Lost Girl 4.07 – La Fae Epoque


Season 4. Episode 7: “La Fae Epoque”

Well that was a mindfuck. And once I made my peace with it, I have to admit, it was pretty good.

Kenzi-Angel to Dyson-Bo: “You have entered the place where dreams come true, outside of time and space.” What dreams? Whose dreams?

Screen Shot 2013-12-26 at 4.32.39 PM

One more time: Through the Looking-Glass we go! This time it’s a quite different kind of mirroring.

When we left off, at the end of 406, Bo was in the process of apologizing to Dyson for being… selfish, insensitive to his feelings, emotionally unavailable to him, and maybe, it was strongly suggested, a bit physically abusive when pushed and pressured by him. There was the idea of a gender reversal going on, which would continue, albeit in a different, explicit, and literalized form, in the next episode.

In episode 407, “La Fae Epoque,” Bo has to set her emotional turmoil and emotional helplessness aside in order to save Dyson from execution at the hands of the Una Mens. She needs to prove his innocence of mass murders committed, by someone, in 1899 France. The Una Mens will not be satisfied by Dyson protesting his innocence and telling the story as it really happened; a third party must go back into Dyson’s memories, investigate the events, and bring concrete evidence forward to exonerate him. Meanwhile, as we find out, Dyson is wracked with guilt and waits for a kind of exoneration that goes beyond the facts of who wielded the murder weapon.

Bo is forced to go beyond her emotional turmoil and enter into Dyson’s memories, which reside in and implicate his physical body, where she and he both experience the very intimacy Bo denied Dyson in the previous episode. This intimacy was also triangulated with Lauren/Flora. For Bo the lover in Dyson’s world was Lauren. In Dyson’s actual past it was a woman named Flora. Let’s play spin The Triangle (some more). Furthermore, for this all to work out, we need a certain doctor’s expertise in … all things.

Bo goes into Dyson’s memories and Lauren remains “the constant” – just as Bo’s love for Lauren has remained constant through many years and 3 seasons.

There will be sex.

Bo gets to experience a moment of life as both herself and Dyson. And since this is Lost Girl, she experiences both her own and Dyson’s rakishness.

Screen Shot 2013-12-26 at 4.43.27 PM

Bo’s split consciousness as Dyson/herself expresses itself as a version of The Triangle, where she gets to “possess” both Dyson and Lauren. The gender-bending aspects of this episode are among its intriguing, and sort of envelope-pushing features (once again, Lost Girl. Once again. I’ll give you that.) Because it is Lost Girl, gender reversals and body switching will not be separated from their sexual implications. To me, the scene in the mirror was less important as a “nod” to The Triangle than a melding of a gender and sexual consciousness that Bo found extremely intriguing and erotic, and which caused her to re-experience and contemplate her subjectivity as something different. Bo looked at “herself” in the mirror having intercourse with “Lauren.” What she saw was “Dyson” having intercourse with a woman who was supposed to be a fae woodland sprite (or was it spirit) named Flora Blooms (funny), but who was also “Lauren.” Here, logic would hold that the mirror image of Bo-Lauren should be Dyson-Flora. Yet Lauren remained the “constant” on both sides of the mirror Just as she is in the real now-world, where she is monitoring Bo’s progress through Dyson’s memories.

The trip through Dyson’s head for Bo is like a dream. Her “subconscious” (unconscious, I believe, is the correct term) projects familiar figures onto the unknown, strange, landscape of another’s mind. In this way, Bo’s own “self” coexists with Dyson’s, hence the split consciousness Bo experiences throughout the entire adventure.

“Ouvrez la porte, salaud!”

Dyson used to be a rogue. Now he’s broody. Was his potential realized after Trick saved him from a useless life? Maybe. But then again, maybe not, I would say. Here we have evidence of Dyson’s moral ambiguity, one that has never quite left him.

But it’s strange that Jedi Master Trick saving him and offering him a place with the Blood King only produced Dyson as another foot soldier, serving yet another master. Perhaps the idea is that the Blood King, regretful of all the pain and suffering he’s caused, wants redemption and a new start in the new world. He recruits Dyson, a man similarly filled with regret.

This episode also brings Dyson, after Lauren, into the little hobbly family of broken souls, the family of heroes in search of redemption. Let’s see what’s in those closets:

For Bo, it was a 10 year killing spree.

For Lauren, it’s the whole “eco terrorism” with 11 people dead .

For Dyson, it was “The countless men you conned and the countless women you shamed.” And “All you’ve ever done is steal and screw!”

Kenzi should be next

And what each of them has done also reveals something about the characters now, and why they need each other. Dyson’s flaw has always been arrogance and ignorance. Lauren’s flaw: misplaced trust. And Bo’s flaw has always been not knowing who she is.


In the end, the truth about any bureaucratic system of oppression, is its corruption and its thirst for power. This cheapens the Una Mens as uber villains somewhat, but also pushes the figure of The Wanderer forward as greater and more powerful evil, one archaic enough to be the Blood King’s arch enemy. His nemesis. And also Bo’s father possibly.

Speaking of nemesis, among the many trolly tweets of the hiatus, there was one that said something about one’s soul mate also being one’s nemesis. Is Lauren really going to be the 3rd big bad? I’ll reserve judgment on that one until I see how it plays out. And of course, this could be an entirely incorrect bit of speculation.

I don’t think it could be Dyson, unless one’s soul mate is like one’s brother. Bo and Dyson are essentially the same person, and this episode really drives that home.

Dark is as Dark does.

Lauren continues to enjoy her freedom as a member of the Dark. And continues to experience freedom as “darkness” – “I don’t ask, I take. It’s a think dark to be dark kind of thing.”

Little red strings of fate

“According to legend, the Gods used to wrap these around the ankles of those destined to meet, regardless of place, time and circumstance.” It was surprising that Tamsin was left out of this now coalescing fae family.

At the end of the episode, when the gang celebrates their victory with some well-deserved wieners, it was a Bo and Dyson (wiener?) moment, with Lauren clearly left out. Why? This experience has brought Bo and Dyson closer. They experienced the intimacy that seemed unattainable for them previously – at least since early in season 1. The Triangle’s sides have grown and shrunk, throughout the season so far, and really, at times, without a clear emotional logic being presented to the viewer that I am. I have found this aspect frustrating at times.

Lauren says: the red string of faith is supposedly meant for two people only. Why did she say that? To make Bo choose the more special lover? To push people’s buttons? Bo refuses any talk of choosing, or of triangles, and instead says the red string of faith is about their whole faemily. This is about all of them being destined to be together. Then Bo proceeds to have a flirty exchange with Dyson (never subtle, always cheesy). Lauren looks very unhappy and a little disgusted at this exchange.

The scene at the Dal read, to me, as a way of yanking the table cloth, piled with our carefully laid out china, laden with sweet Doccubus hopes and dreams, right out. “Don’t get too entitled, Doccubus fans” seems to have been the message. Either that, or Bo has officially become a complete asshole. Is that really her darkness? Either that, or … Bo’s  really hurt at Lauren being so rejecting of her. Oh, and by the way, weren’t they supposed to “talk?”

It is this sudden undermining of all that had been built, not only over this season but in the previous ones even, that felt almost mean, and left me a bit bereft.

Doccubus Report.

Screen Shot 2013-12-26 at 4.34.33 PM

Much emotional turmoil for our girls.

But also True Love’s Kiss.

And the star crossed lovers theme continues. Where will it end??

Defensiveness and misunderstandings? Missed chances at communication? Jealousy and Lauren’s chilliness when it comes to Bo’s “other lovers.” Um, are we in high school? We are always in high school when it comes to lurve, sweet lurve.

You slept with Dyson. So? You are all touchy-feely with The Morrigan.

“Thank you for coming.” “Of course, I came.” That always happens.

Meaningful, soulful, looks: Sorry (not really). Don’t be.

The Oracle wants them to get a room.

Other thoughts.

Kenzi-Dyson: interesting. Both in AU and in Lost Girl reality. I am a big proponent of Denzi. (Kale doesn’t work, please, people.)

“Looks like Dyson is enjoying it too.” I think that’s an unavoidable physiological reaction to a singing French floozy Palmer.

“You could finally hang up your floral brassiere.” You mean the one Lauren wore in the couch scene of 304? Sounds like a plan.

Something to listen to as you ponder wtf is going on.

keets twitter avatar

The Grammy Binks Rants.

I’ll start with the good stuff an’ end with the sad.

‘Cos I am sad.

I just gotta say that my lovely Grandbaby Lauren was so classy an’ grown up compared ta that group o’ ignorant poseurs she’s stuck shairin’ air time with ever’ week.


What did Lolo accomplish?

For starters, she saved Bo an’ Wolf Boy from being melded tagether in Wolf Boy’s mind.  That wouldn’t be such a horrible thing,  cos  b’tween the two o’ them they only got two brain cells ta rub together.   They is both so unlikable that I can say for certain that I’m happy my Lolo walked away from such a sorry excuse o’ ” wasted flesh.”

That Una Mens fella had it right on both counts.  Bo and Dyson both is just disgustin’ people.  It’s sad when all the other characters has gotta say lines to remind ever’one how nobel, an’ heroic, he is.  I never saw any indication that this is so.  Not since Season One (when that fella did make a true sacrifice) has he ever showed a noble act.  As for Bo? She ain’t been right since the beginning’ o’ Season Three.

I kin hardly remember the Bo who was sensitive an’ kind.  Did she ever exist?  We get a glimpse or two here an’ there, but mostly, she’s just as the Una Mens described:  A “waste o’ flesh.”

It’s gotta be a joke that these two is some kinda noble heroes who is gonna save the world of Fae Folks.  A Season an’ half, o’ drownin’  in a vacuum of,  “Me, me, me. I need. I want.  He’s noble, I’m a hero.”

Gets a little borin’ an’ tedious after such a long spell from anythin’ resemblin’ kindness or love.

I was s’posed ta start with the good stuff an’ off I went on a rant ’bout our star-crossed heroes:  the noble ones.  I hafta laugh at the silliness o’ such a notion with what we been shown for the last 14 eppysodes.

I gotta say I love this Flaura who looked exactly like my Lauren an’ bears a similar name.  She sang beautifully.  Her personality was bright,  yet troubled by circumstance.  She wanted ta get back ta her meadow or some such woodland place from where she haled;  it’s why she was schemin’ with the Wolf Boy to steal Hell’s Shoes.


Hell’s Shoes is some kinda magical slippers that buys you a free pass inta the place o’ dead heroes I guess.  Valhalla, or some Nordic place that sounds a little forbodin’ ta me.  Una Mens folks want these Hell Shoes pretty bad.  Which is why they framed the Wolf Boy for murderin’ innocents,  an’ why Bo an’ Lolo had ta swim ’round in his memory.

I’m trying’ ta cover the nice parts o’ what happened in the tale,  but ya know what?  I just kin’t.

My Grandbaby Lauren was gorgeous, an’ kind, an’ brilliant as ever;  as was dear Flaura, mostly.   Two people bein’ used an’ discarded by Bo an’ her Dog.  Not a thank you, not a care for how Lauren, or Flaura, was really feelin’.

Dyson and Bo climbed on top an’ did their business while Flauren just looked bored. I ‘magine Flauren just lay their thinkin’ o’ her meadow in the woodland while the DyBo got his/her business done an’ made sure ta please themselves.

Yep.  That triangle served its purpose.  Bo and Dyson got to stick it ta poor Flauren who would never want somethin’ like that in the real world, or the Fae world neither.  But these folks who make the Show got to use Lauren,  I mean Flaura,  as a scapegoat to play their little fantasies an’ have a good laugh at Flauren’s expense.

Lauren an’ Flaura was identical.  I know they wasn’t s’posed ta be the same person,  but a picture paints a thousand words now don’t it?

Such a nice nod to a triangle that serves the privileged an’ exploits a minority. I hope it was worth the loss of credibility an’ trust.

‘Course it’s Flauren who dies in the end.  I’ma guessin’ they’ll be gittin’ ’round ta killin’ my Grandbaby soon too.


DyBo was so proud o’ themselves at the end ’bout how intimate an’ close they’d become in each other’s minds;  they couldn’t even notice my Grandbaby sittin’ there, used by both o’ them, havin’ ta listen ta their childish prurience.

Lil Kenz is back ta pumpin’ the Wolf fulla sugar an’ spice, an’ tellin’ him what a noble hero he is by savin’ ever’one all the time.  Hello?  Lauren just went inta his brain at her own risk ta save Bo an’ his bumbling ass agin.   Lil’ Kenz has become a bootlicker wannabe enablin’ the petty an’ small.  How sad is that?

High time people get called out on the crap they pull pretendin’ it’s art.

Paint it however ya want with pretty words ’bout fantasies an’ such,  but a line was crossed.

An’ those that did it, know they did.  They hurt their own Show with insensitivity an’ carelessness, an’ they hurt some o’ those that love their show.   That’s what makes me sad.

This here is Grammy Binks signin’ off….

As a p.s. I went out into Blog Land and was certain I would read the same thing everywhere, and I did.  Lesbian women explaining to everyone why that scene was just fine.  From, it’s a “Crackship,”   to in depth descriptions of how clever, and yes “funny ” it was,  to detailed explanations of why it was really Dyson and Flaura, not Dyson and Lauren.

I know that.  I know that it was Dyson having sex with Flaura.

What no one mentions, ever, is that the show promoted a damaging and harmful stereotype that is still harming women around the world. They didn’t promote it with the concept, they promoted it  with the visual.

Here’s proof:

“Kiersten Krum ‏@kierstenkrum 10m  So, basically, Dyson just banged Doctor Lauren. Or Doctor Lauren just banged Dyson. Huh. Sooner or later, they all go wolf…”

(This tweet has been deleted.  Thank you Kiersten for getting it.  I’m sorry I’m using it in my blog, but this issue is too important.) 

In other words, all it takes is the right  “Man” and eventually we will all get straightened out.  Of course LG didn’t mean for anyone to really think that because they made sure to show us it was a fantasy right?

What they showed us, at the end, however;  was Dyson screwing Lauren.

I’m saying Lauren now,  because look at the tweet.  The tweet says Dyson banged Dr. Lauren.  That’s what many people saw.  That’s the image all over tumblr and everywhere really.  That’s the image to be remembered, and promoted, and apparently explained.

The graphic was more detailed, explicit, clearly lit, than any sex scene to date that Lost Girl has ever shown????  They also included the final scene where Dyson kisses Lauren and begins his thrusts.  Bo had looked away from the mirror, why was that shot included too?

I know there are people in South Africa who watch the show, and love it, because I saw a post from a lesbian woman in the Showcase blog over the summer.  She was thanking lost girl for such a positive representation of Lesbian relationships.  She said she couldn’t be out because she was afraid of retaliation by the men in her community.  In fact, she married so she would be safe.  I wonder how that woman feels now, after watching that scene?


I get it.  This show is not interested in LGBT issues or representing our community.  They just happen to do it really well occasionally.  They make big harmful mistakes occasionally too.  I’m going to keep watching because there are many things that I really like, and Grammy Binks is going to keep bitching when Lauren gets shit upon.

I know that people don’t want to talk about it for fear of alienating the Show, or damaging this Show that all of us Love.  Yes, I love this show.  Silence doesn’t educate people, it enables them.

(Have something nice and Unsoiled for the holidays. https://vimeo.com/82601864  Big thanks to Swarm012)

Sally twitter avatarSally

Like I said in the inaugural episode review/analysis post of UNALIGNED, I love supernatural stories, and especially supernatural television. I said “I love watching shows where there are established characters who I have grown to know, and then seeing them in situations that put them out of context. I love familiar devices like memory loss, time travel, and body switching.”

Well, we sure did get some body switching in this episode, folks. Bo goes into Dyson’s memories to exonerate him for several murders the Una Mens have accused him of committing. (Side note, is Una Mens singular or plural? This kind of grammar confusion didn’t happen with the Borg because the name didn’t end in “s.” Given that the Una Mens are a singular mind made from plural people, this grammar confusion is meta.) Bo “becomes” Dyson for a time with the help of Lauren and Cassie the Oracle (from Season 1), while still being aware that she’s herself. Lauren tells Bo that her subconscious will probably make several of the people look like people who are familiar to her, so we also see Lauren as someone named Flora, Kenzi as a shifter-bartender named Angel, and Vex as a Castillian prince. And it’s super fun and I loved it.

But this ain’t no episode recap. If you’re reading this, I assume you’ve seen it. I hesitate to call this post an analysis, even, because what with this week and all, I just have a bunch of disorganized thoughts that I’m trying to write down in some semblance of coherence, though not even in order.

A Bunch of Disorganized Thoughts Not In Order

So the bartender who looked like Kenzi was a shifter named Angel. Did anyone else wonder if this was a shout-out to Buffy/Angel? This episode was set in period France, and reminded me a bunch of the Buffy and Angel episodes where they flashed back to Angel and Spike’s pasts in period Ireland and England. Maybe it was a little homage.

We see a scene with Dyson and Flora that is reminiscent of many other scenes with Dyson and Bo. There’s a knock at the door and Dyson asks how he can help. Flora says by getting out of the way. Then when she’s seducing the prince and his blindfold falls off and he catches Flora with the shoes, Dyson pops up and K.O.’s the prince. Flora’s mad – she says “I had this under control” and Dyson says “A thank you would have sufficed.” This has happened often enough in Lost Girl (the last episode of Season 1 when Bo goes to confront Aife, the Dawning, numerous other examples) that it’s a THING.

Is it noble and heroic, or is it irritating? I guess it depends on who you are (both which character you are, and who you are as the audience). It also kind of depends on what would have happened if Dyson had done nothing. Would Bo have made it through just fine without outside help in those situations? Would she have been forced to dig deep, be ingenious, and find reserves of yet untapped strength and cunning?

“You’re a hero. It is written,” says Trick to Dyson at the end. Where is it written – in Trick’s blood? In a prophecy? Who wrote it?

The Una Mens. So many questions. The dude with the scar on his face – he said “We were counting on it” that Dyson would try to steal the shoes. The Una Mens wanted them. There are five Una Mens – is scarface one of them? It seems not, since he has a name (which I can’t remember right now). Why did the prince bring the shoes to Flora’s bedroom, anyway? Was he intending to trade them for sex with Flora? If they’re so valuable, it’s weird to carry them around in an unsecured box and place them on a courtesan’s bed. Did the Una Mens know that Dyson didn’t actually kill the humans and Fae? Or did scarface keep that information to himself? If the Una Mens knew Dyson was not guilty, then what they actually wanted were the shoes. So perhaps they aren’t the automatons they’ve been made out to be, only interested in restoring order and rule-following. They have an ulterior agenda too.

Also, sidebar – you know how the villains who capture the hero in a suspense or thriller always take way too long to kill them and spend a ton of time talking about their brilliant plan, which allows the hero to escape and turn the tables? Why do the Una Mens have their prisoners washed, when they’re just going to kill them? Who cares if they’re clean or dirty?

How much did I love it when Lauren commented that Bo didn’t have peanut butter – instead she had chocolate spread? I loved it a lot. I don’t like peanut butter, but I do like Nutella and its cousins. Chocolate spread seems more decadent and epicurean – fitting for Bo, especially this season.

Epic Doccubus Lurrrrve 4-EVA

There’s a lot in this episode that is pleasing to those who think Bo and Lauren are living out an epic love story. Lauren is Bo’s constant. Bo’s subconscious puts Lauren into the role of Dyson’s love interest while she’s in his memories. Bo goes a little nuts with despair when she thinks Lauren (as Flora) is dead and gone – why should she come back? And finally, after Lauren ties on Cassie’s discarded red string of fate to rescue Bo, who then awakens to find a comatose Lauren in bed, what brings Lauren back? True love’s kiss, that’s what.

As well, there’s more development for Lauren’s story. Whatever her self-directed secret mission is with the Dark, she’s VERY interested in finding out more about the Wanderer and Bo’s memory of him. I think it’s so she can help Bo regain her memories and un-align herself.

pietra bites the dustBut there’s also something that I thought was really sad. Pietra, our Doccubus shipper stand-in on the show, is executed by the Una Mens. While I read way too much into everything, I’m trying not to read too much into that. Is Doccubus dead? Or was it an example of how a Fae/human relationship meets with disapproval by the Una Mens? Or was it simply a scavenger Fae who violated Fae law by aiding a defiant Vex meeting with some old-style Fae justice? I don’t know, but it was gory. Minya got to live out the dream of becoming a thespian, but Pietra has bitten the dust. Adieu, mon ami.

Thoughts About the Mirror Scene

Okay, let’s talk about this. When Bo-as-Dyson and Flora-who-looks-like-Lauren are having sex, at one point Bo looks in the mirror next to the bed and we, the viewers, see an image of someone who looks like Dyson having sexual intercourse with someone who looks like Lauren.

For some viewers, this image has caused consternation and stronger reactions. While I haven’t yet read my fellow UNALIGNED bloggers’ posts yet at the time of writing this, I know that we had different reactions to the scene and the visual. I’m going to write this and leave it as-is.

I’d also like to preface what I’m writing with this statement – I can’t tell anyone else how to feel about it. I’m just telling you how I interpreted it and what I felt about it. If you read what I have to say and feel differently, then let’s talk about it in the comments if you want to.

So here’s how I viewed the scene. In the story, it’s Bo-as-Dyson living out one of Dyson’s memories, which included having male-female sex with a woman named Flora. Bo is also aware that she’s herself in the memory scenes. So when she sees herself in a mirror looking like Dyson having sex with Lauren, the woman she loves, she finds it arousing.

As a viewer, my reaction to the visual of the characters who look like Dyson and Lauren in flagrante is that it was absurd. There’s no sexual attraction between the characters, and Lauren seems like a Kinsey 6 anyway. It’s absurd. But I didn’t find it offensive – it wasn’t Lauren.

I did also wonder if the creators of the show put that scene in deliberately, knowing it would evoke a strong reaction with some fans. And I wondered what the message would be, if that was the case. What came to mind immediately for me was – this is a message to not take all of this triangle and relationship stuff so seriously. And I didn’t hear that as a dismissive or invalidating message to people for whom the Doccubus relationship means a great deal. [I’m one of those people, in case it isn’t obvious by now.] I heard it as cheeky, edgy and pushing every kind of envelope. (I am not going to say thinking outside the box! I am not. I will resist.)

But I would be lying if I said that interpreting that scene to mean “Don’t take all of this so seriously” as one of the messages didn’t have an effect on me. Now, don’t get me wrong – I have a very full life and I don’t pin all of my lesbian hopes and dreams on whether Bo and Lauren end up together, happy, with children and cats and dogs and a U-Haul and an organic compost pile in the backyard. But I’ve felt for a while that this show is something really special. Not taking it quite as seriously as I have been would be different. But I’ve also read too much into things before. I’m not sure exactly what I’m trying to say here except that – the visual didn’t disturb me, but considering the possibility of this as a message has caused a little cognitive dissonance and emotional disquiet.

But when I take a big step back, and look at Lost Girl for what it is – a supernatural TV show about a succubus who sleeps with men and women and needs a lot of sex to survive, a show that has pushed a lot of boundaries and most definitely will continue to do so – I also think:  there probably aren’t going to be many, if any, sacred cows. And the show will probably continue to raise the steaks. (Pun! Okay, that one was really awful. Even I think so.) So whatever the outcome of the storyline, both in season 4 and the entire series, I’m going to buckle up the seat belt and continue to watch and love this show. (And maybe invest in some emotional bubble wrap.)

Back to the visual. There are many reasons that people who were disturbed by that scene find it disturbing. I won’t list them here, since they aren’t my reasons, but will say that people’s personal reactions are their own and they’re valid, no matter what the intention of the show was. Having said that, I’ll also say that I think that it was neither the intention of the show to say, nor the message that the storyline tried to impart, that all a lesbian needs to “cure” her is the right guy.

So if anyone tries to say to you that that’s what they got out of this episode, I leave you with this – what actually was happening there is that Bo Dennis – not Dyson – was having a sexual experience with the person her heart and mind projected onto the love interest in Dyson’s memory. The person looked like Lauren Lewis.

Because Bo loves Lauren.

End of story.

Hot Diggity Dog

Lost Girl eating hot dogsLet’s end on a lighter, if somewhat greasier note. What is up with all of the hot dogs in Season 4? Hot dogs have made an appearance in at least 4 of the 7 episodes, and maybe more.

  • Episode 1 – I swear there was some mention of hot dogs in this episode. Was there?
  • Episode 2 – there is a hot dog cart that is doubled that enables Dyson to spot the break between the planes of existence. As well, when Kenzi is putting Bo’s room back together, she says she has all her favorites – silk rope, blindfolds, and corn dogs. (Thanks @texasglamfan for that one.)
  • Episode 3 – “Can you not look at my dad like he’s made of hot dogs?”
  • Episode 7 – the gang is eating hot dogs as they walk into the Dal.

Are there more hot dog references that I have missed? Tell me.

Why all the hot dogs? Well, who knows. This could be an in-joke with the writers of the show – putting hot dogs in as many episodes as possible as a running joke. It seems a little overt to be a joke, though. Maybe hot dogs are the new pizza. Bo and the gang ate a LOT of pizza during the first and second seasons. Is it supposed to mean something, or is it a red herring? Or just a coincidence.

sbsneech twitter avatarsbsneech

Due to illness, the sneechmeister will not be posting content this week, but reserves the right to add her thoughts later on. Or maybe not. It will be a surprise! Watch this space.

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13 thoughts on “Lost Girl 4.07 – La Fae Epoque

  1. “The scene” was unnecessary. It was crass, gross, and it violated every form of good taste. It was frat-boy humor at its worst. The writers thought it would be funny; it was not. I don’t care what the % is of the people who are offended, the important thing is IT OFFENDED. The writers should be issuing an apology instead of making glib remarks on Twitter. It is shameful.
    Even Miss Snarker saw it as Dyson and Lauren having sex! “OK, so it’s best not to look in the mirror lest we realize Dyson is actually doing this to Lauren.”

    The show insulted part of their fan base for a second time because they are insensitive assholes. The very least they could do is admit their mistake and apologize. By not doing so, they are condoning the insult and letting fans know that they count for nothing. The LGBT fans are ‘less than’ and do not deserve an apology. Thanks writers.
    I add this to the long list of screw ups; woman bashing, misogyny, double standard love scenes, lesbians needing dick, and the trans-package-grabbing. Let’s not forget that.
    I honestly do not understand how some people are defending this show anymore. How many insults does it take to offend?

  2. If it takes two paragraphs to defend “why” the image of Dyson screwing Lauren wasn’t offensive…. that’s a justification of an obvious misstep.

    The writers and directors knew the provocative intent. The most lit shagging this show has done to date with KHR and ZP. So they meant “don’t take the show seriously…. lesbians?” Because that would be the ONLY group offended by the lead male character IN character screwing the only lesbian “not in character” on the show.

    I personally think it was a big fuck you in a line up of fuck yous to their most outspoken audience, good or bad. The constant hot dog eating is just another metaphor for dicks.

    You can have the best intentions in the world, but adding the unnecessary in such a broad sweeping visual manner after courting said audience with come watch their show was a 2×4 in the face.

    Justify it all you want. They did. It’s AU, it’s not real. It doesn’t matter. It was only a joke, it’s NOT Dyson AND Lauren… its Dyson and the body of Lauren.

    When “that” scene hits the US, guess what you will hear a chorus of.

    “Just needed the right man.”

    It may not have been their intent, but it sure as hell will be the outcome. I’m beyond disappointed with something that seems frivolous but sets the cause back like 22 steps. They may not have an actual issue with that since the show was never just for LGBT. But man, if they wave a flag saying we’re awesome about equal rights, LGBT empowerment, no labels!!!! they have an obligation to treat it with respect rather than hotdogging it.

  3. Hi Brash and kedrie – thanks for sharing your opinions and thoughts. I don’t think I’m going to change either of your minds, so I’ll just say that I viewed it differently than you did. Which I guess was already obvious.

    When this airs in the US, anyone who could say in earnest “Just needed the right man” in response to actually viewing that scene in context, is being deliberately, willfully ignorant.

    (I’m not saying that you are for saying that it will/might/could happen, just so I’m clear.)

    1. Um, Sally…what difference does it make where you view it? Like I said, even Snarker saw it that way and she practically worships EA.
      And your rebuttal for Krum’s offensive tweet?
      Have you seen the SC site? A LOT of people saw it that way.
      How many people who DID see it that way does it take until it has legitimacy?

      I am glad you were not offended – but many were. It is not willfully ignorant by any stretch.

      1. Brash – my comment about it airing in the US was in response to kedrie’s comment about “when it airs in the US.”

        Like I said in my original post, I’m not telling anyone else how to feel about this. I’m also not saying that anyone else’s opinion is not legitimate. I like Dorothy Snarker, but I’m not speaking in reaction to what she said or anyone else at the Showcase blog. I’m sharing my own reaction and opinion.

  4. Well, Kedrie and Brash, here you are with your strongly held opinions. I get that you and many others were offended by the scene in the mirror. You say that the point is that regardless of how many people it offended, the scene offended some people and therefore Showcase or LG or whoever should issue an apology. According to you, at least. Because according to any other standard, I fail to see why this scene in particular, which offended a percentage of the audience, should be retracted or apologized about, or what have you. Lost Girl is just one parade of scenes that are bound to offend someone or another. Should they all be censored? Because what you are really talking about is censorship. You and others are yelling all over the place that this scene should not have been included in the episode. Who are you to say that? Do you presume to speak on behalf of all LGBTQ etc. people who watch the show? Some people have even gone so far as to equate the mirror scene with some idea of rape. I think that’s really offensive, actually. You may not like seeing “Lauren” having sex with “Dyson,” in that particular way to boot. I didn’t like it much. It wasn’t hot at all. But have you stopped to consider that maybe that was the point? There are many ambiguities with regard to sex on Lost Girl. The way Bo has been banging Dyson this season has left many of his fans wincing. I’ve been left wincing because it shows Bo in such a negative light. It shows Dyson as weak too. Something’s amiss in the world of LG, but until I see how it plays out, I will reserve judgment.

    Regardless, when you attribute meaning to that image, it is you who are attributing the meaning. Of course, we attribute meaning to images as we read them through various contexts: that of the work itself (what’s actually going on), and that of own positionality, i.e. the experience of our own lives and cultural contexts. But is it possible to take this image completely out of context? And if you did take it out of its cultural context, what would you have left?

    Anything Lost Girl would offend the crap out of conservative Christians, or those who think of themselves as “traditional” in any sort of fashion. The meaning is not there intrinsically. And to be perfectly clear, whoever reads that scene as, “see, lesbians only need the right dick” are simply no more, no less, than homophobic idiots. (BTW, I really don’t get how one could conclude that “lesbians need the right dick” from that particular scene. Nothing in it says that.) That response is homophobic for obvious reasons, and idiotic because it shows a complete lack of grasp of narrative and intent. But it is incredibly naive, in my opinion, to think that having or not having this kind of image onscreen makes a difference in terms of how audiences feel about sexuality, homosexuality, and gender. Are you really saying LG is a homophobic show? Censorship will not help. If anything, the gender-bending aspects of the scene and whole episode, as I wrote in my post, are intriguing and thought-provoking. When have you seen a series on tv that shows a woman in bed with another woman imagining herself as a man? Maybe you don’t think that’s worth thinking about, or showing, or imagining. Your prerogative. But I could turn your argument against you and say that maybe by denying this possibility – that we can imagine ourselves as another sex/gender – you are denying the representation of an important experience for that young trans person who feels that they need to travel outside of their biological body in order to feel who they truly are. Because their experience goes unrepresented.

    Look, I’ll concede and agree with you that the triangle is tiresome. It hasn’t evolved much since seasons 1 and 2 and none of the 3 characters get to have a heart to heart about it. We just keep going around in circles. If anything we’ve gone backwards in time. But the triangle falls flat, in my opinion, mainly because the only one who still wants it is Bo.

    We’ll have to agree to disagree, etc. But since you both came here to air your opinions, I wanted to counter with mine.

    Let’s see what Sunday brings (’cause you know you’ll be there).


    1. That is definitely the most…interesting rebuttal I have ever read. To reduce a valid concern as “yelling all over the place” is as offensive as the originating issue.
      I am not (nor have I claimed to be) speaking for all LGBTQ viewers and it is nothing more than baiting to suggest that I am. I am speaking as someone who was deeply offended by the visual and the decision to use it. Period. No one else – just me.
      I am not advocating censorship, I am advocating better judgement. You think that an apology is not needed when it offends? How do you address the 3/1 incident? It offended and GLAAD stepped in to make that abundantly clear, even though it may have only offended a small number of people in the viewing audience. LG responded with an apology. It was the right thing to do then and it is the right thing to do now.
      Your argument seems to suggest that the 3/1 apology wasn’t needed or appropriate or that it somehow borders on censorship. Exercising better judgement and/or not trying to actively alienate a segment of the audience is something the writers do need to work on, and it has absolutely nothing to do with censorship.
      The comments section is for the discussion of an episode regardless of the opinion voiced. When we stop questioning, stop voicing our opinions – we are giving up our own agency to the very people who would run roughshod over us.
      I am not willing to be silent on any issue of offensive representation – ever. If that makes some feel as though I am stepping on the toes of their dearly loved show, so be it. The show and its writers can handle it.
      Your presumption that the show would offend conservatives is spot on. But then, LG never actively courted their demographic did they? It’s a silly, straw man argument. I am saddened to see so many in our community silenced by comments such as yours. It serves to silence opposing views and voices on this and other issues that are relevant to the LGBT viewership. Clearly stating an opinion that you do not share is not “yelling all over the place” and to reduce it to that is simply childish. I expected better of you.
      I will end with a simple question.
      When younger LGBT viewers come to sites like these, do you want them to accept the status quo or feel comfortable in speaking their minds?

      1. Actually, no, Brash. I don’t feel as though you simply try to have a conversation about things that matter to you and all of us. I feel harangued. Didn’t you write the exact same post on the Showcase website? All I saw on the Showcase site was people expressing similar opinions to yours, so I think the message was received. Why come here and write the same thing?

        To me it seems that you shut down discussion. You call people insensitive assholes. I mean, they may be abstract writers and producers but they are still people whose intentions, I think, you misrepresent and misunderstand.

        I don’t know whether it’s fair to compare 3×01 with this episode in terms of its offensiveness; it may or may not be, and I’d like to think more about that. But I definitely do know that I can’t have this conversation with you, since not only you have already made up your mind about it, but are also quite heavy-handed in your approach to any possible “discussion.”

        1. The writers ARE insensitive assholes because they keep making the same mistakes again and again. To ‘be sensitive’ to LGBT issues means to NOT continually be insulting.
          I do think it is fair to compare the two episodes because they both cause offense – even if it was unintentional. My concern is that it has been shown that the offense was intentional. I understand the knee-jerk response to defend the show creators. But when those same creators laugh and joke and even brag about the outrage the scene would cause, how is the scene NOT intentional. At least 3/1 had the excuse of being unintentional.
          I, like kedrie, understand that when the ep hits the airwaves here in the US, the GA WILL see it exactly as Krum & Snarker did; Dyson doing Lauren. The GA will see it as the lesbian being corrected by/succumbing to the charm of manly Dyson.
          That you did not see it that way is wonderful.
          But, make no mistake, you are the one that said anyone that who does see it that way (your way) is a homophobic idiot.
          With that one scene, the writer’s comments, the bad editing, the lack of a clear narrative line, unfortunately makes that very point for some viewers. And they are not wrong.

  5. “You and others are yelling all over the place that this scene should not have been included in the episode. Who are you to say that? Do you presume to speak on behalf of all LGBTQ etc. people who watch the show? Some people have even gone so far as to equate the mirror scene with some idea of rape. I think that’s really offensive, actually. You may not like seeing “Lauren” having sex with “Dyson,” in that particular way to boot. I didn’t like it much. It wasn’t hot at all. But have you stopped to consider that maybe that was the point?”


    You might not like what we have to say, but we are the other side of the coin. It’s possible that you have never been subjected verbally or been assaulted with the rhetoric of a dude postulating that it just takes his. You’re lucky. The mirror image was unnecessary. It didn’t advance plot, it was there to visually show Dyson having sex with Lauren’s body. If you don’t understand the context or just wanted a jolly off of what you knew would never happen in the show, here’s your prize in full view with the huge lights. Make a gif.

    Heckle, Snicker. Haha. Threesome.

    I’m just an audience member. I don’t know jack about the actors or the writers. But when EA did her post episode interview, it wrecked any other intent but having the threesomeish visual. Tell your hard nosed thoughts to the girl that had to suffer through her mother telling her she just needs to find the right man, see? Lauren can. Read the blog at Showcase. Understand that context does matter, but a visual is worth 1000 words. 1 picture destroys any paragraph, blog or paper trying to somehow negate it.

    The show doesn’t make themselves to the lowest common denominator. We applaud that. But when you deal with sexual imagery, homosexuality, the ideas of commitment, power and love in a visual manner, courting the GLBT community all the while, you DO have an obligation to have some tact and treat it with respect. There are some things you DO NOT DO. This was one of them… for me.

  6. Everything I write on this blog is my own opinion, and sometimes qualified as such, though often I leave that as implied rather than saying it over and over. But here’s something I am going to posit as fact and truth, rather than opinion – we are all people of good intentions here. And we’re having a discussion about something that was very painful to see for some people, moderately painful for some, and not for others.

    Even though I didn’t find “the scene” offensive, I can understand the reasons that people have for thinking it was. I don’t speak for anyone else, but I’ve heard/read similar things from other people who didn’t have a negative reaction to the image – they can understand why it upset other people even if it didn’t upset them.

    We all bring our backgrounds and our baggage to this show when we watch it. Even though we all “know” each other to an extent from interacting in a different forum, and have shared some personal stories with each other, we don’t know the full extent of each others’ histories and how they have informed or not informed what we took away from this episode and scene. There’s certainly stuff that I haven’t told any of you, words that people have said to me that will ring in my ears forever. That’s life and sometimes it’s beautiful, and sometimes it’s awful.

    Brash, I’m quoting this from your comment: “The GA will see it as the lesbian being corrected by/succumbing to the charm of manly Dyson.” I don’t know that this is true – some might, I think the majority won’t. Who is to say? Certainly SOME of the general audience might see it that way, and I believe kedrie who (I think) said some are already putting that offensive message out there on tumblr and other venues.

    But it’s my opinion that that’s not what the message of the scene was – apart from writers’ intention or whether it was deliberately shown, which we know it was – it’s not at all what the scene was showing or what the story was telling (I said in my post what I thought it was, won’t repeat it here). True, the actors are Kris Holden-Ried and Zoie Palmer. But in character, if you see Dyson, then you also see Flora. If you see Bo, then you see Lauren. Dyson doesn’t desire Lauren, and this memory wasn’t about Lauren, for him. So I come back to my original assertion which was – anyone who says they see it that way must be trying to see it that way on purpose. That’s my opinion.

    I don’t think we’re probably going to agree on that point, but just wanted to try to explain a little more why I said people who view it that way are being “willfully ignorant.” I didn’t mean you two, Brash and kedrie. I think there will be some jerks out there who want to use it as a proxy for their own issues with not liking lesbians (but why are people like that watching Lost Girl?). And if they do, then I think they’re idiots.

    One thing that I’ve taken away from this episode, and I repeat myself, is that there are no sacred cows for Lost Girl – or if there are, they probably aren’t the same cattle that I hold sacred. kedrie, you said this scene crossed a line for you – I get that. I’m wondering what the rest of Season 4 will hold and whether it will cross any lines for me. Or whether I’ll get the story that I think is being laid out, and it will be awesome, epic, affirming, validating, and heartwarming. Or maybe it will be in the middle, or both. We’ll see.

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