4.05 – Let the Dark Times Roll

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Season 4. Episode 5: “Let the Dark Times Roll”

Huge thanks to Dani_AIWTTM and TexasGlamFan @texasglamfan for their screencaps!

The song “Let the Good Times Roll” by the Cars, like most synth-driven 1980s music, has a cold, and even “dark” (perhaps?) inherent quality – the latter is especially  evident in the lead vocalist’s singing style.

The idea of good times rolling is immediately contradicted by highly anxious musical phrasing. This tension sets much of the tone for the episode and the season thus far.

Let the good times roll/Let them knock around
Let the good times roll/Let them make you a clown

Let them leave you up in the air/Let them brush your rock n’roll hair

Let the stories be told/Let them say what they want
Let the photos be old/Let them show what they want

If the illusion is real/Let them give you a ride
If they got thunder appeal/Let them be on your side

Episode 5, “Let the Dark Times Roll,” credited to writer Jeremy Boxen, was truly one of the funniest, and sexiest episodes of Lost Girl that I have ever seen. The one-liners, the jokes, were fantastic. The visual humor was also seriously fantabulous. This is another example of how Lost Girl, even when it tackles serious issues, never, ever, takes itself seriously. And I love that about the show. I love its zaniness and embrace of the absurd as humor.

Intertwined with all the crazy and the funny is the ever presence of “the dark.”

First for the fun.
“Dance off it is then. To the death!”

“Get out.”

-”You are dark.”

-”Scissor already!!”

“If anyone’s taking a leave, it’s you and your circle jerk of doom”

“And I’ll tell you who else is tied up in all this.
“Vexmeister General?”

So you think the Wanderer is responsible for the old ‘whoops, I tripped and accidentally joined club evil’?”
(Club Evil?!?!?)

Really?? I mean shut up.

“A tall tale me mum used to tell me to scare me from fiddling with myself in public.”

“You and sir Smokes a Lot”

The Morrigan: Evil Disco Queen. She also looks like a macabre Marie Antoinette–All in dark gold lame styles. Evil Disco Marie Antoinette.

What in the hell is going on in The Morrigan’s office waiting room?

This is entirely gratuitous, and it is entirely fantastic.

I LOVE the ambitious aesthetic choices this season. I love the über psychedelic vibe of The Morrigan’s waiting area. The art direction has been fantastic; in this sequence of 405 it’s full of popping bright colors and shiny surfaces.

Then there is the hilariousness of Kenzi slurping an enormous ….coffee slurpy? as she nonchalantly takes little slips of paper from the take-a-number dispenser. Meanwhile Bo “feeds” in a an office storeroom (off-screen), and we see her coming out of it with The Morrigan’s receptionist and a hunky guy in tow.

4x05_3 4x05_1

Bureaucracy has been nearly everywhere associated with power on Lost Girl, and everywhere absurdly. Think of the Garuda managing his minions, one of whom is a mole. The Dark are no different. The pointlessness of (this) bureaucracy is made all the clearer as everyone in the waiting area is holding the same number: 69. One thing is certain though, 69 jokes definitely belong in or to1969. The music, the bright colors, the clothing, the sexual innuendos that are not even innuendos anymore: it all conjures up the cultural moment of the “sexual revolution.” Bring on 1969.4x05_7

Freaks meets Austin Powers.  In that sequence we see pairs. Siamese twins. A couple. Is this about the duality of all things? Is about 69? Or is it about the shape of the piece of paper that says 69 on it?


Doccubus finally set eyes on each other. And the Heavens Rejoiced.

Their first encounter since the end of last season, when Lauren went MIA and Bo was kidnapped by a smoke monster, was nothing short of spectacular. It was straight out of the greatest cinematic romances of our time.

bscap0033bscap0032Lauren looked incredible. And when the viewer sees her, she or he sees her through the eyes of Bo. Anna Silk played the tidal wave of emotions that suddenly and unexpectedly overwhelmed her character, beautifully.

Bo and Lauren have missed each other. Let’s not be shy, and let’s just say right out that the scene between them in that room at the Dark party, pushed the envelope yet again. You know the scene. Yet again, Lost Girl! Hats off, and thank you.


Lauren 2.0
So Lauren is hiding out with The Morrigan. It’s great how instead of encountering Bo in a Light fae facility, wearing a white lab coat, Lauren re-encounters Bo at a Dark fae party, wearing a dark brown, almost black, cocktail dress.


Light and dark hues are interestingly distributed on Lauren’s and Bo’s clothing and bodies.

It isn’t clear what Lauren knows about Evony’s agenda, or what she expects from her current alliance with the dark and The Morrigan in particular. Most likely she is still observing and learning what’s going on. What is obvious is that Lauren has no choice. She is in grave danger. She has no place in the human world, where her choices would be: hiding out as a waitress in the middle of nowhere, going to human prison (and attracting too much attention), or trying to hide out on the island that Sidney and Vaughn are hiding out on.

Other than Bo and the fae, Lauren has simply nowhere to go.

Lauren has no place with the Light fae – those hypocritical bastards who dropped her like a hot potato when the Una Mens came calling. She needs protection and realizes that for all her big talk, Bo cannot, alone, provide it. The Una Mens are powerful, ruthless, and want her “very dead.” In such circumstances, it makes complete sense for Lauren to throw in with the Dark. The Dark fae are very much face value. They make no promises or offer pretenses. Do they lie? Yes. Did the Light Fae lie? Does Lauren know all of this? Obviously. But her decision, right now, to seek protection from a powerful group who has a stake in keeping her alive, is the only sound decision Lauren could make.

Lauren is also of course well aware that the Morrigan wants to use her, and has all kinds of agendas, hidden and otherwise. And partly this will make-up the season’s drama. Lauren may become a hostage of the Morrigan, as leverage against Bo, or to force her do what The Morrigan wants. Lauren’s inherent lightness – which her portrayal on the show, from a purely visual standpoint, reinforces – may come into conflict with the dark fae.

When the Morrigan says something about “a certain doctor’s touch,” Lauren looks down in a moment of embarrassment, but in a playful and funny way. She has a confident smile. This is a significant change from seasons 1 and 2 when she was with the Light, painfully aware, back then, that she potentially had to answer to someone at every moment.


Bo and Lauren want to talk but neither really wants to talk about herself or what happened. Both seem to still be keeping things from the other because they harbor great insecurities and are afraid of what the other will think. Why the lack of trust? So… the talking then? A laundry list has been established: These characters need to talk about the following 8 points. And even if we don’t see all those conversations happen, we know that they will at some point.

Darkness as freedom?

“Take everything you know about Lost Girl and turn it upside down.” I must say I am enjoying this new season so much! Gloomy Lauren be gone! Ambiguous Bo, hello!

For Lauren, the Light meant slavery. The Dark is freedom. How is that possible?

I had glimpses of the idea – that “darkness” can be interpreted as a kind of freedom – in seasons 2 and 3, and now, in season 4 the notion has become much more manifest. One of the differences between Light and Dark was that the Light were uncomfortably bound by rules and precepts – notions of “right” and “wrong” that ultimately were inauthentic because they were forced and not felt. A question is now being put forward more explicitly: is true freedom a type of darkness? And as such, is it even desirable or possible in society? Bo is now officially a member of the Dark. She’s also more selfish, more vindictive, less compassionate. And she is a great deal more free. As I wrote in previous posts, she seems free of that guilt that used to keep her succubus in check. At the same time she was capable of compassion toward strangers, human or fae, but especially human. She’s now quite free of qualms about whether sleeping with Dyson is “right” or “wrong,” or whether to beat or chi suck the life out of a bad guy. She is also free of regret or shame about her succubus nature. Whatever it is, it just is.

In the Morrigan’s office Kenzi is defiant, saying that she’s not a pet and that no human shall ever be one again. Bo (especially) but also The Morrigan are proud of her for her gumption and independence. Kenzi announces that she will not be a slave. Welcome to the Dark.

If I were to offer conjectures (which I only do in the vaguest sense) the answer to the freedom question will eventually be that selfish freedom is not real freedom.

Freedom as a kind of darkness recalls interpretations of the late ninteenth-century German philosopher Nietzsche’s idea of freedom from Judeo-Christian “morality.” Nietzsche’s writings have been interpreted and especially misinterpreted, and also endlessly argued over. The Nazi regime used some of his ideas to justify their violence and the idea of Aryan racial superiority. I had to go back and look this up: In particular, Nietzsche’s concept of “master” and “slave” moralities seems to pit the former, which holds in highest regard values like strength, nobillity, and individuality, against the latter, which favors the collectivity and what is useful to society as a whole. The latter would include political governance theories such as the Social Contract, and ultimately Democracy. It also values humility, and an abstract value of compassion. What Nietzsche was writing against, above all, was the pettiness inherent to the “slave morality” as an abstract good. In other words, what we would think of as the kind of rhetoric that sets itself as noble and good, but whose actual practitioners are anything but that. And that is the Light fae. How many times did Lauren have to be told and questioned about furthering the “interests of the Light fae?”

The Una Mens, as the ultimate expression of total bureaucratic totalitarianism, are also the ultimate expression of Nietzsche’s “slave morality.”

As I said, Nietzsche’s ideas have been misinterpreted. And the Dark are by no means ideal or superior beings. However, for Lauren, as well as perhaps for Kenzi and Bo, true freedom may mean a reevaluation of what is “light” and what is “dark.”

Finally, Tamsin and Kenzi get to be girls together. And Bo gets a chance to grow up. While Kenzi and Tamsin run off to get wasted on cocktails, Bo is dressed in dusky blue and gray, and has all kinds of somber make up happening. She looks older. There is another take on darkness.

keets twitter avatarkeets

The Grammy Binks Rants.

Bertie had to Heimlich me twice while we was watchin’ the Show.

“Your Lauren is stunning in that dress, Binky!  They’ve got her walking in slow motion so we can see how incredibly, perfectly, exquisite she is.  Her golden swirly hair is returned to its former glory, and with the sunlight highlighting it just so,  she looks like an angel.   My God, Binky, that woman is jus-”

“Eeeeeeeeek!  How many times I gotta tell ya not ta talk about my Grandbaby like she’s a Porterhouse steak Bertie?”


(‘Course I had to listen to Bertie gush and groan over the ‘hot lady action’ a’gin.  I made the mistake o’ invitin’ her over ta help me watch.  Ya’ all know why; ‘n case the clothes started flyin’ away an’ such.  But the only casulty was the strap o’ Lolo’s little black dress.  That wern’t so bad.  I mean, I think Bo’s hand was wanderin’ in places we couldn’t see cos o’ the look on my Lolo’s face, but…Gah!  I don’t need ta be thinkin’ bout that.)

“I’m sorry, Binks,  but she looks delicious enough to eat in that little black dress.  Okay you might want to cover your eyes now, Binks… oh…ahhh… WOW…they just pounced on one another because they couldn’t restrain themselves!   They’re kissing, and Bo spun Lauren around to get her out of that dress… STAT…”


I finally just uncovered my eyes cos it was worst listenin’ ta Bertie droolin’ over my Lolo than findin’ out fer my own self what they was doin.’  I kin’t git the pictures o’ those girls kissin’ outta my mind. smallhotkissThey’s just a perfect fit!  Things is just wrong fer them right now.

Bo gone an’ said all the wrong stuff, then my Lauren spoke her truth an’ they ended up on the wrong side o’ understadin’ one ‘nother.   Bo needs a slap upside the head!  But, I ended up wishin’ she would just toss my Grandbaby over her shoulder (cavewoman style), an’ haul her outta that Looney Bin Place.

Candy’s Canes and Swizzle’s Sticks!   Of all the people in Faeronto Land my Lolo gets herself ensnared by The Venus Fly Trap (that’s my pet name fer The Morrigan).

Good Lord!  I ain’t never gonna wield a pair o’ scissors a’gin, not without blushin’ like a school girl with a crush.  ‘Course I had ta open my big mouth an’ ask why Lady FlyTrap was tellin’ the girls ta scissor somthin’?  Like they was goin’ ta do some stitchery maybe?

Here’s a tip:  don’t be eatin’ cheesy popcorn while learnin’ new an’ fascinatin’  facts ’bout the birds an’ bees o’ lesbian love.  That was my first chokin’ incident o’ the evenin’,  but Bertie’s got the Heimlich mastered after so many years o’ bein’ my friend.

I ain’t sure what’s goin’ on with my sweet Lauren.  Somthin’ bout her manner wern’t right.  She was puttin’ on a show fer her new Master.  Crystal girl is missin’ so’s I’m thinkin’ that’s got somthin’ ta do with this pleasin’ demeanor.  Just like poor Podia girl, that Crystal’s bein’ used ta make my Lolo behave.

The halo over her head while she was walkin’ in the sun, the look o’ longin’ at that platter o’ mini quiche.  Who in Kevorkian’s Kitchen makes mini quiche anyways?  Why make all those tiny little crusts when ya can just make a big one?  How da ya get ’em so’s small, an’ not turn ’em inta gobbly gook I wonder?…

Swizzle Sticks! … An’ there I go goin’ off tangent agin!

Here’s the thing:  even if it seemed like my Grandbaby’s settlin’ inta her new “Cage,” things ain’t right.  She’s gotta be starvin’, ta death if a platter o’ snacks had her thinkin’ twice on mackin’ with her honey.

Lolo told Bo the truth,  same way she did ‘n front o’ that kookie fella Taft.  The words was right, but there was stuff b’tween the words that meant somethin’ more.  Bo’s just too self involved ta listen with her heart, as well as her ears, all at the same time.  Ta be fair, she’s got all these potion problems, an’ missin’ memories, so’s I kin’t expect her ta be on toppa her game just yet.

Yep!  Lady FlyTrap is pullin’ my Grandbaby’s strings ever bit as much as those two AshHoles was.  The difference this time is my Lolo knows it.  She got her own game goin’ that we ain’t gonna see just yet,  but I’ma guessin’ she’s goin’ ta claim her freedom for reals when she’s all finished playin’.   She threw away her shackles!  Those Fae Folks is just too arrogant an’ greedy ta understand what that gesture really meant.

I’m real terrified fer my Lauren cos I know she’s goin’ fer the Gold on this one.   She’s looked at her past an’ maybe (fer the first time) she’s goin’ ta make a true atonement; ‘stead o’ wallowin’ in self hatred.  She’s goin’ ta make things right fer the Humans in this world, an’ I gotta feelin’ lil’ Kenz is gonna be standin’ by her side.

Lil’ Kenz was pretty torn up over those poor, dead, married people!  ‘Course she noticed the bride was wearin’ a Vera Wang (that was my second chokin’ incident).

These Fae critters just murder an’ scavenge so brutally an’ shamelessly;  they care about their own almost as little as Human folks.  That “Dance ta the Death” reached a new level of Bizarro World.   I did enjoy Miss Tamsin’s interpatation of the Ugly Ducklin’ twerkin’ it in Jamba class.

Oh Lordy, that child was just what young folks call, adorkable!  Poor lil’ Kenz was beside herself with mortification,  but also sweet with tender concern.  I just gotta say, it made me sad ta see the Valkyree lose a chunk o’ that newborn innocence.  She’ll be hurtin’ a bit, an’ confused, an’ I am  hopin’ that havin’ a Human friend will keep her sane, an’ grounded, for just a little spell longer; b’fore the cruelness o’ that world swallows that bright new soul.

So’s, I sorta hopped ’round the order o’ this eppysode, but don’t want ta be forgittin’ nothin’.  ‘Specially the beginnin’, cos it’s all wrapped up with the end;  kinda like a pretty package with a bow, ‘cept what’s inside the package is apt ta kill ya, stead o’ bringin’ the joy o’ a pleasant surprise.

Bo got her ass handed to her from those Unamens folks.  That wern’t so surpisin’,  but I didn’t rejoice ’bout it neither.  She got mad when they threatened lil’ Kenz an’ my Lolo.  I was wantin’ her ta beat them down, but also knew she wouldn’t be able to.

They act like those bee hive folks that lives in cubes in outer space: The Borgs.  An’ that lady Unamens is the ‘Queen’ I’d be guessin’,  even though she says they all got one mind;  she’s its mouthpiece.  Miss Queen Bee wern’t too happy ’bout that Rainman fella’s name poppin’ outta her address book.

Yep!  Curioser an’ Curiouser!

So’s, I figgerd some stuff out at the very end o’ this eppysode.  Bo asks her Grandad Trick ’bout who this Rainman fella is? (The one that sponsored her fer the Dark)  He says it’s in the Book o’ Kings, or some such.

They cut to a shot o’ Trickster’s Vault with the squiggly seed gone missin’.

Then they cut to the Unamens folks looking’ in a book (Book o’ Kings I’m thinkin’).  Miss Queen Bee reads the Rainman fella’s name an’ pitches a conniption (which speaks a volume cos these bee people ain’t s’posed ta have no feelin’s).

All the while Miss Queen Bee is bellowin’  “No, no, never again”  we hear that screechin’ howl like was on the Death Train.

They sandwiched the stealin’ o’ the seed b’tween two conversations ’bout Mr. Rainman.  Then they topped it off with the Wanderer’s scream;  which leads me to be concludin’ that Rainman stole the squiggly seed an’ is goin’ ta make Bo real bad.

So’s:  Rainman = The Wanderer =  Bo’s Dad.

He’s got a hold on Bo an’ that ain’t good.  He’s goin’ ta have a hold on the Unamens too.  An’ that ain’t good neither!  Jesus, Joseph, an’ Jezebel already!

All that power o’ the Unamens + the power of Bo’s blood = Trouble with a capitol T that rhymes with P which stands for a Pile o’ Perfidy.  Bo’s goin’ ta lose all faith in those she loves an’ tie herself ta this Wanderin’ Bastard (plus they played that girl cover o’ the Wanderer at the end).

“Ka Klang,” the sound o’ a Dundgeon Door being closed.  Twice the music did that when Bo was havin’ pensive thoughts concernin’ (my) her Lauren.

Maybe it’s a good thing that my Lolo’s stayin’ with Lady FlyTrap fer now.   Bo’s gonna be havin’ some mighty big troubles consumin’ her soon.

I only got two words fer my feelin’s in this here lil’ moment o’ time.

Swizzle Sticks!  

p.s. I think o’ Vex as Mr. Venus Fly Trap.  He’s charmin’ an’ beautiful,  but evil through an’ through.

I felt sorry fer him fer a quater o’ a second.  Then I remembered what he done ta LuAnne an’ her innocent children.  He don’t feel bad ’bout it, not really, he’s all ’bout what’s been done ta him.

This here is Grammy Binks signin’ off…

Sally twitter avatarSally

Freedom. The freedom to choose – who to love, and what kind of life you will live – despite your biology. To transcend your beginnings, your mistakes, your DNA, your species, your family of origin, and to make your own way in the world, on your own terms.

“I will live the life I choose.”

But Bo doesn’t seem like she chose her new life of being Dark Fae – or if she did, then she doesn’t remember. And committing to one side or another has been something Bo has been trying to avoid during the entire course of Lost Girl.

“Choosing sucks.”

It certainly seems so, because Bo spends most of this episode on a wild goose chase to figure out how she was tricked into choosing the Dark (since she thinks she would never have voluntarily chosen the Dark, or chosen at all).

Vex asks Bo twice if she is soft in the head while she is trying to apprehend him. She still seems to still be suffering some ill effects from her memory loss – both because she can’t remember, and because she makes the classic blunder of getting involved in a land war in Asia trusting the Morrigan. Don’t trust the Morrigan.

Poor, trusting Bo, who takes what Evony tells her about Vex and her ability to renounce her choice before the next full moon at face value. The Morrigan plays Bo like a violin. Although perhaps Bo can be forgiven just a little bit since the Morrigan distracts her with a surprise reunion with Dr. Lauren Lewis.

Lauren has made some choices as well. It seems that she, too, is trusting the Morrigan, and is aligned with the Dark.


lauren_hair_nimbusLet me say first that after the third season ended, I was one of those people who was hoping that Lauren was working undercover to infiltrate Taft’s lab, possibly in cahoots with Hale, and that she would emerge from the smoke and carnage of the season 3 finale as a goddess-like phoenix of infallible smartness and cunning, surrounded by a nimbus of golden hair and vindication.

But it doesn’t seem like Lauren was playing a long game – she was hoodwinked by Taft, plain and simple (caveat! Maybe not, though to avoid making myself crazy, I’m going with that for now). So similarly, though I would like to believe that it’s possible that Lauren is in cahoots with persons unknown (Evony and Trick? I still think it was his voice talking to Lauren and Crystal in their jail cell) to overthrow the Una Mens, and that she must keep Bo in the dark (pun!) while she’s undercover, I’m going to take this storyline at face value.

Love might be patient and kind and not jealous, but no one ever said that love always makes good decisions. DON’T TRUST THE MORRIGAN.

Lauren tells Bo that she can come and go as she pleases. She is impressed by how well-stocked the Dark’s greenhouses are. She also makes sure to tell Bo that she doesn’t wear a “dog collar” – a direct reference back to 1.08, “Vexed,” when Bo throws Lauren’s Light Fae necklace back in her face. She thinks she’ll have to have a cage no matter what – so she’s chosen her own cage this time.

Yet I don’t think Lauren will have as much freedom as she thinks she will – not when the going gets tough, or when the Morrigan wants to keep Bo in line. And I’m not necessarily even critical of Lauren’s choice – she didn’t have many options. She might have thrown her lot in with the Dark as the best of several bad options. As with so many of the new plotlines in season 4, we’ll see what happens.

One last comment on the status of “BoLo.” It was clear that Bo thought that after their passionate reunion, that all was forgiven, the break was over, and they were back together. It was also clear that Bo is still totally in love with Lauren. I loved the “that is the song of my heart” moment – it was meant to be humorous and cheesy, but it was also sincere.

Bo was back to taking Lauren for granted, as she had in the waning days of their relationship. Lauren’s parting statement, “I’ll see you around,” was a real gut-punch for the succubus, and it showed.

This made me wonder – was Lauren’s gift of a necklace, and the accompanying note to Bo more of a parting and farewell gift, acknowledging that Bo’s love had given her the freedom to love (and the freedom to choose), rather than a declaration of love and commitment? Bo seemed to take it as a sign of reconciliation, and so did I at first. But this episode made it clear that for Lauren, love won’t be enough. She needs freedom too. And though she loves Bo, the prospect of Bo “claiming” her, which would further add to their imbalanced relationship, was repugnant enough that Lauren threw her lot in with the Dark Fae instead.

If Bo wants Lauren back, truly wants to win her back, she has some serious work to do.

Trick, the author of the Blood Laws and presumed creator of the Una Mens, also seems concerned with freedom. In explaining the Una Mens, he sums them up by saying that they want everyone to follow the laws. And if people don’t follow the laws, they make them. And that the laws are so…cruel.

Whether Trick was concerned with his personal freedom and wanted to keep his individuality instead of becoming assimilated by the Borg one of the Una Mens, or whether he decided that the blood laws and the corresponding law enforcement mechanism weren’t the right form of government after all, who can say. But how will his opinions be complicated by his appointment as Acting Ash?

The dance sequence with Tamsin was really fun. I liked Tamsin during season 3 – she was blunt, crass, snarky, and often said things that no one else would say. But I also LOVE this Tamsin, who is unspoiled by life, so far. And I think what she learned in this episode via Kenzi and Bruce, was that despite her history and alignment with the Dark, she doesn’t have to be locked into a course of action or a destiny. Maybe for a Valkyrie on her last life, she too can have the freedom to choose.

pietraFinally, even though this doesn’t really fit into a theme about freedom (and who cares? Themes are for suckahs), I have to say it – I LOVED the portrait of Pietra as a Doccubus fan. It reminded me of Minya, another fan portrait character from Xena, Warrior Princess, who we first met in 2.15 – “A Day in the Life.” “You two make a great couple!” Preach it, sistah.

sbsneech twitter avatarsbsneech

Bo’s world is falling apart around her as she tries to recreate her life before her break with Lauren. Refusing to embrace her true nature only inhibits her from truly knowing who she is. Evony’s pointed remarks during the party encapsulate her dilemma. “You’re a luscious succubus whose true nature is to feed on humans like the rest of us Fae. You just choose not to, lame but whatevs”. Bo still doesn’t identify as being Fae. She finds feeding off Fae completely acceptable, but humans are off limits. For Bo, ethically, isn’t feeding off of a willing participant all that matters?

Seeing the Rune Glass potion’s effect on Lauren first hand was odd. Lauren and Bo’s interaction is bittersweet yet awkward. Bo seems completely oblivious to the fact that Lauren’s love has been compromised.  After initially seeing Lauren, Bo spends the rest of the episode gushing about Lauren, talking about how the break is over. Lauren is still physically attracted to Bo but her tone of voice gives away something is missing. There’s no tenderness in her voice and no love in her eyes, just physical desire. It sucks and I’m glad Massimo met his demise in a vat full of hot-ass lava. All right, I’ll shut my mouth and endure the sex scenes.

Bo’s reminded repeatedly she’s incapable of protecting Kenzi and Lauren. First by trying to make the Una Mens pay for threating to kill them with a super chi suck which ends with the Una Mens threating to kill HER. Later, she insists she can protect them to Evony as she’s reminded that they’re being hunted so they can be executed. But it is Lauren’s question that seems to allow the reality of her powerlessness to sink in. Bo claims she can free and protect Lauren. How ,Lauren asks. How? It’s a moving scene as Bo struggles for an answer. “I’ll claim you if I have to.” In that moment, she understands that Lauren will never truly be free. The Una Mens and the political laws governing the Fae are what decide all their fates – not Bo, as she has mistakenly come to believe.

The Una Mens got some street cred from me this week. Stopping the Super Succubus Chi Suck was fabulous. It’s the first time we see Bo unable to drain everyone in a room and as an added insult, the Una Mens were powerful enough to restore their own life essence a la boomerang effect. Seems like the Circle Jerk of Doom is for real and Bo does have to answer to a higher authority.

So we’re finally told how the Una Mens came to be. Trick created the Una Mens as a peace agreement for rebels trying to overturn his Blood Laws because he had become corrupt. The Una Mens are a council made up of 5 individuals who swallowed papyrus seeds and willingly gave up their individual flaws and desires in order to rule as one. Trick was supposed to be the 6th individual, but when he realized he’d made a mistake by creating a governing body without compassion or soul, he ran, went into hiding and left them incomplete.

I’m confused as to why the Una Mens made Trick the Acting Ash. Do they not recognize that Trick is the Blood King? If they do, why not torture him and make him swallow the seed so that they can rule unchallenged?

Trick’s secrets are  mounting and his motivations are starting to seem suspect. He knows the prophecy will be fulfilled and Bo has a role in it coming to fruition. He knows who Bo’s father is and I suspect he knows who Rainer is as well. Trick created the Una Mens and I’m sure he knows how to dismantle them. Yet he keeps all of it from Bo. The question is why. Is it to protect Bo? Does he want to rule again? Aife’s whereabouts and condition are also a secret he’s keeping. I suspect he always knew where Lauren was when she was in hiding, and used Dyson to keep tabs on her. Are he and The Morrigan working in tandem for some sort of reason?

Evony is showing signs of why she is the leader of the Dark Fae. She is determined to stay in power by any means necessary and makes no apologies for it. At the end of last season, Evony discovered that Bo was able to Chi-suck an entire room of Fae, confirming her suspicions that Bo is truly incredibly powerful.  After capturing Lauren, and armed with the revelation of Lauren’s past and the threat of potential harm coming to Crystal, Evony has insured that Lauren will comply with the Dark – a shrewd tactic which will surely yield positive results. She knows that by controlling Lauren she also has incredible influence over Bo…which makes Bo much more willing to aid Evony in her quest to do away with the Una Mens.

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  1. Love reading you again!

    Great episode, maybe one of my all time favorites. Great pace and humour with terrific one-liners (I know I better change subject). And I’m still smiling when I think about the open door, they know how to play with the fans.

    I’m so glad they putted on hold the whole thing about Lauren’s past – the less I hear about it the better. It will come back soon enough. I loved that we were reminded a few times how brutal the Faes can be at any time, even those who are a bit idiot (Pietra).
    The glimpse of anger we saw in the Una Mens leader tells me that they were defeated once. So this mysterious man Bo is seeking may be also hold the key to their weakness.

    I don’t think the Morrigan is holding Crystal in some kind of dungeon. Sure Evony used the carrot and stick with Lauren. But I think that in her state of mind after the door opened at the end of 4X04, Lauren’s answer was: release her or f**k you. But there was certainly a threat to Bo thrown in the mix.

    And Nietzsche – it has been such a long time since I read him. And you made me feel I should revisit. But If I do I know I’ll have to balance it with something else… Camus maybe? Good god LG you have no idea what I would do for you.

    And guess what? No question this time…

    Thank you.

    1. When the connections between a certain perception of freedom and amorality began to occur to me, I thought about N, and then decided to go back and look it up. It’s been a while for me as well. And this was just a superficial reading.

      Thanks for reading us.

  2. I loved this episode, partly because I felt that there was so much thematic connection and because the issue at state (freedom verses captitivity) is so essential. There has been this ongoing undercurrent about the Fae, light and dark, and that is that it is a culture that allows slavery. Freedom seems to be the soul choice, but it demands these terrible sacrifices as well. I’m hoping that Lauren has a long term plan for freedom. Anyway, well-structured episode

  3. I’m confused about Bo’s true feelings for Lauren. In this episode she gushes and is clearly in love, but in ep 4×06 she doesn’t breathe a word about Lauren. In fact she gravitates towards Dyson again. What does she feel for Dyson? Is there a choice to be made? Or if her feelings for Lauren are true, then are they strong enough to do what it takes? And can Lauren feel that way again about Bo?

    1. My take on that is that Bo is still very much in love with Lauren. When Lauren said to Bo “Now that you’re Dark, I’ll see you around” and made it clear to Bo that they were most certainly not back together, I think Bo was CRUSHED.

      I think what we saw in 4.06 was Bo angry, lonely, confused and sad. You’ll hear more from all of us unaligned people about this probably Thursday, but I think she was using Dyson and seeking solace and comfort from him because her heart was crushed. He was begging her to look at him during their sex scene at the end of the episode, and she wouldn’t.

      She does ask Kenzi “How is Lauren?” after Kenzi returns with the liquid argon. I think that was a signal that she’s still thinking about Lauren, although it’s painful for her.

      As for whether Lauren can feel that way again about Bo, I think Lauren still does love Bo very much, and is hiding it to some extent – either because she can’t get back into their relationship while they’re on such unequal footing (and because Bo doesn’t seem to get it anymore about Lauren not being free if she’s claimed), or because she’s working on a longer-term strategy to engineer something clever and awesome that will clear a path so they can find their way back to each other.

      More on that from me in a couple of days! Watch this space. 😉

      1. I agree, Bo thinks Lauren doesn’t want to get back together. “I’ll see you around” leaves the door (literally) open for whatever, but Lauren is clear she’s doing her own thing. So what can Bo do? Do her thing too and hope for Lauren to change her mind? I mean, Lauren knows how Bo feels. This also means clinging to the familiar and helpful Dyson. But it’s not enough. If Bo wants Lauren back, she will need to pursue her a bit more. What I’d like to see is Bo and Lauren having that talk. I at least want to know that it happened. Lauren and Bo are in love with each other; of this I have no doubt. But of course we can’t just watch Bo and Lauren get married and go to the mall, so drama, tears, anger, violence, high jinx and all sorts of shenanigans are to be expected instead. But I would be very surprised if they don’t end up together in the end. I don’t think Bo will necessarily ever choose bet. Dyson and Lauren. But I am hoping that they’ll put Dyson with Kenzi, because the only Kale I’m feelin’ is the one my sister makes with lemon juice and garlic. It’s great that they are going for an interracial romance in the show. I’m just sorry that it’s between 2 characters with no chemistry that I’m able to perceive.


    2. This episode and the last scene with them was really good writing. It can be confusing though if you doubt them.

      Here’s what I saw regarding their last scene. Bo’s ranting about how much she hates Evony. Hate is a DARK emotion. Then there’s Lauren. Just her being there pulls Bo back into her LIGHT(Love) emotions. A beautiful thing that the writer’s used often.
      Now I don’t know whether it was scripted this way or not but after Bo started gushing about Lauren again, Lauren(ZP) bowed her head knowing she was about to hurt Bo. But she had to be convincing in order for it to work by telling Bo she’s staying with the dark and by her words choosing her own cage.
      I believe from the moment Bo told her she was dark, Lauren was already putting what we now know was her long game in motion.

      Heartbroken again Bo walks out and Lauren watching her go again ,was just as heartbreaking.

      And now I must watch this episode all over again. Lol

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