4.06 – Of All The Gin Joints

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Season 4. Episode 6: “Of All The Gin Joints”

We’ve reached the midpoint in the season. Now what? Things are beginning to heat up. Much needs to start getting resolved. We see Lauren on her way to something. Whatever she is planning, that’s now in motion. I hope there will be hints at some forthcoming resolution for Bo. Bo is aware that something is wrong with her. She’s beginning to really feel the monster inside her that feeds on anger and hatred, growing and thirsting for revenge. But Bo is also beginning to learn the lessons illustrated by the events of “Lovers Apart”  and this episode, “Of all the Gin Joints.”

Why did Bo join the dark? What does that mean for her as a person? Was this a strategic decision by a past Bo who foresaw the future? Did she encounter the Oracle more recently, and did the Oracle tell her what was going to happen? What is she doing to Dyson? Why is she doing Dyson like that? How is he letting her? It’s not like Dyson to have such poor self-esteem and no sense of pride. Is that what Kris Holden-Ried meant when he said Dyson would be neutered for a while?

Bo and Lauren may still have to wait a while before having “the talk.” Certain other things need to be sorted out first.

How do I write about this episode?

There were many amazing things going on.

1. At the top of my list: Fae opera. Beautifully done
2. Lauren shaking it. So unexpected it gave me palpitations.
3. Lauren on her way to seducing The Morrigan. Lauren is a total boss.
4. Bo doesn’t know who she is anymore, but the Bo who did has sent clues into the future for now-Bo to use and figure out what happened to her. The original Bo. That’s some gnarly shit.
5. Other than a whole lotta boom-boom?

This is what this episode looked like to me (but in a good way, ‘cause I lurved it).

Screenshot 2013-12-18 15.45.04

“Of all the Gin Joints” continued to explore all the different interlacing binaries/dichotomies/dualities that form the scaffolding of season 4: freedom/love; Bo/Lauren; light/dark; freedom/captivity; and all their possible combinations and permutations.

4×06 also took a stab at representing and commenting upon The Triangle.

What new parallels, what thrilling reversals are in store for us?

The same basic stories are repeated in different contexts.

The episode also continued to explore previously laid out connections between freedom and darkness, but now it also suggests the limitations of freedom in darkness.

Mirrors. The episode could have also been called Mirrors. (Except that already happened)

There are moments, of extreme importance to the plot, when Bo and Lauren look into mirrors. Are they encountering their alter egos in the mirror. Who and what are on the other side of those mirrors?
Screenshot 2013-12-18 00.06.30
Screenshot 2013-12-18 14.48.43

The fae of the week plot involved an opera singer, the apex of a triangle, caught between two men who both wanted her, and who both wanted to use her. The opera singer, an “Ianca,” whose given name is also Ianca, came to Bo for help in freeing herself from one of the men (Bamber) who keeps her prisoner, and keeps her from performing in front of a real audience. As it turned out, Ianca, was in love with the other man (Marcus) but was also seeking freedom: freedom to “feed” and to be with the person she loves, in other words, to pursue personal and creative fulfillment and follow her heart.

One man, Bamber, is associated with “lightness” – literally, he wears white. And the other man, Marcus, is “dark” – he wears dark clothing. Marcus is also “black” – a man of African descent. The latter was an interesting and somewhat bold choice. The decision to bring race into this season’s binaries extravaganza makes sense if one looks at episode 3, “Lovers Apart” in conjunction with 6 “Of all the Gin Joints.”
Screenshot 2013-12-18 14.32.47
The operatic tragedy in “Of all the Gin Joints,” involving three people caught in an unresolvable triangle, was the perfect allegory for Lauren’s, Bo’s and Dyson’s relationships with one another, with themselves, and with the structural constraints that pressure the characters and ultimately threaten to defeat them. Yet this was not a simple love triangle. This was a triangle where feelings were uneven, hidden, unrequited. This was a triangle filled with secret agendas and manipulation.

In this episode, where the opera is the plot within the plot, Ianca’s character stands in, at various times, for Bo, Lauren, and even Dyson. The various scenes between Ianca, Damber, who wears white and keeps her prisoner, and Marcus who wears black and is her lover, and also wants to keep her prisoner, were like channels that kept switching on a television, showing what we can imagine as seemingly random scenes involving Bo, Lauren, and Dyson in various capacities.

There isn’t only one meaning embedded in this plot, neither with regard to the triangle nor with regard to freedom and love. Bamber’s possessiveness reminds us of Dyson in season 1. A far cry from today’s Dyson. In fact, to make this point even clearer, Bo not only will not look at Dyson during the last sex scene between them; she also slams him down on the bed and says, “don’t tell me what to do!” A clear call back to and reversal of Season1. While Bo has always taken a dominant role in bed with Dyson, this was the first time she verbalized her anger with him always wanting to take the lead in their various dealings and investigations. Similarly, when Dyson suggests he knows where to start solving the issue at hand, Bo says she does too: she drags him into the Dal’s barrel room where she proceeds to try and have what we can only call sad and angry sex with Dyson, against his better judgment.

Screenshot 2013-12-18 21.12.48Screenshot 2013-12-18 21.13.07

Bo is literally a spectator for much of the episode. She has become estranged from herself, and now is aware of another self. It is hard to say which self watches the other. Bo is also a spectator who watches the opera and tries to learn the moral lessons it imparts. In this episode Bo watches until the very end when she finally steps upon the stage, going once more through the looking-glass. The camera zooms all the way out on that final scene with Ianca, and all at once we are sitting at the opera.

Screenshot 2013-12-18 14.46.07Screenshot 2013-12-18 14.46.28

TV plot devices such as the parallels between Bo and Lauren and other star crossed lovers, whether historical or fictional, usually come in threes. (How do I know this? It just makes sense. All things come in threes.) So far we have had 2 tragedies involving love against the odds. They mirror each other quite neatly, and this aspect of the story is reinforced visually, in a very elegant way.

In the first, “Lovers Apart,” bigotry was on trial, when humans and fae could not be together. This aspect of the episode, including all it suggests about race in contemporary North American society, was very interestingly discussed in Sbsneech’s post for 4×03.

Screenshot 2013-12-18 14.28.39
The second, “Of all the Gin Joints,” was more complicated. Here tragedy was having to die for freedom, and the context was the triangle, and triangular arrangements.
Screenshot 2013-12-18 14.35.36

All three characters inhabit the various roles in turn.

Lauren is caught between light and dark. Both want to use her.
Bo is caught between light and dark. Both want to use her.

Lauren will always be a prisoner unless…?
Both Bo and Lauren value their freedom above…?

Dyson is caught between tradition and rules, and rebellion.

Bo is (not really) between Lauren and Dyson.
Lauren, just like Marcus, is between love and some other, even more important, attainment.

What will the third of these doomed-by-love tragedies be? I think that because the other stories – alternate unhappy versions of Bo and Lauren’s journey – are so tragic, our Bo and Lauren will beat the odds. How’s that for optimism?

Here is some more:

Bo is gonna figure it out and become her true, authentic, self.
And Lauren will take them down, baby!

Who’s #Team Badass now?

And Lauren.

I know, I know it’s heresy. But I still can’t believe that the Lauren I’ve known for 3 seasons owns Khan action figures. I just don’t see it. But Sally has a different view.

Lauren is almost unrecognizable. Zoie Palmer plays a completely different Lauren, yet retains some of her previous traits, making it possible for us to still see the Lauren we know in there.

The Morrigan definitely wears Prada

I love The Morrigan as a mentor. An older woman professionally encouraging a younger one. You are a ____ fill in the blank with your awesomeness. Own it girlfriend.

Will Lauren prove to be The Morrigan’s greatest disappointment?

Lauren is a boss. End of story.

Screenshot 2013-12-17 23.59.47
Lauren’s face as she listens to Evony say, “Look, you don’t have to do anything that you don’t want to do.”

Lauren toasts herself: to it beginning. What is “it?”

I entertained the idea that Lauren had decided to splice some fae DNA with her own, and turn herself into a fae. (But doesn’t that require a complicated operation? Anyway.) This is what she would do for love, to be with Bo. “It” could then be the beginning of the rest of her new life.

But then, as the other Lost Girl watcher in my house pointed out, why would Lauren choose to join the ranks of those who oppressed her? The fae are supremacists after all.

Other thoughts

This season, light bouncy disco works contrapuntally to the gothic darkness and punk rock aesthetic and attitude that have always characterized Lost Girl.

The initial encounter between Bo and Ianca is a meta commentary on season 1 Doccubus.


Ianca all dressed in white: “Oh! My hero! I’m so happy I found you. I did not think it would happen. But here you are and here I am.”
When Ianca’s owner comes to look for her, Bo tells him: Nobody owns her.
And we are back to the Ash and his insidiously cruel ways, and we are back to Lachlan coming to look for Lauren at Bo’s place.
A tracking device is in Ianca’s necklace. Binding her to the family that owns her forever.
Bo: “Then I’ll rip it off her.”
Bamber (the Light Ash, dressed in white): “Try it, and you’ll only tighten it around her throat”
When he says this to her, Bo has a moment of realization. It’s as though all is suddenly really familiar;  it becomes clear to her, and she suddenly gets it.

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The Grammy Binks Rants.

Team Humans: + 2 points.

1) Lil’ Kenz stood up ta  Bo, an’ Mr. Hale, when they was tryin’ ta boss her.  Finally!  Lil’ Kenz is gatherin’ back her innate personal powers;  an’ that don’t require no magic!

2) My sweet darlin’ Grandbaby turned on all her charm, dialed up that amazin’ brain,  an’ done outsmarted The Venus Fly Trap!


Me an’ my mint juleps is gettin’ friendly after watchin’ some forward motion in  “The World accordin’ ta Dr. Hotpants ”  (That’s my pet nickname for this Lost Girl Show when I’m feelin’ miffed with Bo).

I even shared some mint juleps with Bertie.  She was turnin’ a sour shade from watchin’ the Wolf Boy an’ Bo git their ugly on.   Sad Mary was singin’ for sure, cos that truly was an’ overwrought display of anger an’ despair;  not ta mention just down right unpretty to watch.

‘Course I din’t need Bertie ta interpatate nothin’ this time.  Well, ‘cept for that lil’ moment o’ panic when my Lolo kissed the Lady FlyTrap.

” Why is my Gradbaby flirtin’ an’ role playin’ Star Trek with The Venus FlyTrap?  Jesus Jumpin Janeway!!… LaurriganShe’s gonna git herself melted ta goo kissin’ that harridan!eeeeek…WHY IS SHE KISSIN’ THE MORRIGAN? “


“Evony is hardly a harridan Binks.  She’s actually quite lovely.  If I was in your Lauren’s shoes I wouldn’t pass up the opportunity for a little ride on the wild side.  I bet that woman is a tiger between the sheets!  She’ll give your Lauren a challenge for sure Binky… although there is that dissolving people on the spot thing that could cause some complica..-”

“BERTIE!  This is serious! Can’t you keep yer mind off yer cooch fer more than half a frackin’ second?”


‘Course Bertie was windin’ me up.   She confessed that she caught an earlier viewin’ of the show,  an’  already knew that Lauren rubberized her lips with spy glue, or some such concoction.

I just gotta say this story is gettin’ darker an’ darker in a good way, cos things tend ta git worst b’fore they git better when change is on the horizon.  Change is comin’ fer these Fae Folks,  but it’s got me worryin’ at the price ta be paid.  An’ who is gonna pay this price?

They’s had two eppysodes now with Lovers who die because o’ who they happen ta be in love with.  I ain’t liken’ this foreshadowin’ one bit.  The message is muddy cos they keep shovin’  the Wolf Boy in the middle o’ the mix,  but it’s clear as the Bird Lady’s Crystals that the Lovers in trouble is gonna be Bo and my Lauren.

Poor Bo comes off as bein’ dense as a sack o’ bricks.

In the last eppysode my Lolo explains that she is always gonna be owned cos she’s a Human.   What does Bo do?  She  raises her hand ta bid like it’s some kinda auction ??   Lauren refuses that  swell offer by sayin’ she’d prefer ta choose her own Cage.  Instead o’ being furious at my Lolo’s predicament, Bo feels rejected;  she leaves my Lolo with some curt words about comin’ home when she gains her senses back.  ??? :O

In this Gin Joint eppysode, the Fae Bird Lady,  Ianka, sings her song o’ death so she could finally be free.  She, too, would always be owned by the Fae an’ din’t wanna live like that no more.

This tragedy makes Bo perk up an’ pay attention, ‘cept she still ain’t connectin’ the dots ’bout my Lauren.  But, at least Bo is doin’ the math of  2 + 2   ’bout her own self.  She’s seein’ her dark behavior  an’ the path it’s been leadin’ her down.

Marcus an’ Ianca both die:  Fae Master/ Fae Slave

The Jumbee an’ Noah both die:  Fae/Human.


Marcus was insane with rage an’  the intent ta kill,  even his Ianka.   The Jumbee was insane with grief an’ slaughtered innocents.

What’s Bo gonna do?

Cos I’ma tellin’ ya fer sure,  Marcus an’ the Jumbee are the two that Bo is bein’ reflected in.

What’s gonna happen ta my Grandbaby Lauren?


I kin’t even go there in my mind.   All’s I gotta say is I trust in my Lauren’s brain,  but mostly her heart.

These Fae Folks with all o’ their  powers is just handicapped when it comes ta survivin’ in this world where it’s their magic that defines them.   They ain’t valued fer nothin’ more.  I guess their magic is like money ta us Human folks.  The more ya have the more corrupt ya are,  or the more enslaved ya become.   Those that don’t have much just rely on Love ta get them through I guess… cos money can’t buy Love now kin it?

Which brings me back ta somethin’ that’s just been buggin’ me bout this whole tale.  Why are they foggin’ it  so much with the Wolf Boy?

1) We are goin’ on the 7th eppysode o’ this here Season.  2) The eppysode that made most  sense  was the one the Wolf wern’t even in.   3) What has he got ta do with any o’ this story right now?

He ain’t helped at all ‘cept ta keep Bo confused.

He tells Bo whatever she wants ta hear, even if it’s not what’s good fer her.  He does whatever she tells him ta do, even if it goes aginst his beliefs.   He deceives her ’bout where Lauren is, or isn’t,  an’ he keeps her in clouds o’ confusion as long as he possibly can?

How much do we gotta see o’ this hallow echo o’ a love that was stolen, ‘stead o’ given away?   Why is it important anymore?   I just don’t git this part o’ the story.  Dyson could be a good friend ta Bo,  but all he is now is a weak enemy an’ doesn’t even know that ’bout himself.   She doesn’t even feed from him no more.

He’s helpin’ her ta hate herself ?   Is that the point ?

It’s almost unwatchable an’ certainly unpalatable in such heavy doses.   Make the pictures prettier please,  even if ya hafta keep beatin’ this same ol’ bush;  spread the joy ’round a bit so’s I don’t git so toasted ever’ Sunday night wishin’ I could have more than a glimpse o’ my darlin’ Grandbaby.

This here is Grammy Binks signin off…

p.s.  Sally.  I’ve been told by Bertie that the correct term for a Lauren/ Lady FlyTrap hook-up is:  Laurrigan!

Sally twitter avatarSally

Dancing Lauren gif
Source: morrigan66

Freedom. This has emerged as one of the major themes of Lost Girl Season 4, if not the entire series. And while I was thinking about the many ways freedom and the need for freedom was represented in this episode, I could NOT get “Freedom! ’90” by George Michael out of my head. The song seems to parallel the episode and the season so perfectly. I’m sure they’ll never tell, but I’ve convinced myself that the Lost Girl Writers chose this song to inform the season arc. So I chose the song to inform my blog post. I love catchy music and dancing, like someone else we know. AHEM —>–^

So humor me and play this song while you’re reading.

I think there’s something you should know
I think it’s time I stopped the show
There’s something deep inside of me
There’s someone I forgot to be

Bo has forgotten, all right. But also for the first time we see her starting to take back the reins a bit. She left herself some clues while she was away, and I get the sense that she had a plan. Maybe aligning herself with the Dark was part of the plan, or maybe it was unavoidable, and the clues she left herself are a way out so she can return to her previous unaligned state.

The first clue is Ianka herself. Bo apparently talked to Ianka during the Time of Everyone’s Great Memory Loss. Bo convinced Ianka to run away and find her – and more to the point, Bo knew that by the time Ianka found her, she wouldn’t remember. Ianka says as much to Bo – “You said that you would not remember.” And Ianka also seems to have trouble remembering exactly where she had this conversation with Bo – looks like the memory loss hatchet job extended to her as well. So to prove it, Bo wrote herself a note and put it in the hilt of her knife.

Ianka is important in this episode for a couple of reasons, the first of which is that her singing can evoke powerful memories. Even though Bo had no idea what kind of Fae Ianka was when she stumbled into the Dal, I’m betting that Bo knew, and specifically convinced her to run away after a certain amount of time to help Bo regain the memories she knew she was going to lose.

This is important because for most of Season 4, Bo has been pretty grim. In each episode we see her sliding deeper into a morass of anger, confusion and frustration that she can’t remember what happened to her or why she did what she did. She’s disconnected from her friends – even though she and Kenzi are back together, we see them in the Dal having totally separate conversations and unaware that the other is not listening to them. She and Kenzi also tell each other breezy lies of omission about Lauren and Hale. She’s using Dyson for comfort, solace, and release, but doesn’t really seem to care what his feelings are and actively denies him the emotional connection that he requests in their sex scene toward the end of the episode.

For some people, this adds up to an unlikable protagonist. But I still like Bo even though she’s lost right now. Her instincts still tend toward good. When Ianka falls into the Dal clearly needing help, none of the patrons lift a finger to assist her except for Bo and Kenzi, and it wasn’t a calculated move. Bo saw a person in trouble and rushed to help, having no idea that Ianka could help her regain her memories. And when it became clear to Bo that Marcus intended to use Ianka to kill the Dambers, she didn’t stop to consider the risks to herself – she pursued them to prevent a mass murder.

But more broadly, to know that Bo worked to leave herself a trail of breadcrumbs is huge. It means that whatever decisions or compromises she had to make while on the Death Train in order to escape, she also intended to find her way back to herself and to being the person she wants to be. The person she was becoming when she was abducted in the first place.

You’ve gotta give for what you take

Ianka and Marcus are also an allegory for Bo and Lauren, similar to Noah and the jumby in 4.03 – Lovers. Apart. While the relationship in 4.03 was about two people who loved each other despite it being forbidden (a human and an elemental Fae), and about acceptance of your lover for who they are without qualification, we get an additional aspect with Ianka and Marcus. Specifically, with Marcus, Bo sees what can happen if a person allows his or her darkness or need for revenge to take over. He may have loved Ianka, but he was also hellbent on using her as a tool to murder the Bambers.

Ianka craves freedom, and was inspired by the tales of the unaligned succubus to dream that she, too, could seek freedom. She wanted it so much that she was willing to kill her lover, knowing that she, too would die. So much of her speech to Bo as she lay dying in her arms was speaking in Lauren’s voice about how it was the fate of her people to be owned, and how important freedom was to her. While I think Bo got the message about the dangers of becoming like Marcus, I’m not sure if Ianka’s message and the parallel to Lauren was immediately obvious to her. I’m confident that it will sink in, though.

But today the way I play the game is not the same
No way
Think I’m gonna get myself happy

Lauren has certainly changed the way she plays the game. She’s PLAYING THE MORRIGAN. Or at least she’s trying. I think she must have read my commentary from last week about not trusting the Morrigan – way to go, Dr. L! And I think that she’s decided that she has to save herself, or at least create some leverage. What is she going to do with Evony’s DNA? I have no idea, but whatever it is, I’m sure it’s going to be brilliant and fun.

When the Morrigan first showed up to Lauren’s apartment and interrupted her jamming out (by the way Evony, THANKS A LOT for interrupting that. You were definitely the gargoyle to Bo’s necklace-note-reading in this episode, why can’t we have nice things for longer than 10 seconds?), Lauren was taken aback. And showing up with pizza and beer – that means something to Lauren. Was it a power play by Evony, I wonder? I don’t think it was just a reflection of Lauren and Crystal’s pizza and beer-fest. It may have been a subtle message about who really is in control here. But Dr. Lewis can think on her feet – I think at some point during the afternoon and evening she probably slipped away to apply the DNA-collecting membrane to her lip in preparation for the Levony/Laurrigan Smoochfest 2013.

All we have to do now
Is take these lies and make them true somehow

Lies. People need to stop lying to Bo, and lying to each other. The truth will set you free, right?

All we have to see
Is that I don’t belong to you
And you don’t belong to me yea yea

Lauren said to Bo that she gave her the freedom to love. (Free love! Wait, that’s different.) Freedom to love is very different from belonging to someone – or being claimed by them. In our human world, maintaining one’s own identity while in a relationship is something that some people struggle with, books are written, and it’s discussed in therapy sessions. In Bo and Lauren’s world, when one person is a human and the other one is Fae, it’s deadly serious.

I won’t let you down
So please don’t give me up
cause I would really, really love to stick around, oh yeah

I don’t think that Lauren has given up on Bo – I’m pretty sure she’ll be central to helping Bo find herself again, and perhaps saving her from slipping away into total darkness. I hope that you, my fellow viewers, aren’t giving up on Bo either.

Bo does have a moment of inspiration in this episode – when Dyson is messing around with the transmitter (echoing Lauren’s many skills), she says “I love this side of you.” And then it hits her – Ianka and Marcus are in love. Love was the answer. Could love in some form be the answer to defeating the Una Mens? We’ve seen that Fae powers don’t work on them because they just reflect them back. What would happen if someone showed the Una Mens love, compassion, and understanding?

Wendy's pretzel burger
You can eat this now, but you’ll pay for it later

I say that’s what you get
That’s what you get for changing your mind
That’s what you get for changing your mind

Will Bo have to pay a price if she is successful in repudiating her alignment to the Dark? Nothing comes without a price. Everyone has to pay the piper. There is no free lunch. Freedom is not free.

Finally, we HAVE TO HAVE TO talk about Lauren’s Star Trek collection. There’s so much there, I barely know where to start. Voyager is my favorite of all the Treks because of the incomparable Capatain Janeway, and I was so happy that Lauren name-checked it. Khan collectible figures? Outstanding.* I did have a weird moment when Lauren said “Doctor’s Log” because any Trekker worth their sodium chloride knows that it’s the “Chief Medical Officer’s log,” and I might have questioned Lauren’s Trek bona fides for a moment. But then I realized that Lauren wasn’t so much describing herself as if she were in Starfleet, but instead was applying a Trek overlay to her own world. Thus, “Doctor’s log.” Live long and prosper.

What’s that, you say? No, I don’t think I need to get a life. Whatever do you mean?

*Star Trek remade “The Wrath of Khan” in the most recent movie, and the current set of Star Trek movies are occurring in an alternate universe from canon. The characters are similar to how we remember them in the original series, but not identical. Everything is upside down, and the current series of movies is chock-full of reflections and echos from the original. Just like we’re seeing reflections and echoes from Season 1 of Lost Girl. Was that deliberate? Only Alex Zarowny knows for sure.

But here’s another piece of information for you:  the recent Khan movie was called Star Trek:  Into Darkness.

And one more:  Khan Noonien Singh is a genetically enhanced superhuman who was created during the Eugenics Wars of the 1990’s. From Wikipedia, here’s an analysis of Khan’s character:

Superficially, Khan has been compared to Friedrich Nietzsche‘s concept of the “Übermensch” (superman or overman). Khan is mentally and physically superior to any normal human. In the Star Trek: Enterprise episode “Borderland“, Malik, the leader of a group of “supermen” created from the same genetic engineering project as Khan, actually quotes Nietzsche, telling Archer that “Mankind is something to be surpassed”. Professor William J. Devlin and coauthor Shai Biderman examined Khan’s character compared to the Übermensch and found that Khan’s blind pursuit of revenge is against Nietzsche’s ideals of transcendence and self-creation of a meaningful life. Instead, the authors offer Spock’s self-sacrifice in The Wrath of Khan as a better example of the Übermensch.[28]

Doesn’t Übermensch sound an awful lot like Una Mens? What does Lauren want the Morrigan’s DNA for? ALongVacation raises the question that Lauren might be intending to splice the Morrigan’s DNA into her own. Although I don’t necessarily think that’s what going to happen, who can say? Like we’ve heard from the producers of the show, everything is upside down in Season 4.

Even if Lauren is not intending to make herself into a superhuman, I think she’s up to something clever. I’m not comparing her to Khan one-to-one, because I think she has a strong moral compass – remember her lecture to Taft about the ethics of science that is reflected in her talk with Evony? Though Khan did have his own code of ethics, it just didn’t apply to anyone who wasn’t “his kind.”


Lauren as Beverly Crusher
Lauren back during her con-going cosplay days

I think it was deliberate that Lauren said Khan collectibles. Pause the George Michael and try to say it out loud. It’s awkward, right? “Khan collectibles.” Too many hard “c” sounds in a row. Wouldn’t Beverly Crusher from The Next Generation have been a more apt collectible for Lauren? (For the non-nerd readers, Beverly Crusher is the Chief Medical Officer aboard the Enterprise-D and Enterprise-E in The Next Generation. Crushed upon (pun!) by many a lady-lovin’-lady Star Trek fan, if my circle of friends is any indication. A beautiful human doctor among many non-humans.)

Then go back and rewatch the scene. When Lauren lists the DVDs and says “Khan collectibles,” she pauses and kind of trails off. At first I thought she was realizing as she spoke that the Morrigan would be thinking that she was a dork. While that may be true, after looking into Khan and Into Darkness some more, I have a different question:  was that the moment that inspiration struck Lauren to grab some DNA? 

If Benedict Cumberbatch guest stars, then I’ll know that I’m really on to something here.

Wham! Make It Big Album CoverIf you haven’t gotten enough freedom yet, you can also listen to “Freedom” by Wham! because it’s a catchy tune, though slightly less liberating than “Freedom! ’90” and more a tribute to being whipped by your ex. Which actually, right now, kind of describes Dyson’s situation, I’m sad to say. Yours truly used to have this album on vinyl.

sbsneech twitter avatarsbsneech

5 episodes into the season and I’d been growing anxious about all the unanswered questions. What’s causing all the memory loss? Is it the Rune Glass? Is it the Wanderer? Which is affecting whose memory? Why is everyone so out of character? Especially Bo and Dyson.

In the past I’ve speculated that maybe cheating The Temple from the Dawning didn’t have any consequences. My reasoning was that the Fae are strict rule followers that discouraged freethinking. The caretaker never thought of attempting to exit with another person. So I felt remaining imprisoned in the Temple was the only punishment possible. Maybe (for the first time ever) I was wrong.

This week Dyson’s actions reminded me so much of Lauren that it felt familiar, familiar enough to remind me of the Dawning.

Is the Temple from The Dawning exacting vengeance on Dyson and Bo this season? It would explain some of the interaction between Dyson and Bo.

Dyson’s actions mimic the switching of roles that transpired in the Dawning. The recycled line “no one owns you”, creating a transmitter and the reference to his previous stint with the SAS all point to Dyson’s desire to switch places with Lauren and be the recipient of Bo’s love. He hasn’t been possessive, is empathetic and has problem solving skills. Ha! Definitely not traits the wolf has exhibited in the past.

While in the Temple Bo wanted to experience monogamy, the white picket fence and ignore her true nature. In keeping with those themes, Dyson has been her only sex partner and she’s not fed from him all season long. Now with the introduction of belonging to different factions of the Fae, symbolically, forbidden love now plays a major role in their relationship.

In the previous episode “Let The Dark Times Roll”, the reunion of Bo and Lauren and Bo’s declarations of love made the contrast between Dyson and Bo’s relationship even more obvious. Unfulfilled and unaware of their inability to connect, their frustration builds. Bo disregards Dyson’s feelings. Sexual encounters between them are always interrupted. Dyson can’t..quite..emotionally connect with Bo.

Apparently Lauren’s big beautiful brain is a hot commodity. Taft pursued her to create human/fae hybrids in his quest to destroy the Fae and now Evony feels she can persuade Lauren to create human clones. Does she really think all it’s going to take is pizza, beer and personal journals from influential scientists? Personally I thought pizza and beer was a bad choice. Way to go! Remind Lauren she was under surveillance by the Dark while she worked at the diner. Yeah that’s not creepy at all.

Lauren’s ethics and morals are impervious to being compromised by some sweet talk and booze but I enjoyed (maybe a bit too much) Evony’s sexy game of temptation. Although it seems Hotpants has got a game of her own going on. Something tells me the Fae are going to regret taking advantage of Dr. Lewis and her good nature.

What’s up with the communication between characters? Bo and Kenzi sit next to each other at the bar, talk, but to themselves, not each other:

“Oh God it is so good to finally dish”.

“I know I don’t know what I’d do without you”.

“I know, me too”.

Later on as Kenzi rambles on about Ianca she asks Bo “Are you even listening to me”? Did Bo not think to call Dyson and mention they’ve found Lauren or to say, “Hey, here’s a real kick in the pants, I’ve joined the Dark”? Kenzi can’t find Hale at the Dal and says he’s missing. Gurl where’s your damn cell phone?!?!

Again, as in previous episodes, we see personal sacrifice in order to be free.

After suffering the heartbreak of losing love, Ianca the opera singer chooses to die free, if only for a few moments rather than go back to a life of servitude.

“Someone would have always tried to own me. It is the fate of my people. Most don’t mind but I do. I was the only one who could stop it”.

As Ianca dies, she explains how hearing of the unaligned succubus inspired her to hope. That Ianca too could have what she desired most: freedom.

Freedom to choose the life you want to live.

Words meant to inspire Bo to continue on her quest and a hint that she possesses the power to bring that change to fruition.

Bo is more lost now than ever. She doubts herself. She doesn’t even know who she is anymore. She’s angry and afraid that she could possible never be free and worse than that, she has given away her freedom. Willingly.

Definitely the best moment in the episode:


You’re all welcome.

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9 thoughts on “4.06 – Of All The Gin Joints

  1. Great thoughts again ladies!

    I would like to say that I sure hope that Lauren won’t spliceEvony’s DNA into her own.

    And now the questions:

    1) I would like to know what do you think is missing from this episode. I was expecting something more about Trick and the dynamic with Una men, or how Trick think he can be Ash without putting aside principles, whatever those may be, but it was not there.

    2) Curious mind need to know: how long do you put thinking about the episode and writing about it?

    3) How does it feel becoming a must read for LG fans every week? (This is not a joke)

    Side notes:

    I was a STTNG fan. Tried Voyager of course, a woman captain yep at last, but got into other things after a few years. And I did not hear about Seven of Nine until a few years ago lol!

    Benedict Cumberbatch – OMG this reminds me that Sherlock is back soon – AT LAST. New Year I think. We’ll finally know how he faked his dead.

    Leaving you ladies with another song, it speaks to me about freedom and love but I know its not obvious for a lot of people … I have this image in my mind of this song playing in the last scene of the serie, while Bo goes to pick up Lauren with her Camaro….

    Again, thank you for your time.

    1. Thank you for reading, nic, and sharing your thoughts and questions. I love the Springsteen. Haven’t heard that one in a while but remember the whole of ‘Born to Run’ fondly and appreciate how thunder road could apply to Bo and Lauren. Not only that, I somehow imagine Bo being a Springsteen fan. LOL. I know he is a bit before her generation, but parts of that whole soundtrack could easily slip into the LG universe.

      I approach my piece strictly from Lauren’s Grandmother’s perspective. What would Grammy Binks focus on as the most important part of each episode? And how would that affect ‘her Lauren.’ She doesn’t like Trick very much so she won’t notice his absence, or presence, unless he’s doing something that will hurt Lauren in some way, or Bo. She’s almost as invested in Bo as she is Lauren because she knows that Lauren is really in love with Bo. She wants Bo to do better, but understands that she isn’t quite herself right now.

      So, the analysis I present of each episode is going to be Lauren focused, as well as rather biased against some of the other characters if they are doing things that will interfere with Lauren and Bo’s journey. Her secondary concern is the Humans in the story so she is rather invested in Kenzi’s journey as well and really wants Lauren and Kenzi to bond and become friends. She wants the whole team to come together again, because she recognizes they make an odd family of a sort, but she only wants this if Lauren can be included positively, and is treated with respect by all of them.

      Grammy Binks does not want Lauren messing with her humanity in any way. She will need to be “Heimliched” by Bertie if Lauren decides to gene splice herself or goes against the ethics she has shown to be important to her consistently throughout the LG universe. The only qualifying excuse that could be offered for Lauren doing something like this would be the affects of the potion curse, or memory spell, making Lauren’s character behave in such an OOC manner.

      Seven of Nine and B’Elanna Torres shipper here (ducks the flying crockery from my fellow blogger LOL). If you ever get a chance to re-watch the character of Seven was a really wonderful addition to that ensemble cast.

      I always love your questions nic. I have one for you. What’s your take on the two sets of Dead Lovers we (and Bo) have been shown? Do you see any foreshadowing?

      1. You pointed to a similar end result in both stories, both Marcus and the Jumbee becoming insane, one with rage and the other with grief. And I can see this as being what is looming for Bo if she becomes overwhelmed by darkness. And both stories pretty much stated that slavery is poisoning the soul of each individual that accept to be a part of this system.

        And as you say we the viewers are seeing Lauren in the story of Ianka, but Bo is too confused to connect the dots to Lauren.

        On the other hand, thinking about the handprint revealed ner the end… On the neck, like Ianka’s necklace … And Ianka’s voice is powerful, but Bo being immunized to it. I think now the intent of the episode could have been to tell us that Bo’s fate is in danger both way, one way as Marcus and the other as Ianka.

        As usual I have mostly flashes of some ideas and no articulated thoughts lol! I’m not sure I make sense…

        1. You make a lot of sense, nic. The thing that I wonder is – will Bo take all of these warnings to heart, or is she doomed to go super dark and there’s no getting off this train? Although she’s already jumped from the train, so maybe that’s a sign that she can get off the path she’s on.

      2. Boy, you think you know someone, and then you find out they’re a B7 shipper! Sheesh.

        JK, keets, I’m not into ship wars and especially not for Voyager. Seven had chemistry with several characters for several different reasons (although I didn’t think Chakotay was one of them…). Romantic pairings weren’t the central reason I watched Voyager anyway.

    2. Hi Nic,

      Thank you for reading and commenting!!

      1. I guess if there was more stuff about Trick, there would be less about someone else — say Lauren? They have to do this with each episode, alternate who gets more of their stories advanced. I guess the plot about the opera singer was a little drawn out. I might have cut it some more. I also think they could have made the overhanging threat of the Una Mens feel more present, more oppressive, more claustrophobic, I suppose. It would probably have been better if they’d referred to them more often.
      2. I watch each episode several times. At least 3-4 in general. I rewatch some parts especially (yes, not just those ones). It’s hard to quantify how much time I spend thinking about it, as it is always somewhere in the back of my mind. I must spend 2 hours or so purely on the writing, but it’s never all in one go. Lately I’ve had less time to put into Lost Girl.
      3. Aw, silly. Thank you. We really appreciate people reading us.


  2. Hi nic! I think that Lauren is unlikely to mess around with her own DNA. It just doesn’t fit with what we know of her. I wouldn’t put it past her to try to make everyone THINK she has, though. It’s so much fun to speculate!

    1. What is missing from this episode? Well, it would certainly be interesting to see some more about Trick and the Una Mens, because I don’t think anyone saw it coming that they would make him the Acting Ash. But on the other hand, with so many characters in the show, I understand that they can’t advance the storyline for every character in every episode. Tamsin is also missing, and I wonder what she will be like when she returns.

    2. For myself, writing – I usually watch the episode twice. Once just watching it to see what happens, and then a second time with my spouse taking some notes on the thoughts that occurred to me after the first viewing. The actual writing takes longer than I always think it will. An hour or 90 minutes for the first draft, and then another couple of hours revising and messing around with images.

    I try to not read any other forums or blogs in the meanwhile to make sure I’m not stealing anyone’s ideas, at least until the first draft is outlined or written. But I do let my spouse read the draft and she usually has awesome ideas, so she helps make it better.

    3. That’s very nice to hear. We appreciate that anyone wants to read our thoughts!

    It seems like everyone I meet was a ST:TNG fan as their primary series, and people also seem to think that DS9 (Deep Space Nine) was a real gem among the Treks too. I started out with TOS, and as for TNG and DS9, I like them both very much, although Voyager really captured my imagination. There’s something about the idea of being out in the Delta Quadrant all alone that I think allowed the series to go in a different direction, Trekwise, being away from Alpha Quadrant politics and aliens. And of course, Kate Mulgrew created a character that I am forever enthralled with.

    As with any series, Voyager takes a while to find its footing. The first season you kind of have to hang in there, stick with it, be amused by Captain Janeway’s ever-changing hairstyles…once she starts to let go of her rigid Starfleet protocol adherence, things really get interesting. Second half of second season, third season, and everything else is really really good.

    I haven’t heard this Springsteen song before but the lyrics are wonderful and sad, but there’s hope there too. As long as the Camaro has had a transmission overhaul sometime in Season 5, then I totally agree with your vision.

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