Lost Girl 4.12 – Origin

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Lost Girl 4.12 – Origin

I love angry Rock n’Roll songs by angry women. I do.

And Lauren is angry.

She tells Bo in “Let the Dark Times Roll,”  I’m not angry, Bo … with you. But with the fae. They kept her prisoner. They cursed her girlfriend. Lauren has been defiant this season. We saw it in “Turn to Stone,” when, with dramatic flourish, she took her chains off and yelled something about “Light fae bullshit.”

She’s a doctor who takes her oath seriously, of course. But beyond that Lauren has always shown compassion for those who are abused by the powerful. As a human in a fae world, she has known the fae’s ruthlessness toward humans, and toward each other too. She demanded from Taft the immediate release of the fae he kept prisoner in his lab. When captive in a basement this season, Lauren immediately negotiated for Crystal’s release.*

Lauren’s been pushed to the brink. The other side of the coin, of sticking up for the oppressed, is her determination to take down the wicked and mighty. Lauren’s decision to neutralize The Morrigan and teach her what it’s like when the shoe is on the other foot, was clearly the well thought out result of a long game; although we are given to understand that it was motivated by a desire to protect Bo, which is also clearly there.

It had been clear since “Of all the Gin Joints” that Lauren had a plan that involved not only stealing Evony’s DNA, but also weakening The Morrigan’s defenses by making herself both vulnerable and powerful in the right amounts. It was all very deliberate and very calculated. In that episode we can see it unfolding precisely.

The only way Lauren could fool The Morrigan was to play into her egotism, narcissism, and megalomania. Making a psychopath feel powerful by placing oneself seemingly at their mercy is a dangerous game, but in Lauren’s estimation, it was the only way she could lower The Morrigan’s guard, allowing her to come in for the kill. Heart Killer.

Even though it was all a calculated long con, Lauren found a certain kind of freedom by aligning with the Dark. There has been a sense of Lauren taking a stroll on the “dark side of the force” this season. But what is the metaphorical “force” in Lost Girl? I would say that it is sexuality, because Bo the succubus is the center of the Lost Girl world, and the character’s issues and concerns are what set up and inform the experiences, issues, and concerns of the others in her entourage. Thus there has been talk about, for instance, Kenzi being more like Lauren, or Lauren more like Bo, this season.

Have I mentioned how much I love the music and the way it is used on Lost Girl?

In that moment, Lauren’s seduction of The Morrigan is nearly a closed deal. In that precise moment the music, which had been playing softly in the background during the entire scene, becomes louder. The word “killer” rises and hovers over their kiss. We know that Evony, The Morrigan, is a killer. But what is Lauren? A Heart Killer.  Where does the distinction begin and where does it end? In that moment, I would argue, there is a question posed. A moral question about who Lauren has become. The kissing scene with its emphasis on being a killer suggests to the viewer a subtle correspondence between Lauren and The Morrigan.

The song plays throughout the initial Lauren-Morrigan sequence. What it all comes to is where the song ends, with: Take it till it turns sour, to figure out I’m all power, although those lines were kept away from the images we see onscreen.

The lighting and color schemes this season are noteworthy. This scene was gray, purple, and washed out. Death. The possibility of death continues to stalk Lauren’s character. Visually, clues do point to Lauren. Logically, it would make a lot of sense, but would it also be predictable? Lost Girl tends to be unpredictable (not always), and likes to break all the rules (as Maigray’s  guest post on this blog explains).

Lauren has always had a wild and reckless side. She’s very brave, and also a risk taker. One could say she took an enormous risk in “Vexed” for instance, when she decided to sleep with Bo. It was most definitely to protect her; back then she was falling in love with Bo, but she was also doing this for Nadia, since, as we later learned, Nadia in a coma was the hold the fae had on Lauren.

Silly random thoughts.

How did they get through x number of takes of “Honey, I don’t need to claim your clam to claim you.” How did anyone keep a straight face on set? Did they have a contest for who could say it 20 times without stumbling?

I don’t know why this is funny to me: “The Queen doesn’t just mean the queen. Bo! I think you’re the one.”

*For those who are wondering what happened to Crystal, it’s very simple: The fae erased her memory of what happened and set her free. Or they told her they’d kill her if she said anything ever to anyone (and they may have demonstrated some of their capabilities in that domain), and then bought her a farm.

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The Grammy Binks Rants.

Okay now,  Lost Girl Folks!

I hope ya’ll got plenty of those C notes in yer Petty Cash Fund ta cover my medical expenses!  My pacemaker done surged itself inta fireworks.

‘Course I was blindsided by last week’s dry spell on the sexy times, an’ those teasin’ tweets.  So’s, I told Bertie she din’t have ta help me watch.  Bertie come over anyways (she always does) but I din’t take no percautions by coverin’ my eyes like I usually do.

B’fore I knew what was happenin’, my Grandbaby was goin’  “DownTown”  on The Venus Fly Trap!


Holy Mother of Conniptic Cows!  There ain’t enough swears on the planet, nor the Universe, to express my utter distress!  I needed my towel somethin’ awful, then poor  ol’ Bertie had ta Heimlich me b’fore I lost consciousness an’ missed the Big Reveal.

Who in Heaven’s House ‘o Hazardous Horror’s would smear their private bits with stuff?  Stuff?  Ya’ll know what I’ma talkin’ ’bout?  De Fae Stuff!

Ew…Ick, yuk… an’ Phooey, with a capitol P which rhymes with T and stands for Trouble.


Well, that child is gifted.  I always said so.  I just never expected her gifts to be so convalutin’.   So’s, she waxed herself with some kinda gel, or cream, or such, so she could  “De-Fae”  The Morrigan…Wow!

I guess I should take comfort in the fact that they din’t show us no lickin’ an’ suckin’ an’ what not ???   Bertie seemed a bit put out at the lack in details,  but I was truly grateful I din’t hafta witness more than I already done.

I kept ‘spectin’  ta see my Lolo melted ta goo!  That’s why I wouldn’t look away from the picture.  There she was, my sweet darlin’ Grandbaby, in her undergarments (they was real pretty lingerie) sippin’ champagne, an’ enchantin’ Ms. Lady Fly Trap like a pro.


I just gotta say, I’m torn up inside ’bout what happened ta be honest.  Not that my Lolo is sex incarnate for most beings that can breathe.   Nope.  That’s somthin’ I ‘magine she’s had ta git used ta over the years,  but I was sad ta see the changes this Fae world has worked on her.

She’s had ta become a little hard on the outside.  She’s still all soft an’ gooey inside, ya’ll could see that when she was talkin’ ta her Bo love.  But, this game she’s playin’ ta help her friends, an’ ta save Bo,  has made her cross some lines she might never have b’fore.


I ain’t judgin’ that’s fer sure.  She’s held her restraint more than I ever would have.  My shot gun is always loaded an’ ready ta fire.  She always hated that I even owned the damned thing.  It’s just… I hate ta see such innocence tainted.  Such goodness tarnished by the ugliness that real life monsters inflict on sensitive souls.

I’m proud o’ her fer sure.   Just sad a little, too, that she had ta go through such extremes savin’ her loved ones, an’ herself, but that almost seems like an afterthought.

Lauren laid it on the line with Bo this time, an’ told her up front.

“Everything I do is for you.”

That moment was so honest an’ true b’tween those women.   I fancy callin’ such moments “Timeless Times,”  ‘cos ever’thing stops!

The only thing that’s real is what the eyes reveal, which, if the poets say it’s true:  the soul is speakin’ what the heart feels.

impasseThese girl’s hearts belong together.  Nothin’ else will seem right with this story if it don’t end that way.


I ain’t gonna talk ’bout Mossimo just yet.  Ya’ll is gonna hafta wait ’til next week on that ‘cos I’ma still on the fence.  He’s certainly disturbin’, an’ gots lotsa problems, but that’s all I’m gonna say ’bout him.

This Rainman fella is just a dud.  Whatever he is s’posed ta be in Bo’s life? It ain’t her destiny that’s fer damned sure.  Unless her destiny is ta watch wet paint dry?

Papyrus, Pyrrappis, an’ preenin’ Peacocks!

I’m gonna stick with the emotional bangs in this here eppysode.  I already talked ’bout two.  These things always come in threes.  I think Ms. Cleo said that once, so’s I’ma copyin’ her idea.

Lil’ Kenz spent this whole Season wantin’ ta be like the Fae.  She bargained her twig o’ Zamora for sparkly goodness that fell short on the good part.  She sniffed at the Wolf Boy’s heels for shadowy thievin’ skills.  She wanted ta fit in, so bad, ‘cos she believed she wer’nt good enough  ta live among these Fae.

The price was too high.  Her true love died.

Now she’s bent on revenge.

Her heart has hardened some, with the Fae (just like my Lolo) but she got a bit o’ that early on in life ;  we caught a glimpse when we met her family in the last eppysode.  The fatal dose (o’ stone heart)  for Lil’ Kenz  was served up when Mr. Hale died.

unclaimme“Unclaim Me!”  was the ultimate rejection of the Fae.  Bo represented Lil’ Kenz’s safety in this world she thought she couldn’t thrive in without Bo’s protection.

“Unclaim Me!” was also the ultimate rejection of Bo.  It was the final element in fulfillment o’ that awful curse Ms. Tamsin cast at the end o’ Season Three.

All the chickens are comin’ home ta roost.   Bo don’t have Mr. Dyson’s trust.   She thinks she don’t have my Lolo’s love.   Now, with Lil’ Kenz tellin’ her:  “Yeah! we are done!”  She don’t have that loyalty o’ her best friend.  It’s all gone (like it was planned) ‘cos o’ that ugly curse.

Ever’thing that could hold Bo together has been stripped away,  leavin’ her vulnerable for this Bat Winged Horse, who is her Daddy.  Now, that’s a funny sentence in’t it?   Who wants their Daddy ta be a Flyin’ Horse with Bat Wings?

Anything is possible in an Alternate Reality (so Bertie says).

I can’t wait ta see this Flyin’ Horse thingie.

But,  I’ma guessin,’ he’ll be some kinda shifter too, an’ show up like a human fella, just like the Garuda.  That’ll be fine as long as Bo an’ the rest o’ her crew sends him straight back ta Hel fer causin’ so much heartbreak.

Just don’t take my Lolo when it’s over.

If that happens I’ll be travelin’ ta other Times an’ Spaces, with or without one o’ those Interdimensional Wanderin’ Cards.  I’ll find my own ticket to ride.

This here is Grammy Binks signin’ off….

p.s. this here vid is fer my Lolo an’ Lil’ Kenz.  Bo should take note on what the words say so’s she can git ta savin’ her girls , an’ stop complanin’ bout them. I know, Bo, you is cursed so you kin’t help it, but git better soon.  I don’t wanna be sad on Sunday!  I also like that this is a girl cover o’ this song.  

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I was all set to try to write something cerebral about the overwhelming theme of family in this episode, but my reaction to “Origin” was much more emotional than cerebral. So I’m going to tell you why I LOVED this episode. In no particular order…

Stuff that was AWESOME

Things really happened. We found out so much about the mysteries that have been plaguing us all season! Massimo is Evony’s son (and I called that after 4.04!). Massimo stole the Una Mens seed from Trick. Lauren stole the Morrigan’s DNA for a real reason, like an insurance policy. Lauren went Dark to help Bo. And we also found out that Vex swore a blood oath to raise and protect Massimo, which was not a mystery that had been plaguing me, but is interesting nonetheless.

Casey Hudecki Casey Hudecki guest starred in this episode! She played the knight and had an awesome, kickass sword fight. In addition to being an actor, Casey is also a stunt performer, a Fight Director, and a Stage Combat Instructor. She has stunt doubled for Anna Silk in previous seasons, and I believe she choreographed the swordfight between Bo and Lachlan in Season 2. She is totally awesome and you should check out her Action Demo.

Lauren deployed her plan to de-Fae the Morrigan in a delightfully creative fashion. I applaud her ingenuity. I know, I

weaponized vagina
weaponized vagina

know – she could’ve put the serum into the glass of champage, or tried to stab the Morrigan with a syringe. But no! I argue that delivering the serum vaginally was a brilliant stroke. The Morrigan has shown that she’s suspicious, so I wouldn’t have put it past her to reject a beverage she didn’t pour herself. And if Lauren had tried to take her unawares with a syringe, well, we don’t know how fast-acting the serum was. The Morrigan could have drained the talent right out of Lauren lickety-split and left her a quivering mass of goo.

Stuff that was sad, but still awesome

unbreak my heart
unbreak my heart

Kenzi’s demand that Bo un-claim her was brutally heartbreaking. Kenzi and Bo’s friendship has been the heart of the show, and it hurts when they’re not simpatico. So while I didn’t cheer and whoop when it happened, I thought it was well-done, in character, and a necessary part of Kenzi’s anger and catharsis – and perhaps, of Bo’s wake-up call.

Dyson’s eulogy for Hale was heartfelt and I’m glad they started the episode with it. He said what was in our hearts and it was a fitting tribute to the departed Siren.

Screen Shot 2014-02-13 at 7.51.55 AM

Stuff about family

Several things struck me about family in this episode, and I think it was a major theme.

So Evony is Massimo’s mother. (We still need to know who the father is – I mean, I guess we don’t NEED to know, but I’d like to since he’s a human. How did that happen? Was it during the Morrigan’s redneck phase?) And obviously that relationship has ISSUES. Seriously dark issues (pun). She rejected him, but also keeps him on a string with MASSIVE Oedipal overtones, and Massimo has apparently spent his entire life craving her approval.

Screen Shot 2014-02-13 at 7.50.03 AM
um…can we talk about this?

Speaking of which, sidebar on the major incest themes this season. We were misdirected to believe that Rainer was probably Bo’s father, which made for several really weird moments. Evony and Massimo kissing…well, I kiss my family members on the mouth, but NOT LIKE THAT.  And the Incest Trifecta is wrapped up by the “Dark Fae Elder” whose blood Lauren tested while she was being held prisoner, and she determined the person was feeding from his/her family member and told them to cut out the incest. (Whose blood was it? Evony? Trick?)

Love makes a family
Love makes a family

Vex raised Massimo – he tells Kenzi that he swore a blood oath to protect Massimo. I presume to the Morrigan. To me, this says as much about Vex as it does about Massimo. Remember, Vex betrayed his entire family to survive. While I’m sure he was pressured by Evony to protect Massimo (actually, I’m not so sure – she doesn’t seem to care at all about Massimo. Was it his father who wants to make sure he was looked after?), Vex seems to have become emotionally attached to Massimo.

Everyone needs a family.

Especially Bo! Her family of choice has mostly left her, or greatly distanced themselves because of her choices around Rainer – harken back to Dyson telling Bo that he wasn’t sure if he could support her vis a vis the Rainer situation. Kenzi has flown the coop. “And Lauren’s all buddy-buddy with the Morrigan.”

But not so fast – we also found out in this episode that Lauren went Dark for Bo, and that she had to make Bo believe it so the Morrigan would believe it, and that everything she’s done has all been for Bo. So whether Bo has known it or not, she’s had Lauren’s steadfast love and support this entire time.

Okay, IS IT SUNDAY YET? I have to know what happens. And another thing, can Bo and Lauren kiss at least once, please, in the finale?? And can it be a good one? Make it happen, Emily Andras.

I love this shirt/blazer combo
I love this shirt/blazer combo

A sartorial note. So Massimo is a hugely bad guy with major issues from his upbringing that he clearly hasn’t been able to overcome. He intimidated Kenzi, took advantage of her, threatened her with sexual coercion, he killed Hale, and he’s also probably done other bad stuff.

But one thing is true:  he is a SNAPPY dresser.

Finally, let’s have a little levity to go with our Levony. I think Bo might have detected one flaw in the Morrigan’s logic.

sbsneech twitter avatarsbsneech

“If you feel lost, disappointed, hesitant, or weak, return to yourself, to who you are, here and now and when you get there, you will discover yourself, like a lotus flower in full bloom, even in a muddy pond, beautiful and strong.” – Massaru Emoto, The Secret Life Of Water

“The Fae have ruined my life Bo. They have cursed my girlfriend. They have held me prisoner, sometimes literally. And all the while my brain, my talents…” – Lauren Lewis

Lauren took the Fae at face value during the first season. She felt a great deal of loyalty and gratitude to the Light Fae for offering their resources to find a cure to bring Nadia out of a coma. In exchange for their help, and having no reason to question their generosity, she worked tirelessly researching and developing treatments for the variety of illnesses that befell the Fae.

When Lachlan took over as the leader of The Light Fae, things quickly began to unravel. She was treated as chattel, nothing more than a possession, forced to do the bidding of her master. She comes to discover the ruse to keep her indebted to the Fae. Asking for help on her quest to free Nadia from the curse, it’s regarded as nothing more than rebellion and gains her a trip to the dungeon. Lauren learns she is seen as nothing more that a pawn in a game to gain influence over Bo and to exploit her abilities in the lab to gain an advantage over the Garuda.

When Taft appeared Lauren was prepared to risk punishment for abandoning the Fae to feel valued for her mind and integrity. His offer turned out to be nothing more than a ploy to force her to create hybrids of humans and Fae. A costly mistake made by Lauren, Taft made it impossible to return to the Light Fae. Even a human manipulated her and held her captive all to do his bidding, having no regard for her or the ones she loved.

In the season premiere, Lauren is on the run and isolated but not for long. She’s too valuable of an asset to be allowed her freedom and so it becomes The Morrigan’s turn to abuse her.

Evony proclaimed Lauren enemy of the state last season to insure she couldn’t return to The Light Fae. She placed her under surveillance and exploited Crystal (who I’m sure enjoyed it) so she could capture Lauren when she deemed necessary. She held Lauren in deplorable conditions while forcing her to diagnose an illness of an Elder and revealed her desire to have Lauren experiment on humans to benefit the Fae.

That’s a fine how do you do!!

Having endured the humiliation of The Ash, Lachlan, Taft and The Morrigan, Lauren’s had enough.

She’s chosen to play a dangerous game to protect Bo from Evony and The Wanderer/Rainer by any means necessary.

You know Bo. The only person who’s always shown her loyalty, respect and has tirelessly tried to secure her freedom.

Yeah I know Bo’s been a jerk this season and well, o.k, um, some of last season but she’s only guilty of being a not so great girlfriend. That’s it. Immaturity aside, Bo’s heart and love has always been, Lauren. Plus cut her some slack. We all know she’s been under some kind of spell, possession, or well I don’t know and I’m tired of speculating.

Taking matters into her own hands Lauren does what any hot, brilliant doctor would do to disarm a hot, ruthless and hot (did I say that already) leader of The Dark Fae, she sleeps with her. Duh! It’s what I would do if I were hot and brilliant and well, you get the picture.

Administering a serum to allow Evony (so many jokes so little time) to experience what it’s like to feel…powerless. Ironically, before dispensing said serum, she explains what powerless in the Fae world feels like:

“I’m a human in a Fae world. Something that’s been difficult to reconcile over the years. Something that’s made me feel weak and small. Truth is I have nowhere else to go.”

And just like that, Evony the bad ass Fae who could melt your ass by touch, gets sterilized and now has to contend with the fact that she is, at the present moment…human. Sometimes life really is a bitch!

I can understand Lauren’s glee at successfully manipulating one of the most powerful Fae and rendering her helpless. We all know she’s up to no good. Hell she was hoping Bo would die in the first episode of the damn show! And now that her evil spawn has swallowed the Origin Seed, I’m betting that’s gonna make for some interesting television on Sunday.

It’s been wonderful to watch the good doctor blossom into a force to be feared by those who’ve mistreated her and threaten to hurt those she loves. Always prepared, we all know Lauren has a plan. She’s going to have her hands full trying to protect Bo while intervening in The Prophecy. Rest assured we’re gonna be dazzled by her resourcefulness.

She’s learned to overcome the real difficulty of how she feels about herself. Lauren’s discovered that her true power comes from within and even though true freedom isn’t within her reach, she still has a great deal of control over her life. It’s Lauren’s story that serves as a blueprint for Bo and Kenzi’s journeys of self-discovery.

Bo sits on the precipice of discovering her true power and yet she seems so completely lost. Since the beginning there’ve been endless struggles to control her and convince her that the rules of the Fae world must be followed and not challenged. The Prophecy seems to have all but cemented the belief that she has no choice. Her destiny’s been preordained.

Unforeseen forces have restrained her ability to think clearly. Will she be able to stop The Prophecy from coming to pass? At the moment I don’t believe she’s capable of making any consequential decisions. Unbeknownst to her I think it’s her humans, Lauren and Kenzi that will intervene and give her the motivation and strength to over come Daddy-O and his minions.

 Whoever they are.

I can’t believe I’m still fucking saying that! Sorry. Not sorry.

Kenzi has officially broken my heart. Ever since she first discovered the world of the Fae, Kenzi has spent the entire time trying to prove her value to them. Is Massimo a mirror for Kenzi?

Born a human, Massimo has spent his entire life hoping to be respected by the Fae and particularly his mother Evony. Becoming a Druid, hoping to make himself indispensable and respected by the Fae. Instead he has gone mad. Look what’s become of Massimo as he’s tried to prove his worth to the Fae.

Kenzi has to look within and figure out how to accept her limitations and like Lauren find a way to empower herself in a world that by its very nature is designed to chip away at her self worth. Massimo has enjoyed taunting her about what a useless human she is. Chances are she’ll do away with all the self doubt if she just so happens to be the one to kill him. Yeah I say she’s the one that’s gonna do it.

I’m betting the Dawning has something to do with unleashing this whole fiasco. Just to be clear, if it comes to fruition I’m leading next week with I told you so!

Where are the damn Helskor shoes?!?!?

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26 thoughts on “Lost Girl 4.12 – Origin

  1. Yeah !
    Great review, as usual 😉 thx
    And yes, it was a great episode..
    Lauren’s peak, like a lotus (flora blooms, we hear you), was so powerful !
    And I think in the finale episode, she’s gonna give us some more..
    What an evolution ! Standing ovation for her, and so real, so true, written so well. gg writers
    When life changes you, gentle soul could bite too (if I can say that..)
    Everyone has lost something.
    Everyone has made choices.
    Everyone has got consequences.

    Kenzi is on the Lauren’s path, sort of, in past seasons.
    She has to build herself and to accept who she is, be proud of being human.
    Because she’s not a “monster”.

    Did I say that I loved how Lauren was ?

    I like the genuine Lauren.
    I like rebel Lauren.
    I like Dark Lauren.

    But it’s really because it’s so true, you can’t remain the same through time and life.
    Things change you.
    Tough things as well.

    The old Lauren couldn’t survive this season.
    She’s a survivor, like Kenzi.
    She’s a silent warrior.
    She’s a real gamer in this chessgame.
    Patiente. Smart.

    But her love for Bo makes her impulsive sometimes.
    Even more when she just saw her, barely kissed her, opened her heart to her, revealing what we all knew .. “everything I do is for you”… “I isolated myself for you”.. etc..

    So when The Human Morrigan said some shit about Bo etc… Blood wasn’t so far from head (is it a good expression? Oo sorry)
    And she hit The Morrigan.
    Sorry. Not sorry.

    Lauren 2.0 is in.

    She evolves.
    Bo evolves as well.
    So their relationship.
    and it’s good.
    Because their old one (even if it was sweat and all bubbles and pink and all) had issues.
    So it’s cool.

    Well.. I stop myself her, I talk too much –”

    Thx again for sharing your thoughts ! Nice job 😉

    1. Thanks for reading King Kat and your thoughtful comment. I agree with A Long Vacation, and you. They’ve all evolved, they’ve all had to. Kenzi has had to grow up more than she wanted I suspect. Bo and Lauren could never go back to what they were. Ugh. They still need some major “talks” as Carolyn suggested in last weeks discussion. But, hopefully, they will come out stronger at the end, depending on how it ends. Seems like we’re going to lose someone we don’t want to lose. 😦

  2. sneech – you are hot and brilliant! And I’ve heard through the grapevine that your wife is a Dark Fae Leader. You know what to do.

    ALongVacation – I appreciate the commentary on the music and the colors/lighting, since that’s the kind of thing that I don’t usually pick up on consciously. (I like to think that the music and colors are operating in my subconscious and creating whatever effect the director is hoping to have on the viewer, but as I commented on http://mehlsbells.wordpress.com earlier today, it’s also possible that I’m just an unsophisticated viewer of television.)

    keets – take heart, friend Grammy. If Lauren dies in the finale, then she will be resurrected and back. If that doesn’t happen then I will personally buy Grammy a case of Southern Comfort.

    1. Hey Sally, it’s a question of training yourself to become more consciously aware of the visual choices. Melanie’s a filmmaker, and I do other types work with images. The visual and audio elements provide a whole narrative of their own. I wish I knew more about music! But I’m definitely not savvy or schooled in television. That’s a whole horned beast of its own.

    2. I’ll be holdin’ ya to that case of Southern Comfort Ms. Sally. Just so’s ya know up front! LOL. You are brilliant and funny, and so damned creative. Everything you write makes me smile and laugh Sally. Also, you are so generous. The links you provide for other Lost Girl outlets, and performers. It’s all so good. Good for the Show. Good for the love of the Show. Big Ups.

      Both, yours (Sally) and Sneech’s observations on Lauren’s plan, Mahler’s too, have eased my concerns, which were not that great in terms of what happened to Evony. More on that in my comment to Carolyn.

      Cleo, I’m always is awe of how you connect the colors, music, and overall theme together. Your thoughts always help me process my thoughts and see the overall picture in a much broader perspective.

      Sneech, am agreeing with Sally on your brilliance and hotness. You always lay everything out so it makes sense. Reading your thoughts on Lauren’s evolution through each season with the Fae clearly delineates her changes in perception as well as the reasons for her actions. I’m also with you about Bo. Bo’s under the influence of the Temple revenge, the curse, the Dawning. We’re going to see some great Bo in this next ep. I can’t wait.

  3. Great discussion!

    I guess the scene where Lauren goes “Down Town on the Venus Fly trap” (Granny, you had me snorting my drink two or three times) made quite an impression on all of us. Did anybody else feel just a twinge of envy? “Uh, waitress? I ‘ll have whatever the Morrigan’s getting.”

    I too cheered Lauren’s ingenuity, courage, general bad-asserie…and wow, if the best sex she’s ever had was with Bo, she obviously picked up a few pointers along the way. Just wow.

    Like most of you — except maybe keets/Granny — I wasn’t troubled for a nanosecond by her use of “weaponized sex” to bring down that psychopathic murderer and — as Sally rightly underscores — child molester (she makes Mommy Dearest look like June Cleaver!). OK, even the Tikbalang’s psychopathic boyfriend was entitled to a fair trial after trying to kill Lauren in ep 310, but L is dealing with extraordinary circumstances in an utterly lawless land. If Evony dies, I’d deem L “not guilty” — the right of self-defense includes the use of deadly force if necessary to defend one’s own life, and Lauren was just a hand wave away from being reduced to a pile of goo.

    But is it consistent with Lauren’s nature to kill — even in self-defense? Here’s where I’d disagree with Granny’s lament that living with the Fae has tainted Lauren’s basic goodness and innocence. After all, at one point in time, she was a terrorist and at least indirectly responsible for the deaths of 11 innocents.

    Maybe that particular backstory (which stirred up some controversy among fans) was chosen to make her later transformation into a killer more plausible (in ep 408, she wiped out a few crows, didn’t she? And then hosed down some mermaids in “Waves”?).

    Was the use of vaginal fluids “weaponized” with a viral vector the only way of getting the recombinant DNA back into the Morrigan’s blood stream? Not only was it the most scientifically plausible means — short of sneaking a syringe into bed & injecting the Morrigan directly (which carried a higher risk of failure, as Sally points out) but I agree it was the surest means of disarming and disempowering some one like Evony, by playing on her narcissism.

    But is the Morrigan dead or alive? Last time we saw her, Massimo was standing over her menacingly, then in the next scene Lauren — blood on her face — is being terrorized by him. But Evony is nowhere to be seen

    Last thought: Granny, you advised us to look past Bo and Lauren’s words and watch their eyes to see the true state of their love. Totally agree – the love shines through clearly. So what’s Bo’s problem? Can’t she see that there’s a plan behind Lauren’s ruses and feigned indifference? This isn’t just the after-effects of some Wanderizing spell that has turned Bo into a jerk (frankly, these characteriations of Bo’d behavior as bitchy seem way overstated to me). It occurred to me that for all her many strengths and positive qualities, Bo probably wouldn’t score particularly high on emotional intelligence — “the ability to perceive emotion, integrate emotion to facilitate thought, understand emotions and to regulate emotions to promote personal growth” [Wikipedia]. She’s a little dense that way sometimes – like when L was trying to break up with her in 310, she thought L wanted to smooch. She tends to hear/see what she wants to believe and misses some of the subtler cues and clues. Particularly if she feels threatened — like anytime Lauren seens to be distancing herself — her emotional intelligence goes out the window. She becomes alarmed, hurt, the walks go up, and she doesn’t stop to ask herself why.

    So why does Lauren love her? She’s — my God — beautiful, stubborn, impetuous, brave, great in bed, and irreplaceably perfect.

    Sorry for long ramble!

    1. Thanks for the comment! I agree, Bo is presented as someone who is, in certain ways, really dense. But sometimes it feels a bit artificial – that is, I see the artifice behind this characterization. Anna’s and Zoie’s performances in their scenes together were amazing. Their eyes told their other story.

    2. Thank you Carolyn. Wow. After reading what you all have written, I’m in agreement with your thoughts concerning Lauren. My biggest concern, and it always will be a concern, is that violence hurts the person doing the violence as well as its victim. Of course, this is a different world with very different rules. No sympathy of Grammy Binks goes to The Morrigan, or any of the Fae. More, it goes to Lauren and Kenzi for the changes the Fae have wrought on their lives.
      It makes for very interesting television and the characters do need to evolve to stay interesting.

      And I agree, Lauren’s character has not been so squeaky clean. As Grammy’s narrator, however, I’m trying to stick to her concerns as a family member who is somewhat blindly devoted and hasn’t seen her grandchild in seven years. Lauren can do no wrong through Grammy’s point of view, therefore these changes seem harsher to her.

      Honestly, though, my concerns were similar, just not clearly defined. All of this discussion has helped me sort them out.

      I’m actually loving this side of Doctor Lauren and was yes, “envious,” LOL. I’ll have what she’s having too. 😉

      Sally pointed it out, as did you, that Lauren’s method was brilliant and probably the safest. I agree completely. Grammy didn’t have any issues with Lauren’s method either, other than her usual pretense at prudishness. No, her concerns were how it would affect Lauren emotionally down the line.

      Bo definitely shuts Lauren out in those big emotional moments, if she’s hurting and doesn’t understand fully what is going on. I wanted them to kiss so bad during that intense eye contact. Of course Rainer showed up, which I don’t believe was an accident. Every time Bo was ready to have an emotional breakthrough this Season, with both Lauren, and Kenzi, she got interrupted. The Gargoyle during the necklace discovery really comes to mind for me. Bat Winged Daddy is still pulling her emotional strings from the inside too. That’s just a guess, but seems like she’s had this possession as far back as the Lich ep.

      Thanks again for reading and commenting.

      1. ” Every time Bo was ready to have an emotional breakthrough this Season, with both Lauren, and Kenzi, she got interrupted.”
        Exactly !
        And it’s probably on purpose..
        “He” needs to ‘dehumanize’ Bo. Whatever he is..

        Because, what makes Bo who she is?
        Her heart.
        Her humanity.

        Everything is said.

      2. Keets- I have to disagree about Bo and this past big emotional moment. Lauren has told her twice she doesn’t want to be with her then she give her mixed messages by having sex in 4×05 and kissing her back in 4×07.

        If Lauren has stayed with the Dark for Bo then she needs to tell her why. Bo has made her intentions clear now it’s Lauren’s turn to explain what’s going on in that beautiful head of hers.

        “I’ll see you around” at the end of 4×05 was cold. Bo’s immature I’ll give you that but Lauren needs to open up and have that “talk”

        1. Gina – You make an excellent point. Lauren hasn’t been exactly consistent in her messages. And having started to watch season 4 from the beginning on an actual TV set (wow, what a difference) it was obvious that in the episode where B & L go looking for Vex with the Una Fan (forget her name), Bo did try to have the talk and Lauren sort of fended it off — not that Bo’s timing was ideal. Also, in that scene after Lauren floats across the lawn, it was Bo — not Lauren — who said, “We beed to talk.” Shoot, sneech, stop being right all the time.

          Incidentally, I was surprised you didn’t mention that the time portal from which Pyrippus will presumably emerge looked a little like the Dawning temple, didn’t it. And the time portal itself is already in a kind of temple to the Demon steed. You’re going to be impossible to live with if you turn out to be right about THAT — but that’s your wife’s burden to bear.
          ; ) Have a great — I hope long — weekend everybody! However S4 ends, we Anericans have all day Monday to recover.

        2. I agree with you, Sneech. It has seemed to me for a long time that Lauren is a rather secretive person. Why she doesn’t quite trust Bo enough to open up to her is still mysterious to me. But in 4×05 it was very noticeable that Bo kept asking for them to have a talk, and that Lauren kept saying Maybe later. You could tell Lauren was not telling Bo something and didn’t want to tell her something. Bo was certainly a jerky gf many times, but it’s Lauren who’s pushed her away pretty consistently since their break – which Lauren called for. Up until the moment when Lauren said “we need a break,” Bo was very sincerely all “I’ll do anything because I want you to be happy.” It has been revealed why during S4 Lauren was so cagey, in part, in this last episode. I don’t get why people are so incensed that Bo said “you broke my heart” to Lauren. She most certainly did from Bo’s point of view. I think Lauren is a much more interesting person when she’s not miss perfect booties. She’s fundamentally a good and ethical person, etc. who loves Bo. But she has her demons. I’d be interested to see where these demons can take her. EA did hint at the Rise of Lauren in the upcoming season.

        3. M5- I’m so glad you brought up the Pyrippus, portal, Dawning Temple similarities. Yes I saw it but at this point I felt I’ve beaten that poor horse sufficiently and now I’m sure I’ve got everyone rolling their eyes.

          Did I mention the crickets were awfully loud in the promo for the finale?

          We only have two more days. You’re right…I will be unbearable.

    1. I was so excited when I found that cover. I listened to a lot of different versions and hated most of them. I am so loving the music you all have been bringing to this space. Heartkiller is just amazing and fits so perfect. The music people on this show are incredible.

    1. Sally. I agree with Cleo there is SO much stuff relating to family this season that it deserves an essay. It’s been and underlying theme all season long and I suspect will be front and center for this final episode. Your biological family vs. your CHOSEN family. Make it so mama!!!

      1. Yes, forced to choose who shall live between Trick and Kenzi, Bo chooses Kenzi – or Trick takes matters into his own hands.

        1. I think we’re all going to get blindsided by something like Aife showing up. She has tricks blood too and could close the gateway. Then we have Bo choosing between her mom and her grand pop, or between Lauren and Kenzi. Or all of them. They are so good at misdirection.

          I agree with you guys about Bo wanting to talk and Lauren being evasive. What I meant about Bo shutting her down in the big emotional moments is that when Lauren does try and explain herself Bo doesn’t believe her, or trust her, so she doesn’t listen, she accuses her.

          ” I had to make it believable so the Morrigan would believe it too.”

          Reasonable, but how was Bo supposed to know that?? Rainer shows up and shuts them both down.

          Same thing with the Safety Bang.

          Lauren: “I was trying to protect you.”

          Bo: “Don’t forget your dog collar.” (doesn’t talk to her for the rest of the season)

          Lauren does stuff in a backwards way, which makes her seem untrustworthy.

          The problem for me with Bo acting all heartbroken was that she got kidnapped right after the Taft incident and got her memory wiped. But, as soon as she was back home she was riding Dyson like no tomorrow. If she really wanted Lauren back why was she going to Dyson for her “healing” “chi” whatever. That was Lauren’s one rule. Even if they were broken up and she had intentions of wanting Lauren back she could have picked randoms to fulfill that need.

          Then they meet at the Dark party and they don’t talk. She doesn’t tell Lauren she’s screwing Dyson and Lauren doesn’t tell her she’s playing Evony in a long game. Bo assumes Lauren is going to come running home? When was she going to tell her Dyson was her main bang??

          Lauren finds out that Bo is screwing Dyson in 4 x 7 and you can see it on her face that it hurts.

          So yeah, I think they both have problems.

  4. Wow I can’t believe it took me so long to post about this episode seeing my head is so full of thoughts about it!

    The lack of news about the show renewal somehow had me reconsider the series as a whole. By now I think they made a mistake from the start; they should have use ‘Lost Girls’ as a title. Seeing the story arc for each of the three main female characters over the 4 seasons it’s obvious all of them were or/and are lost.
    I read this before but I agree, season 4 has been the season of ‘Team Human’ and I couldn’t be happier about that since both of them are my favourites. It’s also quite the tribute to both Ksenia and Zoie since, from what I heard before, their parts were at first supposed to stay secondary to the story.
    I’m quite nervous about tonight’s finale for the same reasons LOL

    A few stray thoughts if I may:

    (about Lauren’s motivations about Evony)
    I think Lauren wants Evony human because she wanted to kill Bo (from the start) she’s also the one who declared humans as terrorists at the end of season 3. to me it always seemed a bit OOC from Evony to get all friendly with Lauren (even if she had her own agenda) considering her previous behavior toward humans.

    (about Lauren going all Mata Hari on the Morrigan)
    I understand that some people are going to hold that against lauren but everyone uses sex for their own agenda on LG why wouldn’t she be allowed to? The one thing that got me to go ‘huh?’ was the way they reach for each other’s hand when Lauren reappear. It seemed a bit too intimate considering. The whole scene was funny, Evony reaction to sweating and itching was hilarious. It also felt like such a huge victory in Lauren’s development journey. And that punch? Wooohooo! You go girl (and I’m really not into violence)

    (about the human parts in the finale)
    I still would love to see Lauren ending up being the true hero seeing the evolution of her character this season. But since Kenzi is the only one not mentioned in the prophecy, and now unclaimed, I’m starting to think she might actually be the proverbial dark horse.

    Also, I’m glad Lauren admitted that she did it all for Bo. Her loyalty is one of her better traits and it fits so much better than Lauren just cutting herself of for whatever other reason.
    I don’t quite agree with people saying that she’s embellishing things there. For me even the things she apparently did for her own good are part of what she needs to do to find her way back to Bo. Sometimes you have to work on yourself first to be worthy of the person you love. (Even if I don’t feel that Bo deserves her right now, I’m still Doccubus all the way)
    Going back the the break and Lauren saying she wasn’t happy, I think she was saying to Bo; ‘I’m not happy about who I al’ as much as ‘you’re not making me happy’.
    She had to regain her sens of self-worth and it’s what she’s been doing this season.

    Oh and: “Damn Rainer being a clitblocker!”, I wanted to see where that scene was going. That particual scene made me think of Emily Andras saying that Anna and Zoie don’t need words to communicate emotions. Heartbreaking and heartwarming all at the same time.
    For me it just reaffirmed that Lauren is the one Bo still love more than anyone else. I find significant that Bo specify the handfasting has nothing to do with love but what is right for her ‘family’.

    After all that, I’m worrying about the finale even more.

    Like always; loved your reviews!

  5. I found it interesting that Bo. As we were lead to believe was SO jealous of Lauren and the Morrigan that she never goes to see what was truly going on. You can’t tell me the Bo who stormed Evony’s room to get the suitcase to help Vex, wouldn’t storm Evony’s room to find out what was actually going on with them.
    Although I did want her to follow Lauren to Evony’s, storm in saying we’re not done talking yet while she walks in on THEM. Dang writers.

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