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Lost Girl 4.11 – End of a Line

There are plenty of morality tales warning humans about what happens when you try to cheat death. There are also stories of defiant humans – heroes – who do manage to outmaneuver and evade death, many times for love, sometimes earning the respect of the immortals. But true power over death used to belong to the gods.

And with this episode we circle yet closer to the vortex. It’s big and bad, and it’s definitely coming. In case we didn’t get it the first five times around, this season is very much about family. This is also the season in which Lost Girl comes of age; and really kind of becomes about death and power, and transcending death as the ultimate power. Episode 411 made it crystal (no, not her) clear.

Family and death – somewhat awkward bedfellows – are brought together in this episode.

Two plots run on parallel tracks, once again:

  1. Bo, Dyson, Tamsin, and Acacia battle the Living Dead and have lots of drama.
  2. There is heartbreak all over again in Kenzi’s life, and love too. And there is a semi-dead temporarily immortal human, Mossimo, who kills our most beloved fae, the well-intentioned, ultimately pure-hearted Hale. And there is no reprieve. It breaks Kenzi.

I’ll admit I have absolutely no idea what this all means:

Tamsin, speaking about Bo to Dyson: “If It’s any consolation, I think she’s cray-zy.

Then an actual crazy man comes along and:

There can be no help for me.
But there may be help for you
Long ago there were three sisters
And they were all magic, but only one survived
And she could control the dead; she took her from me!
She took her like a shirt from a clothes line.
Dead and alive. Dead and alive.
She is dead and alive. She is dead and alive!
There were three and there’s one.
She could control the dead. She is dead and alive.
She took her from me. She took her from me!!
She’s dead and alive. There were three and there’s one.
She is dead and alive. She is dead and alive!”

And It’s Laveau, and it’s Bo, and it’s the Leviathan.
Screenshot 2014-01-28 21.29.52My destiny

Screenshot 2014-01-28 21.46.05

Bo’s been wearing a lot of blue this season, as does Kenzi on her promotional shots. (Dyson wears black, and Lauren wears white on those.)

Is Bo also both dead and alive? Our very own fearless adventurers, the Unaligned Granny Binks and Sally, speculated quite interestingly about this possibility, also commenting on the use of the color blue. The conjuncture of the color blue across the episodes makes me think even more that episode 405 gave us a visual foreshadowing of something relating to Bo, Lauren, and death.

En Famille.

The familial dramas that unfolded were (unless I missed something, except for the Kenzi plot) interesting in that they significantly fleshed out many of the non-romantic relationships on the show.

The parental themes that stood out to me were: Fallible mothers and Bad fathers. (Oh, could this be about Bo’s parents too?!)

Bo and Kenzi’s relationship suffers the first ever serious blow. But in the end, Bo tells Kenzi, “I would always choose you.” It seems significant because we hear Bo speak as her old self, yet also as a new self who knows what choices are right  for her.

Kenzi and Bo have had a maternal relationship with one another from the beginning of the series, and it’s been established that Kenzi is the mom. But Bo is older, which is significant because, when the arc of season 4 closes, Bo could be heading for far greater knowledge and awareness. Then she would truly become the protector of the family. In an alternate universe, where good did not win out over evil, Bo would be a tyrant.

Bo is beginning to suffer the consequences of her neglect of Kenzi: ultimately it led to Hale’s death. Can Bo be better than Kenzi’s birth mother?

Acacia and Bo fight over what and who are best for Tamsin, both vying for the parental role. Tamsin chooses to remain with the gang.

Then there were Vex, Trick, and a lot of bad fathers.

Bo has become really smug. And so full of herself. I don’t think “dark” Bo is purely the result of some evil spell. It’s really the supernatural activation of something that’s already in her. And how this activation works in tandem with Bo’s own evolution post-dawning, when she becomes increasingly self-centered and arrogant, taking from everyone around her yet giving little, is an intriguing idea.

Screenshot 2014-01-27 19.21.23

The primary reason that Bo is irritated with Lauren being “dark,” is that Lauren is très friendly with the Morrigan. Whatever is actually going on between them is ambiguous to the outside world. They’ve been seen together; there’s been gossip…She may or many not be her lover. And that’s about what Bo knows. And it really bugs her! It’s good for her though; she’ll probably figure out a few things now. Let’s hope so.

Dyson and Kenzi don’t feel like Bo is their friend anymore.

Bo: we were more than just lovers. [We were friends/family.]
Dyson: I know. What are we now?  [Answer: NOT friends.]

Bo may have had “the whammy” put on her, but Dyson is as lucid as a freshman on Adderall. So that talk between them sticks, in my opinion, unless Bo were to do a complete 180 and suddenly say she wants to marry Dyson forever’ n ever. Otherwise Dyson would be a fool to go back to Bo. Dyson would also be a fool to accept a polyamorous relationship with Bo and Lauren, since it appears that, leaving Rainer aside for a moment, Bo truly loves only Lauren. But we here have always thought so, so that’s that.

Going forward to the end.

All the pieces have fallen into place. Except for Lauren.

1. Dyson is moving on emotionally from Bo. Although he says he may or may not help her if Rainer turns out evil, we know he will.

2. Tamsin realizes that it will never happen with Bo; the feelings are too one-sided, and Bo has placed her among those she loves, but not romantically. The scene between them, when Bo says “you just have to go for it,” and you think “Oh, no, they’re going to kiss,” was a misdirect I believe. Tamsin sees something in that moment; she sees a  person who’s never going to love her “that way.” I contend that Tamsin realized then and there that her crush on Bo was misguided and that she and Dyson could be a real thing. But Tamsin chooses Bo and the gang over Acacia. She’s family and in Bo’s corner always. I don’t believe she would betray her.

3. I think Kenzi and Bo will find their way back to each other, although right now, Kenzi is in a state of grief and rage, and seems on track for some major problems, which will require massive Scooby intervention.

4. Lauren. Lauren remains the only piece not yet in place for the final moves. I very quietly and gingerly, on tiptoes, dare to hope that she has a significant role in regard to freeing Bo from whatever evil has been stalking her and possessing her since, at least, the Dawning. Lauren will also save the world as a result.

It seems possible (probable?) that one of the two humans will die and need to be brought back. “I will always choose you” becomes much more prophetic. Choose her over who?


I didn’t like the Kenzi-Hale plot as much. Kenzi’s family was caricatured and vague, and all we got was the story we already knew: Kenzi’s stepfather was a first class a-hole, which led Kenzi to run away from home and live on the streets during her entire adolescence, until she met Bo. Usually abusive stepfathers come with mothers who are cowardly, indifferent, or themselves victims, or all the above. To be clear, I am not trivializing these all too common and real situations. It’s the opposite really. This part of the episode felt superficial. Maybe the actors playing Kenzi’s mother and cousin Dima weren’t very good. Kenzi’s mom was way too much like Dorotha… but not funny like Dorotha.

But I really enjoy Steve Cochrane’s writing, and his insane sense of humor. The “Bo and the Bickersome Gang Hunt Revenants” plot was classic Lost Girl. It’s that high anxiety music playing as Bo and Acacia have a super intense fight about who is trying to kill whom with revenants, while the subtext is all about Tamsin. And meanwhile the gross blood-drinking guy is filming them yelling things like “Pull her hair!” And, “Boring. Rip her shirt open!”  Anna Silk and Linda Hamilton had excellent timing delivering that “Nothing!” line to Tamsin, as she asks what in the hell is going on. The whole scene had a fabulous comedic undertone and is capped off with Bo smashing the guy’s camera and saying “send me the bill.”

And so in conclusion
It is getting increasingly clearer, and also more confusing, that Rainer and The Wanderer may/not be the same person. Or that The Wanderer and the Super Evil Entity are/not the same person. Or that The Wanderer or Rainer are/not Bo’s father.

But obviously something else is coming along. And there will be opinions.

keets twitter avatar


The Grammy Binks Rants.

Good Lord!


Pass the Bourbon an’ forgit the Mint.  Just give me the whole damned bottle!

My nerves is so on edge an’ raw from watchin’ this nightmare I kin’t think straight.  Well, I never could (ta be honest),  but that don’t matter much in the big picture now does it?   The big picture just got real small in Lil’ Kenz’s world.  I grieve with her.  It hurts so bad ta lose a loved one.  Ya ain’t never the same afterwards.  Somethin’ turns off,  yet somethin’ else gits expanded in a way ya never thought was possible.

Poor Lil’ Kenz just growed up in a big way.  She ain’t never goin’ ta be the same agin.


It’s hard ta watch another’s pain when ya know there ain’t nothin’ ya kin do ’bout it.   Even harder when ya wish ya could take that pain an’ own it fer yerself.   Life don’t work that way though, does it?  Nope.  Hard knocks is somethin’ we all git to experience as solo performances.  This one was real devastatin’ ta witness, an’ I just gotta take a minute.

‘Course I was all confused an’ such.

Turns out, there’s this ZeePee person who thinks she’s my Grandbaby ???

This ZeePee set the Twitter afire with promises of Sexcapades!


‘Course I got all panicky an’ made Bertie cancel her ridiculous Social with the petrified Church Ladies.  Those old Crones could do without Bertie’s perversions spoilin’ their Sainthood meetin’s.  So’s, I told ’em outright that Bertie undresses them in her mind at every gatherin’ they have. (LOL)

Long story short:  Bertie come over ta help me watch ‘cos I was certain my Lolo was gonna be gettin’ horizontal with the Venus Fly Trap.  Gah!  Ya’ll know I couldn’t be watchin’ that!

An’ then: Nada!  Nothin’!  Zippity!  Zilcho! Zabba Dabba Dooey Phooey!  We didn’t catch a single glimpse o’ my Lolo on the t.v. screen.  But, what happened was so much worse than any sexy time shenanigans could ever be.

Hale wer’nt my favorite person,  not since he purported to own my Grandbaby.  But still, he was a good boy an’ meant well.  People just do dumb stuff once in a while.  That’s how folks learn, but that poor boy didn’t deserve what he got for his misplaced arrogance an’ ignorance now did he?   Sheesh!

Lil’ Kenz is gonna blame herself  I ‘magine.   Bargainin’ with the twig o’ Zamora done killed her love.   There is gonna be some more bargainin’ in this tale b’fore it ends.

Here’s a guess, or two, ’bout Bo,  her loved ones, an’ her Prince Charmin’.

1)  Bo uttered some words that near stopped my pacemaker’s tickin’:  “Some things are bigger than love.”  That poor child is really Lost now.  Those was the very same words that Marcus fella spoke ta his sweet Ianca, right b’fore she sang them both ta death.

2)  “You complete me.”  Ta Lil’ Kenz.  That one din’t surprise me so much as make me wonder.  It’s a beautiful thing ta see a friendship b’tween two women mean so much ta one another without a man meddlin’ in the middle.

3)  I wonder what Bo’s gonna feel like once she gits a real look at Mr. Rainer?   What’s appearin’ on the surface ain’t what’s wrigglin’ inside;  he’s a parasite,  leachin’ her life force completely outta her.   How long’s it gonna take b’fore she realizes this is happenin?

4)  “It Begins”  is the title o’ the next eppysode.   Well, it’s ’bout Interdimensional Space, an  Frackin’  Time already!!!   “It” needs ta be some kinda mystical miracle,  or relevant revelation (with no revenants please…just  ick,  yuk,  an’  phooey on blood drinkin’ from severed heads!).


Or,  prob’ly,  my Lolo is goin’ ta do what she always does:  Use her brains, an’ courage, an heart, ta git the job done.

Ya see what I done there?

Lolo’s got the whole package now don’t she?

She’s got the Scarecrow’s brains, the Cowardly Lion’s courage, an’ most importantly:  the Tin Man’s heart.  She’s all o’ Dorothy’s companions packaged as a beautiful angel sweetheart princess ( I ain’t biased or nothin’).

(Lolo ain’t Toto, though, ‘cos that’s Lil’ Kenz;  an’ we all know that Toto was Dorothy’s first an’ best friend)


This here story is runnin’ the gamut of all fantasy.  A lil’ o’ this, an a lil’ o’ that.

They’s gonna finish it with OZ though.   I’ll bet ya!

Bo will be clickin’ an’ clackin’ those Helskor slippers, all the while bawlin’ her eyes out down under.   She an’ Levi will strike a bargain:  a branded handprint fer a hearth an’ a home.

She’s gonna trade Mr. Rainer’s paw print fer that o’ her True Love’s Soul.

“There’s no place like Home.  There’s no place like Home.  There’s Bo place like Home.

This here is Grammy Binks Signin’ off…

As a p.s. I’m so hopin’ it ain’t my sweet Lauren an’ Lil Kenz that Bo git’s stuck  choosin’ b’tween.  Ms. Cleo,  ya done broke my heart with your query!   How could Bo ever choose b’tween the Love o’ her life,  an’ the Light o’ her life?  They is both the same an’ every bit as equal!  That’s what this whole damned journey should be about: Bo understandin’ the meaning’ o’ Love, o’ Family,  whatever its form!   Not choosin’ b’tween them.  NO! Just NO!

Sally twitter avatar


“I like zombies,” Bo said.

Bo after she drank blood

Well, I don’t. As a supernatural monster, zombies have never really grabbed me – literally or otherwise. Part of it is the gross-out factor, but they’ve also never really seemed that menacing. They shuffle around, they aren’t quick fighters, and you can kill them by slicing off their heads with a sword (or, apparently, by drinking their blood and commanding them to be at peace). Nasssssssty.

I suspended my dislike for zombies/Revenants temporarily for Lost Girl, though. But let me tell you, Harvey swishing blood around in his mouth like it was Listerine was yucky enough, but when Bo drank blood directly from the Laveau’s bleeding neck stump, well, I threw up in my mouth a bit. Again, not literally, but I wanted to. I think I’ll resume my previous point of view, which is – they’re too slow and easy to kill to be credible assassins. Beats me why Acacia and Tamsin used to use them all the time to go after their targets.

(They reminded me of those headless dudes, the dullahan from the first season, who were also sent to kill other Fae. Those guys were WAY better fighters, and seem like probably more effective assassins.)

This episode had a strong theme of the chickens coming home to roost. Or consequences of our actions, if you  prefer. Here’s a short list of consequences that I took note of:

  • Kenzi giving Massimo the Twig of Zamora, which allowed him to cheat death twice (and to kill Hale)
  • Hale’s bleeding ears as a consequence of Ianka’s Death Note and using his Siren power, which apparently damaged his hearing enough that he couldn’t hear Kenzi telling him to LOOK OUT BEHIND HIM
  • Trick writing Rainer out of history…and something writing Rainer back in. Trick will pay for his arrogance.
  • Bo hasn’t quite yet been faced with the consequences of killing the Una Mens, but I’m sure that’s coming

Speaking of Rainer, so much of this episode was Tamsin and Acacia trying to convince Bo that Rainer isn’t a good guy. I’m going state the things I think we know to try to make some sense of it all.

  1. The Wanderer is Rainer is the Wanderer. The Una Mens Keeper said that the Wanderer was not meant for this physical plane when she was looking at Rainer, right before Bo slaughtered them. As well, when Acacia shows up at Bo’s house and mentions the Wanderer, and Bo says “Rainer didn’t do this,” Acacia says “On a first-name basis now, are we?” So whomever the Wanderer is, it’s Rainer.
  2. This Rainer that Bo found on the train doesn’t look like the person who hired Tamsin, Valkyrie Princess of yore to find “the one with eyes both brown and blue.” Tamsin assures Acacia later on that she will kill the Wanderer if she can be SURE. Sure that Bo’s boyfriend Rainer is the actual evil Wanderer who hired her and who cut off Acacia’s hand, I guess.

So what’s going on?

  • One possibility is that this Rainer is some kind of imposter and was able to fool the Una Mens into thinking that he was the real Wanderer.
  • Or perhaps this Rainer is not the Wanderer that Acacia thinks he is – remember, she didn’t see any pictures of him while she was at Bo’s house.
  • Or, maybe he is the Wanderer that Tamsin remembers hiring her, but he has drastically changed his appearance.
  • Or maybe Tamsin was hired by a different person who is true evil, who somehow is influencing Rainer, though Rainer isn’t trying to impersonate the Wanderer.

I’m still confused. But this much I know:  someone is deceiving someone.

Speaking of deception, Trick says in response to Vex’s question that Rainer is not evil – just defiant. But you can’t fool me twice – you can’t trust Trick or what he says. Trick seems to think that Vex stole the Una Mens seed, but Vex doesn’t really confirm or deny that. I think not, but the jury’s still out. It could be Massimo – the hand looked burned.

Lauren's lip
Gives new meaning to the phrase ‘lip service’

I still think that Massimo is Evony’s son by a human father and that he collected Valkyrie hair and the Una Mens seed to give to his “Mommy,” who is Evony. But Lauren is on to him, and stole Evony’s DNA, perhaps to form Evony kryptonite, or to create an Evony clone (who will be played by Tatiana Maslany) to deceive Massimo and intercept the powerful artifacts. Dun dun dun!!!

Let’s talk about Bo and her erstwhile lovers.

Poor Mopey Dick, poor Dyson. The conversation Bo had with him about how she loves him but isn’t still in love with him. That had to have been hard to hear. But maybe necessary? Maybe he can start to make his way out of the prison of his own making. I will say that since I think Bo’s not actually in love with Rainer, but is under some kind of spell or outside influence (Rune Glass, anyone?), then anyone who is Team Triangle can hold onto that shred of hope – after the spell is lifted, maybe Bo’s previous loves will return. After all, it was just two episodes ago that Bo was telling Dyson and Lauren that she loved them both so much and going on and on to the Leviathan about how she couldn’t choose between them.

As well, when Bo says to Dyson that we can’t always choose our paths, I was like – who are you, Bo? What about living the life you choose?

If I were a Fae who fed on Doccubus, then this season I would be both feasting and starving. Feasting because all the signs and portents we’ve seen are pointing toward the true north of Bo’s true love for Lauren. Starving because we only had Doccubus sexytimes in Let The Dark Times Roll, some red string of fate goodness in La Fae Epoque, and then some carwash backseat-jockeying fun in Groundhog Fae.

But there have been so few scenes between Bo and Lauren where they are even talking to each other civilly without a pile of needless misunderstandings and hurt feelings and things unsaid standing in the way. If the love is the meat and the sex is the carbohydrates, then this season has been the Lost Girl version of the Atkins Diet: low-carb and high-protein. On a diet of pure protein, one will slowly starve. Is this metaphor holding up? I don’t care, because it’s going to allow me to say:  Hey Lost Girl, Doccubus fans want you to give us some sugar!

I think it’s time for lunch.

I still don’t buy that Bo is really in love with Rainer. I think she’s been enthralled, brainwashed, or otherwise ensorcelled (again, maybe it’s the Rune Glass at work). Not only from the trippy sequences from the Death Train with the butterfly and all, but also because the show hasn’t invested any time or storyline in making Rainer at all sympathetic to us, and hasn’t shown any type of buildup or falling in love slow-burn between Bo and Rainer. With Dyson and Lauren, both of those loves were shown to grow over time, and compare that with the Rainer “I just know” BS that Bo keeps spouting. I don’t believe it, Bo.

Kenzi and Hale. I’ve been putting off writing about this because it’s too painful. OMG! I appreciate the the stakes are high and characters are at risk for real death and that actions have consequences. But at the same time, I want to keep all of the Lost Girl characters safe in a little bubble and have them all be alive forever and to live happily ever after.

hale_absBut that wouldn’t be drama, and it also wouldn’t be good storytelling. We have fan fiction for happy endings, although I’d like to suggest that whomever does the merchandising for Lost Girl create a series of action figures! Just think of Hale’s abs set forever in glorious 3-D.

The entire sequence was both hard to watch, and completely awesome. Watching Kenzi get beaten by Massimo in her underwear, which made her all the more vulnerable, was brutal. I flinched, I looked away and forced myself to look back. I squirmed and scowled.

Then I cheered when Hale entered the room to beat the living daylights out of Massimo, both with his fists and feet and his siren song. Anyone else would have died. But not someone who holds the Twig of Zamora.

words fail me

The climactic moment, where you can’t look away and you know what’s going to happen and it’s like a dream where you can’t save the person in time because they CAN’T HEAR YOU. Hale is stabbed. He’s dead, he dies, and none of Kenzi’s friends are around to save him. Only Bo would have been able to save him anyway, and she would have needed a lot more chi to do it. So he dies in Kenzi’s arms.

Argh. Ugh. Blurgh. Kenzi says that she will never forgive Bo, which reminded me of Bo saying the very same thing to Lauren in season three, when Bo was locked up at the Dal trying desperately to tell everyone that something was wrong with Kenzi.

It seems like Bo forgave Lauren pretty quickly, back then. Will Kenzi forgive Bo?

Other questions and thoughts

Was Vex’s father really a general in Trick’s army? Trick is Light Fae, and Vex is Dark. While some families have members in both the Dark and the Light, I thought it was more uncommon than not. I suppose Vex could have chosen to become Dark in order to escape and betray his family so he could survive, but I’m unsure.

Was there any significance to the homeless man hanging out in Revenant-hiring land who was babbling on about how Laveau took one of threee sisters, dead and alive, away from him? Or was that just a random clue that led Bo, Acacia and Tamsin to Laveau? It seemed like sort of a specific story.

Why did Bo take some chi from Kenzi if she knew it wouldn’t be enough to revive Hale? Was she trying to calm her down?

What exactly was Acacia’s aim? She pretended to be a Revenant-hunter (easiest job ever! ha) so she have “somewhere to put the Tarot card so [Tamsin] would get her team (onsite? onside?) and we’d take the Wanderer out.” I mean, I get that she wants the Wanderer dead, but what does the Tarot card have to do with it? Wait, I thought the job wasn’t to kill the Wanderer, but to get Bo for him? How did the job switch to taking him out? Is it just revenge for her hand?

Linda Hamilton as Acacia in this episode was AWESOME. I liked her before, in Season 3, but something about this one really let this character shine in a way that the previous season didn’t. The kiss she plants on Tamsin’s cheek at the end was perfect.

Obligatory pop culture reference – when Acacia tells Tamsin about finding herself a little wolf and settling down and squeezing out a couple of puppies, that reminded me of John Bender telling Claire Standish that she would get married and squeeze out a couple of puppies in The Breakfast Club (one of my all-time favorite movies). I doubt it was deliberate, but who cares, because puppies!

sbsneech twitter avatarsbsneech

The sneechmeister will be popping by later this week to post. Anticipate eagerly!

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18 thoughts on “Lost Girl 4.11 – End of a Line

  1. As usual, great review, thx for that 😉
    – “If I were a Fae who fed on Doccubus, then this season I would be both feasting and starving.”
    I couldn’t say better lol
    – “All the pieces have fallen into place. Except for Lauren.”
    Exactly ! It’s like a chess game. Who’s gonna have the checkmate move ?

    Again, bravo for your review and sharing it =)

    1. Hi King Kat! Thanks for reading and for commenting. I’m thinking that two possibilities exist for the last two episodes of Season 4 – either Bo and Lauren will have a cathartic reuniting moment, or (credit to someone else who said this on the Doccubus forum), Bo will go REALLY REALLY dark and bringing her back will be the focus of the first part of Season 5.

      SPEAKING OF WHICH. Since Showcase hasn’t announced it yet, now is a great time to tweet @showcasedotca to urge them to #RenewLostGirl because #WeNEEDLostGirlS5

      1. Hi ladies,

        Again you give us lot to ponder about…

        1) Rainer being written back in history: did you get if something specific in the episode triggered this?

        2) Bo: ”Some things are bigger than love”. I think this is the first time Bo repeats a line spoken by another character previously the same season, and I have the feeling this may be a big clue. Please tell me I’m wrong…

        3) Thanks for the reference to The Breakfast Club. Do you recall also this line, from the letter wrote by the gang at the end: “You see us as you want to see us”. LG fandom take note.

        Finally here is a reminder for Bo:

        1. Hi nic! I didn’t think anything specific in the episode triggered Rainer’s getting written back into history per se, I just noticed that it seemed to be happening. If I had to guess at this point, I would hazard a guess that Bo getting Rainer off the train broke his curse – once his soul was released from the Death Train purgatory, or whatever it is, it seems like a gradual back-into-history kind of thing.

          “You see us as you want to see us, in the simplest terms, in the most convenient definitions. . But what we found out is that each one of us is a brain, and an athlete, and a basket case, a princess, and a criminal.” Ah yes, nobody is all one thing. It’s quite a thing, to be human (or Fae) – our minds gravitate to labels because it’s how our brains make sense of the world, but a continual challenge is to see people for who they actually are, not as whatever category that they fit into.

          Thanks for the Cranberries song for Bo! I loved their first album but haven’t kept up with them.

        2. hi nic! thanks for the cranberries 🙂 and a perfect choice for Bo. Loved the imagery in this vid (bird in a cage) plus the lyrics are great…so many good references to this season.

          I took Bo repeating Marcus’s words at face value for once. Usually I read layers and layers of symbolism into everything that just isn’t there (sometimes). But, for this instance: “Some things are bigger than love.” Was a very intentional call back to Bo and Dyson’s conversation in 4 x 6 (after their ugly sex, when Bo tells him not to tell her what to do).

          She states her fears pretty clearly. She’s afraid she’ll become like Marcus, so angry and vengeful that she’ll stop caring, and do things that will lead her down an ugly path.

          Well, to me, her saying those exact words to Dyson pretty much mean her fears are coming true. The fact that she is totally unaware that she is word for word repeating what Marcus said, just before he tried to force Ianca to kill his enemies.

          Is this what Bo is going to do next? Kill, because “some things are bigger than Love” ??

          I took it at face value. Maybe what happened with Hale will have woken her up a bit. I hope so.

          What do you think?

          Also, I’m a little dense to the Breakfeast Club reference. I get what it means, but I’m confused by your advice. Maybe because I’ve been back and forth about the Show this season. I’ve kind of lost hope in it for the most part, although the story is really getting good. But, I’ve kind of lost hope that they will get back to showing us meaningful relationships. That was the heart of the show in the beginning. Bo/Kenzi, Bo/Lauren, even Bo and Dyson’s relationship made sense to start with. I liked Dyson/Ciara development more though, it seemed deeper.

          Anyway… sorry this is so long. But, what did you mean by we should take note?
          That we shouldn’t take it too seriously? Or have any expectations? Just curious, nic? Thanks for always bringing good conversation!

    1. Not really. What happened is that Bo said something about “when I was still…” and kind of let her words trail off. Then Dyson completed her sentence and said “…still in love with me?” Then Bo was silent, in acquiescence, we are led to understand. Lauren only comes up really when Bo complains about her hanging out with the Morrigan.

  2. “Some things are bigger than love”: I take it at face value as you do keets. At that moment Bo is telling us that her destiny has the upper hand. She wants to believe she’s like Rick in Casablanca – making personal sacrifices for the greater good, putting aside her lovers for a greater cause – but Marcus’s path is looming.

    For the “take note”, I was thinking that as fans, it’s hard to look at our beloved characters without the categories we choose for them. Maybe we have to make an effort to look at them outside these boxes.

    But on the other hand, seeing Bo’s journey is bringing her to drift away from empowerment and meaninful relationships is killing me…

    1. That makes sense to me now, nic. Thank you for clarifying it for me. I agree, I think we’ve all gotten the lesson that the Ship wars are futile. I’m in the game now for Lauren’s character to stay true. True to her sexuality, her ethics, her loyalty to her love. If that means just being friends with Bo, I can handle that. I really don’t think I can handle them Villainizing her, or continue to tear her down. This Season she’s come back into her own, and I would like to see more of that if they don’t kill her off.

      As for Bo??? I’m fairly ambivalent. I want them to show us a “loving” Bo again soon. It’s been too long and I’ve started to stop caring about her, which I don’t like at all. I love Doccubus, I love Bo 1.0, 2.0. I want Kenzi to heal and I want some resolution to some of the many loose ends. Here is hoping for Season 5 to clean up some of the mess. Still, I am enjoying the story in the second half of this season. I hope it ends with a Bang! A good Bang. 😉

      1. This is a p.s. nic. I’m laughing at what I just wrote. I basically just said I want my characters the way I want them. LOL. Instead of taking your very astute advice, and maybe just trust that they will tell a good story. Ugh. That is so hard to do when you are invested in the characters you’ve grown to love and have a specific view of them. I’ll try harder…I think. LOL. Thanks nic.

        1. For what it’s worth, keets, I think you’re getting your wish in Season 4 Lauren-wise so far. She has demonstrated several times in different episodes that she’s not into dudes, and she’s also quite selfless in helping Bo.

          In fact, I think we’re going to see that part of the way only way that she CAN help Bo is to keep her distance while Bo is under whatever spell or whammy, so sending Bo away and not engaging in a relationship or casual sex, no matter how tempting, is an act of great love.

          I don’t see her as being either villainized or torn down this season. To the contrary; we’ve seen her being resourceful, standing up for herself and taking care of herself, we’ve seen her use her brain and skills to outwit the mermaids, and we’ve seen her be very brave and not hesitate to jump into Dyson’s memory to save Bo when Bo was merging with Dyson’s memories. That was at great peril to her own safety.

          Which makes me wonder – do you think part of the reason why Dyson was acting a little schmoopy/flirty with Lauren was that Bo merged a bit with his memories, and some of her love for Lauren rubbed off on him (from herself, or from her view of Flora as Lauren)? I know they’ve been developing their own friendship and rapport on their own, but I dunno where the flirty stuff came from.

          As far as Bo goes, I think Cleo said it long ago in the forum and I will paraphrase: I want Lauren and Bo to end up together. Because I love Doccubus and they are amazing together, but also because if Lauren isn’t paired with the protagonist in the show, it will likely reduce her screentime. Bo is the protagonist and while there are other main characters and the show has the feel of an ensemble cast, the story is mainly about Bo.

  3. As always, really enjoyed your posts! Such distinct voices – adds to the pleasure. Two reactions:

    1) Unless I missed it, none of you chose to speculate about Pyrippus. One big red herring or the third Big Bad?

    2) Sally, you wrote:

    “But there have been so few scenes between Bo and Lauren where they are even talking to each other civilly without a pile of needless misunderstandings and hurt feelings and things unsaid standing in the way.”

    Lost Girl needs a S5 just to fit in all the unspoken words these two have been saving up. I’ve mapped out a few episodes already:

    Episode 501: “Rainer?! Really?!” Episode 502: “Evony?! Really?!” Episode 503: “Or Should I Say…Karen?”
    Episode 504: “Whatever Happened to ‘No Dyson’?”

    Problem is, one girl is all action, the other is shy & cerebral. Neither is a big talker really. And you know once they’re back in bed (as opposed to prestidigitating in the pantry in between mini-quiches), neither is going to be thinking about The Long Talk.

    I was reminded of the extensive, deeply-felt, wide-ranging exchange between these two in episode 405:

    Bo: So how ’bout that talk?
    Lauren: Talk? Now?
    Bo: Now! We could be here a while…
    Lauren: Where do you want to start?
    Bo: Our break? What happened at Taft’s…?
    Lauren: Karen…
    Bo: Yeah, who is this Karen person?
    Lauren: How we came into the clutches of the Dark Fae?
    Bo: Back to this Karen person…
    Lauren (distracted by the attack on Pietra): Wa-wa-wait…!

    What more needs to be said!

    1. Hello Carolyn.

      I noticed that none of us took on Pyrippus as well. I have yet to read the review you and Valsky wrote so I’m hoping you two covered it (work is keeping me from my favorite hobby lately).

      My take on Pyrippus is he is the set-up for Bo’s Dad and hopefully a Season Five storyline to pursue. The horse itself, as far as the physical characteristics, I was not able to find except in the Harry Potter stories, in which that style of flying horse (with bat wings) was called a Thestral. Thestrals could only be seen if the person viewing them had witnessed the death of someone.

      Anyway… I love your commentary on the future “talks” that could be covered in the upcoming Season 5. Yes please to everything you mentioned. It amazes me that they really do allow Bo and Dyson to process their relationship on screen. The big moments anyway, and yet Bo and Lauren never do. The kitchen scene was an exception, but unfortunately a big part of that scene was all about “No Dyson.”

      “The Break” was good too, but Bo was clueless as to why? Lauren wanted the break and Lauren didn’t fully disclose. It all took about a minute and was not emotionally satisfying, more upsetting, which is good for drama, I guess.

      I’m hopeful we will get some of that talk in the future. And, I do think there is something to the notion that Sally and others have mentioned in the past: “we get hurt most by those we love the most.”

      Bo seems to allow Lauren to process with her the least of all the people she has felt disappointed by. I’m hoping that will change.

      Sally, I totally missed your whole follow up comment to my comment to nic. Thank you. You are a wise soul:

      ” In fact, I think we’re going to see that part of the way only way that she CAN help Bo is to keep her distance while Bo is under whatever spell or whammy, so sending Bo away and not engaging in a relationship or casual sex, no matter how tempting, is an act of great love.”

      I love this.^ And I wholly agree that Lauren has gotten a very good storyline this season, and hope that they finish it with the success of her “plan.”

      Also, I did wonder about Dyson and his flirty behavior as well. Of course (you know me) that got filed into future plots about their Triangle: negative fantasies of which I will not soil our Blog conversation with. Ha, ha. But, seriously, I think they really want the Dyson and Lauren dynamic to not be hostile anymore, no matter how they resolve Bo’s love life. The trio of Kenzi, Lauren, and Dyson, was so much fun in the mermaid ep. I think it was a good choice. Also, Lauren’s responses to his attempts at flirting are just priceless. More of that please. LOL.

      Thanks everyone… for the conversation. No one will probably read this, because it’s days later, but thanks anyway.

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