in search of Kenzi, so fingers and toes crossed.

Also, Emily Andras tells us via twitter that she will continue to be involved in writing the show and informing the story arc, and that Michael Grassi will be assuming the role of showrunner for Season 5. We at UNALIGNED are big fans of Ms. Andras (new hashtag: #Fandras!), and we are also big fans of the episodes that Mr. Grassi wrote for Season 4. You can follow Señor Grassi on twitter at @thatthingofwhen

Big shoes to fill! These shoes, specifically:


The Shaw Media press release also announces that Vanessa Piazza is returning as an Executive Producer, which I think is a new role as well! Congratulations! And Jay Firestone, designer of Lauren’s necklace gift to Bo, will also remain as Executive Producer. Yay!

Okay, we hope that you’re as psyched as we are about SEASON 5!!!

source: fanpop.com
source: fanpop.com

3 thoughts on “High Five! Lost Girl renewed for another season

  1. You are in fact my “source” for old news as you call it. I’m super excited (for a long time I was really worried S5 wasn’t going to happen), there is so much more to this story that needs to be told. I definitely have higher expectations for this upcoming season than I did for S4 – the back half of S3 was so bad, pretty much anything that came after it would have seemed better. S4 was ok, but now they have the chance to make the story even better.

    My first wish for S5 is that they really focus on good storytelling and stop trying to make everyone (the audience) happy – just pick a story and stick with it! My second wish is that they keep the characters true to who those characters are and don’t try to change them to fit the story at hand. Those are pretty simple wishes…I think.

    Thanks to the Unaligned posse for entertaining us with your super-duper blog – I’m looking forward to reading more of it in S5 (and of course whatever is posted before then)!!!

  2. Hi geekn—-! Were we really the ones to let you know that LG was renewed?? That is so exciting (for us). Heh.

    I definitely agree that there is so much more to this story that needs to be told and am excited to find out where they take the story.

    When you say you thought they tried to make the audience happy, do you mean with fanservice and ships, or some other way?

  3. Yeah, fanservice and crackships were fun this season — TPTB let us know that they hear us and we matter — which is pretty awesome! Unfortunately, at times, it was too much. Ultimately, I just want a good story, whether ships are included or not….

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