Lost Girl Season 4 Checkpoint – Wild Theories!

What a long, long week it’s been! Lost Girl took a week off and we didn’t quite know what to do with ourselves. We tried to amuse ourselves with twitter and we looked at lots of pretty, pretty gifs on tumblr, but let’s all breathe a collective sigh of relief that our favorite show returns this Sunday, SUNDAY SUNDAYYYYY!

In the meanwhile, we thought we’d put out (heh) our wacky theories and predictions about what the heck is going on in Season 4, and where we think the story might be going. Tell us what YOU think in the comments!

doccuficent twitter avatarALongVacation

Where am I? Some disorientated remarks.

[Note: The following is a very personal point of view. It is meant to be extreme and polemical. Please take it with a grain of salt.]

We went into season 4 with a whole lotta Great Expectations. Probably too many. Ah, Lost Girl, don’t you understand what you do to us? This is the show that carries so many (all?) of our hopes and dreams. Am I being hyperbolic? Certainly. But hyperbole helps to understand that this is how it feels.

The emotional investment I have witnessed, and experienced, in Lost Girl is – the understatement of the new year – “disproportionate” in relation to a smallish, funnyish, essentially good-natured and totally adorable, Canadian (love you guys!!) television show. I love its anarchical character, its way of throwing the deck of cards up in the air and yelling woohoo!!!!! I love all the drinking and abandon. I love the way it celebrates hedonism and pleasure for its own sake. I raise a toast to the way, after all the romping and carousing, that love is still the last word, still the ultimate value. I love that Lost Girl tackles issues of gender, sexuality, privilege, ethics and morality – and calls out the bad – in ways that are sometimes quite subtle. And ambiguous. (I will get back to this later.)

But let me be honest: I do not love it without Doccubus. I cannot love it without Doccubus. You can tell me to try green eggs and ham all you want. I won’t. “Oh, Bo is so mean.” “Oh, she doesn’t really love Lauren,”Oh, Lauren deserves better.” Whatever. These are merely rationalizations put in place by us to deal with the fact that we only love Doccubus. Ok, so who the hell is “us?” Why the juggernaut of course, the Unsullied Doccubus Army. Me, I’m in the radical fringe: I have no interest in Levony. Tambo leaves me cold. I don’t even want them for kicks. I’m like, opposed to them. We are single-minded, and sadly emotionally enslaved to this show. Although that’s now changing, very much so. The fandom has become a bit morose of late.

People have taken issue with a number of things. Among others:

  1. We are told that Lost Girl is label-free, but it does not treat its male and female characters equally in that regard. Only the women and the “deviant” Dark Fae are label-free. The Light Fae men are super heteronormative. To wit: 4×07. The closest Lost Girl has ever come to really queering Dyson was in 2×05 – “Brotherfae of the Wolves.”  In that episode, the (refreshing and bold) overt homoeroticism that saturates Dyson and Cayden’s relationship was always framed by Bo’s and Kenzi’s gazes. It was consistently situated in relation to their desire. Still, I don’t know that another show has gone anywhere near this sort of thing in such a blatant open way. I honestly don’t know. Maybe someone can tell me. Dyson has indeed been put in other situations where he is the object of male admiration, but except for 2×05, he’s always been shown as an “open-minded” straight man who is amused//irritated by various pervy dudes’ random come-ons. See Vex and see the foot fetish guy in the woods in 4×02.
  2. We have been given to understand that Lauren and Bo are destined for one another, but there is so much emotional inconsistency this season that we’re getting whiplash. In the blink of an eye, Lost Girl forgets the BoLo star-crossed lovers theme the very moment it presents it. 4×07 is again a case in point. First we have red threads of destiny and unconscious projections. The next moment, it’s like Oh, did I say that? I didn’t mean it. And then there is that scene that caused so much controversy.
  3. Silly crackships and too much fan service at the expense of plot development, proper pacing, internal coherence, and emotional logic and integrity.

Personally, I think these criticisms are valid to some degree, but my frustrations may stem from something else. Something like the excessive emotional investment I’ve placed in this unlikely, bizarre, yet somehow brilliant little show.

Starting in Season 3, I began to get distracted from the plot because of a growing Doccubus/Lauren anxiety. This year with the show going full on serialized, I’m having real trouble focusing on the overall story. To me, the problem is that the various fae of the week plots in the first 8 episodes have been almost entirely about the maddening interpersonal relationships. They build and build toward some kind of narrative or emotional payoff … and then don’t go anywhere. Life goes on with Bo and Lauren, respectively, peevish and distant, bitchy and sulky. Maybe this is TV Kundalini. Or maybe I’m impatient. But to me, the choices made this season have both weakened the fae of the week devices and done little for the relationship dramas, for the Love Triangle that, like the energizer bunny…. abides, but does not evolve.

A close family friend – something like a younger cousin – stayed at my house for a few days over Thanksgiving. She’s a genre fan, so I promptly converted her into a Lost Girl watcher. This woman is straight and youngish, smart, worldly, as well as open-minded about all things. I’m fond of her. She immediately took a dislike to Dyson. She hated in particular how he treated that waitress in the Dal in season 1. Typical asshole behavior that straight women know and hate (well, mostly anyway). We talked again when we saw each other over the holidays, after she’d consumed most of the first three seasons. Granted there was no opportunity to sit down and hash it out calmly because we were at a crowded and noisy family party, but she said, to my utter consternation, that in her opinion Dyson was being written as endgame. What?? Then she also said she didn’t like Lauren, or the actress, or how the character was written, or I’m not even sure. She said she even preferred Tamsin with Bo! I had to step away and make a conscious decision to push it all aside, maybe save it for another day, because I’d known this person since she was a baby. Yes, it’s like that. Her reasons, as far as I could tell, were that audiences are given to believe that Dyson is heroic, and sacrifices everything for Bo, and also that Bo and Dyson are star-crossed lovers (she did use that term), who were separated by supernatural events out of their control – this of course being a classic set-up for the ultimate reunion down the road. She said, Sure, Bo and Lauren are great; their sex scenes are really hot, BUT… according to the show, they’re not the real deal.

There you go: general audience. Interesting. I told her to wait until season 4, when suddenly all these star-crossed stories week after week make explicit and unmistakable reference to Bo and Lauren. I’m genuinely surprised at the way she saw the show and where it was headed. But really, I shouldn’t have been, because this is exactly what Lost Girl does: even if one meaning is fairly obvious, all other meanings are completely and legitimately 100% there as well.

The ambiguity of it all. Some time ago, I wrote that Lost Girl manages to keep all its little bowling pins in the air by subverting everything it presents as true. I’m sure the opposition gnashes its teeth as much as we do (although I wish they would just back off because they should learn to share). Lost Girl makes it possible to interpret Bo’s feelings toward her two main lovers (as well as her only-in-your-dreams lover) in every possible way.

Why is this? It’s hard, and inevitably wrong and unfair, to speculate about the intentions and motivations of the writers and producers, about the phobias of the network executives, or the creative vision, beliefs, and perhaps unconscious preconceptions of the executive producer. Lost Girl in many ways expresses the tensions between all these different strands: writers who want to pursue the Bo-Lauren love story because they see that it is there, perfect and glorious; writers who don’t want that, and who prefer the predictable hetero romance; network executives who are afraid of going too far because it might fail but also know that hot f/f action brings ad revenue; and an executive producer who wants a commercially successful and politically relevant show, but who may hold certain unexamined opinions about, say, bisexual women.

Bang Dyson; discuss picket fences with Lauren. But she loves them both! Brows furrow.

Dyson in season 1 and in season 4 knows that his feelings for Bo have never been fully reciprocated. When Kenzi says to Dyson in season 1, “I can see how much this hurts you,” she doesn’t mean physically. No, it’s the emotional hurt that Dyson can’t cure. So the “wolves mate for life” conceit is his curse. It’s his tragedy, and he is heroic (in case it isn’t clear, I mean in the estimation of the show) because of it, because he can never have what he most deeply desires yet remains loyal. (He also remains Bo’s punching bag.)

Bang Dyson. Be sulky and piney with Lauren. But she loves them both! (If you insist.)

So which is it?

Now I totally understand that since Bo and Lauren are the actual star-crossed lovers, obstacles will be thrown in their way until the very end. But I don’t think that’s all that’s going on. Because Lauren is so obviously Bo’s true love and because Dyson can never have what he wants most, the show must make sure to be an utter shit to Lauren on a regular basis. At least this has been the case until now. In seasons 1-3, Lauren has been punished over and over for getting the girl. I don’t know that this is being done consciously. But it’s a familiar experience. You can have all this, but not that too. Whatever you have, we give it and we take it. Difference must be maintained. Because privilege must always be maintained. Because heterosexuality and gender hierarchies have to constitute themselves against their Others. And again, I’m not accusing anyone of doing anything to screw us or anyone over. There is a script here. In fact there are many. And my interpretation of who loves whom and how much, will always be subject to questioning. The show makes sure of it, so that I and we are never quite sure of what’s really going on. It’s not just lesbian TVPTSD.

And The Triangle becomes a circle. The friendship between Lauren and Dyson. Everyone is all WTF. We are now talking about the possibility of polyamory between the 3. I have thought since the very beginning of watching the show that Lost Girl’s only solution, given the corner they’ve painted themselves into, was to decide to have Lauren, Bo, and Dyson all live together. But without threesomes. Although at this point, Lost Girl is no longer obeying the laws of plausibility or emotional logic. I also think that Dyson and Kenzi are meant for each other (and not just because I want him to give his unrequited love for Bo a rest). But, yeah, Bo has plenty to go around. In its awkward, and sometimes not terribly well executed way Lost Girl is telling us that Dyson and Lauren have grown as people, have grown to respect each other, and have accepted that they are both important in Bo’s life. I don’t have a huge problem with that. Or to put it a different way, while it will be rad for Bo to end up with Lauren in the end, they will also do the poly thing. That’s radical in its own right.

Things that are driving me nuts:

-Why won’t Bo and Lauren take couple of hours (or more) and freakin’ talk?? They don’t have to solve everything right away, for god’s sake! All they need to do is spend some time saying: “when you did that, this is what it was like for me” and “this is how I experienced that.” They should watch The Fosters. Oh, but wait! Maybe that conversation took place offscreen. There is weird script editing at work here.

-For that matter, why won’t Bo tell Dyson what’s going on? What are his expectations? What are hers?

-At the end of 4×05, Bo asked Lauren to come back home with her. Lauren refused, although you could tell she was soooo tempted, especially by the bathtub proposal. (Fine, Lost Girl, we’re used to your teasing ways, I don’t even care.) Bo and Lauren both looked completely heartbroken after that (non)conversation was over. I get that sometimes you have to make decisions that you think are right for the long run, but that are still tearing you apart. I’ve always admired Lauren’s strength. BUT – as funny as that scene was – why then the jostling for position next to Bo in the back seat in 4×08? And then why the drunken banter & pissing contest about who is most qualified to make decisions about “Bo’s box.” No, I didn’t take issue with the inherent sexism of that exchange. It was so ironic. It took place between a man and a woman, both drunk idiots at the time, both whipped, and one especially at the beck and call of the succubus. Basically, they get to decide nothing at all for all that big talk.

I kinda love Lost Girl Villains:

S1: Aife. Mommy Dearest. Men, martinis, gratuitous publicity stunts, and poisonous cookies.

S2: The Garuda. A creep in a double-breasted suit. A small time Mafia boss who gets off on belittling and torturing his idiot underlings.

S3: Taft the mad scientist. A Frankenstein who also looks a bit like Bill Gates?

S4: The Una Mens. Fascist asshat bureaucrats, whose power and authority over you can only exist with your consent! Bo is like fuck you to them and that seems to do it.

I fully expect Bo’s father to be the CEO of a large multinational corporation. The eeeevil kind that exploits, sickens, and starves children in developing countries, and then also dumps toxic waste into the environment. I mean, come on, it only makes sense. That’s totally why Bo has been so selfish, callous, narcissistic, and cold this entire season. Her father is the Wolf of Wall Street!

The Wanderer? You tell me.

Don’t feel too sorry for Pietra.

Why was Pietra executed by the Una Mens? Probably because she stabbed and murdered that already wounded fae in the alley who had that scimitar of whatsit that Vex needed. Still “Pietra” was a clear dig at some among the Doccubus fans. Rabid, ruthless, and sycophantic. Gee, thanks. Is this just a catty, inconsequential, act of revenge by the writers? Or is it a portent of doom?

keets twitter avatar

The Grammy Binks Rants.

So’s,  the Blog Girls wants ta do a piece they is calling Spec.  Specalatin’ on what is goin’ ta happen for these last five eppysodes.  I just gotta say that my mind went ta all kindsa horrible places concernin’ my Grandbaby b’fore I decided ta just calm down an’ trust that she’s gonna come through on the upside o’ things.

Mostly I think my dear Lolo is like that mortal girl:  Psyche, from the Greek Mythology.   An’ Bo is like Eros;  the lonely God of Love.

Psyche falls in love with an’ immortal an’ they can never truly be tagether ‘cos o’ fears, deception, jealousy, an’ the complications of such an’ unorthodox relationship.   Aphrodite is this Eros fella’s mom an’ don’t want him ta be with this mortal girl who is gorgeous, an’ good, an’ loyal ta her true love.


Some stuff happens, ‘causin’ both these lovers ta doubt each other,  so Psyche runs away an’ throws herself in a river,  but this Pan fella fishes her out an’ tells her ta seek help from Aphrodite.  (Neither Pan, nor Psyche, knows that Aphrodite was the one who caused all this misunderstandin’ in the first place.)

Aphrodite gives Pysche all sorts o’ tasks ta prove she is loyal an’ truly loves Eros.   Psyche passes all the tests until a final task is given.   Aphrodite sends Pysche inta the Underworld ta fetch a box o’ face paint or some such ridiculous vanity product.

Really?  Send the girl ta Hell ta git your make-up?   Sounds a little bit like The Venus Fly Trap (the Morrigan)  don’t it?

Anyways:  Psyche knows she is traversin’ to  a place no mortal ought,  but she accepts her fate.  She loves Eros an’ is willin’ ta do this task even if it means givin’ up her own life.   She surrenders in the name o’ love,  for her love,  an’ walks inta Hell with the knowledge that she will most likely die,  but also with the knowledge that her love for Eros is intact.   Or somethin’ like that.  I’m sure I messed some o’ it up.psycheeros

But the point is:  this is the story bein’ told.   Lolo’s been preparin’ for this task for some spec o’ time an’ she’s had some help.  Who it is been helpin’ her I’m not sure,  but I’ma guessin’ it’s that fella Vex, an’ Mr. Trick.   She an’ Bo has had their misunderstandin’s,  an’ Bo is goin’ ta have another misunderstanding’ soon (I’ma guessin’) but my sweet Lauren knows her heart.  Yep.  Lauren’s gonna end up on that Death Train travelin’ through Time an’ Space.   She’s gonna twist some kinda knot in this Wanderer’s evil scheme.

Bo is the Wanderer in the here an’ now.   The Original Wanderer (her Daddy) exists out of Time.   He needs Bo ta gain himself an entrance ta this current Fae world.   A part o’ him resides in Bo, somehow, an’ always has;  it’s why he made her.   I ain’t buyin’ that incest crap, just ‘cos I don’t want ta.

My dear sweet Lauren is goin’ ta do an exorcism for Bo.  She is goin’ to  attack  this Wanderer fella from his Death Train I’ma guessin’.   That’s where his black goo smokey essence is stored, or his soul, or whatever.   I just hope she brings herself a big enough syringe.  Seems like that’s her weapon o’ choice,  so’s it better be a good one is all I’ma sayin’.

Now this last part ain’t ta my likin’ so much cos it ends bad either way.  Either my Grandbaby could die in her efforts ta save her Bo, or she will become immortal too.   I’ma guessin’ all her tamperin’ with the Fae DNA is so she could make herself functional within’ this Wanderer’s realm.  Will she be able ta undo what she done ta herself ?   I don’t got nary an idea.  That’s why this here guessin’ is called a specalation.

Hesus, Maria, an’ Jose’!  I ain’t one for prayin’,  but I swear on Bertie’s stack o’ stolen bibles that if Lolo comes outta this alive,  I will darken the door o’ St. Peters sportin’ heels Mr. Vex ‘ll be wantin’ ta pilfer.

This here is Grammy Binks signin’ off…

Sally twitter avatarSally

In the driveway of my childhood home, Captain Kirk and I were restoring the U.S.S. Enterprise. He was a surprisingly fastidious worker, concentrating on adjusting the smallest details of the workstations with a micro-spanner while the roof of the bridge went unmounted.

Kirk surrounded by tribbles
Are you the Wanderer?

I was a little baffled, but how do you tell Captain Kirk that his priorities are out of whack? Anyway, he spoke up before I could decide whether to say anything.

“You have a lot of really great equipment here for the restoration. I can’t believe they just let you take it.”

I smiled. This, I knew how to respond to.

“You have to think dark to be Dark.”

At that moment, the door to my bedroom creaked open and a small voice floated up the stairs.

“Mommy? I woke up and I want you to come snuggle me.”

I looked at the clock. It was 2:00am. My wakeful 3-year-old daughter had interrupted some of the most interesting REM sleep that I’d had in a while. It was all a dream. Lost Girl has infiltrated my consciousness and subconscious to the extent that I’m quoting this show in. my. dreams.

Here are my predictions for the next 5 episodes of Lost Girl Season 4.

1. It is not all a dream. This is not Dallas. Bo is not somehow stuck in the Dawning or the Temple, and they won’t all magically wake up at the end of episode 13, somehow negating what happened in the previous 12 episodes. What’s been going on in Season 4 will have real consequences.

2. Lauren is up to something. She struck a deal with whomever her captor was and is working a long game. One of her captors may have been the Morrigan, and if so, Lauren took her DNA in order to build herself some kind of insurance policy.

3. Trick and the Morrigan may be in cahoots. I still think it was Trick who had captured Lauren. The voice over the loudspeaker was unmistakably his. He and the Morrigan have either joined forces to fight the Una Mens, or he and Lauren struck a bargain that she would help Bo defeat the Wanderer, and Lauren is conning the Dark Fae (better to keep an eye on you, my Dark succubus dearie).

4. Hale and possibly Tamsin might have bad things happen to them. Hale’s bleeding ear and repeated statements to Kenzi that they have time, and Tamsin’s wings signaling that this is her last life are both foreshadowing that perhaps one or both of these characters is going to come to harm or possibly even death. (No, Lost Girl, no! Please let all the characters live happily forever.)

5. The Wanderer might somehow be inhabiting Bo. Everyone Bo meets keeps telling her “There is a darkness inside of you.” Maybe they mean it literally! Maybe the Wanderer has hitched a ride in her body, Voldemort/Quirrell style, and wherever Bo looks for the Wanderer, she will only find herself. Or something like that.

6. There will be some more Doccubus. Bo and Lauren will be together in their own time, forever-style. But until they can be with the one they love, they’ll love the ones they’re with. Including each other. We’re going to have some more lovely lovin’. Because otherwise, it’s not fair. And life is always fair.

sbsneech twitter avatarsbsneech

So when Sally suggested we do speculation posts this week my first thought was hell no I’m not doing that. Why would I want to guess at where this crazy season is headed and possibly look like a moron in the process?

Meh. Whatever.

Before I begin with my far out rant I have to explain a few things that have influenced my speculation:

1. In interviews before the season began, all the actors agree this season is INSANE.

2. Jay Firestone (the Executive Producer) says he’s afraid of getting angry emails.

3. Emily Andras (The Showrunner) says if you’re mad after 4×07 (that statement I believe is specifically directed toward Lauren fans) then just wait until 4×11!  What if Lauren’s story line is not what it seems?

4. Anna Silk says take everything you know about Lost Girl and turn it upside down.

Life is hard when you don’t know who you are. It’s harder when you don’t know what you are. I was lost for years. Searching while hiding. Only to find that I belong to a world hidden from humans. I won’t hide anymore. I will live the life I choose.

 Every week we hear Bo Dennis proclaiming her commitment to the journey of discovering her true self. Hoping to free herself from the demons of the past and coming to accept her true nature, which she knows is the key to living the life she chooses.

During the last three seasons Lost Girl has alluded to exploring the possibility that our favorite succubus has an evil or demonic side. At times when she is overcome by her Super Succubus, we hear grandiose claims (in a demonic voice) of ruling all the Fae and possessing the power to decide who lives or dies. A frightening prospect indeed.

The Dawning:

Bo Dawning




One of the most hyped events on Lost Girl to date and according to most of the fandom (me included) one of the most disappointing.

In 3×08 – Tamsin to Bo – “There’s a good chance you won’t make it through The Dawning. It’s the most brutal thing you will go through times infinity”.

In 3×09 – Caretaker to Bo “If you try to leave with him the Temple will claim you forever. This place can be vengeful”.

Lyrics from music playing after The Dawning during the final scene between Kenzi and Bo sitting at the bar:

I was alive but taken it slow. It’s a long and winding road, as you know. Keepin’ in stride, baggage in tow. If you wanna pull your weeds you gotta let em grow. That’s the price you got to pay.

Thomas D’Arcy – The Price You Pay:

Kris Holden-Ried confirmed at a con that Dyson took over Bo’s Dawning and created an illusionary life he’d always desired with Bo. There’s gotta be a consequence for that!

So after my exhausting preamble:

Bo and Dyson are still in the Temple.

Bo hasn’t been the same since that episode. I considered they may have come out and left a part of themselves back in the Temple. A sort of split reality but everyone seems out of character, and not just Bo and Dyson.

There is no continuity. Just like a dream going from scene to scene. Too many things don’t make sense. Too many unresolved issues. As the season has progressed we’ve consistently been presented with more questions than answers.

The only continuity is in themes playing out over and over that are important to Bo:

Family. Freedom. Fear of her Darkness. Forbidden Love.

Dyson’s theme is simple. Accept Bo loves him but is not “in love” with him. His journey is of letting go and finding his own freedom.

The Una Mens are a symbol of the Fae rigidity and Bo’s resistence to being controlled.

The seed was stolen by her. She playing out a scenario where her darkness takes over control and she become an evil clone of herself.

The Rune glass a symbol of her distrust of Tamsin.

She is The Wanderer. It’s her darkness that she’s resisted. The smoke envelopes her symbolizing being consumed by her biggest fear.

All of it an internal journey to make the right choices to discover her true self.

Now for a moment lets go back to what was happening to the humans before The Dawning. Lauren was considering going rogue and working for Taft. Kenzi was approached by Stella who told Kenzi her scars ran deep then proceeded to whisper something to her that left Kenzi with a stunned look on her face. A revelation that was referred to on more than one occasion including Trick admonishing Stella for being so cruel to Kenzi. Is there a significance to this for a future plot line?

Making this season an illusionary dream world inside The Temple is a huge gamble and would definitely anger a gang of us. Unless…

The world Bo left behind when she walked into The Temple, is far different from the world she discovers upon her return.

What if Fae society is engulfed in an upheaval, a struggle of sorts between Light and Dark for power? What if Kenzi and Lauren are in grave danger or living in deplorable conditions, wouldn’t that distract us from what’s unfolded for 12+ episodes?

Naw that would be INSANE!

11 thoughts on “Lost Girl Season 4 Checkpoint – Wild Theories!

  1. What a delectatable Smörgåsbord!
    I’m going to resist the temptation to interpret Sally’s dream because that would be professionally irresponsible, and will limit myself to saying that I have complete faith that if TPTB would just let her, Captain Heaven could examine this Enterprise we call Season 4, fix all the moving parts, & get the ship back on course to complete it’s five-year mission (ya listenin’ Showcase? FIVE year mission) to boldly go where no ma…no one in the television industry has gone before!

    But alas, the season’s fate is already sealed. We’re not the Una Fans with the power to imprison the showrunner and force the writers to do our bidding. We’re relegated to the role of Wonderers. We wonder round ‘n round ‘n round.

    I’m really growing weary of wondering & speculating. I keep doing it out of
    loyalty (to whom or what I’m not sure) and a wish that in the end it all works out right. And it might…if Bo & Lo do.

    I’m growing especially weary of debates about intended or unintended lesbian tropes and subterranean homophobia. I feel like I’m in a darkened theatre and everyone in the audience is sucking their teeth and whispering in frustration and I just want to shush them all and say, “Geez! Can’t we just watch the movie?!”

    Does that make me a bad bisexual? There, I said it! “Aha!” someone’s thinking, “So that’s why she wasn’t offended by the mirror shot!” Whatever. I’m just tired of everybody being so unhappy all the time when I’m eating my popcorn and basically enjoying the movie.

    But you invited comments, not long rambling off-topic personal statements. So let me offer a few reactions:
    1. Sbsneech – intriguing hypothesis but you better be wrong because THAT would drive me completely off the deep end (“Wait, so ALL of season 4 has just been more Dawning? Bo & Dyson have been in the temple this whole time?! So, in 401 when everybody’s memory gets erased, that’s just Bo’s subconscious expression of feeling abandoned by her faemily? Or is it Dyson’s WISH that everybody else would forget about Bo, so he could have her all to himself? But HE forgot about her, too, and was smooching with Kenzi…They’re coming to take me away, ha-ha!”). I’m with you that the season has been one confusing carousel ride but whenever I bump up against something that makes absolutely no sense — like most of Bo’s behavior for the past 15 episodes — I just chalk it up to the Wanderer messin’ with things, specifically Bo’s mind and everybody else’s, too, at one point or another.
    2. Granny Binks, your hick dialect ain’t foolin’ me for one second — you’re an erudite Classics scholar and student of Greek mythology, in disguise. It stands to reason – any granny of Lauren’s would have to be brilliant. Loved the Aphrodite/Eros/Psyche parallels. And I’m with you — some how, some way it will be Lolo who saves the day. Bo will be consumed by darkness within, but Lauren will find a way to bring her back, just as she did in episode 305. The power of Eros over Thanatos. But it is inconceivable to me that TPTB would kill her off. That would be like the show commiting suicide. Fans would make a stampede for the exits. No, Lauren lives on.
    3. Sally, as usual I agree with pretty much everything you suggested. I think it’s Tamsin who will die. She loves Bo — albeit in a somewhat creepy, unbalanced, The Roommate kinda way, but she will sacrifice her love for the greater good. She wants to Be Like Bo.
    4. Vacation – I hope I didn’t offend with my mini-rant about being tired of all the meta-lesbian-discussions because, come to think of it, you had many thoughtful things to say about that.
    Oops. You also put your finger on what has disturbed ne most about Season 4. Nobody TALKS to each other anymore, particularly Bo & Lauren, but really all the gang. Ou sont les kitchen scenes d’antan? The heart-to-hearts between Kenzi & Bo, Dyson & Kenzi, heck I even miss those talks Dyson and Lauren used to have about Bo — sober. It’s like everybody knows they *should* talk, they just never get around to it. It’s the Wanderer, I tell ya. When in doubt, blame the Wanderer. I also agree that some sort of amicable trio arrangement will be worked out between Bo, Lauren & Dyson — with Lauren as Bo’s love partner and Dyson as a friend with benefits. I’ve had this nagging feeling however that after she’s done saving Bo and the world, Lauren may announce she’s retiring to that farm with Crystal. Just another break. God, I hope I’m wrong.

    Sorry for the endless post. You inspired me! Thanks for the great read.

    1. Mahler, thanks for reading and leaving your comment! I hadn’t realized I might have taken offense at your mini rant. I am in full agreement with it. I was recently in the trenches of that particular battle – and we are outnumbered. I was more just writing from this emotional and slightly paradoxical place. Lost Girl has felt to me like an affair that isn’t going well, which is kind of funny, ridiculous, and bizarre at the same time. But I think that’s the experience many people are having, and I think it’s kind of fascinating.

      Your posts on the Docc.com guest blog are always really interesting.

      But, PS, I do believe that LG as a cultural artifact has meanings independent of the intentions of any of its producers.


    2. Mahlers5th, I was most surprised that it was Captain KIRK, the Shatner Kirk. I suppose you never forget your first captain!

      Thanks for your thoughtful thoughts. I blame the Wanderer too, but have a nagging suspicion that the Wanderer will end up being more than we think, like not just a garden-variety bad guy.

      As for meta-lesbian discussions, I never meta lesbian I didn’t like. Just kidding, of course I have! I think it’s an interesting conversation to be having, to a point, but as well, I’m watching the show we’re being shown. And I don’t see any evidence that Lauren is moving towards being attracted toward a man, or towards Dyson in particular.

      I suppose I could end up eating my words later on, but one of the things I think has been crystal (heh) clear so far is that Lauren’s into the ladies. (Figuratively and literally!)

      I’d better stop before I made any more AWESOME puns.

      1. Never stop punning! Funny! As for Kirk — this is strictly my association — he was Caltain of the Enterprise when I watched the original series with my family, including my somewhat chauvanist father. It never crossed my mind (age 13) that there was anything sexist about Star Trek. This was 1966 – we didn’t know from sexism. So it was especially sweet that it was that old-fashioned chauvanist Kirk whom you were outperforming.

        And O.M.G. The Golden Globe just went to the actress who doesn’t play a lesbian. OK. Well…

    3. Thank you Carolyn (Mahlers). Your thoughts are always bright and enlightening to me whenever I feel less than optimistic. Grammy Binks is more of a dilettante, but ever’ once in awhile she may strike a right chord. She knows to leave the heavy thinkin’ to her counterparts. Thank you.

    4. Mahler, thanks for slapping down my wonderful hypothesis and you’re not the only one enjoying the movie.

      I don’t have all the answers regarding all the OOC behavior we’ve had to endure this season but I do know this is all not the Wanderers doing.

      He is not as all powerful as we may think. Bo has become more powerful herself since returning from the Club Med Train. Why did he allow her to leave? I think Rainer and Bo are being controlled by greater force and what it is still needs to be revealed.

      The Temple is still going to play a significate role in the outcome of this season. You just watch and see young lady….


  2. hmmm….hmmm…. I don’t know how I feel about the possibility of Bo ending the series in a poly relationship. not out of consideration for the other involved characters or plausibility, but rather prejudices/stereotypes attached to bisexuality in our very own very human lil’ world. you know, bisexuals not being able to make up their mind yadda yadda fishcakes.
    in this context a poly relationship might be read as just that. even more so if her partners are struggling with the situation. I want the show to push the envelope on the romantic one true love stuff, still poly in combination w/ bisexual seems to offer itself for unintentional kablooey.
    I guess, I’d rather prefer seeing other non-sexual relationships being presented as equally important as the romantic one(s) and some Doccubus with random feeds on the side as series endgame.
    Where’s my #Benzi, sniff?

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