Lost Girl 4.09 – Destiny’s Child

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Lost Girl 4.09 – Destiny’s Child

Last week I thought through some of the ways that Lost Girl expresses various tensions, which we see at play among writers, producers, consumers, fans, network executives, as well as people whose livelihoods, and maybe ideas about who they are or want to be, are connected to social media. So many contributors to the production of the popular entertainment and cultural artifact that is Lost Girl. I argued that we see these tensions clearly in the permanent state of ambiguity the show maintains in regard not only to the “love triangle,” but also with regard to its critiques of sexuality, violence, gender relations, and other “heavy” social and moral questions that individuals in various contemporary societies must contend with. Ambiguity as the “permanently unresolved” extends to the ways Lost Girl addresses the “big questions,” i.e. to its philosophical meditations on the human condition; and indeed to the reflections the it offers on what it means to be human. And despite my recent frustrations this has been a thought-provoking and satisfying show. In many ways Lost Girl was at its best in the first two seasons, but beginning at the end of season 2, and in season 3, it took an as yet untraveled road. The fact that Lost Girl has provoked such extreme emotional and intellectual passions, as we’ve been witnessing for months, is already an indication of its cultural importance. Lost Girl has shaken up television viewers, women and men around the world, who stay connected, within fandoms, to one another, and to the show 24 hours a day. The reason it has done so is perhaps because Lost Girl has not really tried to control or un-invite the chaos it generated. Season 4 has been a nearly pure expression of this chaos – down to the “fan service” and the “crackships” and down to the, at times barely intelligible, relationships within it.

Some have criticized Lost Girl for devolving into a relationship drama. Why, they ask, does this show insist on being a soap opera when it could be a genre show with a well developed narrative, a good story that also tackles what is clearly the most relevant question: the conflict that inheres between faeness and humanity. Why not watch the 10 seasons of Downton Abbey instead? I think the show is, in many ways, fundamentally about about the relationship between human and fae. Fae feed on human needs, desires, fears, proclivities. It is very much a symbiotic relationship. And through this device Lost Girl can confront the seamy underbelly of – not faedom – but humanity.  Bo and her ability to love and give to people (at least until some dark force corrupted her), are transcendent.

But The Triangle was never meant to be a tedious ride on a slow carousel (although it has certainly been this at times). Lost Girl, the series about a “bisexual” succubus – a demon who preys on humans through sex – is a show about love, that which defines humanity, or at least is its highest principle. Bo was raised by humans. From them she got ethics and morals, compassion, selflessness, and free will.

Let’s go back to the very beginning. As Michelle Lovretta conceived of it, Bo’s greatest tragedy, her central conflict and possibly series’ arc, is that she is denied the possibility of love; she can never love someone or be loved in return. Bo could not wake up next to a lover who wasn’t dead. She could not develop friendships or build a family because she was always running from the part of herself that caused destruction and harm. Her fae “nature.”

When the series starts, Bo has neither the choice nor the freedom to love.

From the first, Lauren and Dyson save her from a fate that would have made her a monster. But in many ways Dyson and Lauren received from Bo what they gave her: freedom, strength, and the possibility of love. We see the circle closing in 4×04, when Bo finds Lauren’s necklace and note.

The four best things about Lost Girl, in my opinion, are Doccubus, the music, the humor, and the art direction. It is interesting to note that the song playing in the bar in the opening scene of season 1 episode 1 is “(It could be) Love” by Camouflage Nights.

I really like this video. This song could have been the Lost Girl theme song, but I suppose it is a bit too narrow in its scope. Nonetheless, it sets the tone rather nicely.

“From the moment she didn’t know me.” Even before Bo met Dyson and then Lauren, she saved Kenzi from a sexual predator, this one very much a human. In 4×09 we see Kenzi tell Tamsin about Bo’s true nature, and go back to that first moment.

So the relationships on the show can’t be anything other than its central motifs.  Now, after a season of exploring a relationship with Dyson that failed and “was a lot of work,” and a season and a half of exploring being in a couple with Lauren, Bo stands poised. Poised between her two loves, poised between good and evil, between “destiny” and free choice, and I would say between family and love, on one hand, and a life of wandering on the other.

It makes sense that 409 marked the point of equilibrium between what was and what’s to come.

They really have become the wonder twins. Now for the dualities.

As Bo tries to leave with Huggin, a short duet takes place between Lauren and Dyson as they address Bo and pledge their support.

Dyson: let’s go
Lauren: I’m ready
They both step forward. Kenzi hangs back.

And when Huggin says Bo has to go alone,
Dyson: That’s not gonna work for us
Lauren: Where she goes we go.

These lines above mirror one another in meaning and form alike

This leads to:
I love you both.
This is never going to get easier, is it?

Lauren and Dyson complete each other’s sentences:

L: We’re your family. Your weird, complicated …
D: Completely dysfunctional family…
L: But we are your family, nonetheless
Bo: You are my family. And I am the luckiest girl in all the world, which is why I cannot let you risk your lives for me.

This is the first moment in the show when Bo, Dyson, and Lauren say “We are family” to one another, the first moment they exchange those words and acknowledge what they mean to each other. All three of them.

And of course it follows that the one who stands for all that “family” is not, even literally, the Wanderer finally makes his appearance in 409.

And he is fine.

But before this happens. Bo travels briefly to the underworld where she meets one of its gatekeepers, the Leviathan. She is a “crone,” somewhat like the Norn, but fragile, and far more insecure of her power and position.

Before Bo actually sees the Leviathan, she hears voices, one of which echoes the lines  that, in season 3,  Tamsin spoke to Bo from the inside of  a bubble bath. Those are the lines of a prophecy, no doubt, about a woman who was so special, Tamsin thought she could not exist.

Both brown and blue
Strong yet gentle
Virtuous yet lustful

And the only way that Bo could be the one, the person who unites these antithetical principles in herself, is by being both fae and human. When Bo holds Lauren’s and Dyson’s faces as she says goodbye, she is looking into a mirror of sorts. She sees the two aspects of her nature. This is not to say that brown/blue, strong/gentle, and virtuous/lustful neatly map onto Lauren and Dyson, where each embodies one of these binaries.  The point, I think, is that, as I suggested above, that this triangle becomes a circle because each of these attributes (brown/blue, etc.) get redistributed and passed between the characters. Lauren learns to be strong, Dyson to be gentle.

So in many ways Lauren and Dyson are mirrors of Bo. They each hold a part of her. But the mirroring goes in many directions.

Screenshot 2014-01-15 23.10.32

And with this, we inaugurate Bo’s riddle funtimes with the Leviathan.

Fog (and Bo):
Black as night
Bright as day
Cold as March
Warm as May

Then, Lauren or Dyson?
She’s brilliant
He’s strong
Her life is little
His life is long
Both loves are pure
Both loves are true

If you were I Who would you choose?
You/I: this is very much about Bo’s divided self again, which the frequent appearance of mirrors in the show this season has reinforced at every step.

The man, he will live longer
The woman. Yes you love her. You wear her humanity like a shield
The man. Yes, you crave strength. The man. I answer the man
The Leviathan can only guess the right answer by saying there is no answer to that question.

Lauren’s humanity: of course, we know that “historically” Lauren has been the one to save Bo from her darkness. Her humanity and love, as the saving principles, are acknowledged by the Leviathan in that scene.

Is it both? Or is it neither?

Both is neither, and neither is both.

Other observations:

Huggin: I am the wanderer’s thought, a vessel, really, traveling from plane to plane gathering information about certain women. Hence, the Wanderer song, a song about… what else? Collecting women, but never loving.

One for sorrow – Bo?
Two for mirth – Kenzi?
Three for a funeral – Dyson?
Four for birth – Lauren?
Five for Heaven – Tamsin?
Six for hell – Trick?
And seven is the devil his own self – The Wanderer (yes)

Bo’s streak turns from red to blue when she falls down to the underworld

“Make a wish magical box or have a late period magical box?”

Dao Ming: No matter what you do to change the future, you’re still powerless to change your nature. Hmm.

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The Grammy Binks Rants.

Emergence from a slumber deep below,  high above,  and elsewhere.

We share a brand that binds us.

Then and Now.

You’ll love me for the golden promises and a trust that was not given, but stolen.

You’ll love me like a well worn blanket,  which could never soothe your soul.

You’ll love my illusive beauty. 

I will fill those empty places.

The empty spaces of mind.  Those reverberating echoes, reflections, the brightness of pure hearts nurturing the entirety of your being,  yet numbed by doubt’s deception.

You’ll give everything to me.  

Even Her.  And Her.  Them.

They deny your Destiny.

Your love of Them.

Give Them to Me.  Now!

Once they have gone, we shall rule as one.

This has happened before and it will happen again.

Time is a game played beautifully by children.

I exist outside of Time.

 I Wander the spaces between.  

With you at my side we will shatter all dimensions.




Oh dear.  It appears that Binky is in her cups tonight and is unable to give a cognizant opinion on this recent episode of Lost Girl: Destiny’s Child.

That little thought poem expresses Binky’s ideas on what Mr. Rainer is  getting up to.

Whether he is Bo’s father,  or simply one of his minions,  it is apparent he means no good for dear Bo.  He had her cursed with a potion, kidnapped, and imprinted her with a mark that would bind her to him.  These are not qualities one would seek in a healthy relationship of any sort.  As a lover/partner, as a friend, even as a family member, this person is not a healthy addition to Bo’s life.

One could argue that he is a victim as well.  He was fixing the train,  which was falling apart.   He was banished to a nether world by Trick, whom we all recently witnessed has an evil past.  So, might this Rainer simply be a victim of the Blood King?  Possibly?

I have a difficult time reasoning the hand mark, or brand, as something good.

Perhaps Rainer and Bo were both marked by Odin, the All Father and maker of Valkyries, who resides over Valhalla the resting place for dead heroes.

Bind a man who technically died,  but was not properly put to rest in the place of dead heroes.  He was a rebel with a cause against a corrupt King.   Bind this man with a woman who hales from The Blood King’s line.   A woman with the power of a Succubus,  a Blood Sage, and, possibly, the ability to transcend Death.


This seems a game played by Old Gods.  Mr. Trick named himself the first born.  His powers are immense and he was corrupted by them.  On Earth there is no other as powerful as he (was my understanding).  On Earth.  The Underworld is another matter, and another’s realm.

To me,  this is a battle of God like figures using their children (demigods) as a means to-…

“Good Lord!…. Mumford’s porridge is curdled!   Bertie, cut ta the damned chase already! 

These poor folks tryin’ ta read your gibberish is prob’ly passed out from the head spinnin’,  twisty,  mucky muck you just spewed.   I ain’t so inta my cups that I kin’t make it plain an’ simple fer folks!”


“I knew you were listening, Binky, and I knew as soon as I started telling the story you wouldn’t be able to keep your nosey nose or big mouth out of it.  Have at  Binks, enlighten us with your decrepit wisdom. ”


That fella Rainer was dead.  D E A D.  Now he’s only half dead.  Valkybaby cheated him outta his Heroes Hell an’ he got stuck on the Purgatory Train.  Now he’s usin’ Bo ta git hisself  a new life.   A life where he ain’t dead no more.  He sucked half o’ Bo’s life outta her an’ gave her half his death.  It’s why she don’t feed no more, or she feeds a lot less.

She only gotta feed the half o’ her that is still alive.  They both can travel ta the deadlands an’ the lands o’ the living with no wonky inter-dimensional kablooey (I learned a new word this week an’ I really like it. Thank you donky dennis).

Somthin’s gotta give, as folks say.  This Rainer fella wants all o’ Bo’s life even though he’s showin’ her somthin’ differ’nt.

Someone is gonna die.

1) Tamsin could give her life ta save Bo an’ go fer a true redemption.  Bo’s been lookin’ fer that other slipper, if she finds it she could travel ta the Hero’s Hell an’ retrieve her friend.

2) Lauren’s up ta somethin’!  If they use that plot as some kinda screw up,  an’ make her look the fool so’s the Wolf Boy can shine… I will frackin’ break the Twitter.

I’ma thinkin’ (for real) that Lolo’s goin’ ta use that big syringe I was talkin’ bout last time.  I hope she turns him inta Cosmic dust.  No Heroes Hall for that RainMan fella.

3) Hale is still the wild card, an’ Lil’ Kenz too.  Levi says that someone Bo loves “very much” will be comin’ soon ta the Underworld.  Now, I know Bo cares ’bout the Valkybaby,  but her feelin’s for the Valkyrie ain’t in the category of:  “loves her very much.”   The only people who measure up that way is:  Lil’ Kenz,  Mr. Dyson,  Mr. Trick,  and my Grandbaby Lauren.  But mostly I’ma thinkin’ it’s my Lolo an’ Lil’ Kenz:  her two humans.

(These people runnin’ the Show has abused these two humans for Two Seasons now; it’s time they sort this mess an’ give ’em a win already.)

So’s I’ma guessin’ my Grandbaby is goin’ ta be takin’ a trip ta the Underworld soon.  I’ma hopin’ it ain’t  a one way trip.   All the messin’ ’round they done with dead lovers this Season seems like a red herrin’ in so many ways,  but just this once I’ma thinkin’ the foolery is goin’ ta ring true.

Hold on ta yer seats,  cross your hearts,  stick a pin in the Wolf Boy’s ass, an’ pray ta whatever the frack ya pray at, that my Lolo comes back safe an’ whole.

Amen.  So Say We ALL.  Live Long and Prosper.  Find a Leaf on the Wind. Whatever works,  just git the job done.

This here is Grammy Binks signin’ off…

p.s. keets has this picture she done of Lolo an’ Bo as a spoiler for ep. 10.  She was s’posed ta cover her up with Seashells!  Bertie let her post this while I was takin’ my nap!  My Lauren does make a pretty Mermaid though, don’t she?  I especially like the purple hue she got goin’ on in the scales;  it reminds me (a bit) of the new streak o’ purple hair that Bo is sportin’. (Detail)merLauren

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I’ve been traveling this week and only got to view the episode once instead of my usual twice, PLUS I haven’t really been able to discuss the episode with anyone, so my thoughts are going to be a little sketchy (what else is new?) and probably more reflective of my first impressions.

And questions. Lots of questions!

One of the most lasting impressions I have from watching Destiny’s Child is how prominently the color blue figured in this episode. Bo’s jacket is blue, yes, but a lot of the lighting is also blue, as well as the Leviathan’s makeup, fingernails, and outfit when Bo falls down through her grave.

What does it mean? Heck if I know. If you google “the color blue” and add “in mythology” to the phrase, you’ll find that blue has many different and opposite definitions – blue blood for nobility, blue-collar for working class, having the blues if you’re sad, but you’re true blue if you’re loyal and faithful, and then also blue as a symbol for life and rebirth.

Maybe it was just an artistic choice.

I thought Hugin looked a lot like a young Will Riker (First Officer of the Enterprise in Star Trek:  The Next Generation – Captain Picard’s right-hand man). I keep bringing up Star Trek comparisons every week ever since Lauren mentioned her DVD collection. I don’t think there’s any deliberate Trekking of Lost Girl happening; it just amuses me to mention things that I observed.

Burning question (heh):  from whom did Lauren collect all of the samples of Fae STDs?

I don’t think there’s any chance that the (extremely handsome and muscular) Wanderer is, like Bo said at the end of the episode, either not evil, or not her father. I’m willing to be wrong on the second point (and I probably am, because I read an interview with Kyle Schmid from TV Guide Canada that said they had to make sure he and Anna Silk had chemistry together, and I don’t think we’re going to be shown Bo engaging in unwitting Electra-complex incest) , but I don’t suspect that he’s a new good guy in town – something clearly happened to poor Bo-Bo’s mind when Rainer touched the mark on her chest. Sure, Rainer the Defiant sounded like he was defying a dictatorial tyrant way back in the day, but in summary:  not a good guy.

sbsneech twitter avatarsbsneech

“The truth.” Dumbledore sighed. “It is a beautiful and terrible thing, and should therefore be treated with great caution.”-J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.

Wow and I thought my family sucked! Now we understand why Trick was so secretive.

Honestly I’ve been on pins and needles waiting for the big reveal to some unanswered questions. Remember this from a couple of weeks ago?

Who’s The Wanderer?

What happened to Bo on the train?

What secrets are Dyson and Trick hiding from Bo?

What does the mutha f**king Prophecy say?

Well after getting a whiff of what may be in store for Bo I’ve decided to change my mind. Yes it’s my prerogative. Why you ask?

Because sometimes the truth doesn’t set you free. Sometimes it just sucks. A lot!

Choices! She can’t make any choices. Everyone else seems to have beat her to it.

Assisted by Ming, (a Fae with the ability to force others to speak the truth) Grandpa Trick descends into the catacombs of his past to search for a memory. A memory he suspects could be the key to the identity of The Wanderer and in the process we learn shocking revelations about his rein as King. Ok well maybe not shocking. The fact no one ever seemed overjoyed to find out he was The Blood King kinda hinted at the fact he’s a jerk.

Writing in his Blood Book to punish anyone he deemed defiant and unruly, he admits to killing millions of innocent souls. Tormenting without remorse for the sake of feeding his insatiable ego.

Trick – “I am the first son of the earth. I am the one to be worshipped.”

And I thought Kanye was bad.

Trick finally remembers the memory he’s been searching for. Writing his mortal enemy, Rainer out of existence. Yeah that’s right. Rainer! As in the guy that sponsored Bo’s pledge to the Dark!

After quashing an uprising led by Rainer The Defiant, Grandpa Trick stands over Rainer’s dead body on the battlefield and refuses to allow a Valkyrie to take his soul to Valhalla. Coincidentally the Valkyrie (in the flashback) is Tamsin. What the Fae?!?!?

Running out of lives and seeking redemption from her past Tamsin (apparently she’s been a jerk in the past as well) decides to barter with The Blood King. The Blood King gives Tamsin a new life for a chance to rewrite her past. As payment, Tamsin gives him Rainer’s soul so he may curse him with the words of his blood. Trick banishes Rainer’s soul to “wander” aimlessly through eternity.

Trick – “So he can never rise and take arms against my will again”.

Dude insecure much?

So in an interesting twist of fate, Tamsin turns out to be the one commissioned to capture Bo and bring her back to The Wanderer. Coincidence? I don’t think so. How’s it going to play out for her? Will she sacrifice herself to save Bo as a way to cleanse her past of her sins?

Tamsin mentioned there is a punishment for a Valkyrie not bringing a soul back to Valhalla. Odin’s probably not the forgive and forget kinda guy. Yeah I don’t know what it is but it’s safe to say she’s totally and utterly screwed.

You’d think Kenzi would have learned from the whole Norn debacle not to go meddling in Fae business. Finger painting with Trick’s blood in The Book of Laws isn’t going to turn out well. Not smart. Plus she knows you write what you desire to transpire in the future. So she writes “Bo”?!? Come on really?!? That’s the best you can come up with?!? If it were me I’d write:

1.Bo is unaligned again.

2. Lauren is free.

3. Erase from Dyson’s mind that’s he’s mated for life with Bo.

4. Lauren is able to sustain Bo with her chi.

5. Anna Silk and Zoie Palmer go to Comic-Con in 2014 and spend the entire time canoodling  with SBSneech.

Sorry. Guess it’s harder than I thought.

I don’t know what the hell’s going on but Bo thinks this guy is her destiny:

My destiny

Yeah I know. We’re all in shock:


Cut the crap Bo. Lauren’s your destiny! Don’t you remember the butterflies in your stomach when you finally saw Lauren after she’d been missing? The slow motion walk across the lawn in that hot ass little black dress and the hair porn? Alright maybe the butterflies were in my stomach but I can assure you I didn’t get them when I witnessed the whole glowing hands on each others chest foreplay with Mr. I look like some perfect Ken doll.

I know you haven’t figured it out yet but he’s evil and there’s gonna be a massive throw down of epic proportions over you. Luckily this weird, complicated, completely dysfunctional family is gonna save your ass:

Weird Family

We hope.

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17 thoughts on “Lost Girl 4.09 – Destiny’s Child

  1. Binksy and Sally: That’s it! The color blue this season indicates that Bo is half dead! Blue is the color of the underworld and the Leviathan.

    Sneech: I love your list! Let’s get hold of that damn book. Kenzi and Valkubaby are clearly not ready for it!


  2. Another great Una Exegesis!
    Vacay – loved your close textual analysis establishing that the triangle is becoming a circle
    Grammy – I couldn’t figure out what Bo had that Rainer needed to break the curse – chi! Of course! Also, your thoughts about who is going to die made me remember something very important – Valkyries have the ability to choose the bravest among fallen warriors (in Old Norse, “valkyrie” means “chooser of the slain – I just read on some website – and for the hell of it, I’ll throw in Valkyrie is related to the Celtic warrior-goddess, the Morrigan…hm). The valkyrie can restore the soul to the body, raise the dead, reincarnate, or resurrect, as well as carry souls to Valhalla. So maybe Lauren dies — but Tamsin sacrifices self to resurrect her because damn, the Wanderer/Odin would be plenty pissed about that and chop off her wings at the very least.

    Sally, Gina – saving you for later. Gotta get back to work .

    1. Thank you Carolyn, for reading again, and commenting. I’m with you 100% on the Morrigan. I’m not well versed on Morrigan tales, I’ve done the wiki research and a bit more because I’ve found that with much mythology (Roman,Greek, Norse, Irish, Christian, Egyptian, Hawaiian, etc…) a triad often plays a role in each tale. Usually two strong male forces, and a strong feminine (sometimes androgynous) force are at odds, but sometimes two are working against the one, all are working against each other, and sometimes all are working together (rarely). The Morrigan is deep in this story, from all the clues we’ve been given. I’m hoping they really go there and that Lauren’s plot will be redeeming in relation to what she knows and what she has been planning all along. Even with all the loose ends, this story they are telling has me very curious and I’m hoping for a climatic finish this time.

      The Valkyrie has an important role. The helskor, and her connection to Trick, the Wanderer, and Rainer, if he is indeed, a separate entity. I found the possibility of the Wanderer fogging Tamsin’s memory interesting. I always thought that Trick must have written in his blood book for people not to recognize him. The UnaMens should have and they didn’t. No one does. He must have done that years ago to allow him such anonymity in the present world.


      (for some reason twitter wouldn’t let me sign in so I’m using unaligned’s reply option)

  3. Sally – Bo kissed Aife, right? (or visa versa), so…maybe just a little father/daughter smooch? Plus, Tamsin warned Bo The Wanderer was willing to do anything including creating his ideal mate. Ew.

    Gina – LOL! Laughed all the way through.

    Small correction: Zoie will NOT be available for canoodling with you at Com Con ’cause she’ll be with MOI.

    Crazy theory:
    Trick has been set up to look like a Big Bad and take the fall — perhaps at Bo’s hand (Remember vision of Nain Rouge with Bo standing over a dead Trick in ep 210 – Raeging Fae). For the theory to hold water:
    a) Tamsin’s “flashback” was in fact a false memory planted by The Wanderer. She did seem in a trance-like state, didn’t she? And when she comes to, she’s like, “Oh, I just remembered – don’t trust Trick.” Uh, it would have been helpful to know that 18 episodes ago, Tam, but thanks for the head’s up. Why wouldn’t Tamsin have recognized Trick? She knew he was the Blood King, didn’t she? I sure as hell wouldn’t forget the face of a guy who called me an ugly, disgusting, dishevelled, greedy vulture. And either younger Trick needed glasses or Tamsin needed a) a good mirror, or b) a good psychotherapist.

    b) Trick was possessed during parts of his interview with Dao Ming – the part where he makes gurgling noises, laughs in evil way, and says the person he loves best is “Me! I am the first son of this Earth. I am to be worshipped!” and [evil laugh] “Do you have any idea how powerful I am? I could open my veins and write you out of history for good [with fury] like I did Rainer.”
    Either he was possessed or he has multiple personality disorder.

    1. Look at you M5!!! If Trick wrote Rainer out of existence then he erased the conversation he had with Tamsin also. No one was to ever remember him including Trick.
      Trick being possessed during his conversation with Ming is very interesting. I guess we don’t really know the scope of his power. Was he possessed or just channeling a power that’s been dormant since he’s gone into hiding only to be released if forced to speak the truth? Make sense? Kinda sorta?

      I’m more than willing to include you during my time with the girls at SDCC. Lunch on Saturday it is. I’ll include a mojito if there’s no sass. Besides EA is going to want to engage in witty repartee with her favorite N.Y. fan 🙂


    2. Aife/Saskia did kiss Bo, but I doubt we’ll see actual full-monty sex between a father-daughter pair on this show. Someone somewhere on the internet said “create” didn’t have to mean “sired,” that phrase could have been a clue to throw us all off the track. Maybe he engineered or otherwise influenced the Dark King, whomever THAT is, to sire Bo with Aife.

      Remember in Season 2 when Bo said to Trick “You’re my father,” and he said “I’m your grandfather.”? Maybe when she was all “Is the Wanderer my father?” that was mirroring that mistaken impression. I don’t know.

      But someone else somewhere on the internet said that it seems like Rainer was imprisoned on that train for centuries, which would have made him unable to sire Bo with Aife.

      So anyway, I’m going with: Rainer is NOT Bo’s father. Bo’s father is the Dark King, who we haven’t met yet, and who is not Rainer.

      But I also don’t think Rainer is a good guy.

      1. 1. We don’t know what Fae festional period is -maybe price for longevity is you carry babies for centuries. OK, unlikely, but I also wondered if Fae development may differ from human, i.e. protracted infancy. ‘Course Tansin blows that theory to hell – but she’s a Valkyrie (AND Dar Fae? I’m sooo confused).

        2. · Tamsin tells Dyson that the Wanderer is Bo’s father (just before they hurtle over the cliff) & Tamsin tells Bo the Wanderer is her father. Plus at the end of 409, Bo says Rainer is her “Destiny,” and the episode was called….

        1. 1. Dar Fae? Sign me up, as long as it’s Dar Williams Fae. I am unaligned no more.

          2. Destiny’s Child. Yesssss…but in 3.13 Tamsin hears “The Wanderer” song and says “Bo’s father,” not “He is Bo’s father.” She sees the image of the dude with the stick in front of the train, who was also on the card, so yeah, but…I mean, they probably hadn’t cast Kyle Schmid yet but that guy didn’t look like Rainer. When did Tammy tell Bo that the Wanderer was her father; was it ambiguously phrased at all? This is mega confusing. Maybe Tamsin is LYING to everyone or has had false memories implanted.

          Well, I will postulate this, M5: if Bo and Rainer do the horizontal bop, then he is not her father. I will buy you 5 mojitos that you can drink while sitting between ZP and EA at DragonCon 2014 in Hotlanta, and I will MAKE THAT HAPPEN, if they do it and he ends up being her father because that is so unlikely. (I will buy you mojitos anyway but not engineer the couch sandwich.)

        2. OK, Rainer TRIES (he’s got his shirt off in promo to 410) but Bo grows suspicious before it goes anywhere PHEW.

          We have two of our three Big Bads meeting at the OK corral. Who is the third? My vote: Trick. But it will emerge he’s not really a Big Bad after all, just a guy who was kind of despotically evil in his yout’ but grew up.

          I’d be disappointed if Dar were Light Fae.

          Do you think Showcase is trolling, too? Did I use the word correctly? Renew the friggin’ show already.

  4. You wrote: In 3.13 Tamsin hears “The Wanderer” song and says “Bo’s father,” not “He is Bo’s father.”

    I ‘ll have to listen again, but it seems to me the sequence was Wanderer’s song comes on radio; guy who is spitting image of Wanderer tarot card materializes at edge of cliff; Dyson yells, “Who’s that?” then Tamsin says, “Bo’s father.” One of the women over at Drinks at the Dal is a walking LG encyclopedia. Maybe ask her…but the conusion seems inescapable.

    You asked: “When did Tammy tell Bo that the Wanderer was her father?”

    I’m going to have to go back and hunt that down, but in Ground Hog Fae, Tamsin revealed to Bo that she held herself responsible for The Wanderer finding Bo. She adds that “He woud’ve done anything to claim his ideal mate, even if it meant creating her himself.” I realize that’s not the same as “The Wanderer is your father” but it certainly echos a theme the guy with the Darth Vadar voice (accompanied by the Wanderer song) has said on several occasions: you will rule by my side. The tarot card that floats to the floor after Bo is kidnapped at the end of 313 shows the Wanderer — with Bo at his side.

    Here’s a little more circumstantial evidence:

    1) The Wanderer’s song is heard on a juke box at the beginning of the Dawning. While inside The Temple, Bo sees a vision of her father sitting in a chair holding her in his arms and singing to her. When she exits the Temple, she says in her supersuccubus voice, “I will reign as he did for I am his daughter.”

    2) In episode 313, Aife says to Bo, “If your father was here he would kill them all and then resurrect them and then kill them again.” Bo’s father has the power to reanimate or resurrect the dead — like Odin the Wanderer? I guess Bo resurrected Dyson, but it was when she seemed possessed by…her father. With the Darth Vadar voice. To reiterate: the juke box music heard at the start of the Dawning in the temple would seem to link the Wanderer theme to Bo’s father.

    Maybe the Wanderer is not Bo’s father, but the writers sure wanted us to believe he was.

  5. There was no spell. Both Lauren and Dyson should have left Bo for good. She mockingly looked Lauren dead in her eyes when she claimed her “destiny”.

    If I were either of them, I would have left and said lose my #.

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