Lost Girl 4.13 – Dark Horse

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Lost Girl 4.13 – Dark Horse

I went to bed last Sunday night satisfied with how the season ended; at least with the things that matter the most to me: character development and relationships (ok, yes, Doccubus). But I also felt ok about all the ends that were not tied together, thinking that there is still plenty to do in season 5.

With season 5 ahead of us now, who knows what will happen and how the almighty powers that be will rock the boat. But I will say this: “Dark Horse,” what a romantic Doccubus episode! For now at least. There was talk of destiny, and then the little music came on, and there was Bo kissing Lauren before the battle, and there was all that love, and my heart overflowing.

If the series were to end with this most recent season finale, I’d be ok. In a way, I would almost prefer it, because I know that, as it stands now, Bo and Lauren have gotten back together, on different terms and stronger than ever. I also know that Dyson is beginning to understand and accept the nature of his relationship to Bo. He and she are warriors, brothers in arms, partners on the battlefield, and forever loyal. Will they have sex again? Perhaps, or perhaps probably. And that would certainly not be the worse thing in the world, because they care about and trust each other, and sex is something that Bo needs a great deal of. Being a succubus and a warrior in whom the force is strong, mama needs her chi.

Oh, and btw, when was the last time anyone saw this kind of female hero on TV?

Screenshot 2014-02-20 16.45.05

All this brings me to say that fae sexual morality is not normative contemporary sexual morality, and that with their freewheeling attitude toward sex, the fae also have a non-issue view of sexual orientation. This is something that Lauren, the human, may have come to terms with through her emotional arc from season 1. Emotional monogamy, yes, Bo can give that to someone she loves. But Lauren and Bo both realize that physical monogamy is not possible. And indeed, one may ask, according to what law of the universe should it be some kind of requirement?  Especially for someone like Bo. I think it’s worth noting that sexual monogamy is not necessarily an “ideal” espoused by Lost Girl. So that when people get bogged down into whether Lauren cheated, and whether Bo knows that she slept with The Morrigan, or is angry about it, I think they are missing the point. Having sex with other people is not the problem. Being secretive about it is. Projecting one’s emotional insecurities on Bo having sex with Dyson in order to heal is a problem. Sex with Dyson is not.

Please, spare me the vitriol on this one. I already know how most of the Doccubus nation feels about it. I, personally, have arrived at a completely different place with regard to Dyson. And I think the show has made very clear, without being heavy-handed about it, that Bo and Dyson’s relationship has long gone beyond being lovers.

Bo and Dyson are not a couple. They are too much alike, they struggle over nearly impossible things to resolve. This has been very made clear. I will give props to the more savvy among us Doccubus fans who said that season 4 would inevitably revisit Dyson and Bo’s relationship in order to give it a proper, non-supernatural, ending. RIP.

But who is to be Dyson’s love, ultimately? We don’t know, but I would like to think that it will be someone who complements him, someone like Ciara, with whom sparks flew from the get go. Or maybe it will be Kenzi who brings out the very best in the Wolf Man.

And finally, another thing that makes me satisfied with the ending is that I know that Bo will go in search of Kenzi and bring her back from the underworld, or Valhalla, or wherever.

Things are good right now. Ok, so we still don’t know who has Kenzi, or who Bo’s father really is, or what else he has planned, and so on. But while Bo’s, Lauren’s and Dyson’s first arcs are closed – leaving room for new ones to begin – Kenzi’s remains. And I look forward to seeing how it plays out. Much also remains to be discovered, potentially, about Tamsin, Vex, Trick, and Evony. And of course, new characters may join the cast.

Faemily. Everybody needs a hug.


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With their last interaction – before Kenzi gives her life to save the world – it was clear that Lauren finally understood that she is Bo’s equal, despite her being human. And it was wonderful to see this, as it was exactly what Lauren needed and what she set off to achieve towards the end of season 3. As of last Sunday, Lauren is no longer the insecure human bossed around by the Light Fae, who is never sure if Bo loves her really. And conversely, I think that Bo now trusts Lauren, finally. She understands why Lauren chooses to stay behind and take care of the vulnerable and fragile little human that is now The Morrigan. As we have always known, Lauren draws a line between fae and humans. And Lauren’s behavior toward the newly transformed Evony is another victory for Team Human. Why? Because being human is special; it is sacred and precious. And why does Bo falter; why does she feel like crying after she kills Massimo? Maybe because killing a human being, no matter how depraved, is not something that should leave us indifferent. What does this say about Bo? And what does this say about the fae?

Of Love and Necklaces

When we first encounter that other infamous “triangle,” the one made up by Bo, Lauren, and a necklace, it’s the necklace of “bondage.” It represents Lauren’s servitude to the fae, her lack of agency. It comes into play in the “spybang” episode. The Ash’s necklace offers a symbolic structure to Bo and Lauren’s relationship. It figures very prominently  “Vexed”  as Lauren and Bo flirt during the medical exam; and, after they sleep together, when Bo throws it at Lauren, calling it her “dog collar.”

Then seasons 2 and 3 ensue. Doccubus rises and falls. Lauren and Bo cannot make it as a couple the way they are, given their challenges, and their expectations of one another. When Lauren leaves to join Taft’s enterprise, she frees herself and leaves the Ash’s necklace behind. Bo finds it.

So in season 4 Bo and Lauren must go their separate ways, and each must gain strength and wisdom in order to be their authentic selves, and maybe come back to the other. I would say it is an epic arc. It is a hero’s journey in relationship terms.

Then, in “Turn to Stone,” we are introduced to a new necklace. A necklace that recalls the Ash’s mark, but is obviously not that. It is the opposite of that. This is a necklace that stands as an offer, as a choice to love. In her note Lauren tells Bo that she has given her the freedom to love, and she does! Forever! Bo now has a necklace that asks her to make a choice, freely. Not because she is bound by destiny, nature, tradition; not because she’s angry, pouty, whiney, or rejected, but because she wants to. That is the freedom to love.

When in “Dark Horse” Bo wears Lauren’s necklace, we are given to understand that she has accepted Lauren’s offer and made her choice.  The I chose you and you broke my heart in “Origin” becomes I choose you now, regardless of context, situation, or constraint.” This didn’t need to be spoken. In fact, the scene, with its economy of words, is more powerful for it. Bo chooses Lauren willingly because that is the choice her heart makes. Sure, there is all the unspoken, fill in the blanks, pacing, stuff that frustrates the hell out some people. But I think it is quite clear both Bo and Lauren have finally shed the baggage that prevented them from being together: feeling insecure and feeling like there was no choice.

And yet. Doccubus is undeniable.



Dark as freedom. The new Human-Fae power couple?

You really are dark.
No, Bo. I am yours.

Ultimately this dialogue is about love, not “ownership” in any sort of crass or literal way. It is about freedom. Freedom to love, to give one’s love to someone else. The Ash could own Lauren outright, but he could never own her heart. Lauren tells Bo that yes, she can own her heart, because it is given.

In this way, Lauren’s arc was closed. She has found freedom and love, and she has also found power over her own “destiny.”

What began in “Vexed” ended in “Dark Horse.”

Whatever happens next season (and it better include lots of Doccubus goodies, or I shall pout), Lauren is a different person. Bo is a different person, and their relationship is on a whole other level.


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The Grammy Binks Rants.

I don’t have no coherent thoughts on this eppysode.   Well, ‘cept it seems pretty clear that my Lolo an’ Bo are understandin’ one another a lil’ better than they done b’fore.   Bo put on the “pretty”  necklace,  b’fore she run off ta rescue my Grandbaby.


The  “Dark Horse”  was a tale of Savin’ an’ Sacrifice.   Bo had ta rescue Lauren, but she also had ta let Lil’ Kenz go.   Bitter.  No sweet.  Not really, even though my Lolo got saved.  Even though her Bo seems strong, an’ sure, an’ also “hers” again.

There wern’t no way ’round this choice was there?  Had Bo stayed at the Portal preventin’ Lil’ Kenzi from jumpin’ in;  that Bat Winged Horse woulda come chargin’ through ta take full possession o’ her.   Bo: The Dark Queen,  would have enslaved the masses with her Daddy.  Lauren would be dead, with all o’ their friends enslaved or dead too.

I just gotta say this “Dark Horse” was heartwrenchin’ ta watch.

Mostly ‘cos  the images was so potent an’ beautiful too.  Not that I ain’t feelin’ Lil Kenz’s death.  I am.  It just don’t seem real.

When Mr. Hale died that was a “Full Stop.”  I’m not believin’  Lil Kenz is gone,  even though we saw her precious lil’ body lyin’ on the ground.   That  Levi creature foretold it to Bo:  “I’ll be seeing you again soon,  someone you love very much is going to die.”

So’s, my heart hurt watchin’ all o’ that powerful grief expressed, but I’m believin’ Bo’s got a a chance ta save her dear friend an’ heart.

We never did see the BatWinged horse?  Nor figure out what Mr. Rainer was really up to?   Well, I guess he was an okay fella bein’ used by Bo’s Daddy?   Same as Bo, in some odd way, with those matchin’ handprints.   But, I ain’t sure we is done with Mr Rainer, even though Bo seems ta think so.   That paintin’ Lauren lifted from the Dark Archives seems ta tell a story all by itself.   Looks like Bo’s been travelin’ ta other Times and Places we ain’t heard ’bout yet?


There is still confusion an’ worry over Bo, concernin’ this curse an’ possession she’s got goin’ on?   Seems ta me the curse was over once the kidnappin’ happened.  It was all a set-up ta git Mr. Fake Destiny off that train.

The Possession is what’s got me in a lather.  Her Daddy influences the Dark Queen inside o’ her.   We seen this possession emerge occasionally;  ever since her encounter  with that Egyptian fella: The Lich.  Seems ta me her Daddy’s got a stronger hold on her now, ‘cos o’ that branded handprint.  It’s why I think we ain’t done with Mr. Rainer.  Somethin’ happened at the Gate o’ Valhalla.  Somthin’ went wrong.  There wern’t no Kenzi, an’ there wern’t no Rainman.  Just poor Ms. Tamsin still grievin’, an’ frightened outta her wings.

I heard it said once: “A picture paints a thousand words.”  I’ll just let these pictures paint the rest o’ my words.







One evening I was walking along a path, the city was on one side and the fjord below. I felt tired and ill. I stopped and looked out over the fjord—the sun was setting, and the clouds turning blood red. I sensed a scream passing through nature; it seemed to me that I heard the scream. (Edvard Munch)


The painter’s words sum up the feelin’s I had watchin’ Lil’ Kenz walk inta that Hel Gate.  Nature screams.  All of nature when somethin’ wrong is happenin’.  People die every day.  I know that, but some people is just more inspirin’ than others; they leave a bigger wake,  a bigger ripple in the pattern that ties us all together.   Lil’ Kenz is one o’ those souls.   She certainly wern’t without flaws.  No one is, but she done what she thought was right at precisely the perfect moment.

Bo’s heart is gone but not forever.  The story kin’t end that way.

This here is Grammy Binks Signin’ off…

p.s. No one seemed ta know what in all o’ tarnation that necklace was???  I found out that it’s some kinda Labrys symbol all bent up an’ twisted like.

I think ya’ll know this already, but keets is a little obsessive on occasion.  She was spending all this time tryin’ ta find clues, an’ draw pictures, an’ lookin’ up Egyptian symbols an’ such.  Then Ms. Lady Troll tweets out: ” it’s a Labrys “

Tee, hee, hee… ya’ll shoulda’ saw the tantrum that was had.

Bertie’s still out back teasin’ an’ tauntin’ her ’bout it, all the while keets is kickin’ Mr. Ricki’s poor little dwarf coconut tree.  Those two is peas in a pod.  It’s a good thing they’s got me ’round ta keep ’em from packin’ up an’ movin’ ta Canada.  Ever’body knows my Grandbaby ain’t really there,  nor Bo, nor Ms. Kenzi.  Hell, I’ll even include Mr. Dyson, Ms. Tamsin, the Trickster, an’ that rascal Vex on my list.   We may as well toss in The Venus Fly Trap since Lolo is gonna be stuck with that pain in the ass baggage fer a while it seems.  They is all in that interdimensional Time an’ Place. 

Some day, I’ll git my Grandbaby back… some day, but not anytime soon I’ma guessin’.

p.s.s.  Thanks for this link provided by Maudite Balvenie.  Information on the Labrys. http://potnia.theladyofthelabyrinth.com/symbols-of-the-minoan-goddess-religion/

p.s.s.s.  After readin’ this helpful information on this link, keets went all bonkers agin an’ made more pictures.  Have at it.  Read the junk, an’ decide on yer own what it all means.  I ain’t  got a clue.  I guess it’s kinda special my Lolo went through all the trouble she did ta make her Bo a Goddess necklace.  Her taste in art is a lil’ strange though.  Ever’ time I saw that big bummed nekkid girl on the wall in her apartment I  wanted ta jump through my t.v. screen an’ set the thing afire.



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This is the moment that made me cry
This is the moment that made me cry

After the dust settled on “Dark Horse,” I realized one thing about both the episode and the season. I completely, totally identify with Bo. Why, you ask?

Both Bo and I took our eyes off the ball.

Jodie Foster once said “There are very few things…there’s love and there’s work and there’s family.” She was referencing her own “so simple” life in this 1989 Academy Award acceptance speech, but this concept is somewhat universal.

Let’s view Bo through that lens.

Love. Bo’s love life is somewhat more populous and perhaps a little more complicated than most people’s, but at its core she really just wants what most people want – someone, or someones, to love and to love her back. Over the years she has fallen in love and fallen out of love, and it seems that there is more to be written for her and some of her lovers.

Work. In this context, Bo’s work is living the life she chooses. When we first met Bo, that meant figuring out her way in the Fae world, and deciding that she didn’t want to choose a side – the Light and Dark divide was not for her. Since she didn’t have the protection afforded by either side, she had to fend for herself. In Season 4, her work became figuring out why she was abducted to the Death Train, who the Wanderer was and what he wanted from her, and finally what all the prophecies meant and what she intended to do about them.

Family. Bo’s family has many members that she has chosen and collected over the years, but her heart has always been Kenzi. And it seems like during this season, she forgot that. I don’t mean the memory loss, either – what I mean is that Bo took Kenzi for granted. We’ve seen that before, in Season 3 especially when Bo was wrapped up in her new relationship with Lauren and Kenzi desperately needed to talk to her about the black slime on her arm, but this season took it to a new level. Bo didn’t take the time to listen to Kenzi, to talk things over with her, or to really check in with her. She also didn’t take the time to spend with Kenzi nurturing their relationship – watching silly movies, talking and drinking wine, or just being around each other.

I saw this gem linked from twitter (click the image for the original):

That sums it up, doesn’t it?

I don’t want to be too hard on Bo, because she has had a LOT going on. Abduction, memory loss, people keeping secrets from her, and then finally a series of extremely chilling prophecies. She found out that her father was a terrible, evil being and sometimes winged horse who had been manipulating her for a LONG time in order to gain his freedom. And it seems likely that he did engineer her conception and birth so that she would have special powers and abilities and could rule at his side as his Dark Queen. It also seems possible or likely that, as Tamsin told Bo in “Groundhog Fae,” that he did this in order to create his ideal mate.

So that’s a lot to contend with. I was one of the people who thought for sure that Bo was under some kind of spell and that she would throw it off sooner or later and we would all cheer for the return of our spunky, cheeky succubus with the huge heart who always fights for the underdog and loves her chosen family better than anyone. Now that we know that she wasn’t under a spell that radically changed her personality, I’m left to think that Bo just coped the best she could.

All of the soothsayers that Bo encountered this season told her there was a darkness in her, but it seems like that’s been true from the get-go. (And don’t we all have some darkness in us? Kenzi would remind us that pobody’s nerfect.) But anyway, without the deus ex machina of a personality restoration in the form of lifting an ensorcellment, I’ve been struggling to figure out what it all means about Bo, and how I feel about it. Because from time to time this season, I didn’t like Bo’s behavior very much. I always thought she was good at the core, but this season she seemed to let some of her shortcomings rule her more than she used to.

So that’s why I’ve been devoting some time to trying to understand Bo and to see things more from her point of view. I’ve certainly had my share of bad days, weeks, months (and one stretch of a few bad years). During my own life’s journey when things weren’t going well at all, I’ve shut out my friends and family and have taken them for granted. Just like Bo did to Kenzi.

Selfless love, sacrificing yourself for your loved one because you’re her heart. Kenzi knew it, probably from the first time that Tamsin translated the prophecy for her. And even though she was so angry with Bo, whether it was wholly justified or not, she put her pain aside and jumped into the portal to close it, losing her life in the process.

Speaking of prophecies. I’m not a huge fan of prophecies as a concept in real life. The Calvinist theory of predestination is one that in particular never sat well with me. If your every action has been predetermined from the get-go, then what point is there in trying to do anything at all? If we don’t have free will, then why should anyone pretend otherwise? Let’s all go out and carouse and fornicate and live for hedonistic pleasure in the moment – because God has already determined that it will be so! Kill someone? No problem. It was predestined. All accountability goes out the window.

Prophecies also would seem to be in conflict with Bo’s ability to live the life she chooses. If Bo’s heart was always the thing that could close the portal, then Kenzi was set up to die from day one, before she was even born. Now that the portal is closed, what next? Will there be a prophecy about the succubus going to Hel to retrieve her heart?

As Kenzi said, “It’s always a metaphor with you Fae.” Prophecies can have many interpretations, and we all saw in Harry Potter that trying to control or negate a prophecy can bring about the very thing you sought to avoid. Given that the kitsune sorority sisters have already compared the Pyrippus to Voldemort, maybe we’ll see that his meddling to make Bo his queen will result in his downfall.

So prophecies aside, I’m going to end up concluding – like the show did, and as Bo does in the ending voiceover – that our choices are our own, and the idea that we have control over our lives is not an illusion. I think that Bo will live the life she chooses. Just like me! (But of course I would say that – it was predestined.)

That’s Bo. How did I, Sally, take my eye off the ball? Well, I alluded to this in my review of 4.08 – “Groundhog Fae.” I’ve never been shy about identifying myself as a Doccubus supporter. But after 4.08, I made a bit more of an effort to not view the show as ONLY a love story between Bo and Lauren, because it never was – and trying to force it to be that was only going to lead to unhappiness (specifically, mine). And I think I got a little more well-rounded in my viewing after that epiphany, but I also think that I, like Bo, took her love for Kenzi for granted.

I thought – of course this relationship will always be present on the show! Bo and Kenzi will always be hanging out, wisecracking, trying to cook and throwing out the results and then ordering pizza, reviewing their love lives, jollying each other out of bad moods, and going off together on madcap adventures.

Well no, they won’t. Not now. And even if Bo is successful in retrieving Kenzi from Valhalla, or more probably not Valhalla, since Tamsin seemed a little iffy when Dyson picked her up at the end, going to the afterlife and back is tough on people. Just look at Buffy Summers when her Scooby gang brought her back from Heaven – she was a wreck.

I’m going to sum up this section by saying that “Dark Horse” has left me pensive and a little mopey at first. I’m sad that Kenzi is dead, of course – and moved by her sacrifice. But I’m also sad that I was taken by such surprise by it. Every couple we saw in the earlier episodes, whether they were Fae/human, or on opposing sides, I thought that OF COURSE they must be about Bo and Lauren. Now, I’m not so sure. It seems more likely that they were about Kenzi and Hale, or about Bo and all of her relationships, or maybe just stories in and of themselves.

Other things I thought about “Dark Horse”

Doccubus thoughts. I’ll repeat something I said before – if I were a Fae who fed on Doccubus, I would have both feasted and starved this season. And by the time Bo put on the necklace that Lauren left for her, I didn’t feel the huge emotional impact that I would have expected. I was glad that Bo rescued Lauren from Massimo, but even their (admittedly awesome) kiss didn’t transport me to previous levels of feeling the love.

And I think I know why – these two need to talk to each other, work some things out, restate why they love each other, and figure out their path forward together if they intend to be together. And I, as a viewer, want to see their relationship get repaired and reestablished in order to return to the same level of emotional harmony. A fabulous kiss is great, and we needed it as much as they did, but they need to also talk.

Massimo as a super bad villain was unexpected. I found him much more chilling in the earlier part of Season 4 when he was intimidating Kenzi than when he was tripping on the Una Mens seed and giggling maniacally. I get it that the seed wasn’t really compatible with his human physiology, and I also get that he has mommy issues, but he became a little comical toward the end.

Tamsin telling Bo to snap out of it was priceless. One of my favorite parts of the episode, in fact. Harry Potter was pretty self-pitying at times, as well as Frodo, like most heroes. Although something about Tamsin confused me – I get that she was happy to have Rainer’s soul so she would no longer be exiled from Valhalla, but she seemed a little tone-deaf that Bo was sad that he had died. I go on to say in the next paragraph that Rainer’s character and subsequent death didn’t move me at all, so I’m not sure why I am pointing this out other than there is something about it that struck me weird.

Maigray, the author of our guest post about The Genre Elements of Lost Girl, noted that when Dyson found Tamsin at the end, the gates of Valhalla were still closed to her and she exhorted him to not allow Bo to find the Helskor. Given that the gates weren’t open to the Valkyrie, can we assume that she was unsuccessful in delivering Rainer’s and Kenzi’s souls to Valhalla? She seemed pretty shook up – was she waylaid by someone? I’m not sure, but I’m going to keep wondering and talking until I’m hoarse.

(get it?)

Finally… The Rainer character and the Rainer storyline really bugged me and here’s why. The Wanderer had been built up as a huge big THING that had stretched over time, even back to the beginning of Season 3. Now we know that Rainer was simply a tool employed by the Pyrippus to engineer his escape from Hel by manipulating Bo to think that she was destined to join with him to end the divide of Light and Dark. And Rainer also viewed Bo as a tool to help him end Light and Dark.

To know that he was a pawn is one thing. In fact, his death at Massimo’s hand was as anticlimactic as could be – when he died, I felt no grief, not for his death and not even on Bo’s behalf. And that might have been part of the point of his death happening the way it did. But the whole series of memories of him and Bo on the Death Train with the butterfly, the destiny, the great love – I’m not sure what to make of it even still. Did Rainer really love Bo? Was he simply manipulating her emotions and memories in order to enlist her in his cause?

But I dunno. It was such a huge THING for Bo to find out why she had been on the train, and then she went on and on about accepting her destiny. I just didn’t really like Rainer that much, and if he was a master manipulator, that didn’t come across. If he was an unwitting pawn, that’s more believable, but he was also in no way likable or interesting. To find out that he shared Bo’s goal of not choosing a side in the Light/Dark Fae conflict was…shrugworthy.

If I as an audience member was supposed to be invested in this character then I wasn’t. And I don’t think it was due to my shipping bias, either. He just wasn’t anything. He wasn’t as funny as Dyson, or as smart as Lauren, as endearing as Kenzi, nor as clever as Tamsin, and as for his big mission of ending Light and Dark, he was the diet Coke of Bo. If he’s the guy who ordered his crows to cut off Acacia’s hand, then we never really saw that side of him either.

Well, I guess that sort of wraps it up. The finale gave me a lot to think about. I’m not opposed to thinking, although I couldn’t help but compare the resolutions of the plotlines of Season 4 of Lost Girl to seasons of Buffy or to the Harry Potter books. I felt like in Buffy and Harry Potter, things were pretty clearly explained at the end of each season or book. For Lost Girl Season 4, I’m not even 100% confident in saying that Rainer was actually the Wanderer, although I think he was, nor that I understand much about the Pyrippus, who still seems kind of abstract and not that scary (Kenzi’s death notwithstanding).

As well, I didn’t watch Buffy in real-time, so I never had to wait weeks between episodes or months and months between seasons, so it’s possible that I didn’t take the time to reflect on what I thought it all meant – I just jumped right into the next set of DVDs. I’m also a lot more emotionally invested in Lost Girl – I love this show, and I want to understand what it’s trying to tell me about life, love, destiny and fulfilling our potential as people. Some TV I just watch and then go on with my life – but not this show. It’s special. I love it so much.

Perhaps we can take Season 4 as a commentary on the dangers of allowing outside forces to influence you. We must all live the lives we choose, meddlesome people and prophecies be damned.

As well, since I started out by saying that I identified with Bo, I’ll end up by saying this, which I’m also pretty confident is how Bo feels:

I want Kenzi back.

sbsneech twitter avatarsbsneech

Perspective and expectations. I’ve had a big dose of what those two words really mean this season. I’ve watched 12 episodes with such intensity and passion, completely invested in the characters and the story unfolding before me.

I had a few expectations going into the season finale. Surely one or all of these things would happen:

1. I expected there to be some sort of battle between Bo’s biological family and Bo’s adoptive family for her heart and mind.

 2. I expected The Pyrippus storyline to end in the finale with the closing of the portal.

 3. I expected Kenzi to kill Massimo.

 4. I expected Lauren or Kenzi would perish and Bo would travel to the Underworld and clash with the Leviathan to bring one of them back.

Boy was I completely wrong and because none of what I expected to happen came to pass I freakin’ hated it! I was so distracted by the incessant internal banter that I really didn’t SEE the finale the first time through:

Shit! Rainer’s dead? That was quick! Wow really Bo’s gonna kill Massimo? I thought Kenzi would do it. I mean he taunted her repeatedly about being weak and useless I thought it’d be poetic justice. Hmm. Lauren’s not going to be included in the final battle to close the portal? I didn’t see that coming.

 Every time I re-watched the episode (I’ve seen it four times now) I found new things I’d missed. My perspective was so driven by my expectations that I was incapable of experiencing the finale for what it was:

Not bad and it had some great moments.

I guess I’ve watched all 13 episodes with a sense of arrogance: that I know how the story should unfold. If Bo wasn’t Dark enough, I hated it. If the Doccubus storyline wasn’t focused on, I hated it. If Trick didn’t suffer any consequences for his actions, I hated it.

My point is I didn’t really enjoy this season. Not because it was bad. On the contrary, there were a few episodes I would put on my all time favorite list of Lost Girl.

I was too busy trying to guess where we were headed. Filled with anxiety about what would become of our Scooby Gang by the end of the season. It’s not what I envisioned but now with my new sense of perspective I have to admit, I appreciated the ambitious season. I like where it went and more importantly, I like where we’re headed.

Big things I noticed:

Am I the only one that’s shocked and appalled by Trick’s callousness regarding Kenzi? Kenzi explains to Dyson she is the one who must be sacrificed and Trick agrees, “Destiny. It has a sick sense of fun”.


He figured out early on that Kenzi had to sacrifice herself to close the portal and he was totally fine with it. Not only was he fine with it he practically threw her in! He starts off in the middle of the room doling out a beat down with his broomstick and pretty soon he’s practically standing at the opening of the portal, having cleared the way for her. “Step aside bitches, sacrificial lamb coming through”.


No tears. No, maybe there’s another way. Nope. Let me clear the way for ya Kenz!  It could have been pay back for stealing all of his shit and giving it to the Druid.

The significance of the mark on Bo:  I assumed it was a way for Rainer to have influence over Bo but it turns out to be the mark of the Pyrippus. So the question is when did Bo acquire that mark? When she was on the train? That would mean she’s been under his influence since the beginning of the season. But what does his “influence” mean? We still don’t really know what power the mark wields over her.

Rainer died a quick and anti-climactic death: As a character he was confusing and his arc felt unfinished. Will he be back? Is he the one who has stolen Kenzi’s body? I’d like to see this guy make an appearance in season 5:


Massimo’s knowledge of what happened in the Temple: During the battle with the Druid, he says to Bo “I know the keeper was right to warn you of the shit that’s coming your way”. How does he know what happened during Bo’s Dawning? How are the Dawning and the Pyrippus connected? The keeper warned her of consequences suffered for taking Dyson with her as she left the Temple. Does that mean that if she left Dyson behind, The Pyrippus wouldn’t have been able to mark Bo?

My rant in defense of Bo’s behavior toward Lauren:

I feel Bo has been unfairly maligned this season, especially in regards to her treatment of Lauren. Bo has endured a lot of rejection dating back to last season. Lauren’s mixed signals have made it virtually impossible to decipher her intentions.

From “The Break” to Taft’s office “And I loved you” Bo was left with a clear message that her relationship with Lauren was done. In “Turn To Stone” Bo found a necklace intended as a gift with a note addressed to her that confirmed (or so she thought) Lauren’s love for her.

In “Let The Dark Times Roll” Lauren opts to have sex with Bo and ignore her repeated requests to talk. Mistakenly Bo assumes they are back together only to have Lauren tell her she would prefer to stay with the Dark than be claimed by Bo.

Bo has repeatedly professed her love for Lauren, taken responsibility for her bad behavior and has asked Lauren to give her another chance. Bo greatest sin has been immaturity but she acknowledges that fact and knows she must rectify her behavior.

Yet Lauren lied and was dishonest about her plans to protect Bo. Imagine the heartbreak Bo endured trying to accept that Lauren didn’t love her anymore only to find out it had been a ruse. The rational behind the decision was irrelevant and Bo’s anger at the revelation was justified. Knowing Bo’s sensitivity to rejection, Lauren chose to play a game that caused Bo to feel inadequate. Weren’t Lauren’s feelings of inadequacy one of the reasons for “the break” in the first place?

So who’s responsible for their lack of communication? Is Bo really the horrible girlfriend she’s been portrayed? Just something to ponder.

I’m of the opinion that Bo kept the necklace but never wore it because it represented a love that no longer existed between them:

Findinghte necklace

“Lauren comes first”. That has always been the case in Bo’s heart. Always.

Deciding to put on the necklace was a huge moment for Bo. It symbolized that she understood Lauren still loved her and she was willing to believe everything Lauren had done (including sleeping with Evony) was for the sake of keeping Bo safe and alive.


“You really are dark. No Bo, I’m yours.”

Finally!! Yet Bo’s response to this is lets go we still got the evil horse to deal with?!?!? A sweet moment for sure but I’m annoyed at the fact that these two don’t talk. How about some acknowledgement that when the apocalypse is over we’re gonna have mind blowing sex and then we’ll have that talk we’ve been meaning to have!

You’d swear Bo and Dyson were a lesbian couple. They’re constantly talking about their feelings for each other. O.k. sorry I’m going off on a tangent and I need to go back and rant about something I mentioned earlier.

What the hell is the pendent Lauren gave Bo?!?!? Seriously?!?!?  It looks like some weird ass beetle laying on it’s back. Or possibly a smashed cricket. Or an alien thingy.


But more importantly what the hell does it mean?!?

I’m willing to bet Bo doesn’t know what the hell it is either! Yeah I know she says she loves it but I’m sure it’s because it’s from Lauren. After being rejected all season I’m sure she doesn’t want to rock the boat by asking WTF with the creepy ass pendent?

What happened to giving her a normal pendent? Here’s an idea how about a heart? Or maybe a bird, you know to go with the whole, giving me the freedom to love sentiment on the card?

Maybe I’m the problem. Me and my conventional gift giving ideas. Yes I’m aware Lauren’s hot and brilliant but she needs a little help in the picking out jewelry for the ladies department.

Things I loved:


 Kenzi punching The Morrigan: “God I’ve been waiting for years to do that”.


Tamsin mocking Bo for being a whiner: “Why don’t you suck it up and get your shit together?”


Dyson admitting Bo wears the pants: “I swear fealty to you Isabeau”

Some things I’m annoyed at:

 Where’s Crystal? No seriously. She’d better make a guest appearance next season. Preferably not  on top of  Lauren again.

What was the point of all the memory loss with everyone? Who created the Recuerdo Coil? Why was every one acting so out of character early on?

As I suspected, The Una Mens weren’t as scary as they were made out to be.

I didn’t get a scene in which Vex  kisses Lauren’s ass  profusely for reattaching his hand.

Things I’m looking forward to in Season 5:

The Morrigan being human. What a great opportunity to explore the differences between being Fae or human from a fresh perspective.

“Bo will break underneath the power of the Pyrippus”. That battle sounds promising.

Rachel Skarsten spending some time during hiatus with Anna Silk and Casey Hudecki wielding swords: I don’t believe for one minute she’s an extraordinary Valkyrie warrior. Casey Hudecki can change that. Anna Silk may run with a girlie shimmy but she sure is a bad ass with a sword.

Something I found extraordinary this season:

Ksenia Solo. What an unbelievable performance this season. She broke my heart during the last 3 episodes.

She’d better come back!

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Unaligned Unicorns Uncover Lost Girl's Universe: A collaborative blog about the Canadian television series, Lost Girl.

27 thoughts on “Lost Girl 4.13 – Dark Horse

  1. great review , all of you (waiting for keets’) ^^
    Thx again for sharing!

    And thx to sbsneech for making me laugh xD

    “He figured out early on that Kenzi had to sacrifice herself to close the portal and he was totally fine with it. Not only was he fine with it he practically threw her in! He starts off in the middle of the room doling out a beat down with his broomstick and pretty soon he’s practically standing at the opening of the portal, having cleared the way for her. “Step aside bitches, sacrificial lamb coming through”.

    No tears. No, maybe there’s another way. Nope. Let me clear the way for ya Kenz! It could have been pay back for stealing all of his shit and giving it to the Druid.”

    So true !!
    I think you talk for all the fandom u_u”

    And I think your point of view about Bo in her relationship with Lauren was right.
    It was good to point it out, so thank you for this.

    ps: for the necklace, here the news from EA : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Labrys

    1. Thanks for reading King Kat!

      So happy you understand my point of view regarding Bo and Lauren. Bo hasn’t been all that likable this season but she’s had a lot on her plate, so she gets a bit of a pass from me. Bo has proven Lauren is who she chooses and hopefully in S5 they’ll spend some time communicating. What a novel idea!

      I’m looking forward to going back and watching S4 again in a much more relaxed manner. There was some great stuff.

      1. Sneech, I’m sure Lauren would love your advice on jewelry shopping for the Ladies. You had me cracking up. Like King Kat your whole description of Trick clearing the path for Kenzi was hilarious. Also, Thanks for clarifying what he said “Destiny, it has a sick sense of fun.” I was lost at what he said and once you clarified it I am appalled. Although you made it funny! Even though it’s not.

        Thanks King Kat for reading and commenting. Always love your thoughts too, when you share them, and the info. 🙂

    1. Thank you for this, Maudite. King Kat also posted a link but I must say, the pendent Lauren gave Bo looks nothing like an axe or a butterfly. Maybe a butterfly on its back with its wings removed. Is it just me?

      I love the mixture of mythology, symbolism and religious traditions that get woven into Lost Girl. It definitely makes the show interactive.

    2. Thanks Maudite. That information was really helpful and I can see why now Lauren said “Thank Goddess” when Bo showed up. The pendant does seem to be a Goddess necklace. Still not sure what is going on in the middle portion. I hope they release a clearer still of it.

    1. Little Bad Wolf I think you may be right. That would make total sense. I had forgotten about her speech right before Bo plunged the sword into her chest. So much has happened this season I swear we need to make our own encyclopedia for Lost Girl!

      My only problem is I don’t remember anyone calling the voice of the Una Mens, the Keeper. I recall Trick calling her Arabella. Do you recall her being addressed with that title?

      Maybe Cleo, Keets or Sally remember. Ladies, what say you? Anybody? 🙂

      1. This necklace is like the Rorschach test with the
        ink stains.. lol you see what you want
        (I’m pure and innocente u_u first I saw a queen bee -when it was too small to see- and then I saw 2 figures on each sides. My soul is saved ! lmao)

  2. So interesting to read all these perspectives. I want to comment on this: “I was too busy trying to guess where we were headed. Filled with anxiety about what would become of our Scooby Gang by the end of the season. It’s not what I envisioned but now with my new sense of perspective I have to admit, I appreciated the ambitious season.”

    This season was an anxiety producer. We never knew what was going on. It drove me crazy, too. And now that it’s over there’s still a lot we don’t understand. I think it was a gamble for the writers to tease us so much with things we didn’t understand. Don’t you want it to be what you loved and not something you maybe still love but don’t really get?

    1. OldAin’tDead – LOL!!! That’s what I say to my wife on occasion.

      You’re right about this season being filled with anxiety. I loved the first season of Lost Girl but after that I just loved Doccubus and the friendship between Bo and Kenzi. So no I wasn’t COMPLETELY in love with the show.

      The first three seasons of Lost Girl felt like I was watching a bunch of teenagers. They all had a layer of immaturity and although it was fun I found myself wanting the show to have bigger themes and consequences.

      I’m thrilled the writers developed every one of the characters back story. Character development was missing and I throughly enjoyed where they took everyone. Kenzi grew up(yeah I know she’s dead but not for long), Dyson accepted that his relationship with Bo would be platonic, Tamsin, Evony, and Lauren arcs were really really nice.

      As far as Bo is concerned I grew weary of her triumphs with no consequences. They hinted at Bo being dark for two seasons and they finally delivered. Could it have been done better? Absolutely!!! (I’m still surprised everyone stood by her. I’d of told her to fuck off). But I love the struggle. The look of “deer in the headlights” she had all season. I think they should have made her a bit evil to drive home the point but I suspect it was a conscious choice on their part not to do so.

      They have left a great deal of unanswered questions but I think that’s the direction Lost Girl is headed. Rainer is a good example of this. When he died such an anti-climactic death I was a bit dumbfounded and pissed. Yet I’m pretty certain it was intentional and he’ll be back next season.

      The relationships between characters still make sense. The Big Bad character threats don’t. (Like the Una Mens) I think I’m o.k. with that. I like this better than the huge build up to the Garuda and boom, it was over in 10 minutes!

      I will always give credit to writers who are willing to take chances and make mistakes, than writers who play it safe. Just my opinion 🙂

      Sorry if I rambled. I am attempting to respond to your comment after half a bottle of wine. Mama’s gotta find a way to unwind.

      My question to you is do you still love it enough to continue to watch?

  3. Thanks for this wonderful melange of provocative thoughts, humor, and unabashed Doccubus love. What I want to know is – – in what sense are you unaligned? : )

    Just wanted to add a thought about Dyson (I know, enough already withthe wolf man). I was struck by what he said about Hale. “Now I know why Hale was so grounded,” he tells Bo in this episode. “All my life I have been searching for a King when I should have been searching for a Queen.” This episode suggested to me that at the heart of his character weakness is a lack of clear purpose, self-motivation, beyond hitching his wagon to Bo’s. His police work gave him an identity, structure, dignity but all that seemed to disappear towards the end of S3 when Hale split off to becone acting Ash. Is he still a cop? I can only think of one scene in the police station when he’s babysitting Tamsin (while I think of it – that was one of the lovelier parts of S4, wasn’t it – Raising Tamsin, especially Kenzi’s mothering – way to draw T into the family). By episode 413, Dyson seems to finally get it that he and Bo are not going to live happily ever after in Camelot, but he pivots – or tries to – into a different form of dependency, swearing fealty to his Queen. Still a knight, just not Lancelot to Bo’s Gwinevire. Thank God, Bo will have none of it. “I need youto serve with me, not for me,” in other words – time to man up, Dyson, and stop hitching your wagon to someone else. Find your own purpose.

    I’ll miss you guys!

    1. Why will you miss us, M5? We have plans to keep posting during the hiatus. And we will continue to be all over you on twitter like a cheap coat.

      As far as being unaligned, we are openly all pro-Doccubus. But we each like different characters in different ways and see different things about the story. Maybe someday we can do a United Nations collaborative post with a people who are Team Wolf, Team Valkyrie, and Team Everyone/Nobody!

  4. I just re-read all of your reviews abt the season 4 (yeah, because this hiatus is a killer.. and it’s almost more enjoyable – is it a word? – to read your reviews than watch these episodes lol it’s a damn good complement to Lost Girl episode and I will be there for S5, waiting for you to write these golden analysiz.

    So, I wanted to thank you again for all this work, for taking the time to write this and sharing it with us.

    sending you coffee 😉

    1. I LOVE COFFEE. Thank you so much, TeamCoffee Captain. Really appreciate your kind words. We have a lot of fun writing these blog posts.

      And hey, just a little over a month until Season 5!!!

  5. This is a really good review. The only thing that stuck out to me was “Lauren comes first”. That has always been the case in Bo’s heart. Always.

    Especially in this episode when she goes home to get her weapons, then they go to the portal and then somewhere else. I just didn’t see that as Lauren coming first. At one point I thought she was doing to die and honestly was hoping she had plot wise. Then Bo would go and get her only to find out that she loved it there and didn’t want to come back. lol Just a plot I had in my head.

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