Lost Girl 4.11 – End Of The Line – SBSneech

“For my own family, I would always choose the makeshift, surrogate family formed by various characters unrelated by blood”  -Anne Tyler

“You complete me”  -Bo to Kenzi in 4×11

I want to go back for a moment. All the way back to the beginning…

Bo Dennis is running, hiding and killing unintentionally. Unaware she is Fae and convinced she is a monster, she moves from place to place, living a life filled with loneliness and solitude. By chance Bo meets Kenzi, while saving her from being assaulted and in the process reveals a nifty talent…

BkillingDude 1x1

Unfazed by witnessing Bo kill a man and control a waitress by touch, Kenzi sees a kindred spirit in Bo. Running from their pasts they forge a friendship. Kenzi becomes Bo’s heart, her sister, her family…

1x1 BoandK walking

Lauren is the first human to explain to Bo what she is and offers help in controlling her hunger. Remember this?


Dyson takes pity on Bo and befriends her when she is forced to fight underfae to the death in a ceremony called The Test. He gives her his chi and fighting advice as she heads in to the contest…


And as Season 1 comes to a close they all risk their personal safety to aid Bo in stopping her mother from inciting a war between the Clans.

Dyson sacrifices his love…


Lauren risks punishment from the Ash by imparting an amulet as protection from Aife’s power…


And Kenzi ignores the danger of following Bo to Aife’s…

Kenzi and Bo Aife

                                                         “Bo let go of your crazy mother!”

Season 2 finds all three yet again sacrificing in the same manner. Kenzi falls in love with Nate but relinquishes their relationship so she can support Bo on her quest to defeat the Garuda. Kenzi almost loses her life…

Kenzi blood

Dyson almost loses his life…

Dyson a mess

Lauren loses Nadia…


In Season 3, They all came together to aid Bo through one of her biggest challenges: The Dawning.

Dyson offered himself as her hand, willing to sacrifice his life to guide her Bo through The Temple…


Lauren worked tirelessly creating a formula to slow the growth of devolving underfae cells in hopes of postponing a trip inside the Temple…


And Kenzi accompanied Bo back home to face her mother and the ghosts of the past. Plus you can’t expect Bo to inject herself with Lauren’s formula do you?


Why the long walk down Memory Lane? Because this last episode really drove home the fact that the dynamics between them all have changed for good. I thought sometime before the end of the season the show would go back to the old dynamic but it’s pretty clear, Lost Girl has evolved. It’s been slowly happening all season mind you but the declaration of “He’s my destiny” sealed the deal.

It’s not all bad. I like that Kenzi, Dyson and Lauren have grown closer. They turned to each other to fill the void created by the loss of Bo and in the process they’ve matured and come to consider one another, family. Unfortunately Bo has steadily withered into someone unrecognizable and consequences were inevitable.

Kenzi has desperately tried to reconnect with Bo. Out for drinks at the Dal, Bo was more interested partying with the patrons then bonding with Kenzi. Ignoring Kenzi as Bo lovingly told Lauren and Dyson how much she loved them dealt the most painful blow. Feeling like an outcast Kenzi is noticeably absent when Bo returns to the Dal with Rainer.

Hale’s death could drive a wedge between them. Kenzi could blame Bo for having to give away the Twig of Zamora. If Bo had come back sooner she wouldn’t have made such a terrible decision. Abducted is one thing but Bo has admitted to prolonging her return (so she could play grab ass with Rainer) leaving Kenzi to fend for herself.

Dyson-  “I haven’t felt this alone in centuries”.

Boy was that heart to heart long overdue. Empathy isn’t something I’ve had for Dyson, but I couldn’t help but cringe the moment Bo confirmed she was no longer in love with him. Sure you may know it intellectually but hearing it out loud is quite a different thing. Most of his pain is self-inflicted but, this season, Bo never discouraged him and used him as a surrogate partner whenever she saw fit.

He could endure Bo’s relationship with Lauren. In his eyes, it wasn’t a reflection of his inadequacies as a man. She didn’t qualify as competition. She was human and a woman. But Bo choosing Rainer? That can only be interpreted one way. What was the name of that book? Oh yeah. She’s Just Not That Into You.

After seeing what Dyson and Kenzi experienced last week I’m really really grateful Lauren was MIA.

As much as I hate to admit it, Lauren was smart in letting Bo go last season. (My poor Doccubus heart is still in shreds). She quickly realized that Bo’s journey of self discovery was only just beginning. Unlike Kenzi and Dyson, Lauren consciously keeps Bo at arms length. Serving as protection from the hurt and disappointment experienced by the others.

That’s not to say her feelings have been left unscathed. Bo’s yet to acknowledge her mistakes that lead to their breakup. The disclosure that Bo’s been sleeping with Dyson all this time has got to be painful to hear. Lauren’s always believed Bo loves her and would return to her, she just needed time to mature. Which makes Rainer’s appearance as Bo’s new love interest even more sorrowful.

I admit I’m a tad gloomy this week. This episode reminded me of how much I miss how carefree Bo and Kenzi were together. Sitting around the clubhouse watching bad movies and eating crap.

God I miss Lauren in a lab coat!!

Kenzi, Dyson and Lauren offered Bo something she hadn’t experienced before: acceptance, compassion, and fierce loyalty. Regrettably it’s all slowly disintegrated. Bo’s so isolated from everyone  and she isn’t even aware it’s happened. At the moment she’s preoccupied with fulfilling her destiny. Whatever the hell that is!

I want my old Bo back. I take that back. I want the old Bo that was impulsive, courageous, stubborn and loving. I also want a new and improved Bo. One who admits her weaknesses and asks forgiveness for failing her loved ones. That’s what I want. After the shit storm’s over.

Best line of the episode goes to Tamsin :

“What do you really know about crazy train?”

Random thought:

I love the theory of Bo being half dead and it made me think of something. If everything is upside down this season, what if Bo dies? The Leviathan said someone you love very much will die. Levi loved riddles so what if it was a forewarning that it would be her? There have been various references to Bo’s self obsession.

We still have the unresolved issue of the Helskor shoes.

They could lead to the end of days but must be worn by a worthy hero. Could the hero be human? What did Trick mean that the shoes could lead to the end of days?

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17 thoughts on “Lost Girl 4.11 – End Of The Line – SBSneech

  1. Brilliant summary of the Seasons to date, Sneech. I was most intrigued by your last sentence: “What did Trick mean that the shoes could lead to the end of days?”

    One of the tid-bits I found while looking up Leviathan references was this description: “the ‘wriggling serpent’ who will be killed at the end of time.”

    Supposedly the Leviathan is to be served up to the masses as somewhat of a last supper. Much about this in the bible and other sources. It struck me because the Wanderer was said to be: “As old as Time” by the Kitsune sorority sisters.

    We know Levi covets that branded handprint that Bo has acquired. We know that Mr. Rainer is tied up with the Wanderer, even if he isn’t the Wanderer himself. The Helskor shoes will bring some worthy wearer a chance at “what?” And will Levi play a role? I don’t think the person Bo loves “very much” is herself. I actually think, on some level, Bo has come to despise herself but has lost all control of her choices, and her desires. Something within in driving her. Something that doesn’t belong in her.

    I’m still a believer in the idea that Love will set her free. Who’s love? Lauren’s? Kenzi’s? Either one will be a win in my book as long as Bo comes out of the hell she’s sunk herself in to.

    1. Thanks Keets I appreciate the read and the background on Levi.

      The Helskor shoes are confusing. Trick referred to them the hell shoes but it seems a contradiction that only the worthy warrior can wear them. Worthy of what you ask.

      I did a little research myself on the shoes: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Helsk%C3%B3r
      The shoes were put on the dead so they could walk to Valhalla. So they’re shoes that allow someone travel to other realms? Levi controls The Underworld, Odin has authority over Valhalla and The Pirappus what? Does it come from Hell itself?
      I feel like we should be looking at the Book of Revelations from the Bible. This whole story line strikes me as some sort of end of days.

      I agree that Bo is being driven by some other force. But I also feel she is still in denial about the level of control she possesses. She seems to acquiesce to the idea that her destiny has been decided for her. But yet claims to still be trying to figure it out as if she may have the power to change it. She’s grasping at straws.

      I think love will set her free and it’s got to be Lauren and Kenzi. We’ll see 🙂

      1. Just wanted to pop in and say that the idea of “hell” as the place sinners go to for eternal torment is Christian. So this particular Christian concept of the underworld grafted itself onto preexisting ideas of death’s dominion – Hades, Irkalla, etc.The Germanic word “hel” was retained and transformed into “hell.” Not an expert, but this is what makes sense to me. So it’s a bunch of meanings all rolled into a bunch more. Lol. If anyone has a more authoritative comment to make, please do!


  2. First comment ever so let me start by saying I love your blog and insightful posts.
    I have no real idea where the Helskor shoes storyline is going but I really would love to see Lauren turningto be the ‘worthy hero’ mentionned.

    Contrarily to a lot of people who’ve been accusing the writers of purposedly destroying the show, I think the whole (admittedly confusing) season was a way to lead us to a certain place and probably a very big finale.

    I don’t believe producers and/or writers would, just for the sake of it, lead a big part of the viewers to a point where they hate the show’s main character and ‘hero’.

    That feeling has only grown with the last episode and new promo as it becomes more and more obvious they’re working on isolating Bo completely from her family. Kenzi being the last to give up on her in a way, I think, noone would have thought possible.
    For me it’s spelling BIG event to come, probably with many huge surprises and possibly (hopefully even) will bring the apparently all over the place season together.

    So yeah, call me naive 😉 but I have faith in the production team and cast who worked so hard to bring us that, not so little, one of a kind show. (Just don’t you kill Lauren LOL)

    Can you please check on me after the finale to see if I choked on my own words? Thank you.

    (English isn’t my first language, please forgive me for any mistakes in this comment)

    1. Thanks for reading us. I am with you on that assessment of the show! I’m willing to bet the farm on a grand and amazing finale, but I know I might lose it. Oh well. Your English is perfect.


    2. Hi Sylvie glad you love the blog and thrilled you were inspired to leave a comment. No apologies necessary, your english is wonderful.

      I completely agree with you regarding the intentions of the writers. We are supposed to be disappointed with Bo and her behavior. Now do I think it could have been done better? Yes but that’s my opinion before the season is over. I feel she should have been written a bit darker or evil instead of coming across as immature and petulant. There may be a reason why they choose not to go too dark and it’s a question I would love to ask Emily Andras.

      I see a big ending coming and I’m very confident the humans play a pivotal role in all this madness.

      Check back with us next week Sylvie. I sense we’ll have lots to talk about 🙂

    3. Sylvie, thanks for reading and commenting! I totally agree with you that the writers and producers of the show would not deliberately make their protagonist unlikeable without a corresponding crisis, catharsis, crucible, and ultimately compensatory conclusion.

      I am totally with you on what is probably to come! Let’s check on each other after the finale.

  3. Thank you guys, for the warm welcome. I’ve been tempted to comment on others sites before but the ships war always deterred me. (I have a real problem with people who insult others just because they don’t share the same ideas)

    I’m sure I’ll be back next week, seeing it looks like a Lauren heavy ep, I probably will want to ask what you think. LOL

    I mean for one, I was thinking about those Helskor Shoes and how I’d like Lauren (and team Human by extension) to save the day (heck the season) and something obvious occured to me; they already have those ugly shoes in Zoie’s size! Let’s save money people! 😉

    Have a great week until next time.

    1. Great catch Sylvie ! Helskor are in Zoie’s size already xD Now…Is there anyone else who have the same size of shoes that Zoie? That is the question…

      Otherwise, still great to read your review. Need more of them ! My brain is always hungry of words and theories ¬_¬

    2. I’m with you on growing weary of the ship wars. We welcome everyone here at UNALIGNED whether you ship certain pairings, all of them, or none at all.

      Another site that I like a lot that also doesn’t get into the ship wars and celebrates all of the characters is http://drinksatthedal.com. They are a podcast and often have lively discussions in their show notes.

  4. Wonderful post, sneetch! Enjoyed the nostalgic look back at the “way they were” and appreciated your note that they can’t go back there again. If LG is renewed — WHEN LG is renewed, I’ll be curious to see the bew ways this dysfunctional family will be knit back together. Of course, my musings start with the OTP — they’ll find their way back to each other early in the season, though not living together. Too much baggage for one apartment. Then I imagined reverting to a MOTW format, with Bo, Lauren and Kenzi all back in the detective business together. It might work, if Kenzi ever forgives Bo, and if a new sort of triangle isn’t triggered. But it occurred to me — if Bo beats all the Big Bads at the end of this season, she’ll be the biggest bad ass do-gooder of them all with a big job ahead of her: establishing peace, uniting the Fae, integrating humans (whom the Fae prey upon). Her hands will be pretty full. This season gave us a glimpse of the crime-stopping firm of Kenzi, Lauren, and Dyson and I liked what I saw. Why not more? It could work, leaving Bo to be the Grand Poobah. But dating Lauren. Have I just violated all the rules of genre and romance combined? Probably. But all is permitted in dreams.
    Thanks for the great read!

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