Lost Girl 4.10 – Waves

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Lost Girl 4.10 – Waves

I, who have felt the horror of mirrors
Not only in front of the impenetrable crystal
Where there ends and begins, uninhabitable,
An impossible space of reflections,

I see them as infinite, elemental
Executors of an ancient pact,
To multiply the world like the act
Of begetting. Sleepless. Bringing doom.

—-Jorge Luis Borges, Mirrors.

“Chinese mythology used to believe in the existence of a world of mirrors known as “the fauna of mirrors,” which is also mentioned in Borges’ The book of Imaginary Beings. The myth tells of a time when there was harmony between this world and the world of mirrors, although the latter existed independently from human beings. Travelling back and forth from this world and the next was possible, until one night, the people from the mirror world invaded Earth and the Yellow Emperor had to use magic to send them back. They were imprisoned in the mirror world as a punishment. From that moment onwards, the world of mirrors had to reflect this world, since this was the sentence they had to serve. Their enslavement, however, will not last forever; a time will come when the spell will lose its power.” —source

I will join the chorus of those saying that “Waves” was the best episode of season 4. The structure was elegant, as was the art direction, as were the shots, takes, and whatnots (although other people are far more qualified that I to speak about these). The writing was crisp, and the editing was fast and interesting!

Conceptually it was ambitious.

In this episode, we never see Bo and the gang together in any scenes, though we hear them speak to each other briefly at the beginning of the episode.

As for the people who think that Rainer is a legitimate love interest for Bo: you cannot be serious! There are many, many, clues pointing to the contrary, and, unless there is a third party pulling strings, to Rainer’s villainy.

Two stories unfold on parallel tracks. Bo and Rainer are on a train and in an extended flashback for the most part; while Lauren, Dyson, and Kenzi take and solve a case together, doing what they do best and enjoying each other’s company. The chemistry between the three actors is fantastic, and it made each one of them shine. As we will see, the stories mirror each other.

This is a story about how Bo and her friends part ways:  “It had to be done; they didn’t give us a choice.”

This season has featured mirrors very prominently, and in particular it has shown us Bo and Lauren peering at their reflections in mirrors. But the first scene of “Waves” demands that we pay attention to this fact. We open with Bo leaning over her bathroom sink, trying to recover her composure from a fight that’s left blood streaked on her face. She is literally trying to get a grip and come to terms with what just happened. What did just happen? We have been thrown into a moment in time, with causes and consequences we do not yet understand. We hear Trick’s, Lauren’s, and Dyson’s voices – astounded, incredulous and worried. Bo is replaying what happened when she announced to her family that Rainer was her “destiny.”

Bo is looking at herself. We see her see her reflection in the mirror.

Screenshot 2014-01-22 21.34.32

Mirrors are terrifying. And our ancestors from all parts of the globe thought so too. There is a great deal of mythology concerning mirrors. The mirror suggests the Other, the double, uncanny, and almost inevitably evil. The mirror is Illusion. It can leads to other dimensions or alternate universes.

“Mirror Mirror” in season 2 took up this idea very interestingly with the Baba Yaga story.

Other beliefs concern “the devil in the mirror.” There have been enough suggestions from season 3 onward that The Wanderer – or the big bad, whoever he is – is like “the devil his own self.”

Screenshot 2014-01-20 18.41.04

Then, in that first scene, there is the music: the major to minor key changes, the sad, slightly melodramatic, music of inexorability. Destiny is unfolding, and it begins with the slaying of the Una Mens.

In the world of Dyson, Lauren, Kenzi (henceforth known as the Scoobies), there is sadness and consternation. Dyson, who by the way is exactly like Bo, wants to stomp off and confront Rainer. He doesn’t see the finer points. Lauren, cooler-headed and analytical, pauses to consider that Bo may not want their interference. Bo has shut them out, she tells Dyson. Kenzi struts in carrying three giant coffees, and tries to put a brave face on it. She wants to support her friend’s request for space and time by telling the others to chill a little and find some distraction. But she misses Bo a great deal.

The Scoobies decide to back off for the moment, and give Bo a chance to talk to them and explain the situation. It’s not that her friends buy it exactly, that Rainer is a legitimate love interest for Bo, but as with all things Lost Girl, we find another script. In this case, the ambiguity of statements by Lauren and Kenzi to the effect of, “Bo has made it quite clear that she needs space from us;” and, “Wow, new guy waltzes in and bff drops your ass,” suggest that they had long been feeling a distance with Bo. Kenzi has had no time (onscreen) with her best friend, and Dyson and Lauren feel alienated from the person they love. Each for their own reasons.

Kenzi has a case for them. They accept it.

The case turns out to involve mermaids. They are the psychopaths of the seas, whose motto is “the seas have eyes.” I guess their criminal insanity extends to the use of surveillance as a means to instill terror. Creepy!

The mermaids lie and deceive, then try to kill the Scoobies and cut off their legs, but Lauren hoses them down with tap water, and kills them dead. The mermaids are in fact fine exemplars of calculating, power-hungry, corporate barons, whose family even includes a rich, whiny, and just as psychotic, little sister.

This was classic, vintage, Lost Girl. It only lacked Bo.

The Scooby plot alternates with the Bo plot. After the Una Mens massacre, Bo sits there in her kimono, staring, thinking about what she did and what it means. She feels uneasy, as though her gut is telling her that something’s not quite right. In walks Rainer wrapped in a towel, the tastiest of morsels. How can Bo resist this, him? She is a succubus! The facts of Rainer’s handsomeness, and his uncanny mélange of Dyson and Lauren seem relevant and should be noted.

Bo wants to understand why she feels the way she does about him.

We cut to the flashback scenes inside train. It’s the moment Bo is kidnapped by the black smoke (Huggin/Munnin). She barges into a car as the Wanderer song is playing. She confronts Rainer, “You have harassed my friends…” She whips out her knife and challenges Rainer, who up until that moment had his back to her. He turns to face her, and Bo has a moment. Her arm wavers, her mouth opens, she blinks. The guy is damn cute, and just her type. He then proceeds to be all tragic and romantic spewing words such as “Be still my heart, another brunette.” A conversation ensues where Rainer claims not to know why Bo is there.

(Rainer: If you wanted some epic fight, some battle of wits, and some sweeping romance, you’re on the wrong train. Right! That was season 2!)

Rainer tries to send Bo away. The more he does this, the less she wants to leave. He performs the whole drinking as self-medication routine. This boy needs saving!

The music all the while is all anxiety.

Later the handmaiden brings Bo a “ravishing” dress to wear to dinner with Rainer. He’s invited her to make up for his earlier gruffness. The handmaiden tries to convince Bo that they, whoever they are, need her. “Give us all a chance.” She tells Bo Rainer’s name and that he is a great man despite what it looks like on the surface.

Rainer: “Other dates bother to dress up, playing into the fairytale.”

Bo: “I am not looking for ‘happily ever after’. I have that at home…. With my family, my friends.”

Rainer to Bo: “You are not going to change anything.”

Bo’s eyes flash blue, and Rainer gets up and looks at Bo, and says Are you a succubus? Rainer flashes his wanderer card at Bo and says Memory is not his power. Then he goes all vulnerable/sensitive and says “my curse.” Bo is getting reeled in: What curse?

It’s Beauty and the Beast in reverse. He is outwardly beautiful. Who knows what monster lurks inside.

Screenshot 2014-01-20 21.48.42

Rainer is playing some sort of organ in Bo’s room. She’s angry at the intrusion, but he begins to open up, and tells Bo about his fae power. It turns out that Rainer is a warrior who has foresight in battle. He tells Bo he fought to end the light/dark enmity; he fought against tyranny. Suddenly soft piano music plays, and Bo’s voice also softens a great deal. He speaks the very words that will sway Bo. It seems that he can’t remember Trick/the Blood King. By now, Rainer is all that makes Bo melt: beautiful, vulnerable, in trouble, and with a cause that needs championing. Finally, she connects with him completely, over something they have in common, and which has been tearing Bo apart all season: the loss of memory.

The butterfly moment comes. That butterfly is there at the right moment to break Bo down. It immediately triggers one of the strongest and saddest memories of her childhood. But that sadness is erased, redeemed, when Bo touches the butterfly and seemingly makes it come back to life. She can now do what she couldn’t before: save the butterfly. Is this a set-up? Can Bo actually resurrect dead creatures by touching them. At that precise moment Rainer comes in.

Screenshot 2014-01-20 21.30.05

And when Bo is in that hyper emotional and confused state, where deep sadness is immediately followed by great joy, Rainer takes her hand and arm, and says It is you, isn’t it? Instead of kissing her, he tells her that her stop is coming up. Bo decides not to get off the train. She wants to know more about “this” and “us.” She almost leaves but then comes back and they kiss. Big grandiose rushing into each other’s arms thing. Bo says “What am I doing?” Back to Bo and Rainer on the train. Bo promises to save him.

It’s what she does best.

Then Rainer marks her with the hand hickey. For a simple warrior with the power of foresight in battle, he sure packs some hefty mojo.

The parallels between the two plots –train and Scoobies – are clear. In both cases, Bo and all her friends are in extreme vulnerable states, and get taken in by people who appeal to them under false pretenses. But not just that, all of our characters were ensnared by particular words and feelings that touched them where they felt most vulnerable.

Darrin tells Kenzi the very thing she is longing to hear, that someone understands how she feels not belonging, being not a part of the world she lives in,

Kenzi falls for it too and wants to help Darrin.

The youngest mermaid, Dominique, whom Lauren admires and says my god she’s beautiful about, begins appealing to Lauren’s deepest hurt: feeling ignored, and to Dyson’s and Lauren’s currently injured feelings: having been locked out by someone they love.

After that there is talk of family among the mermaids. Three of them, in this case siblings. “The family is back together,” says Darren. But this family is criminal and sinister, unlike Bo’s family whom the mermaids are holding captive.

Back in the present reality. Bo and Rainer go to confront the Una Mens. She kills them.

Just before Bo kills her Arabella, says, “If you do this, if you follow him, you will suffer a fate beyond your worse nightmare. A fate even worse than your own whore of a mother’s. You will be dragged beneath Ircala, damned like the spawn of evil that you are.” And these prophetic words make Bo deliver the death blow to Arabella.

Because the Una Mens are such a horror show, Bo dismisses Arabella’s warning. But I think these words are important and convey a great deal of information.

-She knows/thinks Rainer is the ultimate evil.
-She knows/thinks that Bo’s fate is to be overtaken by a darkness far more powerful than she is, and to be damned beneath Ircala.
-She knows what happened to Bo’s mother, and, staying true to a fascist misogyny that fears sexuality and delights in violence, calls her a “whore.”
-She says Bo is “the spawn of evil.”

Chilling words indeed. It is suggested that Bo is the product of rape, and that her father is or was the Dark King. But because I can figure this out myself, it’s probably not true.

Time, is it after us?

This episode purposely disturbed temporal coherence. In Bo’s plot, everything happens out of order. The viewer is disoriented. Whereas everything makes perfect sense in terms of temporality and causality in the Lauren, Dyson, Kenzi plot.

The temporal incoherence and disorientation of the Bo plot suggests unreality, another dimension where time is different. Bo says as much on the train. Perhaps this alternate reality where time is different made it possible for Bo to fall in love with Rainer so “quickly” and so thoroughly. On the other hand, it smacks of magic and manipulation.

For me, the most important clue that Bo is under some kind of spell by Rainer is found in the parallels between the two plots. Because we see that the Scoobies are lied to and deceived by criminals who prey on each of their particular weaknesses, vulnerabilities, and deepest desires, we know the same thing is happening to Bo. The fae of the week plot is a big arrow pointing to the Bo and Rainer plot.

Visually it was stunning.

The colors were amazing. I love it when Lost Girl uses a very bright, shiny, “kodachrome” style palette. as it did in “Let the Dark Times Roll,” episode 5 of this season.  Very mid-60s mod. Kenzi is absolutely perfect for it. Something about Ksenia Solo positively demands that kind of stylishness.

Screenshot 2014-01-22 21.51.42

Lauren is painted in earthy, warm, tones. And Dyson is in his best manly blues and blacks. Bo and Rainer on the train are bathed in a light that is purple and blackish, diffused, faded, ethereal and very creepy.

The richness and opulence of the colors in the Lauren, Kenzi, Dyson plot together with an economy of lines that could almost be at home in early Mad Men episodes, contrasts with the world of the train, where coldness and paucity of color accompany excess: in the number and shape of objects and furniture, in the banquet that Rainer is served, and in the dress that Bo is offered. The Victorian feel of the train is the opposite of Kenzi’s mod vibe and the clean shiny surfaces of Aleria Tech.

Some gratuitous and beautiful visuals. Wow, Director X.

Screenshot 2014-01-20 21.26.39

Screenshot 2014-01-20 21.27.02

Screenshot 2014-01-20 21.27.21


Screenshot 2014-01-20 20.25.08Screenshot 2014-01-20 20.24.49

And you may ask yourself…

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Well, Bertie come over an’ dug a hole for me.

I bitched at her the whole time.

She cried an’ cried.  If there was pearls for each o’ those tears she wept,  I could buy myself a home in Hawaii an’ sleep the day away in one o’ those hammock thingies. I’d be sippin’ Margaritas while listenin’ ta Jimmy Buffett ruin the radio.

I ain’t shed a tear yet, Bertie done shed them all.

Just a silly ol’ dog who bossed me ’round fer eighteen years.




Her ears was like a butterfly.   They call that kind o’ breed PappyOns or some such, ‘cos when their ears is standin’ at full attention they looks like butterfly wings.  It is kinda beautiful an’ funny lookin’ all at the same time.

There I go gettin’ off tangent agin, but now that we is on the subject o’ butterflies I got some stuff ta say ’bout our dear Bo.

WhatTheFrack ???

Tee, hee… just kiddin’ ya’ll.

Bo has transformed herself.

That hand mark, or brand, the Rainman fella put on her allows him ta drain her, manipulate her, an’ control her.  It’s why she went an’ killed the UnaMens folks, which I wer’nt too happy ’bout.  I mean, they was all kindsa evil like the rest o’ the Fae, but at least they was a punishin’ force, which we ain’t seen much o’ fer these Fae bastards.

Plus, I know it don’t make no sense at all, but I really liked that Lady UnaMens.  Even though she threatened my Lolo lotsa times, she had a personality.  Arabella was s’posed ta be all Borg like, an’ droney, but she still managed ta have that compellin’ nature ’bout her.

That’ s a puzzle fer sure.  I mean, I know why Bertie liked her ‘cos Bertie’s like a horny fella;  personality don’t much matter ta that sort.  So’s, I’ma still wonderin’ why it is that I got sad when she was killed?  Human nature is so strange sometimes, i’nt it?  We get enchanted by somethin’ ugly when it’s beautiful on the outside, an’ repulsed by the surface o’ things if they don’t shimmer an’ shine?

Bo resurrected a butterfly.  She brought it back ta life in the Wanderer’s presence.  She has the power ta make somethin’ that’s dead alive agin.

Rainer was dead.  He ain’t dead no more ‘cos she revived him an’ brought him back ta the plane o’ the livin’.

I read on the internets that Caterpillars an’ Butterflies don’t have  the same DNA.  What starts out as a creepy crawly Caterpillar cacoons itself fer a month, or so, an’ emerges as a beautiful Butterfly.

It’s a completely different critter!


So’s, I’ma guessin’,  since Bo was on that train fer a month too, she come back a differn’t creature.  She’s like that Butterfly now;  flying, an’ Wanderin’ round, tryin’ ta find the answers ta all these changes she gone through.  I ‘spect she knows more than they is shownin’ us, an’ her answer ta that Rainman fella’s question is a pretty good clue.

“What if I’m a monster?”

“Then I will kill you myself.”

Yep.  Bo is that Blue an’ Black butterfly, just like all those Blue an’ Black colors they got her wearin’.

What’s she gonna do?

Well, I ‘spect it’s gonna depend on what my Grandbaby is gittin’ up ta.

“He’s brainwashed you.”

Was one o’ the things my Lolo said ta Bo.  Bo was lookin’ in the mirror an’ rememberin’ the words her loved ones said when they was challengin’ her ’bout Mr. Rainer.

Bo said that same thing ta Lolo in that crazy fella Taft’s office:  “You have been brainwashed, this is not you.”

Lotsa mirrors in these eppysodes, an’ lotsa recyclin’ stuff that’s happened b’fore.

All of this has happened before and it will happen again.

Time is a game played beautifully by children.

(Heraclitus, quoted by Flauren in 4 x 7)

pearlI already done my specalatin’ piece so’s I ain’t gonna go off on that tangent agin. I just gotta say that we is goin’ ta get some stuff we ain’t gonna want ta see in these next eppysodes.  But, I also think it’s got a lot ta do with all those mirrors.

A Magicians trick.  An illusion.  It ain’t real.

This here is Grammy Binks signin’ off…

 As a p.s. I did enjoy the Lil’ Kenz, Lolo, an’ Wolf Boy team o’ secret agents. They was all adorable. Funny, smart, efficient.  This is the first eppysode I watched  where I din’t want ta set the Wolf Boy’s beard afire.  Plus, I was relieved the Showfolks garbed my Lolo in a conservative swim suit.  Bertie near passed out as it was, an’ I don’t know how ta do the Heimlich!

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One thing I have been gratified to discover along with the gripping story and even more gripping characters from Lost Girl is the community that I’ve found that has grown up around it. The other fans who write and talk about this show and share their views and interpretations help me to understand more than I would if I were watching on my own in a vacuum. Check out the links on this page to “Lost Girl Stuff We Like” for a selection of my favorite LG blogs and podcasts.

The reason I bring this up is – I have ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA what I think anymore about what’s happening! Or maybe, I can see several different interpretations of what might be going on and right now, all of them seem equally valid. If and when it’s all explained and tied up in a neat bow, I’m sure I will go back and say “It’s so obvious! How did I miss it?” But I kind of like it this way.

BelH gave me permission to quote from a post where she shared her thoughts about Season 4 so far:

I do like the fact that I have no idea what will happen next. I’m generally pretty good at predicting genre, but have zero chance with this show so in that way Lost Girl keeps me on my toes.

Bel put into words something that’s my experience as well. If this were the debate team, and you assigned me to argue for two or three different directions the story could be heading, I think at this point I could assemble a convincing argument for almost any of them.

For example – I said last week that if Bo and Rainer did THE DEED, then there was no way that he was her father because I didn’t think TV would show or imply father/daughter incest. Carolyn Rodham and I had an stimulating discussion in the comments about that. So this week after seeing them on the train in bed together in presumed postcoital bliss, I said “I’m calling it. He’s not her father.” BUT MAYBE HE IS. Carolyn has an interesting speculation on what might have been happening. She and Valksy collaborate on guest blogs at Doccubus.com and I’m sure she will share her view of what might have been happening, so I won’t spoil it. (But hopefully I have piqued your interest. Go read their post, whenever it’s up!)

Other people on twitter and the internet have also said Rainer is not Bo’s dad since he doesn’t seem to have the power to decide who lives and who dies – instead, his power is foresight in battle. To which I say – excellent point. Though I definitely don’t think we can trust him and he’s definitely hiding things. Maybe he’s hiding his power to resurrect the dead. Or maybe he forgot that he has that power – he seems to have forgotten other things.

Okay, I have gone on and on about how I have no idea what’s going on. But it’s not like I would get a prize for accurately predicting where the story is going, anyway. So let me tell you what I really liked about this episode:

kenzi and lucy liu comparison
Evony’s Angels! Wait, what?

1. I love the dynamic troika of Lauren, Dyson and Kenzi teaming up to solve a case. Kenzi reminded me of Lucy Liu in Charlie’s Angels, sneaking into corporate Faemerica as an efficiency consultant. (Ooh, barracuda! Fewer whips, though.) By this point, Lauren and Dyson seem almost like siblings with their bickering, or teasing, or whatever it is. Lauren gives Dyson the business about the crystallized salt deposit and “How can that sentence be mistaken for some other sentence?” Was Dyson flirting with Lauren by saying “Flowers for my favorite doctor” or was he trying to get her goat? Either way, it was funny.

Una Mens Keeper
Keeper, we barely knew ye

2. I loved the misdirection from the beginning. I could see that we were meant to think or worry that Bo had just killed all of her friends in the opening scene where Bo is looking in the mirror with their questions running through her head. I wasn’t worried that had actually happened, but I have to say I also wasn’t expecting her to actually kill the Una Mens. Farewell, Keeper, I wish we could have kept you.

3. We see the seed again. The last papyrus seed, which has now been imbued with the collective power of the former Una Mens. Whose hand is reaching for it? Massimo’s? Tamsin’s? Vex? Hale? Aife? PIETRA? Like I said, I think I could make a good argument for it being any of those six (well, maybe not Pietra, ha ha, WEEP!) but I also will not be surprised at all if it ends up being someone else. Bo’s father?

4. Confusion, on my part at least, about who’s who. Is Rainer the Wanderer? I think so. But it’s possible that he isn’t. Is Rainer Bo’s father? I’m leaning towards no, but again, maybe. Who is Bo’s father? Is he the Dark King? Who is the Dark King? Was there more than one? Will he make an appearance this season? I love it that there’s so much to guess about. I have always looked massively forward to watching this show, but the mystery this season has really given it “the gotta” (a term I first read in a book by Stephen King, as in “I gotta find out how this ends”).

Finally, thank you very much, Lost Girl and Michael Grassi, for putting a sprayer in Lauren’s hands during this episode so I could make this Canadian joke about hosers. (Hat tip and big love to Bob & Doug McKenzie, my cultural ambassadors to Canada from my youth.)

Bo and Lauren with hoses
What a couple of hosers! (This is a hilarious American joke about Canadians, eh.)

sbsneech twitter avatarsbsneech

Man Rainer is hot, sexy and the brooding so works for him. He’s got pretty eyes, nice lips and a cute butt in them jeans.

I’m a bit conflicted about Mr. Delicious wrapped in a towel.

Screen Shot 2014-01-21 at 4.37.04 PM

I was completely thrown to find a sullen Rainer annoyed at Bo’s sudden appearance on the train. He’s grown weary searching for the woman to set him free from the confines of the train and bring him back to the physical plane. He too is suffering from memory loss. Bo on the other hand is exasperated by the fact that she doesn’t know who he is and Rainer doesn’t seem to know why she’s there:

“Hey who the hell are you? I came all the way via black smoke I think I deserve an explanation?”

Rainer ignores her questions and gives Bo two choices: “You can stay and I can pretend to court you, get bored with you, then send you away or you can get off at the next stop. Either way you’ll forget everything.” Staying ends up being an offer she can’t refuse. You see the train doesn’t reach it’s next stop for three days.

Jumping from the train isn’t an option. Rainer’s handmaiden tells Bo she needed an elemental. “If you jump before the train stops you’ll evaporate. Leaving without an elemental you’d get transcendental sickness and die.” Wait didn’t Bo jump from the train in the second episode? I’m confused.

The handmaiden tries to calm an agitated Bo: “He’s a great man. Give him a chance, give us all a chance. Believe it or not we need you.”  Hold on. In a previous flashback she was terrified Bo would wake him by accident. Did I mention I’m confused?

After Rainer discovers Bo’s a succubus and unaligned then conveniently he’s all:

“I fought to end Light and Dark. I have seen good people slaughtered in the name of what is supposedly right. Families torn apart forced to choose a side. Fighting against each other instead of with one another.”

Oh oh. Now Bo’s leaning forward in her chair and looking at him with intrigue. Shit.

Then it turns into Sword In The Stone meets Cinderella. Okay so it’s a butterfly and a hand graze and not a sword and a shoe but you get the picture. Dude, what the hell did he do to her when he touched her hand?!?!?  “It’s you.”  Cue the epic orchestra music and the big blockbuster movie kiss. The way she says “Us?” and “What am I doing?” does me in.

And just like that I can’t breathe and I feel like I’ve been stabbed in the chest. For the first time evah my Doccubus loving heart takes a real blow. Yeah I was upset about the break, the faux Tamsin chemistry and all of the endless Dyson screwing I’ve had to endure this season. But THIS is going entirely too far.

It takes me a minute to regain my composure. All season long…scratch that, all series long it’s always been Lauren. You know it’s true! Just this season alone in “Let The Dark Times Roll” you couldn’t get Bo to shut up about how much she loves Lauren! Then in “La Fae Epoque” Bo replaces Lauren with Flauren as her love interest and hello does anybody remember the Sleeping Beauty kiss!!!

Okay so maybe I’m not so conflicted about Mr. Delicious after all. I’m sorry he’s been tortured all this time but he’s gotta go…although maybe not…just…yet. He is awfully cute.

Here’s what I think I know:

  1. Rainer and Trick are headed for a knock down drag out. Trick called him his mortal enemy. Now that Rainer is back on the physical plane you can bet a day of reckoning is coming.
  2. Bo is getting darker by the minute. In the past if blood was shed it was always Bo’s. Stabbing Arabella in the chest with a sword was vicious and the killing of the Una Mens was a blood bath.
  3. Rainer is not Bo’s dad. I’ve got a few reasons for this but I’ll give just one: If Bo’s father could kill and bring people back to life, why would he need Bo? What power could she possibly possess that he would need? Rainer needs Bo’s power.
  4. Bo’s going to kill Rainer.  Rainer -“What if I’m a monster?” Bo- “Then I’ll kill you myself. Pretty self explanatory.

Random thought: The Wanderer music has been recorded by both a male and female voice. I know that means something I just don’t know what.

Alright how about we talk about how delightful Dyson, Lauren and Kenzi were hunting down mermaids together? It reminded me how much I miss Bo and Kenzi taking cases and all the mischief that came with it. This is Lost Girl at it’s finest and I hope we see more of these three together in the future.

I couldn’t help but notice the parallels between the mermaids, Bo and her makeshift family. The merman has left home and his sisters to venture out and explore his new power (legs). He’s not come back and his sisters feel abandoned. Addressing Lauren, the youngest sister is the most upset:

“Do you have any idea what it feels like to be ignored, locked out by someone you love?”

This is precisely what Dyson, Lauren and Kenzi have felt ever since Bo has returned from being held on the train. Emotionally Bo has been missing all season long. Her thoughts preoccupied with recovering her memory of the time she’d been missing. And now after returning a second time from the train with Rainer in tow, declaring he is her destiny, they have lost her physically as well.

Another random thought:  I thought it interesting both Lauren and Bo killed multiple people in this episode. We’ve not seen that before and they both did it for the same reason. Threatening the safety of their “family.” And following the Light and Dark themes, Lauren’s kill was very benign (they didn’t even show the mermaids being hit with water) and Bo’s was really really bloody. We’ve seen Bo bloody before but it was always her blood.


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34 thoughts on “Lost Girl 4.10 – Waves

  1. ALongVacation – you’re one of the people who always helps me to understand what’s going on. Thanks for being one of my touchstones! Loved what you had to say, and reading your analysis enriched my understanding.

    keets – my sincere sympathies to you about Kuma. As well, wow – you’re so right that Bo and Lauren each told the other “He’s brainwashed you.” WOW. I think you just blew my mind.

    sneech – what a GREAT point about how when we saw Bo leaving the train in 4.03, the chambermaid was afraid and they didn’t want to wake “him.” Whoa. At least you and I are equally confused; I’m in good company. I think M5 will have some stuff to say about that!

    1. It’s so true, Sally, having this wonderful community of peeps to watch the show with makes the experience so much more fun and interesting! This episode was so dense. Everyone has great insights. Keets, Bo’s transformation via butterfly metaphor is so spot on. And, yes, this is all so confusing. I think during the short hiatus rewatching is in order. Pieces will probably start coming together.

      1. Pieces – and Doccubus – will start coming together! Also, I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t say something juvenile about the “impenetrable crystal” part of the poem that you posted, something to the effect that Lauren managed to…nevermind. 😉

  2. Thank you all, once again, for your always enlightening & prismatic view on this episode. And Sally, thanks for the plug. For anyone still skeptical that Rainer is the Wanderer *and* Bo’s father, I have two sneak peaks to share from the Doccubus.com piece written with @Valksy:
    a) no incest has taken place, appearances to the contrary
    b) Like Frederick Clegg, the butterfly collector in John Fowles’ novel, who becomes obsessed with and ultimately kidnaps a woman and imprisons her in his basement — hoping that if he keeps her captive long enough, she will grow to love him — I don’t think the Wanderer is interested in incestuous relations with Bo – just controlling & “owning” her, like Clegg owns his collection of pinned butterflies, and ruling with her by his side.

    One other prediction — because what the heck, any of us can guess anything with three episodes left — the bloody hand reaching in to pluck the Papyrus seed at the end of 410 is Aife’s (how many characters would have known about the seed’s existence). I think she steals it not to enact some sort of revenge against Trick — though God knows he deserves it for giving her over to the Dark King — but to help save Bo. Saving her daughter has always been her primary motivation.

        1. Also not to burst anyone’s bubble but Tim Roson has a stunt double listed on IMDB for Lost Girl episodes 4×11 and 4×13. He is the actor that plays Massimo.

          If this is a misdirect and Aife is the one with the seed, the gloating coming from Carolyn may be unbearable.

    1. I saw this same plotline in one of the Sweet Valley High books when Elizabeth Wakefield was kidnapped by the hospital orderly Carl and he kept her captive in his basement and fed her frozen pancakes hoping that she would grow to love him. Although he didn’t pretend to let her go free.

      In any event, what do you think about the possibility of this potentially false memory being implanted into Bo’s mind being based on actual events that happened between Rainer and…AIFE?????? Dun dun dunnnnn.

      1. Wow!
        I haven’t wanted to broadcast this fact, but a huge problem with my theory that Rainer=Wanderer=Bo’s biological father scenario is …how and when did Rainer impregnate Aife? Had Aife even been born at the time Trick put his curse on Rainer? I have no sense if that battle between Trick & Rainer took place centuries before the Great War between Light & Dark Fae, or whether that battle was PART of the Great War? Does anybody else know? We’ve known since season one that Aife was sentenced to death and handed over to the Dark Fae for execution after rebelling against the truce that ended The Great War and also killing a Dark Elder. Instead of being executed, she was imprisoned for several centuries by the Dark King, subjected to torture, was raped by him and became pregnant with Bo.

        If Rainer’s banishment from the earthly plane of existence took place way before or even during the Great War…how did he manage to get back to the earthly plane, to rape Aife and conceive Bo? It doesn’t make sense that Trick would turn Aife over to his mortal enemy whom he’d just banished from the earthly plane, right? Of course, Trick turned her over to the Dark Fae for execution — it’s unclear he knew she was turned over to the Dark King, but he did save Lou Ann, her midwife, so at some point he must have learned that Aife was not executed and in fact had given birth to his granddaughter….

        Anyway, if Rainer IS Bo’s father, I don’t think he would have been all kissy-lovey with Aife on the train, then turned around and raped her at the castle…though you never know with those cray cray Fae.

        That leaves the basic conundrum: how did Rainer get to the castle (as Dark King) to become Bo’s future biological Dad?

        Think, Pooh! Think, think! Where’s Rabbit when you need him? Or was it Owl?

        1. This is all very confusing. One possibility that the smart ladies at Drinks at the Dal brought up on their podcast is that the crows apparently have been bringing brunettes to Rainer (“Be still my heart! Another brunette.”) for a long, long time.

          But I agree, this doesn’t square with Aife’s tale of imprisonment and the Dark King being Bo’s father.

          I think it’s possible that Rainer and Aife were in love or somehow aligned, but that Rainer is not Bo’s father.


  3. Thank you again, always looking forward for your views and analysis.

    What stand out for me this week is your comments about time and mirrors. “Mirrors are terrifying”: thanks ALongVacation this pretty much sum up how powerful is the use of mirrors for the narrative.

    Sally I enjoy your references about pop culture even if half the time I have to do some research to get it (hosers !?!?, really?)

    Sbsneech do you still believe the Dawning is still going on or that the gang is living the aftermath of the Dawning?

    Keets I love your quote about time. It’s not the first time you used it and I must admit I find it kind of haunting. And there is poetry to your butterfly metaphor… My sympathies for your lost. I can’t help myself to think that fleeting time must be so much in your thoughts… Hugs.

    1. Hi Nic thanks for reading.

      I do feel the Dawning is having a huge effect on everyone. Whether they are still in The Temple I really don’t know but I don’t believe this is all The Wanderer’s doing.

      Last week Baby Yoda started a Dawning thread on Doccubus.com that is very intriguing. It’s highly detailed and I think it could peek the interest of even the greatest skeptic (M5).

      One thing for sure is we’ve got three episodes left and it’s gonna be a wild ride!!!


    2. Hello Nic! 🙂 *hugs*

      Thank you. The quote on “Time” actually belongs to Heraclitus of Ephesus, a Greek Philospher. “Time is a game played beautifully by children.” Flaura quoted him in 4 x 7. I will go back and amend my post so that it is clear this is not my thought. I wish it were. That episode told the portents for the rest of the Season is my belief.

      “Lifetime is a child at play, moving pieces in a game. Kingship belongs to the child.” (an interpretation of that quote)

      “All of this has happened before and it will happen again.” (BSG, among many other fantasy tales)

      Tyranny, rebellion, war, death, change, rebirth, tyranny, rebellion, war, death, change, rebirth….

      Bo is the Catalyst for Change. Lauren is its Sacrifice.

      Flaura/Lauren is a Druid. The Druids were Priests with knowledge of the Celstial Bodies, of Reincarnation, of the Earth, the Forest, the planet as an Entitity, and of Time. They were healers, and scholars, and teachers.

      Flaura/Lauren is the daughter of a Druid, she is a Druid as well, as is Massimo her brother.

      This is my belief of how the story will unfold. The Morrigan is Massimo’s mother, and she may or may not be Lauren’s mother, but they share the same father: a human.

      Lauren will die. A complete stop. She will not come back.

      Next Season, a new character will be introduced. She will look exactly like Lauren, perhaps a reincarnation, another re- birth, but it will not be Lauren.

      Bo is the Catalyst and Lauren is the Prophet (Fool) in this story. (Any Robin Hobb fans out there?)

      The “Change” and growth will only happen with loss.

      Thanks so much Nic. I hope I’m wrong, but if they tell the story right, it could be a good one. Be prepared for some What the Fuckery! I really hope I’m wrong, like I was with the Star Trek thingie. You won’t hate me if I’m right. Right? 🙂

      1. If nic doesn’t, I’ll hate you, keets! For realsies! Only way Lauren dies is so Bo can “group chi suck” her back to life. Then kiss her. Madly, deeply, truly. *putting fingers in ears* LALALALALA I can’t HEAR you, keets!

        1. LOL. Carolyn. 🙂 Thank you for making me laugh! I’m a little dour right now. I’m amazed my Blog mates haven’t given me the boot. I love you Sally, Cleo, and Sneech. *hugs*

          I hope I’m wrong too. I will hate me if I”m right as well. If it makes you feel any better, most of my specs have been wrong. I just know that we are going to get some major crap with our dear Lauren. I’m pretty sure that Massimo stole the seed. Also, Flauren’s statement about her love being the “forest” and “your love is yet to come” was meant for both Bo and Dyson. That led me to believe that Lauren would die and another, very much like her, would step in to fill those huge shoes.

          What bothers me most about this scenario is the Dyson factor. The new Lauren will probably be BI. So, then we will have Bo and Dyson in love with her and the triangle will be “reborn”. Ugh! Do you still hate me? “La,la,la, la,la….” I hate me too, if that makes you feel any better. Ugh….LOL. *hugs*

        2. keets, first of all, I ❤ u and we are unaligned in our thoughts, so your perspective is something that I have always appreciated. And that includes when you're dour (which you have good reason to be right now) and also when you share your fears about where the show might be going.

          I don't think they're going to kill off Lauren, for the record, though I think she might be put into some major peril and Bo will snap out of her whatever to save her and they will realize they're still totes in lurve and will spend Season 5 finding their way back to each other (in bed).

          I do agree with you that the Flauren/Boyson conversation set the stage for the rest of Season 4, although I still don't know what I think it actually means.

          I don't think they will ever make Lauren's character bi, not even a reincarnated one. BUT WHAT ABOUT THIS: Dyson gets mortally injured, and somehow his consciousness is transferred into Lauren's body, and they spend the rest of their lives integrating themselves into one being, and Bo lives happily ever after. (This is just a joke spec, I don't think that will actually happen either.)

    3. nic, you’re Canadian – are you telling me that you’ve never heard of Bob & Doug McKenzie? Heh. I didn’t realize that was a term they essentially made up for their comedy routine.

      1. Heard of them yes, I saw maybe a few TV shows at the time, but no more than that really… I’m French Canadian from Québec and you would be surprised by some of the gap there is with English Canada in pop culture. Less nowadays but still 🙂

        1. I figured that was probably the case but didn’t want to assume. Vive le Quebec libre! (JK, not trying to spark an international incident.)

  4. It was probably “Irkalla” not Ircala? Irkalla refering to the underworld in Babylonian mythology, destination of the dead.

    Keets I’m also inclined to think Lauren could die trying to free Bo… I’l repeat myself, but it would be quite a story in having Bo saved from enslavement by destiny by the slave lover she could not (or would not try to) set free.

    But Massimo as Lauren’s brother sorry no way. Lauren 2.0 on the other hand could be possible. But changing her character completly would be such a mistake.

    On the other hand, and it’s no more than a hunch, the fact Lauren saved the day in 4×10 tells me she won’t be die savin Bo.

    Anyway Keets I hope you know I could not hate you for more than a nanosecond. I guess a time loop could be possible but I promise you to find a way to get out of it 🙂

    1. I think there’s good evidence for Massimo being Evony’s son, but I’m on the fence big time about whether he could be Lauren’s brother. I kind of think not.

    2. I think it was Acala, no? (” You will be dragged beneath Acala, damned like the spawn of evil you are”) — the place where Bo confronted the Leviathan?

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